Big Surprise for Denise Ch. 02

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This is a follow-up to a story I wrote a couple years back and decided to continue. It should make sense even if you haven’t read part 1. Enjoy!

Part 2

I knew when I left the salon that day that Denise and I would not be seeing each other socially. It was purely a sexual thing. So as a result, I didn’t see her again until it was time for another haircut. That was about a month after our first encounter. I have to admit, I spent some of my less busy nights jerking off to memories of Denise’s chest. Those tits were the best I ever had a chance to play with. I would constantly picture my cum splashing all over them.

Ah, what a day.

Denise made sure that my next appointment was late in the day. I’m sure we were thinking the same thing and wanted to again enjoy each other’s bodies.

I carefully selected what I would wear. I knew that Denise was obviously a very visual lover and what she saw was instrumental in turning her on. I wanted to be sure to provide her with a view that would get her going from the start. I wanted her to have a chance to look at my cock, even if we weren’t yet alone. I decided on a pair of shorts that weren’t overly tight, but were rather short. I took out the inside lining, and this left me a little loose, if you know what I mean.

I walked in to find Denise behind the front desk waiting for me. As expected, the salon was quiet and nearly empty. She stood to reveal a very light sun dress. Denise is kind of stocky but very cute: short brown hair and brown eyes, probably 5’2″, I would guess 125lbs, and the best part: she has what I found out last month to be a beautiful, large pair of double D tits. And to make them even better, they were topped with nipples that resemble half sized golf balls. I had a great time with those last time. Denise smiled at me, and the sexual tension quickly mounted. I could tell as we talked that she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress. Her tits were free to sway back and forth, and I could see her nipples through the thin fabric. “I’ve missed you over the past month. Have you missed me?”

“I’ve missed your body quite a bit, but you have been in my thoughts, or should I say fantasies.” Denise’s eyes lit up as she probably contemplated what I meant by that.

After a quick hair washing, we returned to Denise’s chair. This was the scene of our last encounter. In the booth to our left was Kim. She was Denise’s friend that was still around when I came in for my last appointment. Kim was alone this time. Kim had actually caught my attention before. She has long red hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is slight of build, but rather athletic looking. She has a gorgeous face and she could probably be a model if she wanted. I’ve always had a weakness for good looking redheads, especially since in my experience there are very few really good looking redheads.

As we waited for the salon to empty, hopeful of another encounter, Denise cut my hair. Before long, my hair was complete, and Kim was still dodling around in her booth. I looked like we were not going to get an opportunity.

When finished, Denise leaned down and whispered into my ear. “Looks like it’ too busy around here today. Any chance you’d like to come back to my house for a drink? We could take in a hot tub, if you like.”

“Sounds great to me. Let’s go.”

I stood and waited as Denise cleaned up her booth. I took the chance to glance at Kim. She was very sexy. Her shorts allowed me an occasional glance at her behind: nice cheeks with just a touch of meat. There was enough hanging from the bottom to give me a good look at her ass.

Denise finished up and we passed by Kim on the way out. “See you tomorrow, Kim.”

“What are you up to tonight?” Kim asked.

“We’re going to go get a drink and take in a hot tub at my place,” Denise responded matter-of-factly.

“Denise! You’ve been promising to invite me for a soak and you keep putting it off!”

My heart sunk. If Kim came with us, that would certainly put a damper and anything we might want to do. But I could tell from the look on Denise=s face that she was finding it difficult to say no. She looked at me, and I relented with an expression.

“Okay, get your stuff. We’re ready to go now.”

“Great!” Kim quickly gathered her belongings. “I have my beach bag in my car with my suit. Oh this is going to be fun!”

It took only fifteen minutes to reach Denise’s house. It was in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs. Apparently, when she split from her ex-husband, Denise got the house. His alimony was making this nice home a possibility on a hair dresser’s bahçelievler escort salary. I was already set, since I was wearing my shorts. I found the tub located on the secluded redwood deck in the back. I set the cover aside, turned on the jets, stripped off my shirt and settled into the heat of the tub.

