BJ Bliss Ch. 01 Sucks in the City

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Katrin Olsson was torn from her sleep abruptly by city bus hydraulics just outside her second floor apartment window every morning without fail. Although she had an early meeting with her new business partner, her recent acquisition of a joint apartment and office rental allowed her to slip out of bed at a comfortable hour and walk right downstairs to her office.

Katrin hopped out from under her comforter, donned in only her skimpy, pink lace panties, which she promptly slipped off as she headed towards her bathroom for a quick shower.

In front of her vintage dresser-top mirror, she put on her black-framed glasses and dried her shoulder-length straight golden hair before she brushed and tied it into a ponytail. She admired the spoils of her strenuous workouts: tight abs, muscular arms, and toned legs. Small, yet firm breasts made her more aerodynamic; she loved and hated this blessing bestowed upon her.

Who needs big tits? You are a god damned professional blowjob instructor, she assured herself as she put on her bra and buttoned up a white short-sleeved blouse. She carefully slid a short black skirt over her legs which were dressed in sheer tights, and stepped down the back stairs to her convenient first floor office. Her new business partner was waiting at the door and had been sending her angry texts.

“Malena!” Katrin exclaimed as she rushed to open the door. “I didn’t hear my phone. Sorry, that you’ve been waiting!” Katrin was always stunned by her friend Malena’s beauty. She was a Mexican-Lebanese sexpot with long glamorous dark brown hair and big almond-shaped eyes. Her cleavage poured out of her tight blue cocktail dress; a questionable choice for work, that is, most other lines of work.

“This neighborhood is sketchy, let me in,” Malena complained. “The youths across the street started catcalling me.” Malena quickly warmed up to a smile upon entrance and admired her tall blonde business partner.

“Here, take your key so you don’t have to wait on me anymore.”

“Thanks,” Malena replied. “It’s our first official day in business together, I am seriously fucking thrilled!” They hugged and smiled with giddy excitement.

“This is for real. No more, Katrin Olsson, Independent Consultant. We are BJ Bliss, LLC and about to take the market by storm—expert blowjob instruction using real cocks!”

“Yes,” Malena confirmed, “We are going to take the market by storm alright, one load at a time. Wait, I prefer two.”

Katrin gave Malena a quick tour around the office, which consisted of a lofty open room with street facing display windows, exposed brick walls, and a large ventilation pipe that ran across the ceiling. Two small desks and Katrin’s bike were the only appointments of the main room, while the large kitchen and lounge area in back boasted a comfortable sofa and coffee table.

After the tour Katrin took a seat behind her desk to prepare for the upcoming meeting. Malena had made herself comfortable, sitting cross-legged on top of Katrin’s desk and poking around on her phone, blatantly ignoring the small empty desk that Katrin had set up for her in the corner. Katrin rolled her eyes as she looked up to see the outline of a thong through Malena’s skimpy blue dress just a few inches from her face.

“Are we sure about the name BJ Bliss?” Malena asked. “I liked Sucks in the City.”

“Malena, I love you, I really do, but Sucks in the City is an awful, awful name,” Katrin confessed as she browsed through some business documents on her laptop. “Besides, isn’t that TV show like a thousand years old and isn’t it called Sex and the City?”

“Yeah, but Sucks and the City doesn’t make any sense,” Malena explained. “Aren’t we sucking dick in the city?

Katrin sighed in frustration at the absurd conversation they were having.

“Fine. Sucks in the City is out,” Malena conceded. “What about BJ Bitches or Not Your Mother’s BJ?”

“Come on, you’re killing me,” Katrin said with a laugh. “You know that BJ Bliss is infinitely better. Besides, I’m not going to insult my mother’s blowjob skills. It’s a long story, but she kind of taught me everything that I know.”

“I knew it!” Malena blurted. “She totally friended me out of the blue and I was like who is this sexy MILF? It’s Katrin’s mom!” Malena held out her phone with Gertrud Olsson’s profile picture.

“So where did you find this business consultant that we’re meeting with today?” Katrin inquired, diverting the conversation.

“Oh, he is my friend’s cousin,” Malena explained. “Peter Alexandrovich, CPA, Lawyer, a business consultant extraordinaire, so I hear. I’ve never actually met him before. I know, I know, he sounds expensive,” Malena continued, addressing Katrin’s worried look, “but for some odd reason he was more than eager to help a couple of ladies start up their blowjob business. The first consultation is free, so why not?”

