Bible Belt Bride Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

I would like to thank Grania2 for editing and advice during the development of this story.

This is a three part story of a frustrated young bride who finds sexual satisfaction outside of her new marriage.


The Marriage

My friend Kenny did stop by the store, and he and I began dating. It was obvious we had no other paths in life to go, so we got engaged and married shortly thereafter. Our honeymoon took us to Niagara Falls. The wedding night was the most shocking thing ever. Kenny’s momma and mine were close friends at church. Both viewed things the same way. By then I had developed needs. Spending evenings with Papa had unleashed desires within me. I hoped that I would have these needs met by my husband after marriage. Kenny and I never had sex before our wedding. Short of some kisses and holding we hadn’t done much. I attributed this to his upbringing and the church.

On our wedding night, Kenny turned off the lights in our honey-moon cabin. He crawled into bed with me. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything. By then I had developed a strong sexual appetite. I was very visual. I liked the sight of an erect cock. I wanted to run my fingers over it and explore new sensations. Kenny didn’t touch my breasts. He pulled clumsily at my bottom’s and used his hand to feel for my vagina. He seemed disgusted to find me wet. I felt him wipe his fingers on my leg and then he rolled on top of me. He was stiff, and pushed his cock into me without any feeling whatsoever. He began thrusting quickly and within less than a minute he was done. He rolled off and onto his side, and just lay there with his back to me. I couldn’t believe it. That was it! He started snoring sometime after that.

Oh my God, what have I done, was all I could think. We needed to talk about this. The next morning we sat facing each other. Turns out his momma had warped him so badly into thinking that sex was a horrid thing to be ashamed of. His momma’s beliefs had taken root in him. Sex was a nasty foul thing people had to do to have children. Children! Fuck that! I wanted to spend time satisfying the appetite I had developed. I wanted all night-long orgies of lust with a husband who would satisfy all my cravings. I wanted someone to fuck my brains out, flip me over and pound my ass until I screamed for mercy.

Our honeymoon ended just like it had begun. I hadn’t cum once. Kenny wasn’t even bothered by this. I guess he felt only a dirty whore would want sex that way.

Both of our mommas were expecting grandchildren as soon as possible. I guess they felt this would cement the marriage. Divorce was against God’s commandments. The sooner I became pregnant the better. Fuck that! I had no problem having children down the road, but Kenny and I had some serious issues. Without telling anyone, I traveled to the opposite side of town and found a doctor who would start me on birth control pills. I paid cash and hid the prescription. No one would ever know.

Well it wasn’t like Kenny and I fucked a lot anyway. It was all so short and over with so quickly that I never had time to get excited. You won’t believe the time I tried to suck him off. He acted like I was a filthy whore for even offering it. The whole thing came to a boil one time when I suggested getting a vibrator for me. I figured I could use it when he fucked me. At least I could get some satisfaction then too. The look on his face made me feel like the lowest street-hooker there could be. The worst part of this was that he went and told his momma about it. Of course she told my momma and next day mine calls and is screaming about how embarrassed she is over having such a slut for a daughter.

Kenny’s job at the truck place kept him busy all week. Since they liked his work they offered him overtime hauling finished vehicles upstate to customers. He would leave Friday and sometimes not be home till late Sunday evening.

Kenny’s job required us to have a computer for e-mails and a cell phone for his travel. This was the first time I had complete access to the internet and my own cell phone. If Kenny was at work or gone out of town delivering trucks, I was on the internet. This was my first venture out into the real world of sex. The web sites were absolutely my only outlet for my sexual longings. I was interested in everything sex. I explored sites with perverted videos I could only have imagined years before.

