Breakdown in Redlands

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Late July is a time for some serious heat on the I-15 corridor between Las Vegas and San Bernardino, and the temperature was well over 100 F degrees still, even in the early evening. Most people looked at the Dakota pickup full of scrap metal and wondered why the Iowa plated pickup was so far from home and so heavily loaded as the driver exited I-215 southbound for I-10 eastbound.

Brian was the driver of the pickup, and has been watching his heat gauge on the truck rise steadily, even after coming down from the Cajon pass. That long steep downhill only cooled his V-6 slightly and as the road became a series of ups and downs before leveling off, that heat gauge was saying there was trouble coming. Brian saw the motel he stays at most often when he was on the road and exited I-10 almost as soon as he got onto the freeway. That’s when the heat gauge started pegging into dangerous territory. He saw no traffic was coming and made his turn and got as quickly to the motel so he could.

He pulled into a parking space and got out of the tired truck and made his way into the air-conditioned room where the front desk was located. He handed over his drivers license, he was a regular, they knew him from other trips into town, and he gave them his credit card. A few minutes later he was signing his life away and he received his slip key and receipt before he asked, “Is the manager around?”

“Sure. What’s up?” the front desk clerk asked.

“My truck’s overheating and I may have to do some work on it in the parking lot after it cools down, I just wanted permission from the manager.”

The clerk picked up the phone and dialed an extension and asked the question and finished the phone conversation a couple of seconds later with a, “Thanks.” Brian had turned around and walked over to the blowing air conditioner and stood in front of the cool air, but turned around when he heard the conversation conclude.

“What’d the boss say?” he asked.

“Boss says do what you have to do, we understand.”

Brian nodded and gave his appreciation. He was in a different room this time, and according to the map of rooms, his room will be very near parking. He walked back outside and wilted when the blast of hot air hit him. He got into his truck and started it up, the heat gauge only read hotter now that the coolant hadn’t been moving. He drove quickly to where his room was located and backed into the parking spot immediately in front of his room. He rolled his windows up, grabbed his bags and laptop and made his way to the hot and west-facing door. The slip key went smoothly into the slot, he extracted it and the light on the locking mechanism switched from red to green with a slight clicking noise followed by all the action.

The room was warm, the housekeeping staff had turned the air conditioner off, and didn’t even leave the fan on, and the room was just stifling. A twist of a dial, and a rocker switch pushed in the other direction and cool air started its long task of making a difference in the room. Brian grabbed his laptop and put it on the television table, and took his toiletry bag into the restroom. He decided right then to wash the heat and the road off of himself and jump into the shower.

Living in Iowa taught Brian some lessons that most people don’t understand that aren’t from climates that are flat out hot and humid. On hot days, taking a hot shower will temporarily raise your body temperature so once you leave the heat of the water; the heat of the day feels cooler. If you take a cool shower, your body will feel warmer because it’s trying to heat itself up again to a normal body temperature.

He walked back out into the bedroom area and stripped naked. Opened his clothing bag and pulled out a pair of shorts to put on after he got done in the shower and decided he didn’t need a shirt unless he needed to go somewhere, like an all night parts store and dinner. He brought the shorts into the restroom and hung them on the doorknob. Turned on the spray of water and opened a bar of soap provided by the motel.

He got into the shower and immediately winced as his muscular but sunburned arm hit the spray of hot water. The truck was an out-of-state truck when he bought it cheaply back in Iowa, and one of the reasons it was cheap was because it didn’t have air conditioning. So driving during the summer months meant the left arm got burned from hanging out the window!

When he started his business, it was on a shoestring budget. He needed a good reliable work truck, and after 300,000 miles, that Dakota was a gold mine. . . Just a warm gold mine in the summer months. His business was transporting auto parts that needed to be rebuilt to rebuilder warehouses from the American Midwest to Southern California and other places around the country. The miles were long and lonely. He made plenty of good money doing what he did, but what good is the money if you don’t have anyone to enjoy it with? His girlfriend had called it quits on him about a year into the business. She cited the fact he illegal bahis was on the road half of his life as being a big part of her leaving him, but the main reason why she left him was because when he really was home, he spent most of his time getting ready for the next road trip! No matter how much Brian loved Lana, he just couldn’t commit the time he needed to give to her.