“Well, we can’t pass that up,” Katrin agreed. She looked over her partner’s dangerous sexy dress. “Please try to keep this internet casino professional, Malena.” She immediately regretted the last statement and cringed at herself.

“What? You mean don’t fuck him as soon as he comes through the door?” Malena replied bitterly as her subtle Latina accent became very detectable. Katrin wasn’t sure what level of offense she had just triggered, but braced herself nonetheless.

“You know why I got out of pharmaceutical sales and why I’m here. I was hoping for a fresh new start with you. I am sick of peddling poison for the man.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it,” Katrin cowered.

“You should be more grateful. I know it’s been a few years since we worked together, but you will recall my complete and utter dominance in sales.” Malena’s expression turned more pleasant as she saw two young women walk by the window. “You see them? I’ll bring them in for a cock-sucking lesson right now. Where do we keep the practice dildos?”

Katrin and Malena broken the tension with laughter and were suddenly surprised by a knock at the door.

“Peter!” Malena announced as she hopped off of Katrin’s desk and rushed to let him in. She gave Peter lingering handshake as Katrin stepped out from behind her desk to greet him. Katrin was quickly taken aback by the tall handsome man who approached, obscured in shadows by the glowing daylight behind him.

“And you must be Ms. Olsson. It is nice to finally meet you,” Peter said with smile as his strong deep voice reverberated through the lofty office space. Katrin admired his shiny leather shoes, grey tailored suit, and the crisp white shirt that he wore underneath with a light blue tie.

“Nice to meet you, pe, ah, Peter,” Katrin said, her throat caught up with an unexpected and embarrassing stutter. She enjoyed a firm handshake with him, longer than necessary, and took in his appearance more closely. His thick and curly dark-brown hair was boyish and played in contrast to his masculine jawline and icy hazel eyes. She started to feel warmth between her legs.

Wow, she thought. When the hell is the last time I even had a date?

“Katrin? Katrin?” Malena repeated, to snap her out of it. “Where do we keep the coffee?”


Minutes later, Peter was reviewing the business details with Katrin at her desk when Malena returned with three hot cups of freshly brewed coffee.

“I assumed you like your coffee just as you like your women,” Malena said with a smile as she handed over the creamy caramel-colored coffee, curiously similar to her own skin tone.

“Actually, I like a bit more cream,” he added with a smile in Katrin’s direction, causing her to blush.

“Clever boy,” Malena replied, giving him the stink eye. “A little racist, but clever,” she joked. She proceeded to hop on to Katrin’s desk and slowly crossed her shiny smooth legs while Peter sipped his coffee and tried not to look. He was eye level with Malena’s bulging bust line, which nearly blocked the view of Katrin all together. “What did I miss?”

“Well, Malena,” Katrin began with irritation, “we were just going over the business registration from my independent practice and it might be a better idea to register a DBA for BJ Bliss. There’s no need to start from scratch.”

“Wonderful,” Malena replied, without any comprehension, with her eyes still fixed on Peter as she tried to read him for weakness.

“Peter,” Katrin continued, “One of the reasons we were so intrigued to meet with someone who can provide both legal and accounting counsel is that we are going to be employing male models.”

“Models? For your workshops?” he replied with curiosity as he went in for another sip of coffee.

“We are going show our students how to suck cock for real. That’s why we are the best!” Malena interjected proudly causing Peter to choke and cough.

“Wow. Okay,” Peter said, followed by a short suspenseful pause. “Well, that is definitely a tricky business proposition.”

Katrin was visibly upset that Malena broke the news so bluntly. Now that she was enamored with Peter, the thought of revealing all of their seedy business ideas seemed like a big mistake.

“I might have some ideas about how you could do this and keep it relatively legal,” Peter explained. “It will definitely be a 1099 situation, for the models, or tip-based, or maybe just under the table. I’m not going to lie and say that it isn’t risky.”

“Peter, please let me explain how we came to this idea,” Katrin began as she regained her strong business-minded resolve. “I’ve been doing blowjob workshops for a few years now, independently, and the competition is fierce. However, there is no precedent for what we are planning to offer. We want our clients to get real hands-on and mouths-on experience, and to walk away as experts. Do you really think we can make it work?”

“I think I can help. I can do some research and give you some options. The first step would be a detailed consent form that your clients can canlı poker oyna sign.”

