Biker Babe Ch. 01

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These are the fictional adventures of me, Peter and my cyber wife Robyn. We are both from the UK and Robyn is a 34 year old gorgeous curvy highlighted blonde with big green eyes and a natural 38D, 25, 35 figure. I am 47, slim and fit with brown hair and green eyes.

I have been writing stories foe her and I for some time now whereby we use them to explore our fantasies and often test and push the boundaries.

I hope you enjoy reading this adventure written about a road trip across America and what we get up to during the journey.

Please do leave comments, both positive and negative are all welcome.


The familiar screech of the brakes being implemented as the British Airways 747 wheels touched the runway in the heat of the day at Dulles International Airport, Washington caused the aircraft to slow quite dramatically and all the passengers obeyed the warning notices to not leave their seats nor release their seat belts until the aircraft had come to a complete halt at the Terminal Building. Following a short taxi the movement stopped and the engine whirred to slow and then went off. There was almost a sudden panic as all the passengers seemed to unclick their seat belts at once and rise from their seats trying desperately to recover their baggage from the overhead lockers and exit the aircraft. I sat still and looked at Robyn and smiled. It had been a long flight and we were both feeling jetlagged having set off from Belfast at around 10 in the morning and now arrived into Washington State at 2pm although it had felt and had indeed been a lot longer in the air than the 4 hours of time that had apparently passed in real time. We were also dressed for winter.

The temperature was around 11 degrees and wet in Belfast which was typical Irish weather for that time of year but the outside temperature was a lot better across the Atlantic and the sun was shining brightly as we disembarked the aircraft as we felt the warmth of the day in Washington. I was dressed in jeans, boots, a T shirt and jacket with Robyn dressed similarly but looking a lot more attractive in her skin tight jeans than I ever would in mine. I watched them hug her perfect rear as she gently wiggled her bum as she walked towards the baggage recovery. In my view Robyn could be wearing a rubbish bag and she would look sexy so in her cowboy boots, tight jeans and equally tight T shirt that appeared to accentuated her breasts she looked perfect. Her hair was loose and it flicked as she walked slightly ahead of me. I was admiring the view of her rear and just starting to daydream as we approached the baggage recovery area.

Thankfully we only had two small backpacks to collect; we couldn’t carry too much for what we were planning for the week in the US. Once we had gone through the security checks and customs we were outside the terminal building and I hailed a yellow taxi asking the driver to take us to our nearby hotel. Our plan was to stay over at the hotel for one night then start our journey by motorbike from Washington to California, stopping on the way but what I had estimated as being around 3,000 miles which we thought would take around 8 days. Now we were finally in America the excitement we were feeling was intense and we really couldn’t wait to get started on our journey.

After eating that night at a nearby bar we returned to the hotel for an early night. As usual, once Robyn had finished in the bathroom she climbed into bed dressed just in a short crop top and panties. Exhaustion had almost take over following the long flight but seeing the way she looked and feeling the warmth from her perfect curvy body as she cuddled me in tightly kissing me softly I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off her for long as her tongue penetrated my mouth in a deep kiss and I felt her big soft fleshy breasts squashing into me. I gently pushed her onto her back on the bed and within minutes I had worked my tongue from the warm skin of her soft neck and shoulders all the way down her beautiful body sliding my wet tongue into the deep valley between her full breasts before reaching her hot pussy, where I stayed, to taste the nectar.

I always love to eat Robyn’s sweet pussy and taste her juices and after so much practice at one of my favourite hobbies I had become something of an expert at it. It wasn’t long therefore before her body was writhing on the bed and she was moaning loudly as the intense feelings of an orgasm took hold of her body with her juices flooding my mouth and fingers as she came for me. After I had allowed her a short recovery period during which time she had practically tried to force me to stop licking and touching her, I worked my way back up her wonderful body and pulled her onto the top of me as she slid down my 7″ cut thick cock shaft and we fucked hard as she sat astride me and I licked, kissed and played with her big soft breasts and swollen nipples. Sleep followed, wrapped in each others arms with her wonderful breasts squashed against my ankara sınırsız escortlar chest.

