Brandon’s First Sensual Massage

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It wasn’t until later in life that Brandon had discovered the pleasure of therapeutic massages. A busy executive, he suffered frequent back and neck aches, and while on vacation at a resort, he had tried one of the therapeutic massages, and discovered how wonderful they were! Since then, he had begun to frequently get therapeutic massages. His only frustration was that he often found the massages to be sexually electrifying, especially if the masseuse was a young, attractive female (which often seemed to be the case).

He wasn’t completely sure what it was, maybe it was just because when he was finally able to relax, his thoughts turning from work to other matters. Of course, laying nude on a table, even if draped by heavy blankets, added to the sexual tension. And the firm touch of the masseuse’s hands on his skin certainly contributed too. He found he had to actively concentrate on not getting an erection during his massages, as he was horrified at the thought of flipping over and literally pitching a tent under his blanket.

One weekend, while they were sitting at the club drinking, Brandon brought it up with a couple of his best friends to see if they had the same reaction. Both laughed, and asked him why he hadn’t tried a sensual massage with the proverbial happy ending.

The thought really hadn’t crossed his mind until his friends suggested it, but once the seed was planted, it was all he could think about for the next several days. Finally, with his mind fixated on a happy ending and his neck as tight as ever, Brandon went online and started searching for someone who would offer a more complete massage experience.

After checking out several ads on a local website, he noticed one that offered an “Australian-style” massage from a lovely, shapely blonde. He had never heard this term before, and it intrigued him, so he shot a quick text to the number in the ad. The number’s owner responded that the Australian was a massage performed on a special table that facilitated full access to every inch of a client’s body.

He still didn’t know what he was getting into, but Brandon’s mind was literally racing with the possibilities. So he booked an appointment with the masseuse the next afternoon.

At the appointed time, he pulled up and parked outside the apartment building as instructed. He texted the masseuse pendik escort that he had arrived, and she gave him instructions to her apartment.

As he knocked on the door, Brandon’s heart was racing a bit, not knowing what to expect from his first sensual massage. When the door opened, he was relieved to see a very attractive woman, about 5′ 6″, late 20s to early 30s, green eyes, and long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. She ushered him through the door, closed the door, offered her hand for a shake, and introduced herself as Nancy. Brandon was admiring Nancy as he shook her hand. She had the sexiest Aussie accent, and even under her robe, he could tell she had a fantastic figure.

Nancy offered Brandon a shower, which he gladly accepted, and told him to towel off and then join her in the next room when he was done. Brandon quickly showered, wanting to get started, and wrapping the towel around his waist, walked into the next room. Nancy was standing in front of a massage table wearing absolutely nothing, and she slowly stepped aside, directing Brandon to remove his towel and lay face down.

At first, Brandon couldn’t take his eyes of Nancy! She was absolutely stunning. She had two perfectly shaped, perky D cups (clearly manmade but oh well!), a tiny waist, a nicely round ass, and shapely legs. She also had a number of tasteful tattoos that only enhanced her beauty. He was mesmerized by her!

Brandon finally took a good look at the table, and it was like no massage table he had ever seen! Half of the table looked like the usual cushioned devices he was accustomed to, and this end was topped with the U-shaped face rest he expected. But about half way down the table, it split into two arms that spread out, forming sort of a Y-shape. Both of the outstretched arms were padded like the other half of the table, but he wasn’t completely sure what to do.

Nancy suggested he walk up in between the arms, bend at the waist and lie his chest on the upper portion, positioning his head in the head rest. As he did this, Nancy took his legs one at a time, and helped him lift them up onto the two table arms. Once this was complete, Brandon was comfortably perched on the table, other than the fact that his legs were spread wide and his manhood was dangling freely in between the two arms. It wasn’t the least maltepe escort uncomfortable, but it certainly was unusual and he felt a bit vulnerable. She then put small padded blocks on each arm of the table inside his legs and near his ankles so that his legs did not slip off the table.

Any feelings of vulnerability quickly escaped from his head as Nancy began the massage. She was very skilled, with strong hands, and used an unscented oil. She began with his neck and shoulders, which immediately relaxed him. As she continued down his back, he was lulled into almost trance-like state. Nancy’s massage was as good as any he had received at high end spas!

Eventually, Nancy worked her way down to his legs, and began to massage the back of his left thigh and calf, working her way down to his feet. Then she began to massage up the inside of his legs, eventually reaching his upper thigh. She slowly slid her oiled hand all the way to the top of his thigh, and in massaging it, her hand brushed against his balls. His cock immediately sprang to attention, and Brandon let out a soft sigh of pleasure. She then moved to his right leg and repeated the same procedure, once again dwelling at the end on his upper thigh. At this point, Brandon was fully engorged and he could feel his cock pulsating with every heart beat.

Nancy then proceeded to walk into the crux of the Y, in between Brandon’s legs. She began to knead Brandon’s glutes with both hands, but after a few moments, she slid both hands down between his legs and ran her fingers across his ball sack, then she ran one finger up his ass crack. Brandon couldn’t believe how excited he was! He would often get aroused during massages, but she was taking him to a level of sexual arousal that he had never before experienced.

Nancy continued to tease his balls and ass until Brandon was practically bucking on the table. When she felt he was thoroughly aroused, she reached down with one oiled hand and gripped his engorged cock. At this point, Brandon gasped out loud out of pleasure and a bit of surprise. She began to methodically pump his cock with her one hand while she continued to play with his balls with the other. She continued with this rhythmic pumping of his swollen member until his breath began to quicken and she could sense he was approaching orgasm.

And kartal escort then, suddenly, she stopped. After a moment, Brandon felt her hands on the backs of his legs again, massaging and kneading. He began to come down from the euphoria of his almost orgasm, but he was also disappointed that she hadn’t finished him.

After what seemed like an eternity, but which was really probably only a few minutes, Nancy again began to tease his balls and ass, and then progressed to stroking his rock hard cock with her hand. Again, she brought him almost to orgasm, but then suddenly stopped, this time moving out of the Y, and coming around to his side to massage his right arm. Then she returned to the Y and again began to milk his cock almost to the brink, but again stopped, and walked to the other side to massage his other arm. Brandon began to wonder whether he had misunderstood what was on offer, or maybe an “Australian” didn’t include a happy ending. Nancy continued with her massage for several minutes, but once she sensed that Brandon had calmed down a bit, she stopped.

Brandon couldn’t tell where she had gone or what she was doing. Then, suddenly, he felt something wonderfully warm and wet on the tip of his cock. Slowly his cock was sucked in, and Brandon realized that Nancy had positioned herself beneath the table in between his legs, and was sucking his cock from below. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, and how expertly she worked his cock with her mouth and throat. At the same time, she reached up and again began to tease his balls and ass. The stimulation was beyond description!

He could feel the pressure building in his loins, and he began to dread the moment when Nancy would eject his cock from her mouth and ruin another orgasm. But this time, she didn’t stop. She continued to suck his swollen cock and play with his balls until he couldn’t hold it anymore, and he exploded into her mouth with one of the biggest orgasms he had probably ever experienced! She continued to suck until his balls were completely drained, and then she slowly slid his cock out of her mouth.

After a few more moments, Brandon felt Nancy’s hands on his shoulders again, and she said “now you feel much more relaxed than when we started!” Brandon couldn’t think of a more accurate description of his state … he felt as if he had practically melted into the table. Nancy took her time finishing the massage, and then offered him another shower to clean up.

From that day on, Brandon never bothered to visit another spa again, instead scheduling a sensual massage at least weekly.

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