Black Cuckolding is Fun

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Contrarily to what you might have seen elsewhere, there is much more to the world of cuckolding than the standard Black dude, white slut and white wimp hubby scenario. My name is Estefano Gunther and I’m a forty-year-old black man living in the City of Hartford, Connecticut. I’m happily married to a six-foot-tall, athletic and absolutely gorgeous, big-bottomed black lady named Wendy-Kiah Johnson-Gunther and honestly, life couldn’t be better. I’m a lawyer and my wife is a schoolteacher. We are the proud parents of two daughters and a son. We met as freshmen at Northeastern University in 2001 and have been together ever since.

My darling wife Wendy-Kiah was supportive of me when I came out as a bisexual man, and I thank heaven for her. That’s why we’ve decided to expand our bedroom activities to include third parties, just to keep the spice going on in our marriage. These days you hear a lot of things about bisexual black men, and most of the time it’s a lot of negative stuff. The bisexual black male is blamed for the black community’s woes, especially when it comes to STDs, forlorn women and broken homes. Not all bisexual black men are like that. I love my wife, I am honest with her and I am faithful to her. She knew what she was getting into when she married me.

What do I mean by that? Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. I sat on the couch, stroking my cock as I watched my wife Wendy-Kiah getting fucked by our friend Donnelly “Don” Windham, a tall, handsome young man whom we met at a meet-and-greet for the Bisexual Community of New England or B.C.N.E. I admired Don’s technique as he really put it to my sweet Wendy-Kiah. On all fours, face down and ass up, he took her to kingdom come. The slim, red-haired and green-eyed white stud smacked Wendy-Kiah’s big beautiful ass as he slammed his cock into her asshole. Wendy-Kiah moaned softly as Don filled her ass with his big white cock. Fuck her real good, I told him. Don winked at me, and pulled on Wendy-Kiah’s long, neatly braided hair as he continued to fuck her roughly.

Your ebony slut wife loves white cock, Don said to me as he plunged his dick into Wendy-Kiah’s chocolate booty hole. Hell yeah, Wendy-Kiah ankara sınırsız escortlar shrieked, her body shuddering as Don rammed his cock inside of her. That’s fine by me, I said, stroking my cock as I watched them do their thing. A lot of men are turned on by the sight of their wives having sex with another man. I am such a man. In the realms of interracial porn and erotic stories, it’s usually a white guy who enjoys watching his prim and proper blonde wife getting screwed by a well-endowed black stud. Well, I’ll have you know that there are black couples into the whole cuckolding thing. Yes, there are black women who enjoy fucking other men in front of the black men they’re dating or happen to be married to. Both the hubby and the wife often find such scenarios a turn-on and everyone goes home happy. All matters are discussed before the fucking happens, condoms are used and boundaries are respected. So I have to ask you, what’s the harm?

Don continued pumping his long and thick, uncircumcised dick into Wendy-Kiah’s asshole like there was no tomorrow. After fucking her for a good half an hour, he pulled out, squeezing his dick out of her asshole. Wendy-Kiah slumped on the floor, spent. Don pulled off the condom, and ejaculated between Wendy-Kiah’s thick and sexy thighs. I took that as my cue to join the party. One of the fantasies of many cuckolded men is eating cum out of their wife’s pussy after another guy has fucked her. This is my fantasy as well. Come lick that shit, Wendy-Kiah told me. Yes dear, I said as I knelt between her shapely thighs and eagerly licked up Don’s cum from her pussy. That’s mad hot, Don said, winking at me. I smiled and continued licking it all up until every last drop was gone. Yummy, I said, licking my lips.

I want to see you suck white dick, Wendy-Kiah said, staring at me seductively. This was it, the moment of truth. I’d fantasized about doing such a thing ever since I came across a reverse interracial cuckolding blog spot on the internet. Could I actually go through with it, though? Don’t be shy, Wendy-Kiah said, grabbing Don’s dick and licking it before pointing it at me. Go for it bro, Don said encouragingly. I ankara suriyeli escortlar sighed, then nodded. I took Don’s dick into my mouth and began sucking on it hesitantly at first, then with gusto. That’s hot, Wendy-Kiah said, gently stroking my cock as I sucked on Don’s dick. The feel of Wendy-Kiah’s fingers on my dick caused me to harden. Grinning, my sexy wife began sucking my dick. Hmmm. I felt absolutely thrilled by this. Could this evening get any hotter?

