Big Mike Ch. 03

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Mike wasn’t lying when he said his apartment was crummy. It was a two bedroom basement suite in an old house. Walking in the side entrance brought you into the kitchen, which was a disaster. The kitchen was open and led directly into the living room. There was a three person couch in front of an absolutely huge television. Game consoles were scattered over the stained carpet floor. Clothes and empty food containers were scattered throughout. The lighting was dim. And it did smell like cat piss.

“Bachelor living,” I commented.

“Yeah, sorry. I know it’s gross. Like I said, I just don’t get anyone over here and Aron doesn’t really care to clean up. Are you…grossed out?” I just shrugged.

“Whatever. Doesn’t bother me. I’m not as high maintenance as this outfit makes me seem.”

There wasn’t much of a tour to be had, so we just sat down on his couch and chatted for a bit. His tremendous weight had carved out a deep groove as wide of two full grown men. I sat in the corner, next to him, but turned facing him with my legs underneath me. That big fat ass and huge torso made him sit tall like a giant next to me. Again, I was stunned and in awe.

“So…like I said. I’m…rusty. Not sure what to show you now.” Mike was nervous now. We’d gotten to know each other little bit, which had decreased the tension, but the fact that we’d moved closer to his bed had ratcheted it back up. “You want a drink?”

I considered. “Hm. Depends what you have.”

“Well…” He placed his hands on his knees and slowly pushed himself to his feet. I felt bad for making him get up when his lumbering movements were so slow. At the same time though, watching him walk around the couch and open the fridge gave me a beautiful view of his overflowing physique. He was bloody gorgeous.

“We’ve got…some lime cooler things. You like those?”

“Oh, actually I do. I’ll have one if you’re drinking.” He smiled again.


He handed me a can of what turned out to be a carbonated vodka citrus thing. The can looked tiny in his hand and then seemed to grow as it entered mine. He cracked a big 750ml bottle of beer and took a swig as he sat.

I was taken in by the sensations before me: the heavy thump of his weight hitting the couch; the sight of that big bottle looking little in his hand; the sound of him gulping down the light beer; and the quick lick of his lips afterwards. Again, I felt a twinge between my legs, but now that I was in his apartment and surrounded by his smells, so close to his bed, the twinge became more of a clutch. I squeezed my thighs together and cracked my can.

“What’s that? Blonde ale? So you do like blondes, huh?” He smirked.

“Yeah, good point. Blonde is my favourite.”

“I guess you can probably pack away quite a few of those.”

“Uhh…yeah, if I wanted to. I never really get drunk. I’d have to drink a ton before that happened. What about you? Do you drink much?” I shook my head immediately.

“No way. I’m a lightweight. I’ll have a cocktail when I go out but I’m pretty much buzzed on one drink, drunk on two, and if I have three, I’m done for the night.” He smirked again, seemingly amused by that.

“Wow. Good metabolism.” He took another swig and a big gulp.

The sight and sound of him drinking that beer was continuously turning me on. I was actually getting really horny just looking at him. I wanted to advance closer to sex, but I needed to go through at least one more round of investigation first.

“So…can I be blunt?” He shrugged but didn’t really answer. “Well…tell me if I’m being too forward, but I have a series of questions I always ask a guy before…things happen. A quick interrogation, if you don’t mind. Is that okay? Can we exchange some questions to one another, like…back and forth?”

Mike showed the slightest hesitation but went along with my request.

“Uhh, yeah. Go ahead.”

“Okay.” I decided to start off slow, so as not to push him before the alcohol entered his bloodstream. “So, I’ve been dying to know…how tall are you?”

“Six foot eight.”

“Wow. That’s…nice. Tall guys, I mean. Nice to be around. Um…your turn.”

He shrugged. “Same question back at you.”

“I’m five seven.” His brows bounced in response. He was clearly less interested in the height question. “And I’m a hundred and eleven pounds. How about you?”

Mike took a big breath and let out a deep sigh. I knew it was a little rushed but I was getting horny and really eager to know the number.


“Too blunt?”

“Uh, no. It’s just…it’s not like I weigh myself every day so I can’t give you an exact number. I was…well…” I could tell it was a harder question than he wanted to admit. I felt a little bad for asking, but mostly my mind was just racing to guess the number. I knew it was more than five. Could easily be six. Possibly seven?