Kim was the first to emerge from the house. She wore a long white t-shirt over her bikini, but its blackness was obvious through the shirt. “I hope you don’t mind having me join you two. I’ve just been hearing about this hot tub for two years and have never had a chance to try it.”

Who was I to argue with having a second beautiful female join me in a hot tub. This is the kind of thing of which dreams are made, right?

Kim turned around and pulled her t-shirt up over her head. As she did, I got a great look at her ass. Not too small, and certainly not fat. Just perfect. The suit she wore was not a thong, but allowed a lot of cheek free. Kim turned back and stepped into the tub. She eased down slowly, allowing me to have a nice look at her body. Her breasts were probably between a “B” and a “C,” long burnt red hair pulled back, and a sexy flat stomach. The water splashed over her, and her suit clung even tighter than before. I could tell at that point that I was going to enjoy this hot tub soak.

Denise turned the corner a few minutes later and my jaw dropped open. Her massive tits were held back by one of the smallest pink bikini tops I’ve ever seen. Her bikini bottom was cut high on her hips and it was stretched tightly to show her pussy lips. Our eyes met and Denise winked at me with a smile. She could tell I was enjoying the view her suit was providing. Denise dropped her towel and eased into the tub

I sat on one side, with the two girls on the other. We talked about a variety of things, from the weather to work. Kim then asked how long we had been seeing each other. Denise spoke up and said that we were just friends and really weren’t “going out.” She explained that we were just enjoying each other’s company.

The heat from the tub was starting to get to me, so I climbed up onto the edge of the tub. This allowed me to keep my feet in the water, but the rest of me could cool off.

The conversation continued about a variety of things, but mostly about Denise and Kim’s work. I wasn’t really listening to the details because I was more interested in the show being provided by the four breasts in front of me. Kim’s, encased in her black top, were round and supple, a little more than a handful each. They moved not at all, even with the movement of the bubbles and water. Denise’s mounds, by contrast, held in wet hot pink, swayed back and forth with the water. Her overly large nipples were apparent to anyone who looked in her direction. Large and knotty, I looked forward to another chance to lick and chew on them. Perhaps I’d get another chance to slide my prick between those perfect globes.

I suddenly realized that I was starring at Denise’s tits. I also realized that the girls were no longer talking. There was nothing but quiet. I looked at Kim, and her mouth was open. She too was starring, but not at Denise. She was looking at my crotch. Then it hit me. I was wearing a pair of shorts that had no lining at all. AND, I had spent the last few minutes starring at four gorgeous breasts that I wanted to get my hands upon. I was almost afraid to look down.

I lowered my eyes to see that my dick had cleared the hem of the right leg hole on my shorts by at least three inches. There was my half-mast cock for both Kim and Denise to see. Kim continued to stare without interruption, but I looked to see Denise smiling at Kim.

“Big, isn’t it, Kim?”

Almost as in a trance, Kim nodded. “It gets a lot bigger than that. Would you like to see it grow?” Again, Kim nodded.

Cool, I thought, I now have two women interested in me. This was a real opportunity. I took Denise’s lead, and pulsed more blood into my dick, making the head flare and the shaft grow another half inch. Kim’s breathing became erratic as she continued to watch. I guess it was at about nine inches at this point and I was starting to feel pretty randy. I raised my eye brows at Denise and she nodded in agreement. I guess she like the idea of sharing me with Kim, even though we had not discussed it.

As Kim continued to look, I unsnapped the top and let my shorts slip into the tub. Just for the hell of it the night before, I shaved all the hair off my balls and most of the hair above my dick. As a result, my cock was free for them to see and balgat escort the lack of hair made it look all that much larger. As it stretched out to a good ten inches, it bobbled in front of the girls and Kim continued to stare slack jawed. “Why don’t you touch it? It feels wonderful,” Denise encouraged Kim.

