Boys Behaving Badly

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Adriana Chechik

I guess it’s mostly boys, rather than girls like me, who share stories on sites like this but I feel I’ve got to share what happened to me. My name’s Ruth and I’m 24.

It all started when my boyfriend John and I split. Times had got tough, lots of rows and that sort of thing, but deep down I loved him dearly. We didn’t have sex for three months before we split, not even a hand-job. But we didn’t split because of sex. I’d wanted John the moment he looked at me the way I guess every girl knows, like as if my clothes weren’t there and I was posing like a porn model. I was willing enough. I didn’t stop him that first time he put his hand on my knee, but let him slide his hand right up my thigh to my panties. While we were together we had sex in every position a guy and girl could think of. I gave him hand-jobs, sucked him off, wore sexy underwear for him and let him photograph me nude like a porn model. Even when we knew it was all over, as soon as we were wrapped round each other in bed everything seemed alright again, till he’d finished with me and I was laying beside him staring at the ceiling and it all came back. I guess it’s like they say. If you’re not made for each other its best to find out before he slips the ring on your finger.

For a week after we split I masturbated myself to sleep each night, crying out his name when I came and wishing it was his expert penis between my legs. Then I met Michael.

It was one of those chance meetings. I was in the secluded little office service bay at work. The photocopier had jammed just as I was doing an important job. On top of my split with John it was just too much. I was sobbing when Michael found me. He was so kind. He fixed the machine, put all my papers back in order and did it all for me. I’d stopped sobbing by the time he’d finished. We chatted for a bit, work, life and whatever, then he asked me if I’d join him for a drink in the local pub after work. There was something about his smile and his eyes. I was in a tight white blouse that showed my bra underneath and a tight skirt that showed the outline of my panties across my bum. He looked at me like as if he was seeing right through my clothes and underwear, as if I was posing like a porn model, like all men do, and after three months without a boy I was as horny as hell!

As we sipped our drinks after work we soon found we had lots in common. Michael told me he and some friends had joint shares in a boat. I’ve always loved the sea from when I was a little girl, though through my teens my sister and I grew from making sandcastles on the beach to outdoing each other in wearing the briefest possible bikinis and amusing ourselves at the boys around us (and our father!) trying to pretend they weren’t having hard-ons even though their shorts were up like tents over tent poles. Michael asked me if I’d like to come out with him in his boat sometime. I wasn’t sure if he meant it or if he was just saying it. I gave him a little peck on the cheek when we parted, and I’m sure his hand brushed ever so lightly across my bottom, momentarily touching the outline of my knickers, and from that moment I knew I was Michael’s.

That night in bed at my flat I couldn’t sleep thinking of Michael. I resorted to a girl’s usual remedy of finger pleasure and a juicy sex fantasy. I fantasised I was working late and noticed Michael was in his office working late too. I went into his office and stepped my high heeled foot up onto his desk, hiking up my miniskirt so high up my thighs he could see my knickers. Without saying a word he reached up and fondled me between my legs, running his fingers along the line of my vagina lips just the way I was doing with my own finger, then hooked his finger over the front of my panties and pulled them down to see my cunt. Then he undressed me real slow – skirt first, then blouse, bra and panties, driving me wild running his hands over my flesh. I perched on his desk with my legs spread wide and posed for him like porn models do while he undressed. I fantasised about how big, stiff and upright his dick was, then fingered myself through my climax dreaming of him fucking me as I sat on the edge of his desk with my legs wide and him standing between my legs. I shrieked out Michael’s name when I came.

It didn’t take long for my dream to come true. Things moved quickly. Michael and I had been out for dinner and he was driving me home. I wanted him so much! I let my dress ride up so high as I sat next to him in his car that he could get that little glimpse of my knickers that I knew drives boys crazy. We kissed on my doorstep and I could feel his erection jutting into me just below my belly button. His hands started getting adventurous, and this time his fingers fond the outline of my panties for real, first through my dress, then with his hand under my dress, creeping excitingly slowly up my thigh then on my bare bottom following the thin satin thong strip between my bum cheeks. He was starting to undress me almost as soon as the door was closed behind us. pendik escort I let him take my dress off then suggested the lounge where there was a rug. It was big and thick with lots of room to spread out on.

