Beer Pong

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We stay in the car for a long time before heading into the party. Im straddling my boyfriend in the passenger seat languidly making out with him as he runs his hands seductively up and down my curves. One hand slips below me rubbing at my clit as I grind myself into him, moaning.

“Please, baby, just a quickie.” I gasp. I’m not good at waiting.

“I told you to wait. Trust me. You’ll enjoy it. Plus I love when you get all wiggly when your turned on.” He kisses my neck one more time before lifting me out of the car and making his way to his frat’s house.

Before opening the door he says, “Be and obedient girl for me today, okay? I love it when you’re slutty. It turns me on. I’ll fuck you like you want if you’re good.”

When I enter the house, I’m expecting the usual crowd of random people, but to my surprise its just eight of the brothers playing beer pong. I guess its just a laid back night, but I wonder why I’m here.

Mike, the president of the frat, Sigma Epsilon Chi, gets everyones attention, “Looks like its time to start the tournament. Our prize is here.” He winks.

I look to my boyfriend, Royce. “That’s you, baby.”

I balk and stutter a little, “What d-d-do you mean?!”

“Well, the winning team gets to fuck you. You said you wanted a devils, babe.” He purrs.

“W-with you! What?”

“You promised to do what I said. And don’t worry John and I will win. It’s rigged.” I relaxed a little. The guys here knew my reputation before Royce and I started dating, so a little tease wouldn’t be damaging. I calmed down. I didn’t mind showing off a little in front of a bunch of guys. Plus we had been talking about a three way with John.

I nod, shyly. Royce approvingly cups my ass in his hand, giving it a jiggle. I giggle.

The guys all form teams of two. Royce and John start playing with another pair. I stand with them, watching intently. Every so often Royce strokes me, not too obscenely but teasingly enough to keep my wiggly and ready for some action.

They win the first round.

Royce kisses me full on the lips in front of everyone.

“Underwear, baby. Show them what they are playing for.” I blush. But quickly strip down to my lacy black bra and panties, showing off my ample curves.

Royce grabs my arms and quickly yanks me roughly down over the table, ass in the air. He gives me a couple spanks in front of all the guys as I wriggle, embarrassed.

“Look at that bubble but jiggle.” Royce says. “I know you guys want some.”

I feel myself getting wet at this public exhibition. I can’t help it, even though my cheeks are bright red.

He stands me back up, keeping a hand ankara sınırsız escortlar on my ample ass as he plays the second round. It’s close one cup left on either table. But John sinks the cup before the others. I’m relieved.

“Show these guys the goods. They keep losing. Let’s get them motivated. Take those panties off.”

I look at Royce shocked. I don’t react.

“Do it. Be good. You said you’d be good. Don’t embarrass me.” I still stand there not able to bring myself to do it.

“Fine. Losers, strip her since she’s being bad.” I look at him. Is he crazy? But he has a mischievous sexy glint in his eye that someone how soothes me.

The last team that lost comes over. One guy eases my panties off, with lingering hands. The other undoes my bra and tweaks both nipples as he retreats. Not too disrespectful, I guess. It turns me on though, and I know I’m sopping with between my legs. I try to hide it by keeping my legs tight together. I love the way they are all lustily staring at me. They want me, just me. It’s hot so much attention.

You lead me by the hand to the nearby couch, facing away from the beer pong. All the guys not playing are sitting around here drinking.

“Babe, don’t watch the last round. Sit here and touch yourself for these guys, okay? Be my good girl. Please.” He looks at me with those eyes, and I feel myself nodding involuntarily. “Good, and if you aren’t squirming, I’ll know your not showing off for me.” He kisses me and sits me on the couch in front of the four guys not playing. Then goes to play the last round against Mike.

I lay back and begin to lazily touch myself. I start really rubbing my clit and it feels so good. I start thrusting my hips into the stimulation eyes closed ignoring the guys around me. But also really getting off at the knowledge they are all watching.

“Half time.” I hear someone say.

Royce’s voice comes up behind me. “Tie her up, boys.”

Then they go back to the game.

All four guys descend on me. I shrink into the couch cushions. But hands grab my ankles and wrists. My arms are tied behind my back. My thighs tied to my ankles. they force my legs wide apart. They are pretty intoxicated at this point. After they tie me, they start touching me. I try to struggle but its not use against so many hands and tied as I am. There are fingers, probing my pussy, rubbing my clit, a mouth at my nipple. I give in a little no longer resisting. Secretly, or not so secretly, loving the sensations. One finger pries its way into my ass. I screech a little in surprise.

“Hey, now, don’t ruin the goods for the winner.” Royce’s voice comes from behind me. ankara suriyeli escortlar His lips caress my neck from behind. “Relax, baby, okay? You’re my special girl. I lost. It’s okay. Shhh. You’ll love this.” He strokes me head.