He stopped the shower and all the thoughts of what could have been dissipated from his mind. He toweled off his 30 year old 6-foot body and combed his hair, shaved his face and reapplied his body odor sticky stuff. He looked in the mirror and saw his fit and muscular body along with his square chin, hidden by a very short goatee, probably his most prominent feature, followed by a pair of piercingly blue, almost gray eyes staring back at him. His light brown hair didn’t have any gray in it yet, but that day was coming soon. Lana crept back into his mind again and he hung his head in sorrow for losing her those years ago. A couple of minutes passed and he stood up straight and gave himself a tight lipped smile then he cleaned out his ears and ran his electric beard trimmer over his pubic hair. Once his post shower ritual was finished, he turned and put the shorts hanging on the knob on one leg at a time.

After putting on his shoes, he grabbed his room key and truck keys and went out to start figuring out what the problem with his truck might be. After popping the hood and putting the hood support up he saw the problem right away. The water pump was leaking and there was a puddle on the ground right under where the weep-hole would be, “Great,” he said. He opened the radiator cap and saw that the radiator had hardly any fluid in it at all, so his problem started back around Barstow or before. “It’s a good thing I made it this far!” he thought.

Behind him he noticed a rumble from an engine belonging to a Chevrolet Suburban had stopped. He turned around and a friendly female voice asked, “Do ya need a jump?” Before Brian could say anything the owner of the voice had turned off her SUV and got out of her rig.

She was in her early twenties and almost a full foot shorter than Brian, even in her high heels. She wore a bikini top and blue jeans. The bottoms of the bikini were enticingly and barely visible under the waist of her jeans. She was thin, had strawberry-blonde hair, which fell with some slight curls to just under the middle of her back. When he finally realized that she realized he was completely checking her out, he said, “Oh, ah, no. My water pump needs to be changed.”

“Well we Hawkeye’s have to stick together! Do you need to run to the parts store? I can take you.”

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“I used to live in Davenport, Iowa. But I moved out here about a year and a half ago. You?”

“Council Bluffs. What brought you out here?”

She shifted her weight and put a nicely manicured hand, with long French tips on her round hip and said, “Hello? Winters there are not fun! Winters here are just slightly less than what we have right now.”

Brian said, “You have no argument from me!” He extended his hand and said, “My name’s Brian, by the way.”

She gripped his hand tightly and said, “Valerie,” she paused for a minute and asked, “Are you going to fix this tonight?”

“No, I’ll get the parts tonight, if that’s okay with you, and do it in the morning before it gets too hot.”

“Okay, do you know what all you need?”

“Yeah, let me get my shirt, oh and, thank you for this! I really appreciate it,” he said.

She gave him a grin and said, “Let’s go!”

Brian went inside his room and grabbed a nice shirt and the rest of his needed things. He closed his room door, then lowered the hood on his truck, locked the truck and got into his new friends Chevy. “Do you know where a parts store is nearby?” he asked.

“Yup,” and in two shakes they were flying low through the parking lot and out onto the street heading east toward Redlands.


The outside of the black Suburban was clean and sparkled in the Southern California sun. The inside however was a far different story. Strewn here and there were different shoes, all of different colors and types. Panties and some bras were poking up through cracks of the seats and pants, skirts and other miscellaneous tops were wadded here and there. The only thing hanging from hangers on hooks were dresses, and both of them were inside clear plastic dry cleaner bags. Brian was relieved to discover she must not be a smoker. The only aroma inside the SUV was a slight scent of pine and girlie body spray or perfume. Tobacco smoke brings back asthma symptoms, and those right now were something he didn’t need. The Inland Empire smelled bad enough when smog advisories hit on hot days.

Valerie raced down the street and nearly skidded to a halt when finally a red light caught her. She pointed to an auto parts store and asked, “Will that one be okay?”

“Should be.” He looked at her and asked, “How about we get dinner illegal bahis siteleri after we’re done at the parts store, my treat.”

“Do you like Italian?” she asked.