When Kim failed to move, Denise moved toward me, dipped further into the water, and brought her head toward me level with my crotch. As her mouth touched the left side of my dick, she turned back toward Kim. “Why don’t you help me with this?”

“Come on, Kim. I’d love to share this with you as well,” I said.

As she continued to look at Kim, Denise used her hand to stroke me to full extension. My eleven inches pulsed and throbbed with blood surging through it. Denise licked the end of my cock, picking up the beginning of my pre-cum. She smiled, turned toward me, and took the first few inches into her mouth. Her tongue danced around the head, and gave me a great rush. I looked up to see Kim slowly moving toward us in the tub. She came up behind Denise, and pressed her body up against her. Kim’s hands caressed Denise’s shoulders while Kim watched our friend give me an awesome blow-job.

After a few minutes, Denise backed away, and allowed Kim to center herself in front of me. She looked up past my hard-on and our eyes met. I nodded and Kim placed both her hands around the base. She pulled down on it and placed her mouth over the wide head.

As Kim got used to handling me, Denise stood behind her and removed the small bikini top holding that wonderful tit-flesh I wanted. Her big nipples were not overly hard, but they were still noticeable. And to my great surprise, Denise slid back into the water and came up behind Kim until their bodies touched. It was so incredibly sexy to see Denise’s naked body up against Kim as she worked on me. Denise then reached around to hold Kim’s tits in her hands. With a gentle motion, Kim’s black bikini top was pulled loose and I got a look at her chest. Her nipples were almost indistinguishable from the rest of the breast. There were no areola at all. They were beautiful! High and perfectly proportioned for her torso. Denise’s hands completely covered them.

Denise began kissing Kim’s neck and when Kim pulled my cock out of her mouth, the two turned and performed a deep tongue kiss in front of me. I had never seen this before in person, and as they turned to each other to embrace, I completely lost it. Without even touching myself, my cock exploded all over them.

The first blast landed on both Kim and Denise’s noses as they kissed. Both women squealed as I continued to come, my massive cock quivering in the air, untouched. Kim was in a complete daze. She watched carefully as my cock-head flared, the piss hole opened wide, and another contraction fired semen out toward her. A second blast hit Kim on her left cheek, the third on her chin and left breast. I decided to let Kim get all of the rest as the 4th, 5th, 6th, and amazingly 7th pulse of cum landed on Kim’s flushed chest, tits, and nipples.

“My God, I still can’t believe how much you come!” cried Denise.

Kim looked so hot with all that cum hanging on her. As she kneeled in the tub looking up at me, I slid down into the tub to kiss Kim on the mouth. Our tongues met and I immediately tasted my cum on her. Since I love the taste of my own, this was awesome. I broke the kiss to moved down to her left tit. I licked a long streak of semen off her and then settled my tongue on her nipple. As I licked, her nipple began to slowly rise. I looked over to see Denise suckling on Kim’s right breast.

Kim moaned as we continued to lick her. At the same time, I moved my hands to Denise’s massive chest and pulled slowly on her rock-hard nipples. I hadn’t touched her tits in nearly a month, and it was great to let my hands feel what had consumed my recent fantasies.

Denise’s hands soon wrapped around my quickly hardening pole, pumping it back to life. Her second hand grabbed the based and she pulled it toward her as if she couldn’t live without it.

I pulled my mouth off of Kim’s increasingly puffy nipples and sat back in the tub. Denise stood to pull down her bikini bottom and then straddled my lap. “Kim, I’ve been waiting weeks to get this big thing back in my pussy.” Denise then slowly eased herself down on the head of my 11 inches of pulsing cock, pulling back up after every inch or so. In less than a minute, Denise reached my thighs, and I grabbed hold her perfect ass. She was so tight, but since I had already cum that night, I knew I batıkent escort could enjoy all the warmth her cunt offered.

Since I kept sliding on the seat in the tub. I stood up (holding Denise on me) and sat on the side of the tub. Denise was able to place her feel on the deck and gain leverage as she impaled herself on my cock.

