Biology Project Gone Sexual

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NOTE: I am not American. I am Filipino. So English is not my second language and believe me, it is difficult to be erotic on your second language. Please be more considerate and I hope you still enjoy this story. Thank you.


Katrina wanted her sister’s boyfriend more than anything. More than fifty per cent discounts, more than early Modern Family, more than potato chips. She wanted his cock like her life depended on it.

“Is your sister here?” Joven asked her one night, he was at the door, looking at her with a smile. Joven was really cute. He was wearing eyeglasses that didn’t hide how beautiful his eyes were. He was tall and lean and he always smelled like vanilla. He looks like that handsome nerd that you would want to unleash the inner beast you know that is inside.

Katrina smiled at Joven. “Sorry, bro. She’s not here. She went to out for ice cream,” she said. “But she would return soon. Want to come in?”

Joven’s face brightened. His smile went wider and how Katrina wanted to wipe that smile off his face. She wanted to see him look at her with desire, not amusement or anything.

“Sure, sis,” he said.

He went inside the house.

“Sit on the sofa. I’m going to get you something to drink,” Katrina said. She went to the kitchen, her heart pounding on her chest. She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself. They were alone in the house. Her parents were in another country, working. A lot of Filipino parents do that. They were alone. She could do everything she wanted to him.

“Shit,” Katrina said to herself as her nipples began to harden with the thought. “Shit.”

She breathed deeply before going back to the living room, holding a pitcher with iced tea and a glass. Joven was sitting on the sofa, watching TV that was turned on even before he arrived. He was sitting with his legs apart Katrina fought the urge to look at the bulge that was on his pants. Her hands trembled as she placed the picture and the glass on the table.

She poured Joven a glass of iced tea and gave it to him. “Here you go.”

He drank it and Katrina watched.

“Can you help me with my Biology project?” she blurted out. Wishing he would say yes.

He looked at her with that knowing, nerdy smile of his. “Of course, sis,” he said. “What is it about?”

Katrina really had a Biology project. (She was nineteen, a second year college student in the Philippines.) But it was so far from what she was going to ask help for.

“It’s about the five senses and the male anatomy.”

Now Joven seemed confused. “What?”

“Five senses and the male anatomy,” Katrina said. Then knelt on the floor. She positioned herself between his legs, looking up at him with innocent, expecting eyes. She started running her hands on his thighs. “First is sense of sight. Can I see your cock?”


KATRINA could remember the first time she saw Joven’s cock. She was eighteen then.

He was at their house. He slept there and probably fucked her sister, Honesty. Her sister went out to buy groceries and they were alone in the house. She was just typing her narrative report for school when she saw Joven, walking towards the bathroom. He was just wearing a black sleeveless shirt and blue boxers, a towel was hanging on his shoulders. He went inside the bathroom.

Oh crap, he would take a shower… He would take a shower and she can take a peek inside… she can… she can fucking watch.

Hot waved of desire flowed on her body. Her pussy became wet and needy.

Should I watch? He’s my sister’s boyfriend…

She swallowed a lump on her throat. Imagining Joven and her under the shower, while she was cupping his hardon. She told herself, Fuck it. She was gonna watch.

Katrina went to the door. There was a hole near the door knob. Big enough to see what’s inside but small enough to notice if someone was watching from outside. You see, in the Philippines, doors and bathrooms weren’t as fancy as there in America.

Katrina was now on her knees, looking through the hole.

Joven took his sleeveless shirt off. There were fine hairs on his broad shoulder down to his flat stomach. bahçelievler escort bayan Under his navel, the hair seemed to get thicker and it looked like a pathway leading to mind-shattering pleasure… leading to his cock.

Katrina’s throat felt dry now. Like a road in a summer afternoon.

Joven then removed his boxers and for Katrina it seemed to happen in slow motion. She finally his soft cock. There was a patch of dark hair surrounding it. Joven opened the shower and groaned as the water flowed on his body. Katrina felt envious to those droplets of water, flowing on his face, down to his body and down to his cock.

Joven started using the soap, lathering it on his body and his cock began to rise, began to harden. After a few seconds, it was fully erect, seemed to be inviting her to touch it, taste it. Joven held his cock with his soapy hand and began to stroke it slowly.

He’s going to… oh my he’s going to…

His huge hand began moving up and down his throbbing cock. He was stroking himself slowly, sometimes shuddering, sometimes licking his lips.

Katrina could feel her nipples began to harden. Her desire for her sister’s boyfriend is burning her alive.

He tilted her head up, his strokes became faster and faster. He was saying something she could faintly hear. He was saying: “Put it inside your mouth… Suck my cock… There you go…”

And then Joven was starting to grunt, and his face made this sexy expression… there was a crease on his forehead, his lips were slightly apart, pleasure was written all over his face. His hand was a blur now to her eyes as he stroked faster.