“Speaking of options, Peter, why don’t you have a look at our menu?” Malena insisted as she pulled up a document on her phone and passed it over to him with an excited look on her face. Katrin had moved on from annoyance at Malena’s brash tactics to intrigue over how Peter would react to the details.

“Very interesting,” Peter commented as he looked over the menu with his best poker face. He read the menu items out loud, “BJ Basics, from ball-sucking to blast-off. Divine Deepthroat, learn the ancient techniques of sword swallowing. Team Blowjobs—double, triple, and quadruple?”

“That’s right, the quadruple blowjob,” Malena boasted. “Four girls, one cock. It takes a lot of coordination and we know how to do it right. It’s great for parties.”

Peter moved more upright as he tried to avoid an all out erection from poking up from his suit pants.”You offer both basic and advanced cum-play?” he asked next with an embarrassed smile.

“Yes, this is really what sets us apart,” Katrin explained as she got up from behind her desk, hopped up next to Malena and crossed her legs. “Most of my competitors outright ignore the ejaculation and post-ejaculation aspects of blowjobs, completely neglecting that fact that men have a visual erotic memory. It’s arguably more important than the physical sensations. We just want to be as thorough as possible in our workshops and provide some exciting options.”

“I see,” Peter said, now more intimidated by the two ladies who sat above him.

“What Katrin is saying is that we are cum lovers,” Malena added and put her arm around Katrin, causing her to blush and smile nervously. “Playing with cum is half the fun of a good bj!” Malena continued mercilessly. “Look all of our options. You can choose your own adventure. Swallowing, cum-swapping, facials—and those are just the basics.”

Katrin could feel the wetness between her legs as Malena teased Peter with a menu that they had assembled so professionally only a week ago. Peter adjusted himself in his chair, trying to maintain his composure and contain his erection while Malena looked on with satisfaction.

Katrin suddenly decided to take control of the situation and break the tension with a bold suggestion.

“Would you like a demonstration?” she asked in an utmost professional manner. She was officially soaked and throbbing as she waiting in anticipation to see if they would be allowed to show off their skills.

Before he could respond, Malena piled on, “Yes! You can’t represent us without confidence in the service. Let us show you what it’s all about.”

“Do you have a girlfriend, Peter?” Katrin asked, having noticed the lack of a ring the second that she met him.

“Not at the moment,” he replied with a nervous smile.

“It’s settled! I’ll be the student and Katrin will be the instructor,” Malena offered kindly with a wink at Katrin. They hopped off of the desk and stood before Peter, who was helpless to resist their offer. Katrin grabbed Peter by the arm and began escorting him back towards the office kitchen, safely away from the display windows. She gave him an encouraging smile and admired the feeling of his well-toned bicep in her hand.

Before Peter knew it, he was up against a wall in the kitchen and the ladies of BJ Bliss were on their knees in front of him stretching their fingers.

“Now, Malena,” Katrin proceeded, in full-instructor mode, “notice how we have him standing and we are on our knees?”

“Yes?” Malena responded in a playfully naïve tone.

“This is mainly because guys like to be in the dominant position. We can get pretty good blood flow to his cock this way too. Lying down or sitting is okay, but not the best for visuals. I never recommend tying up a guy for a blowjob though, it restricts blood flow.”

“Interesting,” Malena commented.

“Don’t get me wrong, you can blow a guy upside down and he’ll probably enjoy it, but what I’m trying to do is maximize the pleasure and make this blowjob as memorable as possible.” Katrin explained as she turned to look up at Peter’s bulging pants. “You might find that some guys have their preference, but when in doubt, I’d default to the classic standing and kneeling combo, for him and you respectively. It is really the best option for maneuvering as well.”

“Boooring. Can we suck it now?” Malena asked in her best impatient teenager voice.

“Yes, go ahead remove his pants.”

Peter watched in anticipation as Malena slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down to his knees and slowly rubbed her hands up the sides of his thighs. His hard cock was stretched against the black fabric of his boxer briefs and aching to get out. Katrin joined in, eager to get her hands on him as well. They reached back to grab his firm ass cheeks together and looked at each other with a giggle.

“When it comes to exposing him, you can consider pulling poker oyna his cock and balls out through his boxer opening, which keeps him surrounded by supportive pressure. You can lift up the leg of his boxers and pull him out that way, or you can just drop them to his feet and let him dangle.”