My interests were all over the spectrum. One of my favorite sites had interracial videos showing a young skinny white girl being held in mid-air by three powerfully-built black men. Two held her at the waist and supported her legs. A third guy stood behind her holding her head and shoulders. The girl’s expression could only be described as being wasted, or maybe she was just cum-drunk. The three men ankara moldovyalı escortlar were serving her up to the next man in a long line waiting their turns. They were guiding her on and off of another black man’s cock. The cock inside her was as big as an arm. Her lower abdomen bulged as the huge cock could be seen pushing its way up through her belly. As each man came, a flood of semen could be seen spilling onto the floor underneath her. The cameraman stepped around and showed the cunt oozing as the pulses of cum pushed its way back out. On the floor beneath her was a pool of cum. No telling how many men had been at her already. But a line extending out of the room was still waiting.

I wanted that. I wanted to be her. I wanted to experience that kind of nonstop fucking. I cruised sites all the time looking to satisfy my desires. One day I stumbled onto a swinger type site. Couples were looking for others to “party” with. I knew Kenny would never have anything to do with something like this but could I? Alone, a single female, I could at least offer an opportunity for couples to experiment. I wasn’t ugly or fat. I was in my early twenties and was considered at least cute by my friends.

Cheating on Kenny was something I had never thought would happen. I wanted the marriage to work, but we were so far apart sexually I could not imagine this going on very long. Kenny’s idea was to get me having kids. Then I’d be stuck.

A couple of the swinger sites actually listed some local couples who were looking for others to party with. I really struggled with should I or not. I figured I would just sort of see initially if they were for real. A few of the first ones were just come-ons to join a nation-wide listing service. I began to receive numerous annoying e-mails, all just trying to sell me some membership. I was ready to give up when I got a response from a couple that lived in a nearby city. They were about thirty miles away. I e-mail chatted back and forth with the wife a few times and she actually seemed normal. Swinging was something she and her husband did to keep thing exciting in bed.

I finally agreed to take the first step and meet them at a restaurant for dinner. This would be a chance to meet and see if we felt a mutual attraction for each-other. I told them my husband would not be in on this, and that seemed still ok with the both of them.

It was a couple weeks later when Kenny was out of town when I drove across town to meet with this couple. Nicky and Shawn were their names. I struggled with using my real name or not. I had been using an on-line alias, but in the end, I felt it wouldn’t be right starting a new relationship by lying right off about my name. We met at the bar and after introductions and a few drinks, we moved to the restaurant side. Nicky was like meeting an old friend again. She and I gabbed and laughed about similar experiences. Shawn was a little quiet at first, but over dinner he finally opened up.

I was upfront about things. My husband would not ever be involved. Privately, I thought Nicky would never be thrilled with the fucking Kenny would give her anyway. They were both ok with all that, but I guess I was still showing my nervousness. I told them this was my first venture into something like this. Nicky and Shawn were very considerate of me. They wanted to get together sure, but wanted me to feel completely at ease and be sure about all this. They were willing to wait and let me think this all over first. They stressed that they wanted to be “friends” first, then sex-partners. I really enjoyed the evening and was feeling very optimistic. We parted with each of us giving the other a sensual kiss.

Within the week I decided this was what I wanted to do. I felt more comfortable starting with just Nicky and Shawn. I’d like to see how that went before meeting any others. Kenny’s next trip out of town was scheduled, and I texted Nicky. We agreed to meet at the same restaurant and later go to a motel. The restaurant was right near the airport and many local hotels were scattered around it.

We had a wonderful dinner and several drinks. I wasn’t drunk or anything, but it helped to calm my nervousness. Shawn had made reservations at a place across the street. The motel was nice, very clean and modern. The room had a single king-size mattress bed. The reality of what I was about to do struck me when I saw it.

Nicky and Shawn were a cute couple. You could easily see how they cared for each other. Shawn always held doors for her. He always looked to see that she had everything at dinner before starting his, or even just a drink. They were both in their early thirties, and very happily married. Nicky was thin but had nice proportions. I never asked, but I think she might have had a boob-job. Shawn ankara ukraynalı escortlar was a handsome guy. Any of my unmarried girlfriends would have jumped at the opportunity to be with him.