“I’m going to cum. Swallow my cum… eat my cum… unggg…”

Joven leaned his back on the tiled wall, spread his legs and groaned as he came. Thick, mily strands of cum began to flew from his hard cock. “There you go, baby,” Joven said breathlessly. Everytime he would squirt his cum he would moan. “Swallow it all for me.”

There were still traces of his cum on his hand and Katrina wanted to lick it off so bad. She was so wet now and she was feverish with desire. She watched him groan softly, licking his lips, he barely escaped the delight of him pleasuring himself.

Katrina then went on her room. And she did what she had to do. She inserted a trembling finger on her needy pussy. And thought of her sister’s boyfriend. Thought of how nice his cock was.


BUT NOW, Katrina has the chance to see his cock, right? Of course he knew the Biology project excuse is bullshit, but it doesn’t matter. She would see his cock up close, she would feel it on her face. She was back to present now, on her knees, between his legs.

“Sense of sight… Can I see your cock?”

Joven swallowed. He was looking at her with disbelief. He shook his head slowly. “No. Don’t do this, Katrina.”

But Katrina did. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down. His hips raised, making it easy for her to pull it down. She guessed a part of him wanted this to continue.

He was wearing briefs today. Dark blue briefs and she was now staring at his bulge. She ran her hand over the bulge and she saw him close his eyes.

“Katrina, no…” he said powerlessly.

Katrina didn’t say anything and pulled his briefs down to the floor. His cock was now hard and she was looking to it up close. She knew that her hot breath was now reaching the tip of his cock, making it twitch. She leaned to have a closer look, which made him groan. She can smell him. He smelled like vanilla, as usual. But there was an underlying smell. A smell of a heated male.

Katrina’s pussy was wet now.

“Sense of touch now… can I touch your cock? Will you let your girlfriend’s sister touch your cock?”

Joven shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Katrina then wrapped her warm hand on his cock and started feeling it, started stroking it. Joven had spread his legs more and he threw his head back, licking his lips. “Katrina, this is wrong…”

As if that would stop her. She started stroking him up and down, making him moan. Her face was just a few inches away from balgat escort his dick, making him feel his hot breath, hot with desire. Burning. That was the word-burning.

Katrina caressed his balls with her other hand as she jacked him off. His eyes were now filled with desire. And it was looking directly at her.

“Sense of smell now… can I smell it, Joven? Let me smell your cock?”

“Please, don’t… what will your sister say-ohhh…”

Katrina buried her face on his hard cock. The smell of vanilla and a heated male went stronger. She felt how how the cock was against her skin. She held on his legs and kept on pressing her soft face against her throbbing hard on.

“You’re making me crazy,” Joven said.

And perhaps she was crazy, too. She then looked up at him and said, “Sense of taste,”

she said. “Can I taste your cock?”

Joven just looked at her with sleepy looking eyes. His eyeglasses were slightly askew. He shook his head as he licked his lips. “No,” he said. With no power. With no conviction.

His cock was saying “yes.”

“If that’s what you want,” Katrina said teasingly. And winked.

Joven was stunned. He swallowed again. And looked at her. And suddenly he gave up.

“Oh c’mon, you know I want it, too,” he said.

“Tell me what I should do,” Katrina said.

Joven looked at her and said, “Suck my cock, slut.”

Katrina smiled. She took the glass of iced tea that was now on the coffee table, drank it, made sure that her mouth was slightly cold. She winked at him before licking his dick from the base of it to the tip, while her eyes were pinned on him. Joven sighed. He bit his lip and held his head. “Suck it now,” he ordered her.

And Katrina did. She began suckling on the head of his cock like it was a nipple that was going to give milk. She cupped his balls as she sucked. He had spread his legs more, giving her more access to her delicious treat. Her head bobbed up and down his shaft and his groans were now louder.

Joven could not control his self anymore. He said, “Suck my cock, Katrina. Suck it good… Ohhh… there, baby. Suck it. You know you want it…”

Katrina wanted it. Like. Hell. She caressed his legs as she sucked him. Her mouth was soft and wet and slightly cold, in direct contrast to his cock. He was almost pulling her hair, thrusting his dick inside her mouth. Fucking her mouth like it was pussy.

“Your mouth feels good. You are better than your sister. You are a fucking whore, taking advantage of me being a guy. I’m going to fuck your mouth hard.”

Those words just spurred her on. The bobbing of her head went faster that she kept on taking his cock. She knew he was about to cum so she stopped him. She stopped sucking his dick and she looked up at him with a smile.

“You tease. You fucking tease. Make me cum in your mouth now,” Joven said, looking at her lips.

“I will…” Katrina said. “But you have to fuck me first, Joven.”

Joven was stunned. Then laughed softly before saying, “You bet I will.”