I awoke with a start as the phone rang for the early morning call we had requested. It was 6.30am and we were due to collect the bike at 8.

Leaving the hotel I was wearing cowboy boots, tight leather jeans, a black T shirt and leather jacket. Robyn looked stunning in a low cut black leather vest top which buttoned up the front under a leather jacket and short leather skirt with long black leather heeled boots up to just below her knees. The taxi was a short ride to the bike outlet and we were pleased to take the holiday ownership of a gleaming red and black Harley Davidson that sat proudly on its side stand waiting for us to arrive. Having signed the paperwork and loaded our bags into the panniers I helped Robyn onto the upper rear seat and then I mounted the machine sitting astride the monster bike. Pulling it up off the stand I flicked the switch and lights on the dashed flickered brightly.

With a mixture of trepidation and excitement I pressed the starter button and the machine burst immediately into life with a low rumble of the engine sending gentle vibrations up through our bodies. Smiling back at Robyn I clicked my heel engaging the gear and slowly rode the bike out of the garage area, feeling her arms wrapped tightly around my waist with the wind blowing in our hair as I accelerated. Clicking up through the gears as our speed increased the vibrations grew more intense with the motion of the bike. As we left the city area of Virginia we hit the open road on Route 168 and the vast expanse of the country opened up before us with the straight road ahead. I glanced back to wink at Robyn and flicked down my sunglasses as I opened up the bike and watched the speedometer needle start to rise as we increased speed heading on our route East.

Robyn leaned back against the back box and opened her jacket allowing it to flap in the wind with her golden hair blowing back in the warm breeze. Holding the accelerator in place with one hand I reached down with my left hand placing it on her bare thigh feeling the heat and smoothness of her skin as we sped off into the distance. I could tell by her face that she were enjoying both the experience of the ride and the vibrations from the powerful engine as she leaned back, her Rayban’s protecting her eyes from the sun and dust of the road. I glance in the mirror and caught her hand slipping down between her wide open legs and gently touching her black thong against her moist pussy lips as she smiled with her eyes shut. I grinned as I tried to concentrate on the road.

It was just after midday and we decided to pull into the next service station for a break and a beer. The sun was hot as we approached a petrol station that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere and I noticed a small pick up parked near to the front of the shop. I pulled the bike up and switched it off and I got off before helping Robyn to dismount taking the advantage of being able to look at her curves as I helped her off the bike. The area was dusty and I suggested we went and got a beer and then cleaned up before heading on towards our next destination at Jackson where we would stop for the night. Smiling Robyn agreed and we entered the small shop and café area.

Two men were sitting at the bar area drinking coffee and another man was smoking and reading a paper at another table. None of them looked up when we came in but as the wooden entrance door clattered behind us a young looking girl appeared from behind the counter. She was thin with long brown hair tied back and a dress buttoned up the front with the top few buttons undone revealing a small cleavage. I smiled and asked for 2 ice cold beers as you sat at a table. Removing our jackets, the men at the bar did look around then to take in Robyn’s full leather vest top and its contents which appeared to be spilling out. I always loved to see how she could have such an effect on other men, and sometimes women too and I knew that she loved to show off.

Smiling I looked across at her knowingly realising from the twinkle in her emerald eyes that she was well aware that they were eyeing her up and wanting her. But I smiled to myself knowing that she was all mine! The girl brought the beers over and I noticed as she approached our table that her dress was short revealing long thin but shapely legs. She smiled at me as she placed them down and then looking at Robyn’s face, then her cleavage, then her face again; she asked if we wanted anything else? I asked what food they had and turning around and in a loud voice she suggested that they had melons at the back. This comment was met by giggles from the other customers and a look of bemusement on Robyn’s face. She was well used to lewd and often embarrassing comments from those less well structured than her and just smiled sweetly at me with a twinkle in her gorgeous green eyes. ‘Well, at least she looks and feels like a woman!’ ankara suriyeli escortlar I retorted as the waitress sauntered back behind the counter. Robyn grinned at me as we drank our beers in silence.