I lay on the carpeted floor, my dick sticking upward. Wendy-Kiah straddled me and lowered herself onto me until my dick impaled her sweet pussy. And just like that, my gorgeous African-American wife began riding my cock. While thrusting my dick into Wendy-Kiah’s hot pussy, I continued sucking on Don’s dick. What can I say? I am a true bisexual. I love pussy but I also crave dick. At long last I was getting both at the same time. Wendy-Kiah rode me hard, urging me to fuck her harder. Fuck me like you’re paying for it Andy, she growled sexily. I fucked her hard, slamming my dick into her cunt like there was no tomorrow. Finally I came, flooding Wendy-Kiah’s pussy with my cum. Moments later Don came all over my face. Wendy-Kiah kissed me then licked Don’s cum from my face. Hot damn, this chick is freaky and nasty. A kinky slut, a devoted wife and an amazing woman all rolled into one. I am really lucky!

The fun isn’t over yet, Wendy-Kiah said, surprising both Don and myself. My sexy wife got up and Don and I admired her tall, sexy and voluptuous body as she headed to the bedroom upstairs. Moments later she came back, sporting a strap-on dildo. Who wants a ride? she asked, hands on her hips. I’m down, Don said, getting on all fours. Wendy-Kiah smiled and got behind him. After lubricating his ass she began fucking him with the strap-on dildo. Don’t just stare at us join the fun, Wendy-Kiah barked at me. I nodded, and happily fed Don my hard dick. The horny white dude began sucking on my ebony cock like it was a candy cane. White dudes are good at sucking gay and bisexual black men’s dicks, and Don was no exception.

I thrust my cock down Don’s throat, and the look on his face let me know he ankara türbanlı escortlar absolutely loved it. Wendy-Kiah totally got off from dominating Don and smacked his ass as she filled his hole with the strap-on dildo. The white dude was getting serviced at both ends and he clearly loved it. Next I had a go of it with Don’s sweet-looking ass while he ate Wendy-Kiah’s pussy. I’ve fucked a lot of guys before I married my wife and these days the only asshole my dick goes inside belongs to her. Wendy-Kiah absolutely loves anal sex, both giving and receiving. I missed male ass, though. That’s why I eagerly slid on a condom and then began fucking Don’s ass like there was no tomorrow. I gripped his narrow hips tightly as I slammed my dick up his ass. Don would have cried out for sure but his face was buried between Wendy-Kiah’s thighs and I can tell you from experience that my dominant ebony wife is quite demanding when she’s getting her pussy licked. Do NOT disappoint her.

After fucking Don’s ass for a good while, I came and pulled out. I still wasn’t sated, though. Knowing my tastes, Wendy-Kiah allowed Don and I to get our freak on. I got on all fours and Don put on another condom before inserting his dick into my asshole. I sighed with pleasure as his dick invaded my ass. Hmmm. How I missed the feel of a hard dick in my asshole. I love fucking my wife’s tight butt hole and I also enjoy riding her strap-on dildo but live dick is simply different. Not better, just different. Don pumped his white dick into my black butt, with Wendy-Kiah’s encouragements. We went at it like this for a good while before he came and pulled out. Man, we used up a lot of condoms that night I tell you!

Much later, Don left our lovely suburban duplex and went back to his college dormitory. My gorgeous and wonderfully kinky wife Wendy-Kiah and I retired to our bedroom for the evening. We had a lot of fun tonight, that’s for bloody sure. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The story of a bisexual black man who’s healthy, honest, educated and successful. I am happily married to a gorgeous, educated sister and we have a wonderful family. We’re both successful, sexy and doing good. I don’t deceive her. She knows who and what I am and she accepts me. For bisexual black men reading this, know that there are women out there who can handle honesty. I know they’re real because I am married to one. We’re happy together. Don’t believe the haters and their down low bullshit. Peace.

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