JOVEN never expected this to happen. If you had told him yesterday that his girlfriend’s sister were about to seduce him, he would laugh and say you were losing your mind. But now here she was, sucking his cock. Her mouth was soft and silky and how he wanted to bust his nut inside that needy mouth.

But Joven also wondered how her pussy would feel like. So he was glad she wanted him to fuck her.

“I want to be on top,” said Katrina to her ear then bit it gently his cock twitched.

She undressed in front of him. Removed her top exposing his purple bra which was immediately removed as well. Her breast weren’t as big as her sister’s, but it would do. She pulled her pajamas and she was wearing purple panties that was already wet. She removed that as well, exposing her shaved pussy.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

He was still sitting on the sofa when she positioned herself on top of him. He was watching as she rubbed the tip of his cock to her pussy. He was tempted to grab her by the waist and pound her until he cums but he held back. batıkent escort bayan

“I’ve been dreaming this for a long time,” Katrina said with a smile. And soon his cock had slid inside her pussy and he couldn’t help but groan. Her pussy was tight, wet and warm, his balls almost exploded. She moved on top of him slowly, held his hand ang placed it on her breasts.

He started squeezing her breasts and she called his name. Her movements above him went a little bit faster. His cock was now enveloped by the warmth of her pussy.

“Ohh… Your cock feels so good, Joven. It feels so good.”

“Call me bro,” Joven said. “Like you always do.”

“Your cock feels so fucking good, bro,” she said. Rocking back and forth on his cock. “It makes me feel fucking good.”

“Ohh… your pussy is tight, too. Better than your sister.”

“If you marry my sister, bring me to your honeymoon. Fuck us together, bro. Fuck me and then fuck her…” She was moving crazy now. As if her words just made her hornier. It made Joven feel hornier, too. “Impregnate us both. Cum on our faces. Make us share on your delicious cream… Fuck us both, bro.”

He held her hips and began raising his hips to thrust inside her. “I’m going to fuck you both,” he said breathlessly. “I’m going to make her watch as I fuck you!”

“Oh, Joven… fuck me… fuck your girlfriend’s sister… fuck me… ohhhhh…”

Katrina buried her face on Joven’s shoulder as she trembled above him, her pussy squeezed his cock so tight. After a few seconds, she couldn’t do anything but whimper. She looked at him right in the eyes and say, “I want you to cum on my face.”

That made Joven smile. A smile so devious and so in-lust it was sexy. She went down on her knees and he stood, her face was on level of his dick. Her pretty, innocent face… near his cock. What a site to see.

Joven started stroking his cock, he was standing with his legs apart. He focused on how beautiful his girlfriend’s sister was, kneeling naked with eyes expecting him to cum, her mouth slightly open, probably anticipating to taste what he has to offer.

“You’re so pretty,” Joven said with a smirk.

“Jerk that cock for my pretty face, bro,” she said, rubbing his thighs. “Jerk that cock for me.”

“I will… ” he said, followed by a grunt. “ungggg…”

It was then that the door of the house opened. And Honesty, Joven’s girlfriend, entered the house. She was stunned. She was just a few meters away from them and she could not say anything. She kept on blinking, perhaps wishing this was just a hallucination but it was not. It was real and in fact, it felt damn good to stop.

“Sorry, baby,” Joven said breathlessly as he looked at his girlfriend, his hands still stroking his dick. “She seduced me and I can’t help it. Please share my cum with her just once…”

Honesty didn’t say a word. For almost five seconds. But to Joven’s surprise, she nodded. Slowly.

Joven looked at Katrina again and started stroking his cock faster. Every stroke was pleasurable, especially that he knew his load would be all over his girlfriend’s sister’s face.

“I’m going to cum on your face…” he said as a warning. “I’m cumming on your sister’s face, babe…”

Joven grunted. Pleasure took over his body as his cum erupted from his cock. Milky strands of cum came flying off his dick and splattered on her beautiful face. Katrina flinched, but she was a trooper. She opened her mouth and he shot another load to her mouth. She moaned, as if she was thirsty for his cum.

“Fuuuuuck,” Joven said. And kept on draining his balls on her face.

When Joven was done, he was breathless. He sat on the sofa because his knees were now weak of pleasure. He looked at Katrina, face covered with his cum. He watched as she scooped the cum off her face and ate it. He sighed.

Joven was suddenly alarmed when he saw his girlfriend approaching them. Now that his lust was now painted all over Katrina’s face, he began to feel guilty. Which didn’t las long because Honesty knelt beside Katrina and started cleaning his cock by licking the remaining cum on his inner thighs. Katrina saw this and started licking the remaining cum off his balls.

Joven sat there, couldn’t believe what was happening. He smiled. That gentle, nerdy smile of his. He put his left hand on Katrina’s head and his right to Honesty’s. And as they guide them to clean his cock, he realized he was suck a lucky guy.


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