After I had put the fuel into the bike and paid the attendant I waited as Robyn went to the bathroom. I could hear giggles coming from the bathroom area and moved to a window which was open above my head and listened as I heard the waitress and Robyn talking in the bathroom. She was saying that she was jealous of Robyn as her breasts weren’t very big and she wishes she had some like hers. As I stood listening to my amazement she asked if she could feel them and I heard Robyn agree, with a giggle. There was the sound of buttons popping and I started to feel excited. I pulled a nearby box over and placing it against the wall I stood to peak in the window at the girls, catching the amazing sight of Robyn with her top now wide open and the waitress touching and licking at her massive rack and nipples.

Robyn was leaning back against the sink and again I noticed her hands were up under her skirt and on her thong. Suddenly the erotic scene was interrupted by someone shouting for service in the bar. Hesitantly the waitress kissed Robyn softly on the lips and smiled before leaving the bathroom area and returning to her work. As she left I called Robyn’s name softly through the window. Looking up at me with a broad grin on her face knowing she had been caught I told her to come outside and join me. The sight of Robyn with the girl had had the desired effect on me and my cock was so hard in the constraints of the leather jeans I knew that I would need to do something about it soon.

I was sitting back on the bike when Robyn finally exited the café. She climbed on the back and I started the machine and we rode further down the dusty road until we reached a rocky outcrop. I felt Robyn’s hand come around the front of my jeans and it stopped directly on top of my straining cock. Leaning forward to my ear she whispered softly and seductively, “Turn off here Peter, I think we need to do something about this!” She giggled. Without any hesitation I turned the bike off the road onto a small pathway and headed up into the area of some rocks. Stopping the bike on its stand we dismounted and I walked Robyn over to a small area of rocks and turning her to face them. Reaching around her I removed her jacket dropping it to the floor. I ordered her to place her hands on the rock face then pushing her forward slightly so she was leaning forwards I looked down at the wonderful sight of her full bum cheeks under the skirt. She felt my hands lift the skirt and then felt my soft fingers in the waistband of her thong as I eased it down. She heard my zipper come down and within seconds I released my throbbing cock from its confined space and placing my hand around the thick shaft I started to stroke it. I was fully hard again within seconds and Robyn was aware that I knew exactly what I wanted and I would not take no for an answer.

Leaning into her I slid by hardness aggressively straight into her wet pussy lips as she leaned further forward jutting her full bum cheeks further out towards me. Robyn gasped as she felt me enter her fully with my hands firmly holding her hips as I started to pump into her. I was so excited at the sight and feel of her that I only lasted about 30 strokes before shooting off into her hot snatch. My cum dribbled down her thigh as I pulled out and she grinned at me seductively before reaching down and lifting some onto her fingers and sliding them into her mouth as she grinned at me. Back on the bike we kissed softly before setting off again.

The night was drawing in as we approached Jackson, a small town on the outskirts of Memphis. Slowing the bike in front of a cheap hotel I noted a number of other Harley’s parked outside and placed ours next to them. Entering the hotel I noticed a group of what appeared to be five bikers in the bar area, all in leather and most with beards and long hair and like us, they too covered in dust from their journey. The men appeared to be Native American Indian with their tanned skin and jet black hair and they were accompanied by two girls also dressed in leather jeans and t shirts.

I turned to ask Robyn if she wanted to go to the room to freshen up or if she fancied a drink first. Smiling at me and with a gleam in her eyes having looked into the bar area she smiled said she wanted a long cold drink. Following Robyn into the bar I saw her walking with her head held high and chest pushed out and wiggling her bum in the tight skirt with her legs looking love and shapely above the boots. Smiling to myself I ordered two beers as I casually looked around the room seeing that all the men couldn’t take their eyes off my beautiful wife. I kissed Robyn on the cheek as she sat down at a table and suggested that I take the bags up to the room and would she be okay being left alone. She looked at me, her green eyes ankara türbanlı escortlar shining before looking at the others in the bar.

“Oh!” She grinned, “I think I’ll be fine. Don’t hurry back!” She smiled again with the familiar twinkle in her eyes. As I exited the bar area I saw the men and girls move closer to Robyn and heard several offers to buy her a drink.