We were both frantic. It had been a long time since I’d had a boy. I’d been masturbating, but that’s no substitute for a boy’s hands, lips, tongue and male hips thrusting a hard, hungry, experienced penis, and a boy’s body to wrap my legs round. I was as horny as hell! I savoured the way Michael took his time, kissing me and caressing me all over, flicking my nipples with his tongue while he fingered my so sensitive vagina lips, ruffling my cunt hair and slipping his fingers between my vagina lips till my pussy was gorged and my clitty was tingling, and I was nearly screaming with arousal. His shaft was as good as all my fantasies, so long and big he was tight inside me. He fucked me as if he’d been having sex with me for years. His hard penis seemed to instinctively know all the places in my vagina that turned me on most. He knew just how to caress a girl’s thighs and breasts while he pumped. He took ages and I came before he did! He told me afterwards that as I came I’d clawed his back, wrapped my legs over him and pounded his bum with my heels. But all I was conscious of was the glorious explosion of the climax he gave me, how firmly he thrust at the end, the way his body tensed and juddered as he squirted, and that long, meaty, so masculine grunt as he came.

Then there was no stopping us! Michael and I were together every night and all weekend. We did all the naughty things I’d done with John before, and some new even naughtier things! We had sex in every position a guy and girl could think of. I gave him hand-jobs, sucked him off, wore sexy underwear for him and let him photograph me nude like a porn model. I couldn’t believe some of the poses he wanted!

John continued to phone me, begging me to come back. I knew what boys are like. A few weeks without a girl and no amount of jacking off satisfies them, even with all those pictures he’d taken of me nude in filthy poses to look at and the sexy panties I’d given him to play with and squirt his cream over. I knew all John wanted was my body. I told John I’d met another boy, and told him to get lost.

Then Michael suggested that never to be forgotten weekend on the boat. I packed a couple of my skimpiest sun dresses, thigh high with thin shoulder straps and sheer enough to show the outline of my body through, tight tops that showed off my breasts and brief white shorts that clung to my curves like a second skin, bikinis so brief they were hardly worth the trouble of wearing, and of course my sexiest underwear! We tossed my bag in the boot of his car and headed for the coast.

We got there late on a beautiful summer evening. Two other guys were there, Andy and Steve, whom I recognised from another department of the office and guessed had a similar boating interest to Michael. There was no time to lose as it was getting dark. We headed for an empty island out in the bay where we would moor for the night. As I knew nothing about sailing and all three of the boys needed to handle the boat I stayed below deck and decided I’d tidy the cabins up. Boys are always so untidy!

Michael and I were sharing the main cabin with its double bed: not as wide as I liked, but quite big enough for fun. Andy and Steve were in single beds in the other cabin. I was dusting in their cabin when I moved Andy’s coat and got the shock of my life – there was a stack of gay magazines!

On the cover of the first magazine I saw was a picture of a muscular, tanned guy with a six pack looking like it was chiselled, designer stubble, and just in tight white incredibly brief Speedo-style trunks bulging with what was obviously a massive hard-on. Turning the page there were more pictures of guys, many of them naked and showing off their kit. One picture showed a guy laying naked on a bed with his hand round his shaft like he was masturbating, with his hips rammed up and his stream of semen caught arching over his belly to land on his chest.

I was quite shocked. I knew Michael certainly wasn’t gay. Then I relaxed. I’d been worried about having two other randy guys on board as well as Michael, dreading the inevitable adventurous hand on my bottom that always seems to happen when I share a place with boys. That wasn’t going to happen. It was going to be just me and Michael, and I’d always been curious about what gay boys did, now perhaps I’d find out!

We settled down for the night, Michael and me together, and Andy and Steve together. It was late and instead of a full fuck I just gave Michael a hand-job. As I was playing with Michael’s balls and fingering the inside tops of his thighs with my legs against his the way he likes, getting him rock hard, I heard sounds from Andy and Steve’s cabin. It was like the bump-a-bump-a-bump noise I used to hear from my elder brother’s bedroom when I was a little girl and which I maltepe escort used to wonder about till I learned about boys masturbating. I didn’t say anything to Michael. I guessed right then he was far too busy exploring my bum and legs with his hand, and too interested in my hand wrapped round his shaft stroking hard and full length to notice anything else. I heard the rattling from the next cabin rise to a frantic crescendo, then stifled grunts, then silence. I took Michael to a powerful jerk right up over his chest, and wiped it off with my knickers (boys never have a tissue handy). Then as we lay together in the dark I whispered to Michael.