“I went to the doctor about two years ago and I maxed out the scale, which goes to seven fifty. So…at least seven fifty. But I’ve probably gained since then. Just guessing. So…between escort bahçelievler seven fifty and eight, I guess.” He nodded to himself somewhat solemnly, and then slowly turned to see my reaction. “What do you think?”

“I, uh…well honestly…it turns me on. I mean, I’ve been turned on since I first laid eyes on you and then I got really turned on when you picked me up. But knowing that you’re literally seven times my weight…yeah. You’re…incredible.”

Mike made a face that was more of a sneer than a smirk.

“Really? You really like it? My big gut and my big thighs and my man boobs and double chin?”

“Fuck yes.” I was resolute. “And plus, the way you describe yourself is based off someone else’s standard. Don’t look at it that way.”

“Well, how should I look at it?”

Mike’s beer was done already. I was quick to hop off my feet and grab him another.

“Hey, I’m the host. I should be serving you.” I shook my head as I retrieved another big bottle of blonde ale from the fridge. The fridge, by the way, was also a disaster.

“Not at all. It’s my pleasure to serve a big man like you.” I handed him the bottle as I said big man, and turned on the fuck me eyes for a good second or two. I sat back down.

“How should you look at it? Well, I owe you some poetry, remember?”

I crossed my legs and turned to face him fully on the couch. He shifted his weight and turned a bit more towards me as wall. His girth made him too big to turn fully, so he sat at a big of a diagonal to me.

“Ready for this? Okay. To me…I’m all about wealth. But I don’t mean what’s in your bank account. I mean wealth of physique. I mean size and weight and power. That’s what’s sexy to me. Big strong men with big appetites, strong smells that hit you in the face and big, deep voices that make your ribcage tremble. That, to me, is a wealthy man. I love your height, and your size. I love your big broad shoulder and huge arms. Big broad chest and yes, the big wealthy pecs too. And that big boulder gut is just dreamy. Seriously, I wanna cuddle and sleep on it like a little kitten. And then that ass, those legs, those huge hands and giant feet. It’s all just…perfect. Your body is absolutely perfect. Even if I had years to sketch, I couldn’t draw more perfect physical specimen than you. You’re like some wealthy powerful king who conquered an empire and crushed his enemies, then ruled over the land for a few decades and got fat off the peasants’ offerings. Or like some Greek god sitting on a throne, drinking wine while maidens worship at your feet.”

I took a sip of my drink, hoping I wasn’t too graphic. The half can of vodka beverage had probably made me a little extra vocal. I hadn’t planned on calling him a god just yet.

Mike smiled big and leaned back against the frame of the couch. “Wow. That’s…yeah, that’s poetic alright. Uh…thanks. So…” He fidgeted in his seat. “So you’re not afraid…of…being with a big guy like me?”

I had to squeeze my thighs to stop from dripping at the idea.

“Oh god…I’m mostly only afraid of saying the wrong thing and ruining my shot. Or I’m afraid that I’m too little for a big man like you. As soon as I saw you I’ve been daydreaming about crawling underneath that big belly and sucking your cock. Your big body’s so gorgeous to me I swear I could just lick every inch of you.”

“Wwwoah.” Mike’s voice got deep. He pounded his second beer and adjusted his crotch with the other hand. “That’s…holy shit.” He took a big deep breath and his face got serious. “Felicia, I really hope you’re not joking around with me. Because…I’m getting pretty turned on here and I…”

“Mike, the only thing stopping from me from being all over you right now is…well…” I stopped myself suddenly, not sure how to say it.


“Well…can you handle another blunt question?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Do you have herpes?”

He looked a bit shocked, but then quickly smirked again.

“No. No, I don’t.”

“Do you have anything else?”

“No. Nothing.”

“Are you sure?”


“How can you be sure? Have you been tested?”


“Then how can you be sure?”

We’d hit a slight impasse after all that sexy talk, but it was a necessary conversation. Mike threw up both hands, his second bottle already empty and on the coffee table.

“I can be sure.” My eyebrows perked up to speak for me. “Because…” He was hesitating and I anticipated why. “I’m a virgin.”

There was, of course, a moment of silence. He clasped his big hands together tightly and squeezed them, not quite looking at me. I was not exactly surprised, but just not quite able to accept the answer.

“You are? You promise?” Then he scoffed.

“Uh…yeah, sure. It’s not something I’m proud of. Don’t tell me that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.” He was suddenly a touch defensive, which was understandable. I, on the other hand, was overjoyed.

“Only if the camel’s back means my panties coming off. Then yes, that’s escort balgat going to do it.”

