Bored Couple Have Sexy Pillow Talk

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Big Tits

Bored couple tries to go beyond the same old sex with something new.


Julie and Joey relaxed in bed together. He watched TV, while she read her book. Already acting as if they were an old married couple, the chill of discontent permeated the icy cold temperature of their mattress. Doing nothing and going nowhere, instead of heating up their tired relationship with desire, the hot summer weather had cooled their sexual relationship to a deep freeze. They needed something new to defrost their libidos, while still maintaining their interest for one another during the summer thaw.

Once hot for one another, once eager to go to bed with one another, rather than having hot sex, they were just hot from the weather and just wanted to sleep in the cool air conditioning. Whatever outside heat that the air conditioning failed to cool in their bedroom, the passing of time had cooled their sexual passion. Maybe the spark of pillow talk could relight the flames of passion they once had for one another.

Where did the time go? Full of love and passion for one another when they met on August 24th, seven summers ago, it felt like only yesterday when they decided to live together. A serious romantic couple once, now they were just coexisting together. Going through the motions and pretending to be happy, what happened?

Possibly the seven year itch that plagues married couples, so much like an unwanted virus, so much like an unneeded rash, maybe they’re just going through a rough, dry spell. Maybe that’s all it was, the curse of the seven year itch. Yet, bored with the same old sex, their sexual frustration and unsatisfied horniness was something that so many couples experience at this junction in their relationship and they needed to find something to get them over this without ruining their relationship.

It had been a while since they made love. It had been a while since they had real, hot, head banging, body bumping, drenched with sweat, orgasm screaming sex. With Joey just wanting a blowjob all the time, while playing with Julie’s big tits, lost was their passion and lustful desire for one another. They had forgotten how to go about getting themselves in the mood and getting themselves excited. They needed a push and a jump start to set their sexual life ablaze again. Always enjoying the titillation of teasing, especially when talking about having sex, Julie decided that pillow talk may help get them in the romantic mood again.

“Let’s say we weren’t yet a couple, had just started dating, and were sitting in your apartment watching a movie,” said Julie closing her book and turning to look at her boyfriend with an excitement that he hasn’t seen on her face in a while.

“Okay,” said Joey turning off the TV. “This sounds like fun.”

He couldn’t believe that she wanted to play his favorite game, the pillow talking game. Actually, he was the one who had always initiated it and who always wanted to play the pillow talking game, usually when he was drunk and asking her which one of his friends she’d do. She was the one who never wanted to play the game because of the way he acted and the inappropriate and embarrassing sexual questions he asked. He had the knack for making her feel like the whore that she wasn’t and never would be. Asking her to flash her body to his friends, she stopped playing the pillow talking game because he got too excited with the thoughts of her having sex with someone other than him. Yet, now that their flames of passion had extinguished, maybe pillow talking would create a spark to light the fire they needed to get through this tough time.

“Tell me, if we had just met and were having a first date at your apartment, what would you hope I’d do, if I was to take the lead and make a sexual pass at you.”

“You mean, my fantasy date.”

“Yeah, your idea of a perfect date.”

“Wow. A first, perfect date. If you took the lead and made a sexual pass at me, how I hoped you’d go about it? I gotta think about that,” she Joey scratching his balls.

“Must you do that, Joey? It’s one thing when you scratch your balls in bed, but you do it outside, too. What do you have crabs, Joey? Every time you’re thinking about something, you scratch your balls.”

“I gotta itch is all.”

“I think it’s a habit you have Joey, scratching your nuts, instead of your head.”

“The only habit that I have is you, babe.”

“Aw, that’s nice, Joey. Thank you,” she said giving him a peck on the lips. “See? I think this pillow talk is working already.” She looked at him and gave him a loving smile. “So, tell me, what would your fantasy of a perfect, first date with me making a pass at you be?”

“Well, okay, this sounds like fun. This could be good,” he said rubbing his hands together, as if he was a fly landing on a piece of discarded food. He sat more upright in bed in readiness to deliver his fantasy. “Yeah, I like this. Okay, here goes. Let’s see. We’re on the couch with you sitting next to me and–“

“Wait, what am I wearing?”

“What are you wearing? escort ataşehir What does your clothes have to do with us having sex, Julie? You’re naked, of course.”

“I didn’t say we were going to have sex, Joey. I said to tell me your fantasy for a perfect, first date.”

“Duh? Dating and sex is the same.”

She looked at him looking at her.