“Where would the world be without Italian food? We’d have no pizza, we have no lasagna, no spaghetti, and eggplant wouldn’t have a place on the produce departments shelves because nobody in their right mind would eat it any other way if there was no primavera to go with it!” he said.

She gave a smile and said, “Italian it is,” as she gunned the accelerator as the light turned green. A second later she turned into the driveway and parked.

Brian, being the gentleman, held the door open for her to the parts store, when she said, “Thank you, but don’t you think that’s a little bit sexist?”

“You mean opening the door?”


“No, truth be told, we only do it in the event that the place is being robbed, then you girls would be the first to be shot and then we guys could run for cover and cower behind a rock someplace,” he explained with a grin.

She smirked at him and punched him in the arm, “Smart guy.”

“Someone’s got to have the brains,” and he poked her in her bare side with his finger.

“Oh, now that there is fightin’ words!” and this time she punched him hard in the stomach. Her fist bounced off his hardened stomach muscles. She took a step back and said, “Remind me not to get into a fight with you!”

He winked at her and said, “I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“May I help you?” the counterman asked.

Brian gave him his parts list from memory. The counterman had everything on the shelf and gave him the bill. Brian again whipped out his plastic and paid for everything with an electronic signature. Once the parts were carried out to Valerie’s Chevy, she asked, “Ready to eat?”

Brian gave her another up and down once over and said, “I certainly am!”

“I meant go to the restaurant,” she said.

“Oh! Yeah, we can do that first!”

Valerie rolled her eyes and said, “Country boys are no different than city boys, my new Hawkeye friend.”

“Am I a country boy or a city boy?”

“You have the charm of home, but you have the look from here. I guess that’s the best of both worlds! I certainly don’t mind.”

Brian closed the gap between he and Valerie. He set the parts carefully on the hood of her Suburban and put his arms around her waist and she put hers around his neck after he bent over to allow her access, “Just how short are you?” he asked with a grin.

“I’m four-foot and eleven-and-a-half inches, is there a problem?”

“Nope,” and he finished closing the gap and kissed her.

Someone out in the street drove by honking and yelling out their window, “Get a room!”

Brian and Valerie broke off their kiss and snickered to themselves. Brian said, “I’ve got one already,” and went back to kissing Valerie.


Valerie grabbed a small purse from her Chevy and then locked the door. Brian opened the door to his room, and brought Valerie inside by the hand. She asked to use the bathroom, and she excused herself. Brian quickly realized that the bed was a mess with his dirty clothes and bags and made a beeline to it and hastily made it straight. Six years in the Navy, and he certainly came out of it knowing how to make his bed straight and in a hurry before an inspection. He heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open. Valerie walked out wearing nothing but the hoop earrings she had on, and the red high heels she was wearing before. What he didn’t notice before was the navel jewelry, a belly chain, and a small ring in each nipple. Her naturally small breasts had no sag; the tan lines were sharply defined. Her breasts, accentuated her narrow waist but her slightly wider hips gave her an hourglass figure most men would dream to enjoy. Her pussy was completely bald and her tan was so dark, it almost looked like she was wearing white, barely there panties.

Brian’s eyes took in the beautiful and incredibly sexy sight as she sauntered towards him with a playful smile and a twinkle in her blue eyes. She walked right up to him and began undoing his shorts. Unbuttoned his shirt. Pulled his shorts completely down around his ankles and kneeled in front of him and in one single gulp swallowed the head and shaft of his large and growing cock in one movement all the way to his freshly shortened pubic hair. She remained there for a long few seconds and stuck her tongue out and swished it across his balls. She then closed her mouth completely around the shaft while it was still firmly lodged in her throat and using her nose created an incredibly tight vacuum around his rock hard cock and pulled her mouth off of it, increasing the vacuum pressure with each inch that exited her oral orifice until it emerged from her mouth all at once with a saliva soaked popping sound.

Brian, with his eyes rolled up in his head said, “Oh baby yeah!” Valerie took her well-manicured fingers and lifted his cock so she could begin sucking on canlı bahis siteleri his balls. She alternated between pleasuring his cock and then paying respect to his balls until she swallowed his cock one more time and felt it get larger and then start twitching in her throat followed by his loud exclamations of, “Holy shit Baby!” he grunted. “You’re fuckin’ suckin’ my nuts through my dick!” His body jerked and contorted. She rode him out in her throat until he was finished and then she swallowed every drop of cum he spewed and dripped down her throat and onto her tongue. Needless to say he enjoyed his first orgasm of the night!