Mike looked at me with a brow raised in confusion, not getting what I had meant. I ignored him and placed my can on the table.

“What does that mean?” Mike questioned me as I slowly slid off the couch and positioned myself on the floor. Instead of answering his question I asked one of my own.

“Forget my panties, actually. I can’t wait for that.” Mike didn’t speak. He looked down at me kneeling on the floor beside him. He knew what was happening, even if his self-doubt wouldn’t let him acknowledge it. “Is it okay? If we just start now?”

Mike swallowed hard. “You mean…right here? Now?”

“Is it too fast, Mike? I don’t wanna rush you. It’s just…you’re so damn gorgeous. I can’t wait.” I was on my hands and knees now, and I my head was basically between his knees, inches from his big belly. I looked up to him over the slopes of his mountainous body. “I’ve just been getting wetter every second that we’ve been here. I really wanna suck your cock. Can I, please? Please, big man?”

I started laying it on thick but I wasn’t being sarcastic. I really genuinely felt that way. I’m a submissive girl and I have a certain respect for a big wealthy man. Given’s Mike’s incredible size, I was desperate to submit to him, to feel his phallus in my mouth and taste the sweat from his balls.

“You’re gonna do it right here? Without even…”

“If you say no, I’ll understand. If your roommate is coming home soon…”

“Aron? No, he’s at work. I just…”

“If you tell me to stop I will. You’re the boss, Mike. I’ll do anything you say right now.” I licked my lips, my cherry red lipstick still in perfect condition. I inhaled deeply, smelling his odour again. “I just really…really want to. If you’ll let me.”

Mike was sweating again, and I could only imagine how hard his heart was pounding. Mine was pounding too. I wanted him so god damn badly.

“It’s not that I don’t want to. I do! Fuck, I do! I just thought you would want…foreplay and…”

“The foreplay started as soon as you showed up at Starbucks, Mike. I’ve been getting wetter and wetter since then. God, do I have to beg for it? Please, Mike. Please let me suck your cock. I’m sorry if it’s too sudden, I just…I want your cock in my mouth so bad. Please?”

Mike had reached his breaking point. “Fuck, who am I kidding? Yes!”

He scrambled to get his pants down. I caught a good glimpse of his big furry belly as he tugged down his sweatpants and that pretty much broke me. I felt a drizzle down my thigh. Yes, the sight of his deep, furry navel made me cum. I moaned quietly, almost a whimper, and then looked up to see his naked, bloated paunch.

Having spent years perusing fat guy porn online, Mike had what every really big buy had: what I called an underbelly. There was always a big belly, sometimes divided by some rolls, but then there was an underbelly. This, for the uninitiated, was where the genitals hid. Those was probably a turn off for most girls, but I had no problem with it. It was a deep, soft cave to go spelunking in. And I planned on diving deep into Mike and looking for a big sea monster down there.

Mike’s belly and underbelly were both furry like a sasquatch. He held the hem of his pants down with one hand and pulled a handful of his fat aside with the other. He did me a favour really, since it would’ve taken both of my hands to move all that fat aside. With his one hand pulling in on the bulk of his underbelly, I used one forearm to move some more fat aside and then dove in face first. My other hand squeezed his huge thigh, still covered by sweat pants. God, he was a giant. The deeper I got in the tinier I felt.

I was socked in the face by his musky smell. It was strong…really strong. I almost gagged just from the shock of it, but after a moment I found myself tolerating it. His fat was still pressing down on my face as I tilted my head sideways. There was so much flesh it was easy to get lost in. It was dark between his thighs and under his belly, but I found his cock fairly easy. It had swollen up big and fat. Mike had one of these short, thick cocks. It was really fat at the head though, and covered in sticky precum. My hand was instantly coated in sex syrup, which was almost too much to take in in that moment.

And I don’t mean too much in size; I mean I was overwhelmed by his masculinity. The size, the strength, the flesh, the fat, the sweat, the smell, the excessive semen, the swollen bulbous head of his engorged penis. I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.

I finally took the head of his penis in my mouth and it filled me nicely. I wasn’t sure if I could take any more of him in my mouth given my awkward, impromptu position, so instead I used my other hand to start jerking him off. I moved my hand from his thigh to his shaft and started pumping. My other arm was holding off a wave of furry flesh, so I was completely occupied in my position.

I sucked him lovingly and I quickly felt escort batıkent a spurt in my mouth. It shouldn’t have surprised me that he’d come that fast, but there was some inevitable disappointment since I was just getting in the sweet spot.