I had no clue as to what went on during these encounters. I had showered and applied some small amount of make-up before I had left the house. I brought a small bag with a change of clothing. I just hadn’t thought to ask what to bring. Nicky and Shawn had brought a small cooler with some wine in it. I noticed Shawn draw a glass of water at the sink and peel open a small medicine package. I kinda looked to Nicky and she laughed. The “blue pill,” he really doesn’t need it but he can stay hard for hours with it.

Shawn announced he would take the first shower because he knew how long we would take. Nicky and I had a glass of wine while Shawn was in the shower. He wasn’t but ten minutes before he came back in the room. He was completely naked and casually brushing his hair. He was solidly built. Nice chest hair and runners legs. And yeah, he was fine there too. He wasn’t hard yet, but it looked real promising.

I went in next, and was sort of surprised as Nicky followed me. I had already cleaned up before leaving home, but I guessed that it was the proper thing to shower just to be polite. I stripped as Nicky stood primping in the mirror and I climbed into the shower. The hot water was refreshing and Shawn had even left an unopened bar of soap in the shower for us. I had just started to lather up when the curtain ruffed and Nicky asked if I minded if she joined me. I was startled, but managed a “sure.” Nicky stepped in and I was stunned. She was gorgeous. I had never really seen another woman this close naked, but she was amazing. I was self- conscious about my own figure, but she smiled and told me how beautiful I was. She asked if she could soap me up. Her soft hands started at my shoulders and she began almost a massage down my back. I had never felt so special and the feeling of being preened by another female was intensely erotic. I returned the treatment and caressed her shoulders and back and made my way to her bottom. I felt strange touching her there, but she backed up against me and started playfully wiggling her soapy ass right into my crotch. I was beginning to get very turned-on. Our erotic moment was cut short as she turned around and noticed my bush.

“Oh honey,” she said, “You don’t want that.”

I was so totally embarrassed. It had never occurred to me to shave it. Momma had never mentioned anything about caring for yourself that way. Nicky was so sweet and considerate. I knew she wasn’t judging me. She was just trying to save me the embarrassment of being the only one showing this way. Nicky asked if I wanted her to do it for me. I was still so mortified that I instantly nodded yes. She got a razor from her bag. I was still in complete shame at that moment.

My embarrassment ceased the moment her fingers began a gentle massage of my sex. She squatted down in front of me. Her soapy finger probed and slid so gently across my most private parts. I never felt the razor as she stripped away my cluelessness. I have never felt a sexual attraction to any other girl. I never thought another girl’s touch could be so breath-takingly sensual. The razor had done its job. I reached down between my legs and felt for the first time I could ever remember, the smoothness of my sex. I felt like a little girl again, now though with very grown-up desires.

Nicky placed the razor on the tub ledge. She was still squatting down in front of me. Her breath was hot and I actually pulled her face to touch me there. Her tongue darted out and flicked at me like a feather. My heart rate quickened I began to groan. I held her head not wanting her to stop. I started bucking my hips as if I were fucking her tongue. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand this very long. A loud banging on the bathroom door snapped us both back to reality. There was a man out there with a hard-on wanting to fuck both of us sometime tonight.

The steam rolled out of the bathroom door as we exited with towels wrapped around us. Shawn was sitting waiting for us in an upholstered chair. Yeah, he was ready for us. He had tuned the radio on the desk to some very twangy county station. Nicky lead the way into the room.

“Yeah,” she said, clapping in rhythm, “some old school stuff huh.”

Nicky dropped her towel on the floor and started a sexy dance over towards Shawn. I wasn’t sure exactly what I should do, so I just stood there watching. Nicky had the moves. She held her elbows at her waist and shimmied a sensual rhythmic little dance right up to Shawn. She turned sideways and started thrusting her hips at him. His cock was straight out and rock hard. She kept bouncing against ankara minyon tipli escortlar him causing it to sway back and forth. She stepped right in front of him and seemed to be trying to catch and hold his cock in-between her legs.

“Come on Lynn,” she called, waving her hand towards me.

