Breanna’s Sexy Valentine

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Breanna bit her lip and absently stared at her reflection in the mirror. The girl looking back at here was far from what she was used to seeing. Normally she would laze around the house comfortably in sweat pants and tank tops, hair thrown back carelessly from her face, and fuzzy slippers. Tonight, however was a different story completely. She’d managed to put some effort into it.

Her nails were home manicured and painted a deep red to match her lipstick applied to full luscious lips. Eye brows were recently plucked, shaped into perfect thin arcs, highlighting the soft pink hues applied to her eyelids, framed by dark eyelashes. Her hair fell part way down her back in a cascade of ringlets that curled naturally when not forced into its usually straightened state by a painful tug of a brush. Her legs were soft and silky haven been shaved only hours earlier. Her skin smelled of various bath salts and aromatherapy soaks. To top it off, she was wearing the cutest little skimpy piece of red silk, matching undies covered in red hearts.

Everything together had quite the effect. She looked like something off of the cover of a Penthouse magazine…all primped and relaxed, anxiously awaiting the arrival of her passionate lover on Valentines Day. It didn’t matter that she was destined to spend the night alone. Not one bit. Tonight was special, even if it was going to be just her. She had decided long before tonight that Valentines Day was a day to feel sexy and loved, no matter who was there to share it with you. Even if there was a lonely night ahead of her she definitely planned to take advantage of the night for what it was, and what it was meant to be.

Taking one last look she wretched her self away from the mirror and set herself to rifling through the movies she’d rented trying to decide what would best suit her mood. Chick flick? No….watching other happy couples tonight would only depress her, and that was the last thing she wanted to be. She considered the drama only momentarily before adding that to the tossed aside pile. It wasn’t going to be action either. Trying to stick with Sexy, right? Her hands found the movie at the bottom of the pile and she immediately threw the movie into the VCR. Who said you couldn’t watch adult movies alone?

She placed the remote on the coffee table so it would stay within easy reach and headed to the kitchen to pour her first drink of the night. Using the expensive wine glasses she generously filled it with raspberry Smirnoff. By the end of the movie, she planned on being quite relaxed, and….well…Happy. This was the millennium. Girls can be single and still enjoy a quite night by themselves. With that last thought she tipped her head back drained the glass.

Licking her lips appreciatively she refilled her glass and headed back towards the living room with a warm fuzzy feeling starting in the pit of her stomach. Before the movie, she was going to dance. That called for music. Soft seductive music with somewhat of a beat. Hmmmmmm. She knew just the thing…. Her fingers fed the cd into the player delicately and turned up the volume as the familiar sounds of When a man loves a women filled the room. Perfect.

Closing her eye’s, her voice blended with the music as she gently began to sway. As she began to get caught up in the music her moves became more sexier and voice more stronger, and she shimmied and shook for all her worth at the imaginary audience sitting on her couch. Dancing was her passion…almost as much fun as having sex. She spun one last time as the music ended and collapsed on the couch in complete bliss. Tonight, was absolutely going to be one of the best nights.

Reaching for the remote she hit play on the VCR and reached above her head for the switch to dim the lights. As the movie began, she shifted and raised one leg to rest along the back of the sofa and her fingers crept between her legs and began to absently stroke herself through her silk panties. She worked her fingers in slow clockwise motions while absently watching the scenes play out before her and with a sigh, slipped her hands underneath the soft silk. After only a few minutes, her breathing was becoming shorter and she was moving her hips in unison with the heat her hand was slowly bringing to life. She was alternating her motions now from clockwise to a soft up and down. Creeping lower, her breath caught in her chest as her index finger pushed its way inside of her and thrust in and out in sharp motions as though it had a mind of its own.

She closed her eyes only listening to the sounds of the movie now, lost in her own world, of her own fantasy and pleasure. The pressure was slowly building inside of her and urgency overtook her and as she continued thrusting, she let her thumb play absently with her clitoris. A small breath of air pushed through her lips and a breathy moan escaped. She bit her lip and her hand began rubbing and thrusting more vigorously. As the pressure began to build, a sense of urgency overtook her and her body tensed in anticipation. Her hand moved more vigorously and squeezed her eyes shut, focussing only on antalya escort the feelings being unleashed within. This was her night…and her night alone. Tears squeezed through her closed eyelashes and she cried out softly as the climax swept through her body starting at her tummy, and flowing right down to her toes.