“Andy and Steve are gay. One of them was jerking off while I was wanking you.”

Michael chuckled in the dark.

“I know. They won’t be after you.”

The bed in the next cabin started rattling again, bump-a-bump-a-bump, slowly and rhythmically.

“I’m going to listen at their door” I whispered.

Michael came with me down the short passage. Andy and Steve’s door was ajar, not quite closed, perhaps because of the gentle rocking of the boat. Their light was on. Through the crack of the door I saw Steve laying on the bed naked. His erection was sticking almost straight up from smooth shaven hairless balls. That looked odd. I like my boys nice and hairy downstairs. His dick must have been an eight incher and was arching up over his belly with a purple circumcised head and with its veins standing up.

Andy was kneeling beside him naked, with his dick sticking straight out. His balls were hairless too. Steve was fondling Andy’s balls and running his fingers down between Andy’s legs to his arse. Next to Andy propped against the side of the boat was a gay porn magazine open at a centrefold picture of a naked guy sitting astride a motorbike, and two other guys standing next to it, all three of them with massive near vertical erections. One guy had his foot stepped up on the saddle as if to really show off his kit.

“Wank me, lover” grunted Steve.

Then Andy gave Steve what I’d just given Michael. The bed went bump-a-bump-a-bump in time with Andy’s rhythmic full length strokes. I guess only a boy knows what a boy really likes. Steve was playing with Andy’s thighs, balls and shaft, and reaching so far under him to finger his arse that I could see Steve’s hand appear between his legs under his bum. I nearly wet myself with excitement watching Andy’s erection bobbing with the rhythm of Andy’s pumping hand. Steve gave a grunt as meaty as Michael’s and juddered as his cream splashed over his smooth chest.

I felt Michael’s hand on my bottom, and in the dark I reached down and felt Michael’s shaft was as hard up as before. I wrapped my hand round it to wank him again, but he stopped me.

“Wait till we’re back in bed!” he whispered.

We crept quietly back to bed. And boy was it worth waiting for! Michael wanted me on all fours on the bed, legs wide, in front of the wall mirror so he could see my tits. Michael slid his hand between my legs from behind fingering the insides of my thighs, the valley of my bum and my pussy till I was on the brink, then his hands gripped my thighs and his hips slapped against my bum and this time our bed went bump-a-bump-a-bump as his shaft took me to an explosive orgasm. I fantasised about what I’d watched in the cabin next door all the time Michael was fucking me, and bit my lip as I came to stop myself crying out. Fortunately there was only silence from Andy and Steve’s cabin!

Over breakfast next morning Andy and Steve told us openly they were gay. Boy was that a wild weekend! None of us wore any clothes most of the time. I felt I was posing for Michael like a porn model, and loving it! That afternoon we were lazing nude on the deck. Michael’s cock was up hard and he was fingering my thigh the way a boy does when he wants sex.

“Shall we?” I whispered, taking Michael’s hand to lead him down to our cabin.

Then Andy looked knowingly at Steve, then addressed Michael and me.

“We know you watched us last night…fair’s fair isn’t it?”

As Andy spoke he fingered his kit. The boyws wanted to watch me being fucked! I’d always enjoyed being eyed by boys, especially when I know I’m showing a bit more than I should. Michael was grinning and his erection seemed to strain a notch harder as Andy suggested the idea, and god was I feeling randy!

We didn’t bother to go to our cabin but stayed on deck. Michael loves girl on top. He lay back on a big beach towel. I worked him to a frenzy, caressing him, kissing him all over his balls and licking my tongue all over his knob before I got astride him facing him with my vagina above his knob and my boobs swinging where he could play with them. I made him wait while I brushed his shaft with my cunt hair the way he likes and he got excited playing with my legs and breasts. I lowered myself to ride his rod and Andy and Steve moved in close to watch.

