Birthday Slave Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: One Year Earlier

Jason awoke suddenly, very startled. Instead of the plain white ceiling high above his head he was greeted by his wife’s slick pussy just inches from his face. “Guess what today is you little bitch?!” Andrea barked down at his face straddled between her thighs. He thought for a second, and quickly remembered. “Happy birthday hun…” she pressed a single wet finger to his lips to cut him off. “You know what I want, now get to it”. He did know, it was Andrea’s birthday and he could not refuse her. She pressed herself to his lips and he compliantly began licking between her folds.

Every year on the anniversary of their births, the rules were simple: when you are commanded to go down, you go down, no is not an option. The not-so-secret part was they both spent a whole year looking forward to their day of slavery just as much as 24 hours of unquestioned pleasure.

Jason watched Andrea’s breasts sway above him to the rhythm of her cunt grinding against his face. He tried to reach up and fondle any part of her body that he could reach but she quickly pinned his wrists to the bed. Jason could overpower her if he so desired, but it was her day, and his hands would stay where she wanted them. Andrea opened her eyes as wide as her groaning mouth and smiled just a little at the sight of her man pinned beneath her before shutting them tight and gritting her teeth as her orgasm steadily approached. Jason matched the waves of his tongue within her slit with the back and fourth motion she made up and down his face.

He felt her grip on his arms tighten…her steady humping came to an end with her clit pointed directly in Jason’s direction. He locked his lips around the source of her womanly pleasure and sucked it into his mouth. Even with Andrea’s legs nearly crushing his head, her screams were clearly audible. He savored the warm juices that dripped down his cheeks and into his mouth.

After what seemed like a beautiful eternity Andrea’s body calmed, she released Jason’s hands and climbed off his face to lie next to him. “Little bitch?” Jason asked with a raise of his eyebrow. She giggled loudly before answering, “sorry, I guess dikmen escort I got a little carried away”.

There was no need to apologize, they laughed together and cuddled for a bit before Jason excused himself to shower before work. His wife, of course, wouldn’t let even this mundane daily task go uninterrupted on her special day. The shower curtain slowly slid to the side and Andrea stepped in to join him. They kissed deeply and she whispered in his ear to get on his knees. He kneeled…she spread her legs and wrapped her hands around the shower head above her, he happily ate Andrea to her second orgasm of the morning as the warm water sexily cascaded down her body.


They met with Andrea’s parents at the restaurant after what had to be the most frustrating day Jason had ever had at his office. He spent nearly the entire day hiding his painfully engorged cock under his desk. Andrea, of course, couldn’t help but periodically remind him that he still had a job to do with expertly taken cell phone pictures from under her own desk; and her short, revealing skirt.


Dinner almost came and went without incident. Quiet conversation about family and friends kept the mood relaxed while Jason’s mind raced at the thought of when and where his services would be called upon next. When the evening came to a close and Andrea’s dad insisted on picking up the check, they all began to gather their things and Jason’s heart beat a little harder knowing he would soon be back home and happily worshiping of the woman he loved.

Andrea said her goodbyes still standing at the table. “Jason sweaty, will you hold my purse while I use the ladies room?” Jason exchanged his own goodbyes with her parents and took the purse without much question. He followed her towards the bathroom…she turned as she approached the door and shot him an absolutely devilish smile…she took his hand and led him to follow her into the very public restroom. Andrea had this moment planned all day, she touched herself under her desk ever so briefly at the thought of it whenever she could sneak her elvankent escort had to her clit just for a moment.

Jason locked the deadbolt as soon as the door shut. They surveyed the territory, no feet under the stalls, they were alone, but for how long? The sink had plenty of empty counter space, Andrea popped up onto the marble surface and hiked her skirt to her waist. No panties, she hadn’t been wearing panties all day.

She laid with her back against the mirror and her feet propped on the counter, legs spread as wide as she could. Jason hooked his arms around Andrea’s thighs and paused, mesmerized, just for a moment at the sight of his wife in front of him. Her body quivered just slightly with the anticipation of a day spent yearning for this. Her pussy, the idol he’d sworn to worship, dripped a thin trail down her ass and already began to form a small puddle on the counter. Her chest rose and fell rhythmically, her head resting on the mirror, eyes closed, enjoying the moment.

No time to waste, Jason dove in with one long lick of her snatch and drove his tongue as far as it would reach. Andrea moaned deeply as he probed, and almost blew their cover with a blood curling scream when Jason slowly dragged his tongue to her clit and began frantically flicking and sucking the epicenter of the earthquake growing in her pelvis.

Andrea clamped her hands over her mouth in an almost futile attempt to catch her screams from escaping. Jason was an expert in overloading her senses but she had to keep herself under control, lest their fun be spoiled by any number of restaurant patrons just outside the door. She saw stars through her tightly shut eyelids and tried not to let her mind become overwhelmed with the pleasure radiating from between her legs, but lost all control with one glance downward.

Jason looked so dominant, even in this moment of total submission. His arms hooked under her legs and held her tightly by the waist. He looked up with his lips clamped tightly around her pussy and they locked eyes. Her whole body immediately spasmed, almost violently when she came, Jason had to hold her steady to keep her from falling over. She emek escort did her best to trap her cries of ecstasy in her hands, but a scream escaped…and then another…and then another.

How loud had she just called out? Neither of them were sure. Jason released her from his grip when she seemed stable enough to sit up on her own. He caught the sight of himself in the mirror behind her, his face as slick as the counter top his wife was sitting on. She pulled his sticky face to hers and kissed him deeply. “Good job, slave boy” she whispered to him. They laughed and kissed one more time before remembering that there was a very real chance they may have disturbed the entire restaurant towards the end of their adventure.

They quickly dressed and cleaned up the best they could with their limited time, Andrea couldn’t help but feel just a little bad about the soaking wet counter top as they walked out the door. There was a line of maybe five or six people waiting for them to finish. She couldn’t be sure, she just glanced to the side as they quickly exited the building, faces flushed red and trying not to laugh. They could barely speak through their laughter the whole ride home. Either out of nerves or some private humor nobody would understand but them, it was their only reaction they could muster.

The events of the their evening, in fact the whole day, played through Jason’s head as they walked in the door to their home and prepared for bed. It was getting late and he had work in the morning. Sleep called his name louder then the bulge in his pants that would need to go unattended…for now. He cleaned himself up and exited the bathroom to find Andrea once again naked and spread eagle on their bed, clearly intent on not letting her husband turn in quite yet.

He looked at the clock on the nightstand…11:45…he was still at her mercy. He took a step towards her…she raised a hand to stop him in his tracks. “Strip, then you may please me” Andrea commanded. He did as he was told and slowly removed his shirt and pants. He pulled his throbbing cock out through the opening in his boxers and made a show of running his hand up and down the shaft as he approached the bed. Jason crawled to his wife’s pussy one last time and watched her mouth open wide as he began to lick. Her pussy tasted sweet…her mouth looked accommodating…he found his second wind as he licked Andrea into a frenzy with just 15 minutes to go until he was free to take her as he wished.

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