Beach Meeting Ch. 02

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Please first read “Beach Meeting”

My wife Sally and I were on a short holiday, staying at a hotel next to the beach. While walking on the beach we met a couple, Marianne and Carl who were on holiday……

The four of us were sitting in the spa, Mal and Marianne on one side Carl and I on the other. Drinking champagne, the guys were drinking beer. We were all quite merry and in good spirits.

Carl was sitting next to me, his hand gradually exploring my thigh. I liked the touching, as I was feeling quite horny after the events of the afternoon. Carl was exploring my legs, stroking up and down, gradually further in between my thighs. I opened my legs to allow him, it felt lovely, naughty, and I wanted him to keep going. His hands and fingers finding their way to my pussy, gently brushing through my bush then slowly probing further and further into me. It was lovely, but quite erotic because it was so naughty.

Mal and Marianne were obviously engaged in some close touching, as I noticed they were sitting closer together and their movements suggested so. I saw Marianne sit in front of Mal for a few minutes, and then they stood and climbed out of the spa.

I saw Marianne’s lovely voluptuous body, lovely big breasts and I knew that Mal would be having a great time. I felt a little jealous just as they walked into the apartment, wishing we could join them.

Carl picked me up and sat me on his knees. Sideways at first, as he played with my breasts and stroked my back. Then he lifted me up, turned me to face him and sat me legs apart, on his knees. I felt very exposed, but Carl was so gentle I felt comfortable with him.

Carl teasingly stroked his fingers up and down my pussy. Moving his knees apart, causing my legs to open even further, Carl stroked and probed my pussy, gradually probing his fingers into me. I reached mobilbahis güvenilir mi towards him, finding his cock floating in the water between us. It felt quite large, not hard but long and thick. I held it with both hands, squeezing then stroking it slowly, feeling it grow harder. Carl pulled me towards him, squeezing his cock between our bodies. I started to wonder when he was going to try and fuck me with it.

I bit of panic set in. Possibly just over excitement and a little too much champagne, but Carl noticed my nervousness, and suggested we go inside.

Out of the spa, Carl wrapped a towel around me, patting me all over. We went into the apartment, sitting on the lounge where Carl urged me to lay down and relax. He sat next to me patiently waiting for me to get over my nervousness.

Gradually, Carl started exploring again, under my towel, stroking my legs, tummy, and breasts. Removing my towel, he continued, telling me I had a wonderful body. I loved the attention, but kept wondering…..

Then, Carl placed my hand on the front of his towel. I felt his cock below. Reaching under, I squeezed his cock. It felt big, thick and as I squeezed and stroked it became hard and started to jerk in my hand.

As I stroked Carl, he was exploring my pussy with his fingers. It felt wonderful, I just wanted him to do it harder and faster, I was starting to get anxious.

Carl reached over to the table beside the lounge. I realised he had retrieved a condom and watched as he rolled it down over his cock. I was amazed at the size; it looked even bigger than I had previously thought when I was touching him in the spa.

With his big grin, Carl looked at me then suggested I sit on his lap. Again he played with me, stroking and fingering, as I became more and more aroused.

Pulling me towards mobilbahis him, we cuddled. I momentarily wondered how we would do it, then Carl lifted me with his hands below me, lowering me towards his cock.

I had to guide his cock, sliding the head along my pussy, then as he lowered me, directing the shaft into me. As Carl lowered me down, his huge cock slid into me. It certainly felt big, but because I was so wet it slid in and felt wonderful.

With his cock buried deep inside me, Carl pulled me towards him, asking if I was alright.

I just mumbled something which made him chuckle and pull me tighter towards him.

The feeling of his cock inside me made me want to move. I wanted to ride him, but he was holding me tight. I realised he must have been close to cuming and was trying to hold me still for a while. I could feel his cock twitching inside me.

After a few moments, we started rocking, moving, slowly up and down. The feeling was wonderful. My pussy was stretched; my clit was rubbing hard against his cock. I just wanted to ride him hard so I could cum.

We rocked and rode like this for a few minutes. I could feel it coming, I thought I should stop but couldn’t, and started to tremble as an orgasm shook me and made me gush some juices over his cock.

Carl chuckled and told me to keep going and do it again. I am sure I must have blushed because I felt so hot and flustered, but I wanted to keep riding his lovely cock.

I continued, rhythmic rocking and riding, as Carl gently lifted and lowered me on his cock. After a few minutes Carl jerked hard into me, as his cock shot his cum into me. His violent thrusting hit me hard and deep inside, but luckily as I was on top I was able to ride him and not get hurt.

We collapsed together, easing down from our orgasms. I loved the feeling mobilbahis giriş of his cock in me, slowly reducing in size as he relaxed. Carl slid out of me and we lay together on the lounge.

After a while I suggested we go join Marianne and Mal. Collecting our towels, we cautiously entered the bedroom.

Marianne and Mal were together on the bed. As we got closer, I could see they were more than just together. Marianne greeted us, suggesting we get on the bed and join them.

Carl removed my towel, and laid me on the bed next to Mal. He then sat next to me, as I rolled over and gave Mal a kiss. Marianne also leaned over and kissed me.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Carl was rolling another condom onto his cock; he then climbed onto the bed and kneeled between my legs.

Marianne and Carl kissed and spoke momentarily in German, then both giggling they turned to their new partners.

I could see Marianne was slowly riding Mal, who was fondling her big breasts which were swinging just above his face.

As I watched Marianne, Carl moved up between my legs and slid his cock along my pussy, sliding up and down, teasing, as if waiting for me to let him in. Pushing my legs wider apart, he pushed forward, his cock sliding into me a little at first then more and more as he pushed harder. When he was buried in me, he sat up and with his big grin he announced to all that he thought I had a very sexy body and that it felt wonderful to be in this position.

Marianne and Mal both laughed, and continued their rhythmic movements, then rolling over to take up the same position as Carl and I.

The four of us continued into the night, side by side slowly fucking, talking a little at times and occasionally stopping for a rest.

One time when we were talking, Marianne leant over and gave me a kiss on the lips and then she kissed and sucked one of my nipples. It was beautiful.

Carl and Mal both had to change condoms a few times. Marianne and I just enjoyed whatever they wanted to do.

I don’t think we slept more than an hour or two that nite.


Sally and Mal

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