“Oh, never mind. How could I not know that you’re perfect first date wouldn’t include hot sex?”

“Julie, it’s the summertime. Of course we’re going to be naked. I don’t see what clothes have to do with anything on a first date.”

“Clothes have everything to do with us having sex or not having sex. Don’t forget that we’re pretending that we just started dating and I wouldn’t be hanging around your apartment naked, Joey.”

“So? I still don’t understand what you’re wearing or not wearing has to do with our having pillow talk now, Julie.”

With the bickering back and forth, what started as a good idea was beginning to turn into an argument.

“The way that a woman dresses is a telltale sign if she wants to get laid or just wants to hang out with a friend.”

“Okay, you’re wearing your tight jeans, then.”

“No, that won’t work,” she said making a sour face and shaking her pretty blonde head.

“What do you mean? You look hot in those jeans. I love those jeans,” he said, as if imagining her wearing the jeans now. “You wear them, as if they are painted on your body. They make your ass look incredible. I’d eat you through those tight jeans, if I could.”

“Then, how come you don’t? How come you never do?”

“Oh, uhm, I dunno. It was just an expression, Julie. I’d never eat you through your jeans. Don’t take me so literal. Besides, the jean dye would get in my mouth from me sucking on denim and I’d probably get lip cancer and die a horrible death.”

“You’re such an ass Joey. See? That’s just it. If I was hoping to get laid, if I was hoping to have spontaneous sex, I’d never wear a pair of skin tight jeans that I’d have to stand up and wiggle myself out of them. Struggling to undress would ruin the moment. I’d wear something that you’d have better access to my body, while waiting for you to make the first move.”

“Oh, I see. I get it. I never thought about that. I never knew that about women. I never knew that a woman’s outfit was the barometer to getting lucky or not. I wish I knew that years ago. I figured the only sure sign of getting lucky was if the woman was naked or drunk enough.,” he said looking over at her with a sudden flash of realization.

“Thanks for that image, Joey.”

“Okay, I know what you’re wearing. You’re wearing your short skirt, the one that your dad calls a belt.”

“Yeah, that’s good. I like that skirt. It shows off my legs and makes my butt look good.”

“It shows off more than your legs,” he said with a dirty laugh.

“It does? What do you mean, Joey?”

“It doesn’t matter if your legs are crossed or not, even with your knees pulled tightly together, that short skirt flashes your panties to anyone sitting across from you,” he said with a dirty laugh.

“Eww. It does? How come you never told me that?” She punched him in the shoulder. “How could you embarrass me like that?”

“Tell you what? Why would I tell you that you’re flashing your panties? All my friends enjoyed the show. Besides, I thought you knew.”

“You thought I knew? You thought I was flashing you and your horny friends my panties on purpose? Is that it?” She looked at him incredulously, before punching him in the shoulder again. “You’re such an asshole, Joey. I’m so embarrassed. I’ll never wear that skirt again, now that I know that.”

“Ow,” he said rubbing his shoulder. “C’mon, Julie, I love that skirt,” he said beaming a smile, while imagining her wearing that skirt and sitting across from his friends.

“Typical,” she said crossing her arms. “Okay, go ahead, Joey. I’m sorry for the interruption. I won’t interrupt you again.”

“Okay, we’re sitting there watching TV with you wearing your belt of a short skirt, while flashing me your panties and–

“Wait, you forgot something.”

“What now?”

“Surely, I’m not sitting in your apartment topless,” she said raising her hands with her voice. “What am I wearing for a top?”

“Gees, Julie, I don’t know, just a regular top. Okay? What does it matter?”

“Am I wearing a pullover or–“

“I know, you’re wearing your white, button down blouse. I love unbuttoning your buttons, while making out with you. That’s so–“

“I’d never wear that blouse with that skirt, Joey.”

“Oh, for Christ sakes, Julie. Just pick a top and tell me, which one you’d wear, so that I can continue with my pillow talking fantasy. Okay?”

“Hmm, let me think. Oh, I know. I’d wear my red, low cut top. The one that opens whenever I lean forward, enough for you to slip your big hand inside and fondle my breast through my bra, while we’re kissing.”

“Oh, the one that you told me that you didn’t kadıköy escort know opened whenever you leaned forward, after I accused you of flashing your tits to my friends.”

“Pick another top, then, Joey, if you don’t like that top,” she said shooting him a dirty look. “It doesn’t matter to me which top I wear in your fantasy. This is your fantasy, not mine,” she said crossing her arms across her breasts and shrugging a sudden shoulder of disinterest.