She sunk into the couch and relaxed her hand still lying between her legs, enjoying the after throb of her orgasm. She absently focussed her eyes on the movie that was only a part of the way through, and tried to take deep breaths to rid her of that temporary feeling of exhaustion.

*Fucking Sexy,*

The voice jumped into the air and she turned so fast she nearly fell off the couch. *James!* She went to stand and then curled back into a ball last minute. *I’m not dressed!*

*I see that.* He drawled sexily as his gaze travelled the length of her. She blushed profusely and stared at the carpet. He knelt down and settled himself down at eye length with her. *C’mon. Its not as though I havent seen you in a lot less.* His hand travelled down the length of her pale soft thigh.

Her eyes met his for an eight of a second and she realized he was right. Hed seen her in a great deal less. She launched herself into his arms with a screech and he fell backwards with the impact. They both crashed to the floor in a tangled heap.

*When did you get back into town?* She demanded as her eyes took in the length of him. His hair was longer, definitely in need of a trim, his body was bronzed from the sun, and the flat ripples abdomen of his stomach………well, that was exactly how it used to be, and exactly the way she liked it. *You should have knocked.* She said when he didnt answer her question right away.

*I did knock.* He told her, flashing that sexy grin she’d come to know and love. *You were…occupied.*

Blush stained her cheeks. Oh god, how long had he been standing behind her? How could she not have heard him? The bulge in his jeans told her all she needed to know and she hid her face in his chest with a groan.

James hands travelled down the length of her back and he inhaled the scent of her. Damn she smelled good. Even though after the cute little show shed put on for him, she could have smelled like a racehorse and he wouldn’t have cared. She felt him staring at her and she lifted herself up, giving him ample time to look down the skimpy lingerie she was wearing. *I missed you.* She breathed with new found confidence as she saw the appreciation in his eyes.

He scooped her into his arms and swept her backwards on to the couch and settled beside her. He missed her too. He wouldn’t say it, but she knew it was true. Instead he brushed his lips lightly across hers. Butterflies started to flutter around in her stomach. Again she felt the brush of his lips and she was suddenly lying beneath him as his lips travelled down the length of her neck, her chest…. gliding over the skimpy material covering her breasts and across her bare tummy sending shivers through her body. His mouth moved lower yet and just skimmed over her clit through her panties. He paused and looked up at her. She met his gaze. He nipped her gently through the silk with his teeth and she almost arched off the couch and heat swept through her. *So sensitive,* he whispered huskily, more to himself than her and breathed hot hair back up across her stomach and his gaze settled on her breasts. Suddenly, her left breast was set free and she wove her fingers through his hair as the warmth of his tongue flicked her hardened nipple then enclosed it and sucked hard. This time it was HIS hand that crept between her legs. She fidgeted and squirmed beneath him as his fingers and his mouth worked his magic on her that no one shed met had been able to top. Within seconds he had her writhing beneath him like a hot wanton, whore.

*James, please….* she gasped out as his mouth tasted and explored.

*Please what?*

She pushed her own hand between his and her vagina, almost crying out at the accidental waves the movement sent through her. *Theres lots of time for this later.* She told him, and began to undo the top button of his jeans.

He obliged her and his jeans disintegrate somewhere to the floor along with his boxers and her breath caught as the length of his cock sprang free. She leaned forward to cup the length of him in her hand but he stopped her pursuit and pushed her back. *Don’t, Im going to have a hard enough time lasting, without your help.*

Her features settled into a pretty pout and he grinned at her, reaching for her silk panties. The heat from his gaze left her feeling hot and bothered and she lifted her hips to assist in ridding herself of the unwanted silk barrier. He looked down and fed on the sight of her swollen lips and soft bikini line. As if drawn by a magnet he leaned down. She flinched with pleasure before he came anywhere’s close to putting his lips on her and she held out a hand to ward him off. *Please! James….*

Sensing the urgency in her voice, he leaned back with a sigh, repositioned himself and entered her alanya escort slowly. His penis slid easily inside of her and her inner muscles closed around him tightly as though that particular part of her was made for him. . She was wet and ready for him and her breath caught as he pulled out and thrust slowly back in. Two more slow thrusts and she shifted beneath him. *Let me ride.*


He thrust into her hard with that single word and her breath caught in her throat from pleasure and indignance. *Please?*

*No,* The word was said in a non negotiating tone and it sent a ripple of heat through her body. She liked it when he didn’t always let her call the shots.