I loved the way they were making a game of this. They wanted to have sex yes, but they also wanted it to be fun. I nervously dropped my towel and followed Nicky’s example. I wasn’t as good of a dancer, but I had enough wine in me not to care. I could copy that I thought. Together we danced like a couple of honky- tonk teases. We drug our bodies against Shawn’s. If I was in front, Nicky was behind him twerking her ass against his. I turned around and nestled his cock right in the crack of my butt and I banged my ass against him in time with the song.

When the music ended, Shawn grabbed both of us and we all shared a three-way kiss. The kiss never stopped. Shawn and Nicky traded tongues and drew me into it. Nicky dropped to the floor and picked up where she had been in the shower. Shawn fondled my breasts and peppered them with little kisses. Nicky’s tongue now probed right into me. I was starting to feel weak. Shawn guided me down onto the bed. I lay down on my back with my legs apart. Nicky never missed a beat. Her tongue was like a slithering eel. Jolts of electric shocks seemed to be firing off within my body.

I looked up to see Shawn standing along-side the bed with his cock hard as steel. The raw vivid scene plugged right into some of my nastiest desires. The sight of it bouncing just above me was impossible to resist. I reached for it and pulled it towards my mouth. If there was one thing I was good at it, it was blow-jobs. I sucked, licked and tugged at it with all the enthusiasm I could muster. Nicky had me at an orgasm within minutes. I had never been gone down-on by a girl before. She knew exactly what to do. Her fingernails almost scratched me from her hold. Still, I bucked and moaned like the bitch in heat I was. The whole time I held Shawn’s cock firmly in my mouth.

The orgasm was mind-shattering. I felt it right down to my curled-up toes. I didn’t want to be the only recipient of all the attention, but they just continued to tag-teamed me in every way. I was trying to recover from the orgasm when Nicky crawled up over me and straddles my face. Her snatch was right over my mouth. I could feel Shawn crawling on the bed. He lifted my knees and positioned himself between my legs. I felt his cock pressing against me. I wanted to see it, but Nicky’s pussy was my focus for now. I wanted to give her the same as she had done for me. I had never thought in a million years I’d be eating out another girl, but hey, there is a first time for everything. Nicky really did all the work. She pressed her hands into the headboard for support and literally fucked my tongue.

Shawn’s was like a machine. He pumped and hammered away at me until I just had to rest. That “blue pill” was amazing. He could pick up and bang away at Nicky while I kissed my way up and down her body and then start right back in on me again non-stop. He came in me first. The intensity of the load was something. He groaned and jerked sending a huge volume of cum into me. Nicky was eager to pull him out and started licking-up any visible trace of the goo. She cleaned up his cock with her tongue and began trying to coax out anything she could from me. Her tongue probed so deeply into me that I thought I would lose my mind. We continued fucking each other to well after midnight. Shawn had even recovered enough to give Nicky a load of cum later. We all drifted off to sleep together in the one bed, with me in the middle.

Driving home the next morning was depressing. I knew by evening Kenny would be on his way home. He’d probably get in late and still expect me to have a hot dinner waiting for him. His mother had really wrecked any hope of our marriage succeeding. She would call later and instead of me, he would tell her all about his days away. I could not always hear all the conversation, but I just knew that she was pestering him about when I would be pregnant. It was the most humiliating thing ever. I just knew she was probably telling him that he had to have sex with me, and it would not surprise me if she was giving him actual explicit instructions on just how to fuck me too.

I texted Nicky on Monday morning. I told her I had the greatest evening ever. I told her she was so lucky to have Shawn. I never went into any details of my life. I didn’t want to sound depressing. Towards weeks end I called Nicky again. She and I became fast friends. Still I was reluctant to share anything too personal especially about my papa and me. I guess I worried they would think I was a real redneck. As far as my problems with Kenny I was just too ashamed of what I had gotten myself into with the marriage to a guy who was so screwed up about the sex thing. Nicky and I shared some long phone conversations and I began to look forward to not only seeing them again, but meeting some of their other friends also.

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