Afterward, he picked her up and put her on the bed. She spread her sexy legs as he crawled between them and began licking her lightly at first around her bare mound then slowly and gently working his way to the lips of her vagina. He nibbled gently as he sucked on her clit which was hardening with every touch of his experienced tongue. She hadn’t been pleasured by a man since she left Iowa and she was feeling very turned on at the moment. Her pussy was so wet with her juices that when he slipped a finger inside her slit she gasped with pleasure. She had forgotten how good it felt to have someone touch her so intimately as she felt a wave of excitement rush over her body and her nipples, which were standing erect even though she wasn’t the least bit cold. He reached up and ran his hand over her breast and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, very much. . . You’re very good at what you can do as well,” she said through rapid breaths and hisses of pleasure.

Brian ran his tongue down her neck and nibbled at her earlobe getting her turned on even more before gliding his tongue over her breasts and sucking on them as he made his way back down to her clit button which was wanting more of his attention.

As he nibbled on her clit he rubbed his finger over the opening to her ass and she softly said, “Oh yes! Rub my asshole!” as her body rocked upwards toward his probing fingers. He gently slid his finger inside her pussy lips. Valerie responded by gasping and grabbing the rings on her nipples and pulled lightly on them. Brian moistened his middle finger before inserting it gently into her asshole. She let out a louder moan and felt her pussy tighten as she felt his finger moving slowly inside her tight ass. “Ohhh. . . that feels different!” she exclaimed as she arched her back.

He moved his lips to encircle her clit as he finger fucked her harder and faster teasing her pussy and asshole simultaneously with his wiggling and thrusting fingers. She was so close to cumming but wanted to feel his engorged cock inside her so badly she could almost taste it. He licked her pussy and asshole as he slid his fingers inside her juicy twat feeling it tighten around his knuckles. It was so juicy and she was so responsive to his every movement that he wanted to enjoy her body all night long. He pulled both fingers out of her and then suddenly penetrated her ass with both fingers, Brian felt her ass constrict on his digits as her body began to spasm and squirt hot female juices all over his hand, arm, chin and shoulder, basically she drenched him with her juices.

After Valerie’s sudden trip to ecstasy she quietly said to him, “I’m sorry, did I forgot to mention that you might want to get a towel to wipe yourself off with before we got started. I tend to make things messy!” Her eyes were twinkling with mischief as she spoke.

Brian looked her over and grinned at her, “Are you like this all the time?”

Still lying on the bed, she turned her head to look at him; she reached for his cock and began to stroke it softly, without any urgency. It was already rock hard and her small hand made it look even larger. She said, “It’s been a long time. But I don’t remember it being too different.”

“How long has it been?”

“Like I said, a year and a half since I left home.”

“Oh come on! I have trouble believing you’ve had trouble getting laid around here.”

She moved her head a little closer to his, never releasing his cock and said, “No, I’ve never had the problem of getting laid. Getting the time was the question mark. My job keeps me busy and so far, ‘This’ is good and working for me!”

He leaned closer to her and kissed her deeply. She closed her eyes and pressed herself closer to him. Her hand never left his cock and his hands roamed down to her shapely ass and grabbed them tightly. He wetted one finger in her still wet pussy and moved it to her ass and began to push it inside. Her head flew backward from their kiss as she gasped. He asked, “You like it in the ass, huh?”

Her strawberry-blond hair was across her face and bright blue eyes stared at him from behind the locks. She fixed her gaze and gave a wicked grin and said, “I’ve always wanted to try it!”

“Well I hope I can have the honor of being your first!”

“Not until after you fuck my pussy!” Immediately she rolled over on top of him. He complained lightly about one of her heels digging into his leg, but after getting a better position, she grabbed his large cock and rubbed it around the opening of her tiny pussy. She began moving her hips with the rhythm she was creating and finally moved herself onto his pole.

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