Black Out

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I lie down on the bed and he gets in with me. He runs his hand down my arm.

“I’m sorry,” I say trying to hold back the tears.

“For what,” he asks.

“All this,” I reply as I turn over to him, “I just don’t know what the fuck was wrong with me. I mean this just turned out as an experiment but it ballooned out of control.”

“It’s okay,” he says in a low tone, “so what do we do now?”

“This is going to sound stupid,” I say.

“What,” he asks.

“It’s stupid.”

“Just say it,” he laughs.

“I want an,” I pause, “this is really stupid, but, I want an all black gangbang.”

“What,” he says in amazement.

“I told you it was stupid,” I say almost laughing.

“If you want it,” he says.

“Can you arrange it,” I ask while finally turning over to face him.

“I guess,” he laughs.

“Well,” I start, “can you? I’ll take care of all the other arrangements, I want it done at a hotel.”

“I know some people who’d want to do it,” he says.

“If I do this I want them all to leave me alone after we have this thing,” I say sternly, “can you make sure of that?”

“I think so,” he says in an unsure tone.

“Should I write a contract,” I ask.

“No, just tell them up front,” he assures me.

“Good,” I say in a stern voice, “I want to be fucking left alone after I do this.”

“No problem,” he says.

“I’ll take care of the hotel and shit,” I laugh.

“Do that then,” he says.

“I want it done this Saturday,” I say before kissing him.

We then fall asleep.

The next morning I reserved a hotel suite at one of the best places in town. I called it in and sounded completely white. I have a great plan for my entrance and I want to shock the hotel. I’m going to wear nothing but the hip-hop clothes that I own, and act real stupid for the hotel clerks. And yes I wrote a contract for Robert and the rest of the gang-bangers to sign. It states that they’ll never contact me after we do this thing. I hope they can uphold their end of the bargain. I then tell Robert that all the gang-bangers must follow me escort ankara into the hotel like a kind of entourage. I can’t wait for it. It’s going to be fucking great. I barely sleep the entire week, and then Saturday finally roles around.

I find all my hip-hop style clothes. I make sure I look ghetto as fuck; the hotel staff is going to love me. I look at myself in the mirror before Robert calls me and lets me know the guys are waiting for me. I do one last look over and I run out of the house. I drive as fast as I can to the hotel and see Robert with a group of like seven black guys. I park my car and they follow me as I enter the hotel lobby.

I can only imagine what the people think of us walking through the lobby of an expensive hotel, looking like something out of a rap video. A hot fucking white bitch and several black guys following behind me, the other guests must think I’m crazy. We finally make it to the front desk.

“May I help you,” the female clerk says in a nervous tone.

“What up,” I say in a ghetto voice, “I have reservation for Crystal.”

“Okay,” she says pulling up my reservation, “you’re in room 261.”

Some of the guys play with me while I wait for my room key. They lightly kiss me and feel on me. I grab at their crotches a little.

The clerk hands me the key and we walk off. We find an empty elevator and go to the second floor. I open the hotel room door to reveal a huge suite.

“I’m not going to carry myself,” I say to one of the guys.

One of them picks me up and carries me over the threshold, so to speak. I look into his eyes as he carries me; I smile a bit until he finally puts me down. I lightly kiss him. He puts me down and I walk to the other side of the room as the guys pile in. I look out the window as the door shuts.

“Robert,” I say in a sly voice, “Get the lube.”

He complies and reaches into his bag and pulls out the industrial sized lube and places it on the nightstand.

“Now who carried me in,” I ask while turning around.

He raises his hand and I walk up to him. I get on my knees and give him a ankara escortlar quick blowjob. I push him away and stand up and look at the other guys.

“Now get me undressed,” I demand as they guys walk over to me.

They strip my clothes off my body. They’re careful to fold my hip-hop clothes up and place them on the other bed.

“Stop,” I say almost yelling as they try to take off my shoes, “they stay on, I don’t care if I break my ankle.”

I strut around the group and kiss a few of them and I play with myself a little bit.

“Lets do this,” I say in an enthusiastic voice.

All of them take off their clothes and grab some lube after Robert opens it. Two of the guys lift me up onto the bed. I almost fall over due to the heels, but I collect myself.

A few jump on the bed with me as I get on my knees and begin with a round of huge blowjobs. I can’t believe how massive they are. I start at one end and keep sucking for what seems like forever. I then lie on the bed and they take turns eating my pussy and asshole. (Note, I didn’t call it a faghole) A few fuck my face as I sit up and jerk off a few more of them. A couple of the guys suck on my tits and slap them around. It feels so good, all of that it is. Finally one of them finally sticks it in my pussy. I feel it stretch as he slides his massive meat inside of me. I let out a huge yell as he pumps my white pussy. I keep looking as the black meat goes in and out of me. I really love the contrast in skin. After he stops the next guy does the same. The guy who was fucking me then kissed me on the cheek and whispers something sexual in my ear. I laugh a little after he says that. The guys then take turns working at my pussy. I think everyone has had a turn at it. They keep fucking it. I can’t get over it! I kiss a few of them and continue to suck their dicks. I then reposition myself at the end of the bed. I lie on my back and the guys line up at my mouth while a few guys take turns at my pussy. It’s awkward at first but soon I get the hang of it. I do this for almost ten minutes. Then finally one guy lies on the bed next to ankara kaliteli escortlar me and they place me on top of him. He positions his cock into my pussy. Then a guy stands in front of me as I suck his dick. Then I feel an intense burn. One of them puts his massive black dick in me. They take turns fucking my ass for ten minutes. I don’t give a shit how many of their dicks end up in my mouth after they were in my ass. I then get off the guy who was fucking my pussy and turn over and place his dick in my ass. Then they take turns with my pussy. The pleasure is unbearable! I love it! They keep pounding my pussy with ever increasing intensity. One of them says he is going to cum. I then pull myself off the guy under me. I lie on the bed as the guys line up and cum in my mouth. The first guy takes forever and shoots half of his seed on my hair. It kind of pisses me off, but I brush it off. The other guys take a little less time. Most of their cum is nasty, but a few is good. I swallow most of it, thankfully. I feel exhausted as a few of the guys cum twice. I finally sit up and give a big smile.

“Wow,” I say as the guys look at me, “I don’t think I’m satisfied.”

A few guys look at me and laugh.

“Just kidding,” I laugh, “you guys were great, but you guys got to go. Maybe I’ll do this again, or not.”

The guys use the bathroom and get dressed and I stay naked and greet them as they leave. I hug a few trying to keep the cum from getting on them. Robert is the last to leave.

“Thank you,” I say giving him a big hug.

“You’re welcome,” he laughs.

“And don’t worry about what’s inside of me,” I say making reference to his unborn fetus.

“Okay,” he says before finally leaving.

I walk back to the center of the room and look at the cum still dripping from my face. I eat a few drops and smile at myself. I then hear a knock on the door. I just walk over and open the door, I don’t even realize I’m naked. A woman is at the door. It’s my company’s Vice-President.

“Hello Crystal,” she says walking inside my room, “I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi.”

“What do you want,” I ask as she walks up to me.

“Nothing much,” she says slyly.

“What then,” I ask.

“Nothing,” she smiles while licking some of the cum off my face.

To be Continued in Vice Presidential Romp…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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