She gave up and settled back to enjoy the spread of emotion that played across his face as he looked down at the view of them joined together. He thrust again and this time she was ready for him and she raised her hips to meet his thrust causing him to plunge deep inside of her and this time, his groan filled the room.

He hooked her legs with his arms and pulled her roughly towards him, causing her to cry out as his member connected hard within her. That was what did it… the passion and the heat over took them both and he started to move inside of her, finding his own rhythm. She reached down and grabbed her calves, and pulled up over her head letting him enter her deeply and she exhaled sharply.

He was holding back desperately, trying to keep in control. Then she looked up at him, through her legs and smiled. *Come in me.*

Five more hard thrusts tossed her head back and her nails bit into her own flesh as she held onto her ankles. Another five easy thrusts and she was looking at him again. *Come in me.* She said again. He shook his head at her, unable to speak…fighting to keep in control of his own body. She reached up and grabbed his buttocks, driving them into her and this time, he cried out.

Tossing his hair out of his eyes, he looked down at her menacingly. *Before tonight is through, your going to come for me a dozen times over,* he promised and then managed to get 5 more hard thrusts in before she felt a shudder pass through his body and he collapsed on her.

She took his weight easily and as they tried to slow their heavy breathing…she let her fingers run through his hair and her nails rake lightly down the length of his back. He lifted his head only slightly to drop a kiss on his forehead with wet lips and then dropped to rest back on her breasts again. *Your amazing.* She told him.

He laughed half-heartedly. *Not so bad, yourself, sexy pants.*

She giggled. *Do you want something to drink?*

*Yes, but later. Your not going anywhere right now.*

She relaxed back into the couch, simply enjoying the feel of him still inside her and the warmth of his hot skin next to her own. Her eyes fell on the TV and her breath caught in her throat again as the 2 actors on the screen seemed to be playing out something along the same lines they had done themselves. She felt herself getting wet all over again.

Noticing the second change in her breathing, James looked over his shoulder at the TV and smiled. *I Always did enjoy your taste in movies.*

*I learned that from you.* She replied nonchalantly as she raked her nails through his hair, just happy to enjoy his presence for the time being. She could feel the warm air from his short breaths falling against her bare skin, and the gentle beating of his heart on her tummy. She squirmed beneath him and he groaned.

*Don’t you want to rest even just a little bit?*

She bottom lip protruded and she focussed on the movie again.

He moved against her and she felt him still inside her growing harder. Then his lips at her neck again and she shivered as the pleasure chills moved through her body. It amazed her sometimes, how the simplest touch could effect her so much. His teeth raked down the length of her throat and she clung to him, all her breath escaping from her lungs.

He unwound her arms from around him and held up them up over her head, pulling his swollen cock from her again leaving her with a sense of loss.

*This is coming off this time….as sexy as it is.* His hands travelled back down and then back up, taking the silky piece of lingerie with them, over her head, and then gone somewhere to the carpet to join the matching silk panties. He leaned back and fed on the length of her nakedness, then met her eyes. RAW PASSION. And to think, shed worried that over time, they would grow bored of each other!

Her hands reached between them, trailing down the bronzed skin of his chest and across one of his nipples, causing him to suck his breath in, and then down across his torso and then down further until she could run her fingers down his hard growing penis….enjoying the feel of him. *This is one of my favourite parts of you,* she said as her slender fingers traced the length of him.