As I bobbed up and down along Michael’s kartal escort length Andy started to masturbate. He’d oiled his hand with sun lotion, I guess to make it feel like a girl’s vagina – or perhaps a boys arse! I was just rising to a climax as Michael’s body suddenly tensed, he grunted, gripped my thighs and his hips thrust up under me. At the same time I heard Andy grunt, saw him ram his penis toward me and start stroking fast and hard. Andy, Michael and I came all at the same time, with Michael’s semen fountaining into my vagina and Andy’s splashing over my breasts, dripping off my nipples and trickling onto Michael beneath me.

I was kneeling astride Michael enjoying my afterglow when Steve stepped astride Michael with his penis pointed at me and pressed its soft head against my lips.

“Suck me off!” He grunted.

I don’t know if Steve was bi, or just wanted to try something new. I was so hot I was game for anything. I took Steve through the way Michael likes, getting him hard as a rock and red hot fingering his balls and easing his nozzle open with the tip of my tongue before I slid my lips down over his head. I caught the ridge round the base of his head with my lips the way Michael liked, massaging his soft head in my mouth with my tongue, sucking on the back stroke, using one hand to stroke his shaft up and down in time with my lips and fingering his balls and arse with the other. He ran his fingers through my hair as I worked him. I enjoyed his grunts and gasps as I made him wait. He grabbed my shoulders, grunted really loud, and shoved his penis so deep into my mouth as he jerked that my face was against his belly.

The boating weekend passed only too quickly. We had a great time. I learned something about sailing, and also learned perhaps I’d been a little prejudiced against gays before. But Andy and Steve were great. Steve had a great sense of humour, and soon we were firm friends. Then we were back in port, with three boys with penises rubbed sore, and with Michael’s camera bursting with pictures of me showing what I’ve got in some of the filthiest poses I’ve ever done for a boy, and hard core shots Steve had taken of Michael and me in action!

But things started to go wrong. I discovered Michael was two-timing me with one of the new girls in the office, Linda. She was too much lipstick, too much perfume, too much leg, too much talk, too little skirt, but I guess that’s what boys like. I found out when I was in Michael’s flat. We’d just had good long relaxed sex and a shower together. I went to his bedroom to get a towel, opened his cupboard and out fell a pair of girl’s pink satin panties stinking of Linda’s foul perfume, and a stack of photographs of Linda posing nude on the very bed Michael and I had just fucked on. Michael and I had the row of all rows, I stayed just long enough to pull some clothes on, and slammed the door hard enough to crack the plaster as I stormed out into the street.

For a week afterward I sobbed all day and masturbated myself to sleep each night, crying out John’s name when I came and wishing it was his hand between my legs, like the good times before Michael. One evening after a Monday spent avoiding Michael and Linda at work I was so upset I had to speak to someone and I called Steve on the off chance. A girl answered the phone. I was puzzled till she explained she was Stephanie, Steve’s sister and staying at his flat while he was away for a few days with Andy. Even over the phone Stephanie and I got on so well. We talked for an hour and I poured out my heart to her.

“Men are bastards” I said. Stephanie agreed.

Steve’s flat was nearby and Stephanie invited me over the next evening. Stephanie was pretty, about my age with neat brown hair and a good figure under a tight jumper which showed the curves of decent breasts and a tight skirt clinging to the kind of bum and legs boys like. She made me a coffee and we chatted. We talked about everything and got on so well. I asked her if she had a boy friend and she just smiled at me. I mentioned I knew her brother was gay. She asked me if I was bothered by it.

“I’m not if you aren’t” I said.

We talked about gay sex, then suddenly Stephanie asked me if I’d ever done it with another girl. But I’d already guessed, even before Stephanie asked me. I pulled my skirt up my bare thighs, leaned back on the sofa and began to unbutton my blouse. Spephanie put her hand on my bare knee. I spread my legs wide as her hand slid gently up the inside of my thigh till it touched my white satin knickers and lightly explored the line of my vagina lips. She leaned toward me and we kissed tongue to tongue. When Stephanie’s hand slipped down inside my panties I learned that only a girl knows what a girl really likes!

We put soft music on, opened a bottle of wine, undressed each other slowly one garment each in turn, then took a shower together. Stephanie soaped me all over then luxuriously lathered me between my legs and licked the suds off my pussy and off my nipples which were as hard up like wine corks as hers were. Then I did the same for her. She was deliciously smooth shaven between her legs and purred as I eased her vagina lips apart with my fingers and teased her clit. Then we went into the bedroom.

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