“Oh FUCK, this thing feels SO GOOD!!,” cried Denise.

As she pumped up and down and rubbed her tits and hard nipples on my face, I suddenly began to feel a new sensation. Something wet and warm was moving around on my balls. Kim had moved her head below Denise and began to lick me. It was an incredible sensation. Her tongue carefully licked around each ball, followed by slowly pulling each into her mouth. Suddenly, without any warning, her tongue pushed into my anus and licked all around. I never had this done to me and I suddenly felt a pulse surge through my cock. It felt as if my cock grew another inch and Denise certainly felt it, letting out a scream.

Kim soon replaced her tongue with her index finger. She eased one digit and then two into my anus and began to massage my prostate. I had never felt anything like it and my cock throbbed inside Denise’s cunt. As Kim’s finger continued to work my prostate, her tongue returned to my testicles. I was starting to wonder how long I could hold out under this pleasurable assault.

I pushed up as Denise rode my cock. “Oh fuck me, FUCK me with that thing. Give me your COOOOOOOOCK!” Denise finally came in a thundering orgasm and a rush of pussy juice poured around my cock and onto Kim’s face below.

As Denise came down from her climax, she settled down on my cock and again squeezed her tits around my face. I slowly sat up and laid Kim on her back with her legs hanging into the tub’s water. She was breathing heavily and just trying to recover. My cock pulled out of her with a pop, and I turned to face Kim. She smiled and stared at the flaring head of my 11-inch penis.

“Can I try that on for size?” she said.

“I was hoping you might be interested.”

I took her hand and led her over to Denise. I pulled her up and had her kneel over Denise. They kissed as I pulled Kim’s black bikini bottom to the side. She was clearly a real redhead as I gazed down on a full patch of fiery red pussy hair. Dripping with moisture, I could tell she was beyond turned on. She was fucking hot.

I slowly pushed just the head of my cock into her opening, expecting her to react. Rather than pull away, she turned her head, looked me in the eye, and pushed back against my organ. She wanted it badly.

As I slid inch after massive inch into her red pussy, I could feel her muscles contract around me. I reached down to feel both sets of tits, Kim and Denise continued to deeply kiss one another. It felt amazing to squeeze a pair of tits in each hand.

In a few minutes I reached bottom, and Kim let out a groan that I will never forget.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH!! What a cock! I’ve never been opened so far!”

Rather than let her settle in, I pulled out of Kim, grabbed the base of my cock, and redirected it into Denise’s still open pussy just below. Denise pulled on my thighs as I slid into her once again. I pumped a few times, and then returned to Kim.

I kept this up for about ten minutes, going back and forth between sopping wet cunts. I fucked each of them in alternating rounds, bring each of them close, but not over the top. Each time the moaning increased in pace, I switched to the other. The sense of power was overwhelming.

But I could not go on forever. I could feel my own orgasm building. Fucking two hot women at once was more than any guy could handle for long. I decided to let Denise cum first and keep Kim struggling for satisfaction. As I pumped into Denise’s now drenched cunt, I slowly pushed down on Kim’s ass. The result was her hairy pussy rubbing against Denise’s clit and this sent Denise over the edge. She screamed as her cunt contracted around my cock. I kept it buried deep until her climax resolved.

As Denise settled, I pulled out and pushed into Kim for the final assault. Kim pled for me to fuck her hard and my thighs slapped against her ass. I pulled on her hips pump after pump and Kim soon came.


That was it for me too. As Kim’s volume tapered off, I pulled out of her to pump my load all over her beautiful ass. Using both hands, I pumped my cock to fulfilment. My second cum of the evening produced less spunk, but the orgasm left me light headed. I still covered Kim’s butt and back and my semen soon dripped down into the beautiful crack of her ass. I eased back into the tub and just watched the wide-awake wet-dream in front of me.

Kim laid her head down on Denise’s soft tits, and all three of us enjoyed the afterglow of a great fuck. I wondered what my next time with Denise would involve.

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