Mike was moaning and my hand started jerking his thick shaft, when I realized that his cock wasn’t so short after all. I pressed my hand back to what I thought was the base of his cock, but it just kept going, and suddenly my hand disappeared into yet another layer of flesh. I pressed in to find thick, abundant foreskin and another six inches of penis. Suddenly realizing the size of what I was dealing with, I eagerly jerked him while another little spurt of cum leaked onto my tongue. I swallowed it lovingly and only wished there was more.

Surrounded by his furry, bloated flesh, taken in by his strong smell, getting moist from his crotch sweat, and swirling my tongue around the fat head of his penis, I fully realized at that moment that I was lustfully enslaved to that man. Mike owned me, regardless of whether he’d ever be able to accept that fact or not. I was perfectly satisfied by his power and his wealth, but there was another surprise in store for me.

My hand slipped further into the flesh, finally meeting the base of his cock and twirling my fingers through his coarse swamp of pubic hair, when I felt something huge. It was bigger than my fist, and I squeezed it.

“Oh fuuck!!” Mike bellowed loudly while another spurt of thick fluid entered my mouth. In that moment I realized two things: I had been squeezing one of Mike’s grapefruit-sized testicles, and those spurts of semen were still only yet precum.

A geyser of Mike’s actual load then burst into my mouth and slathered across the entire surface of my tongue. Moments later another wave exploded and caused the warm spunk to splash into the back of my throat. I suddenly gagged, not ready for the assault.

I choked and coughed a bit, his cock still in my mouth. My head was rather trapped by his bulky underbelly so I didn’t really have a choice.

Mike moaned and swore as yet another burst of cum entered my throat. I choked a bit more, tears welling in my eyes, but that didn’t stop another wave to come. And then another. And then another.

Mike’s monster testicles kept hosing semen into my mouth. I swallowed what I could but was overwhelmed by just how much fluid volume there was. Becoming desperate for air, I managed to pull out and free myself a bit. Mike continued to moan so I continued to jerk him off, not wanting to stop abruptly. Another spurt came, blowing in my face, right in my eyes.

I was already blinded by his syrupy seed, so I didn’t really mind when another came, and another, and another. It was unreal how much spunk those balls had saved up.

I managed to pull my head out further so I could use my head to prop up his underbelly. Meanwhile I committed both my hands to beating him off.

In what seemed impossible, another load came, followed by another, and another. He was squirting all over my cleavage and down my dress. I felt the warmth of his load on my skin. I kept pumping and he kept blowing, like freaking Mount Vesuvius, he just unloaded on me until my face, neck, chest, shoulders, and even abdomen were coated.

His moans slowly started to fade so my pumping became slower. Cum still dripped out of his urethra, but instead it was a slow, thick trail rather than the previous cannon fire.

I coughed a bit, still feeling the density of his seed in my throat and in my stomach. I pulled my head out from under him completely, feeling fresh air on my syrupy face. I still couldn’t see so I just kept my eyes closed.

Mike panted heavily and I needed to catch my breath myself.

“Jesus Christ…” I swore.


We both just sat there for a good minute, both recovering from what had happened and trying to accept it. Mike had received a sudden and apparently much needed blowjob, and I’d had my understanding of human physiology radically changed. Mike was redefining my parameters of what a real man was capable of.

“Are you…okay?” He asked between heavy puffs. I didn’t respond right away.

“I, uh…yeah. I’m…changed. That was…”

“Shit, sorry.”

“That was amazing. You’re a god.”

Mike didn’t say anything for a moment, and I literally couldn’t see his reaction.

“Wow…just…thanks. Thanks, Felicia. Hoooh. Fuck.”

I told him I could use a shower and he didn’t argue with me. I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. Thank god his roommate hadn’t walked in. I closed the bathroom door and fumbled for the light, now somewhat able to see clearly. I stared at myself in the mirror.

I looked both amazing and ridiculous. I was absolutely coated in Mike’s load. It was unbelievable. My face was covered, my hair, my neck, my ears, my chest. My cherry red dress was darkened in smatters. Both my hands and wrists were dripping in his seed. I could feel it all down my throat, even down into my stomach. I felt the weight of his spunk in me.

I just stared at myself, incredulous. To think that a man like him existed, and to think that I’d been lucky enough to find him. And an unsoiled virgin, at that. God, even if he’d had herpes I still would’ve had to take his load. He was really beyond what I thought was possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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