“May I continue, then?”

“I’m not stopping you from talking dirty to me, Joey. It’s a free country.”

“Okay, we’re sitting there watching a movie with you wearing your belt of a skirt and your red top that opens whenever you lean forward and you reach over and start feeling my cock through my pants.”

“Eww, Joey. You mean, groping you?” She looked at him incredulously. “Do you seriously believe that I’d just reach over out of the clear blue and start feeling your cock through your pants? Are you serious? What is wrong with you, Joey?” She shot him a look that made him perspire. “If we were just having our first date, Joey, I’d never just reach over and start feeling your cock through your pants. Even if I was married to you for seven years, I wouldn’t do that, which brings me to the subject of how come you haven’t asked me to marry you?”

So that’s what all this is about. He knew she wasn’t serious about having pillow talk. It was all just a ruse to pressure him to marry her. He told her he loved her and he’s never cheated on her. What more does she want?

“Yeah, well, maybe your should grope me once in a while. Maybe that’s part of our problem and the reason why I haven’t asked you to marry me, yet, which doesn’t mean that I won’t one day, sometime off in the distant future.”

“No woman, unless she’s a slut, and who doesn’t have a shred of self-respect, is going to grope a man’s cock through his pants, when she just met him. I’m not a slut, Joey. I’m not that kind of woman. We’d have to go out first, someplace nice, and after getting to know one another with conversation, after making a connection, we could take the date to the next level. Then, after dinner on our third date, I’d have to kiss first, make out, French kiss and then–“

“Okay, okay, see, that’s the problem. You asked me what I’d want and what I’d hope for on a fantasy first date and now you’re changing everything, the clothes that I imagined you wearing and the things that I hoped you’d do to what you want to wear and hope that I’d do. This is my fantasy, Julie and not your fantasy. When it’s your turn to tell your fantasy, how would you like it if I interrupted you and changed everything around in your personal fantasy?”

“I’m sorry, Joey. You’re right. Please continue.”

“Okay,” he said pausing before speaking, as if he was changing his fantasy in his mind or waiting for her interrupt again. “We’re watching TV, a movie–“

“What kind movie?”

“Oh, for Christ sakes, Julie…a romantic movie and–“

“Which romantic movie?”

“Gees, Julie. Are you kidding me? I don’t know. What does it matter which movie we’re watching? It’s just pillow talk.”

“It matters to me, Joey, and it matters to you, if you’re going to get lucky with me or not by which movie we watch. There are romantic movies that make me cry and romantic movies that make me wet. If you think I’m going to reach over and start fondling your cock, Joey, while I’m balling my eyes out then–“

“Okay, okay, we’re watching your favorite movie. Okay?”

“Which movie is that, Joey?” She gave him the lowered eyebrow stare. “I bet you don’t even know what my favorite romantic movie is.”

“Then, you tell me, Julie. What’s your favorite romantic movie?”

“It’s sad that we’ve been together for seven years, Joey and you don’t even know what my favorite romantic movie is.”

“Titanic,” he said looking over at her, as if waiting for her endorsement.

“No, that made me sad. I couldn’t stop crying in the end.”

“Ghost, we’re watching Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze,” he said as if playing a game show and waiting to see what he won.

“No,” she said punching him in the shoulder again. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Ow, Julie, that hurt. Stop hitting me. I’m getting a bruise. What’s wrong with that movie? That was a good movie. I liked that movie and you loved that movie.”

“He dies in that movie and he’s dead in real life, too. That’s so sad. That movie would never put me in the mood to have sex with you, Joey,” she said shaking her head.

“What about An Officer and A Gentleman? That was a romantic movie, when he–“

“Nah, I never liked Richard Gere and that Deborah Winger is a slut in real life, so it’s not believable that they’d fall in love.”

“Pretty Woman?”

“Pretty Woman? Richard Gere is in that, too, and Julia Roberts plays a prostitute in that movie,” she said shooting him a dirty look and putting a hand to her hip. “Do I look like a tramp to you? Is that how you think of me, Joey, as a slut? maltepe escort bayan I bet you wished I was more a whore like your old girlfriend, Linda.”

“Stop. Okay. Don’t start on Linda. That’s over and done. Unless you want me to bring up your old boyfriend, Jerry, we don’t need to rehash the past.” They sat in silence pouting and stewing for a few minutes. “I know, When Harry Met Sally, how about that movie? That was a good movie.”