“Dangle!” Malena selected with glee as she yanked down on his boxer briefs and caused his erect cock to bob up and down in front of their faces. Peter looked down in disbelief as the blonde business woman with glasses and the sassy busty Latina, whom he has just met, ogled his eight-inch erect cock in admiration with excited eyes.

“Such much for the dangle!” Katrin laughed, “I see we have a head start.”

They both reached for his balls and cock and their cold fingertips startled him at first. They each took a ball into their fingers and gently massaged it as they explored the length of his cock from base to tip with their fingers.

“Ok, Malena,” Katrin continued, “I would like you to take note of how hard and swollen his cock is and how tight his balls are. The blowjob hasn’t even started!”

“For reals, WTF?”

“This is the miracle of the mind, Malena. Ever since we went over our filthy little menu and told him about our cum-loving ways, his wheels were spinning. You see, guys like lots of foreplay too, but they don’t always know when we’re doing it.”

“Oooohh, wow,” Malena replied with an illuminated nod. “Can I suck this thing now?”

“Well,” Katrin laughed, “before you have at it, let me show you something.”

“What? What? What?”

“If you really want to get started right, you don’t want to just attack his cock like it is a weird foreign object. You should stroke it and feel it against your face. It is a very intimate and erotic gesture,” Katrin explained as she held Peter from the base of his cock and positioned his shaft against Malena’s cheek.

“Whoa,” Malena replied in surprise as Katrin slowly stroked Peter’s cock across her cheek. Katrin felt Peter stiffen in her hand as she slowly slid his shaft across Malena’s cheeks and nose.

“Peter, does it feel good to have your big hard cock pressing softly against her face?” Katrin asked as she watched his reactions.

“Yes it does,” he confirmed.

“Good,” Katrin replied with satisfaction. She repositioned his cock over her own face and slowly rubbed his throbbing head back and forth over the tip of her nose. Peter looked down at Katrin and saw her widened blue eyes staring back at him through her glasses as she slowly pressed his hard cock against her forehead and tickled his tight scrotum with her nose.

“See, Malena. He is getting rock hard. We haven’t even started sucking yet. Did you get wet when I rubbed his cock on your face?”

“Oh yes, I did. I am soaking wet,” Malena replied as she looked up at Peter with a smile. “Yo, teach,” she redirected to Katrin, “Can I suck this thing now?”

“Patience,” Katrin replied with a laugh. “As the instructor, I’m going to have the first taste.”

“Of course,” Malena replied with an irritated eye roll.

Katrin continued to hold Peter’s cock firmly at the base as she ran her soft wet tongue up and down his shaft. She flicked her tongue under the head of his cock and he responded with a noise of pleasure.

“The frenulum is a nice sensitive spot,” Katrin explained. “The area right under his head. Go easy though, or you’ll make him cum too early.” Katrin puckered her red lips and eased his throbbing head into her mouth. She buried his shaft deep into her throat until he felt her bottom lip against his sack. After a few seconds rest, Katrin pulled back with a smile and took a deep breath.

“Would you like a turn?”

“Um, yeah!” Malena shot back impatiently causing Katrin to laugh. Katrin passed his cock over to Malena, who eagerly gripped it and looked up at him with a devilish grin.

Malena slowly eased him past her pouty lips as he moaned with approval. Katrin smiled at him and maintained eye contact to watch his reactions. She felt confident and in charge in her position as an instructor and was glad that she proposed the demonstration. Peter returned eye contact with Katrin, completely fascinated and confounded by her and the unexpected situation that she put him in. Her calming gaze put him at ease.

Malena kept going deeper until she felt the gag reflex and then pulled back, leaving him shiny and wet. She increased frequency and depth as she deepthroated him nearly all the way to his balls and kept coming back for more.

“Good work,” Katrin encouraged, her eyes still locked with Peter. “I always encourage more base stimulation at the beginning of a blowjob and deepthroat is a great way to work the base. Remember, that is where the blood is coming from. You want to work the base and the balls in addition to some shaft and head licking.”

Malena adhered to instruction and took Peter’s balls into her mouth, gently sucking and slurping. She slid her tongue all the way up his shaft and ended by licking a drip of pre-cum off of the tip of his cock and tasting it with a smile.

“Very nice,” Katrin complimented. “Guys love it when you taste that bead of cum that forms at the tip of their cock. Peter, are you doing okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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