My cock was starting to harden again in my leather trousers as I returned to the bar sometime later to see Robyn sitting at a table with one of the girls and four men. The other man and girl were kissing at another table. Someone had produced a pack of cards and was dealing them out. One of the bikers turned to look at me.

“Hey Man! Welcome!” He stood and offered me his hand. “I’m Marco!” I responded by shaking his hand. “Wanna join in?” Marco offered. “Sure!” I grinned and sat opposite to Robyn. Alongside me was the other girl and I couldn’t help but notice her cheap perfume odour and her tarty appearance with short mini skirt and tight t shirt covering her small pert breasts.

“Poker!” said Marco, the bearded biker as he introduced the group, Paul, Jed, Randy and Cleo. “Hi, y’all”, said Cleo turning to give me a dazzling smile, her deep brown eyes looking very attractive. “And that’s the lovers!! Shirley and Jim”, she said pointing over to the other pair. “Lovely to meet you all”, I responded in a typically British manner which gave them something to laugh about. “This is Robyn, and I am Peter”. The greetings over we took our cards. “Poker!” Marco repeated, “As in strip poker!” There was a sudden silence around the room before all of us started to laugh and swigged our beers back.

“And the winner takes all!” Marco continued as the laughter died down. Not being sure what he meant I was happy to play and saw that Robyn was too with a big smile on her beautiful face.

The cards were turned and I lost first, removing my t shirt to show my muscular torso, then Marco, Jed and Randy, all heavier than me and Randy being quite fat and his chest was covered in hair. My white skin seemed pale in comparison to their reddish brown skin Native American Indian appearances. Then it was Jed who lost pulling off his boots. The cards then turned the other way and Robyn lost. Standing, Robyn started to unbutton her vest top revealing a black low cut lace bra underneath. There were gasps of awe as the group saw her body for the first time. “Fuck, look at them udders!” Marco grinned.

The black material looked awesome against Robyn’s pale white skin with her huge breasts casting shadows deep into her cleavage. Smiling Robyn dropped the vest top on the floor and continued with the game. We continued to drink beer and eat pretzels until Randy and Jed were down to their underwear. Marco was still in jeans, Cleo was still fully dressed and Robyn had just lost again. Her boots were already off and Robyn had the difficult choice between her bra and skirt.

Smiling at me as she stood Robyn released the button on her skirt before pulling it down to reveal her satin black thong. My cock was rock hard in my trousers as I looked at Robyn’s beautiful body. And all the men couldn’t take their eyes off her, as we ordered more beers. I swigged mine back trying to calm down as the atmosphere in the room became more sexually tense and conversations around the table became deeper.

Cleo lost 3 times in a row, first removing her boots, then her tiny skirt to show red French panties followed by her T shirt to reveal her small but perfectly formed naked breasts. The barman locked the door and closed the window blinds. A bottle of whisky was placed in the middle of the table along with six small glasses and Marco poured the malt liquid into each glass. Much to my embarrassment I then lost and removed my leather trousers to reveal a big hard cock inside my tight black boxers. Embarrassed I sat down but suddenly felt Cleo’s hand on my thigh under the table.

Marco was next to loose and removed his jeans showing an even larger bulge than mine and then at the turn of the cards Robyn realised that she was the loser. She looked directly at me and I saw a smile curl on her lips. Lifting the small whisky glass she swigged back a shot of whisky before reaching up to the front of her bra and opening it. Her big beautiful 38D udders tumbled out and there was a gasp from all the men and Cleo at the size and shape of them. I noticed Marco’s arm move and assumed that he had his hand on Robyn’s thigh then saw Randy from the other side doing the same. I looked into Robyn’s eyes and noticed that she had that beautiful far away and contented look on her face which had been created by a mixture of the alcohol, the heady atmosphere in the room and loving attention she was now receiving from the men closest to her.

Glancing under the table I saw Robyn’s legs were now parted slightly and that she had a tanned male hand at the top of each thigh belonging to her neighbouring players. I looked at Cleo who had that same look as she gazed at me, her hand sliding gently up my thigh. Taking further shots of whisky we all clinked glasses and emptied them before the final deal of the cards. “Winner takes all, remember!” Marco reminded everyone, as he flicked the cards to everyone around the table.

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