“No, that was funnier than it was romantic. Plus it was annoyingly frustrating that it took them so long to come together.”

“What about Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail? You loved those movies.”

“Nah, I didn’t like those movies that much. I just can’t see Tom Hanks as the romantic type. I see him more as Forrest Gump or in Big, as the grownup kid.”

“What about The English Patient? Yeah, the English Patient. You loved the book and you loved the movie.”

“No way,” she said wiping a tear from her eye. “That movie was so sad, Joey.”

“I know, what about the Age of Innocence, when he–“

“When he what? When he saw her in the window and walked away never to look back. Unrequited love is so sad, Joey.”

“Oh, I know, Jerry Maguire,” he said looking at her with a broad smile, as if he was showing her the money.

“Jerry Maguire? Yeah, I can do Jerry Maguire. I liked that movie, especially when Renee Zellweger said to Tom Cruise, You had me with hello. Oh, my God,” she said putting her hands to her chest. “I melted that was so romantic,” she said looking over at him and punching him in the thigh instead of the shoulder this time.

“Ow, Julie,” he said rubbing his thigh. “Take it easy. What did I say now?”

“How come you don’t melt me?”

“I don’t know Julie.” Joey thought about dumping water on her head like Dorothy did to the evil witch in the Wizard of Oz. “I’m melting.”

Yeah, okay, Jerry Maguire is a good movie for us to pretend we’re watching, Joey.”

“So, may I finally continue now with my pillow talking sexual fantasy, Julie?”

“I’m not stopping you from telling your fantasy, Joey. Don’t look at me because you can’t keep a thought in your head. You have the floor. It isn’t like–“

“Shh. Just stop talking and listen, please. Okay?”

She ran her fingers across her lips, as if zipping them.

“We’re sitting there watching the movie, Jerry Maguire, with you wearing your belt of a skirt and your red top that opens whenever you lean forward and, just as I turn my head to reach for popcorn, you kiss me.”

“Psst, Joey,” Julie raised her hand, as if she was in class.

“What now, Julie? You’d better not be asking me if the popcorn is buttered, unbuttered or Orville Rickenbacker.”

“No, don’t be silly. I’d never bring up popcorn in your fantasy. I have something more important to ask.”


“I know it may not be important to you, but it is to me,” she said staring at him, as if waiting for his permission to speak.


“What shoes am I wearing?”

“Shoes? What shoes are you wearing? Are you kidding me? C’mon, Julie. Who cares about your shoes? This is pillow talk. No shoes. Okay? You aren’t wearing any shoes. You took them off at the front door because your feet were killing you. Okay?”

“That will work.”

“Okay, we’re sitting there watching TV, a movie, Jerry Maguire, with you wearing your belt of a skirt, your red, low cut top that opens whenever you lean forward and no shoes, when you kiss me, really kiss me and now we’re really going at it, making out and French kissing and you reach over and start feeling my cock through my pants,” he said stopping and waiting for her to speak, as he knew she would.

“Wow. I like French kissing, Joey,” she said giving him a French kiss. “Then, what lover?”

“While we’re kissing and while you’re feeling my cock through my pants growing hard,” he said pausing to look at her. “I put my hand on your tit and finger your nipple through your red top, before sticking my hand down your blouse and feeling your breast through your bra.”

“I like it when you feel my tits, baby,” she said putting his hand on her tit, as he started fingering her nipple through her nightgown.

“I really like your tits, Julie,” he said feeling her other breast. “You have great boobs. I love your big boobs.”

“Thank you, Joey,” she said looking down to watch him feeling her breasts. “What else? Tell me, lover.”

“Well, while I’m busy feeling your tits, you unzip my pants and reach your hand inside.”

“Gees, Joey,” she said rolling her eyes and pushing his hands away from her breasts.

“Hey, this is my fantasy. You can tell me your fantasy, after I’m finished telling you my fantasy,” he said giving her a look that made her stop talking. “You fondle my cock through my underwear, before pulling out Joey Jr., I mean, Big Joey. You stare at it with wide eyes, while licking your lips. Then, you start stroking Big Joey. I look down watching you stroke my big prick, before you lean down and–“

“…and what Joey? Blow you? I figured as much. So that’s it? That’s your fantasy? I give you a blowjob. How romantic is that? Your imagination is spellbinding. What’s in it for me, Joey. That’s all you want is your cock sucked, while you play with my tits.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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