She placed her other hand on his chest and pushed against him, trying to get him to move, she wanted to call the shots this time. She hated alanya rus escort not being in control. Especially when it came to sex. He went with her easily and she switched positions with him so he was laying back and she settled herself crouched over his thighs. As she stared down at his swollen shaft, she licked her lips, gave him once last saucy look and then leaned down and slowly took the whole length of him into her mouth. She massaged the muscle with her tongue, slowly taking more and more of him in, and then sliding him back out and starting again, pausing on momentarily to run her tongue alone down the full length of him. Glancing up, she saw James watching her as she worked and the heat in his gaze caused her to blush. It didn’t, however, have an outcome of her becoming coy. She held his gaze and used her hand to guide him back into her mouth and she sucked, letting him slide into the back of her throat and then back out. With every stroke of her tongue and each motion she made, he clenched his fists, or threw his head back, and she wouldn’t continue until he returned his gaze to hers. She wanted to watch every expression that played across his gorgeous features. She wanted to know exactly what she was doing to him. She enjoyed the fact that she had the same effect on him, that he did on her. She certainly owed him.

When he squirmed with impatience she turned her gaze back to the member she held in her hand and she began to move her hand up and down as her mouth descended, increasing her pace slightly. She heard his breath draw in sharply and she concentrated on the head of his penis for a second and then took almost the whole length of him in her mouth. Only seconds later, the hand she hand nonchalantly placed on his belly to brace herself felt a slight shudder move through him. She leaned up and covered his cock with the warmth of her hand, expertly catching the stream of semen as his orgasm moved through his body.

With a closed fist she crawled carefully over to him, planting a light kiss across his lips as he tried to catch his breath. *I’ll be right back, Im going to get us something to drink, were gonna’ need it,*

And she flounced off to the kitchen, quickly running her closed fist under the tap and then filling a glass of water. She hesitated only slightly before filling a second glass with more vodka, wondering where her previous glass had gotten too. It didn’t matter.

She carried both glasses back to the living room where James was lounging, having moved only slightly to reach for the remote for the VCR. She smiled at the sight of him. He looked damn, sexy, lounging on her couch completely naked, rewinding through the boring scenes of the porn. He looked at her and she instantly knew he must be thinking the same thing, with her standing there stark naked. She smiled one of her secret smiles and put the glasses on the coffee table. He reached for it…. *Careful, only ones water.* she warned him. He gave her a sexy grin and gulped down a huge portion of her vodka.

Replacing the glass on the table he reached for her and she eased back into his arms where he tucked her into his side on the couch, hugging her tightly.

I love you.

The words were there but neither of them said them out loud. Words didn’t matter. Neither did flowers, or candy. It only mattered that they were together and that was enough for the both of them. Breanna breathed the scent of him deeply as he stroked the smooth skin on her shoulder.

James caught himself being hypnotised as he stared down at her creamy flesh down her slender neck. He pressed his lips to the spot feeling the shiver pass through her. It was incredible how sensitive she was to his touch. Never in his life had he met a girl so incredibly beautiful, and passionate, and committed to him.

He leaned her back and ran his eyes over the contours of her face, promising himself to remember every inch of the moment. He brushed back the mussed curls out of her eyes and left his hand lingering in her hair. *You know what?* He asked softly. The huskiness in his voice betraying his thoughts. He leaned down so his lips were only inches from hers. He held back his smile as she sucked in her breath with anticipation. He loved the effect he had on her. *You came, and then I came, and then I came again.* He paused and looked down at her nakedness hungrily. *That means its your turn again.*

She squirmed beneath him sending all types of sensations flowing through his body with every brush of her body against his.

*But this time……..* He moved away from her slowly, letting a finger trail across her naked tummy. *I’m going to make you come myself.*

With those last words he stood suddenly and scooped her into his arms causing her to shriek with surprise as her arms wrapped around his neck. He was definitely going to need a bed for this next time. He headed towards the bedroom, determined to ignore the lips that were moving over his neck causing him to grow long and hard at a rapid speed. The naked angel he held in his arms had controlled the shots enough for one night. In fact, she controlled the shots most every night, using her female charms and his sexual desire against him.. Not this time. This time, she was in for it. In place of chocolate and teddy bears, he was going to give her the most precious gift. And he was going to love every minute of it.

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