I freeze up.

“Let’s move her upstairs.” A voice says.

“We can’t watch?” One of the losers in front of me says, his hair is shaggy and blonde.

“No. Not this. You lost.” Royce says.

“Dude. At lease let me eat that fin pussy for a second.” The blonde says.

“Sure.” Royce says.

I stiffen even more if that’s possible. Royce’s hands press down on me from behind holding me steady. The guy comes forward towards my pussy, Easily accessible and visibly dripping between my spread legs. His blonde curls tickle my thigh as he roughly brings his face down to my pussy. He sucks greedy and rough on my clit, pushing his finger into my pussy. He nips my clit. It sends electricity up my spine.

My hips buck into his face embarrassingly. He wraps his arms around my legs, pulling my hips towards him. I keep grinding my hips to his face and moaning. I can’t help it. I’m about to cum, and Royce sees that. Roughly, he pulls me into his strong arms.

“Enough,” I’m shaking now. I was so close.

He carries me up the stairs. I hear footsteps follow behind him.

I look over his shoulder it’s Mike and his friend Damian.

They take me to Mike’s room its the biggest. They lay me on the edge of his king sized bed. My pussy is still dripping. Mike comes around. I start to scoot away from him across the bed. Mike scares me. I know he’s rough. His pants are already down, and I can see his very erect, very large penis bobbing as he pull me back towards him.

“Look how wet this slut is. I can just slide right in.” Damian comes from the other side of the bed holding my shoulders down so I can’t try to scoot away. My arms are pinned behind me.

I see Damian line his huge cock up with my pussy. He bobs the head against my cli. Then pulls back. I look to Royce. He’s smiling. Suddenly, Mike forces his way in one powerful thrust into me. I scream. He’s splitting me into. He’s so thick, and without even easing it in.

“What a tight cunt you have.” Mike remarks. “I’m gonna break that sweet little pussy.” Royce is stroking himself in the corner.

Mike grabs my hips and just starts ramming himself into me over and over again while I scream. I’m so full. I know I’mg begging in turns for him to stop and to make me cum. I’m so confused.

Damian races over me and starts to rub my clit clumsy and hard the way men do. But it’s perfect. As Mike keeps brutalizing my pussy, ankara türbanlı escortlar my body starts to shudder and convulse. I cum hard feeling the walls of my pussy pump and squeeze Mike.

“Fuck.” He groans.

Now I’m moaning uncontrollably and bucking my hips into Mike to keep him fucking me while I cum hard on his thick cock. As the waves of my orgasm subside, he starts fucking me again ferociously.

Damian straddle my face from the other side while Mike keeps umping in and out of me. He presses his cock to my lips.

“Open, babe.” I hear Royce across the room. His voice gravelly, aroused.

I do. and suddenly I’m basically suspended between these women as they fuck me back and forth. I’m choking on dick but I love how full I am. Mike starts to rub my clit again. I’m moaning around Damian’s cock as I start to shudder again.

I cum two more times as they fuck me like this.

“Stop. Let’s really see what she can take.” It’s Royce. I’ve been too busy to look at him during all this. He props me up, unties me. I’m weak and shaky from cumming so much. Damian lays on the bed, and Royce eases me onto his cock. I put my hands on either side of Damian’s head, tits in his face, to support myself. Mike is in front of my face. Huge cock lined up with my mouth. He pulls my face down to his balls. “Suck them, bitch.” He rubs them in my face. I comply sucking on his hairy balls, trying desperately to please these men. I’m so turned on.

Suddenly, there is a coldness on my ass hole. A finger works its way inside my tight ass.

“Ready for some real fun, babe.” Royce says. He removes his finger, and gently starts to ease his dick into my ass. It doesn’t matter. I pull back from Mike and yelp in pain. Mike grabs my hair and shoves his cock deep in my throat. At the same time, Royce berries himself balls deep in my ass, and I’m screaming around the massive dick in my throat. I think I black out for a second. When I come to, the three men are still using my holes to please themselves. I’m so full, stretched to my limit. And suddenly it feels great and my body convulses against them. I go limp again.

I don’t know how long they fuck me like that, but suddenly as if in silent agreement, they all pull out. Roll me over. They circle around me jerking off as they all spray their loads on my face. I can’t even protest as stream after stream coats my cheeks. I lay there. Spent.

I hear two pairs of footsteps leave the room. The bathroom door is opened i hear running water, a shower. Then Royce walks over and carries me bridal style into the bathroom. He sits down in the shower, holding me in this lap while the water runs over us. He hums to me while he cleans my face gently.

“How was that, love? I wanted to go above and beyond to fulfill your fantasies.”

I’m too exhausted to give a good reply, “mhmm.” I smile at him then bury my face in his shoulder, as he gently holds me, and kisses my forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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