Bangkok Adventure Ch. 3

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The taxi ride from the Kyoto Lounge back to the hotel was hell. Trust our luck that we got a cab whose air conditioning had given up the ghost when Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were still in power. So, the windows were down and we inhaled carbon monoxide for the forty minute journey.

In the hotel suite, Ming held up her hair so I could unzip her dress. As she headed for the shower, I stripped off too, pulled on a t-shirt, poured a vodka, topped the glass up with Coke, switched on the tv and slumped exhausted into a chair.

Then the door-chime rang. Lin! I’d forgotten about her! I put my glass down and went to the door. A peek through the spy-hole confirmed it was her and I let her in. She looked as sweet and fresh as I must have looked a total mess. I suddenly felt even more grimy from the ride across the city.

Lin’s eyes widened as she glanced around the suite. I kissed her on the cheek.

“Thanks for coming,” I said.

She just smiled: “Okay, miss.”

“Call me Isabel, darling.” I took her hand and led her further into the lounge area. She seemed reluctant to sit down but agreed to have a soft drink. “Something stronger maybe?” She shook her head. Housekeeping had left a fresh tub of ice, so I filled the glass with cubes before pouring the soda.

“Ming here?” Lin asked.

“She’s in the shower.” She took the glass and sipped it. “Is that okay?” I asked.

She nodded and looked up at me, smiling: “Isabel, you are very tall…” I slipped a hand around her waist and bent my head so I could kiss her on her soft open lips. She responded by probing a little with her tongue. As I opened my eyes I saw that she was looking at me. She smiled with even white teeth and, at that instant, slipped easily into my arms, her body pressing against mine. We kissed again and this time I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked gently on my extended tongue.

“Wah!” We turned and saw Ming coming out of the bathroom. She had a towel around her hips but was naked from the waist up; her long hair curled up under another towel on her head. “Hello, Lin!” She gave the Thai woman a big soppy kiss.

“It’s my turn for the shower. I’ll be back soon,” I said and headed toward the bathroom, leaving the others in the lounge to amuse themselves.

I turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature towards cool. In front of the mirror I pulled off my t-shirt and pushed my panties down over my hips before kicking them away. As I struggled to get my dangly earrings out, the door opened and Lin stepped in. She smiled and, in the mirror, I saw her eyes glance up and down my naked body. Ming would have put her up to this, I thought. I put the earrings down and turned so she could see me properly. She was wearing sleeveless cotton top buttoned down the front and a pair of chino-like lightweight jeans. She obviously wasn’t going to make the first move, so I reached out and undid the top button… then the next. When it fell open, she smiled but kept her arms by her side and I was left looking at the smooth pert breasts that I hadn’t dare touch back at the Kyoto Lounge.

She flinched a little as I pushed my fingers into the tight waistband of her jeans. I popped the big button at the front and then slowly pulled the zip down. As I eased the jeans down over her hips, I was careful not to touch her. It was my turn to look at her body before taking her by the hand and leading her into the shower. I closed my eyes and turned my face up into the shower, letting the cascade wash the grime from me.

I felt Lin’s soapy hands on my shoulders and neck as her magic thumbs and fingers started to massage me. I took the opportunity to shampoo my hair as she worked her way down my back, giving each vertebra individual attention. When she reached the base of my spine, I leaned towards the wall, opened my legs a little and pushed my bum out. Still nothing. What did she need, a written invitation? Finally, her hand moved between my thighs and she rubbed the round edge of the soap in long sweeps from my ass to my trimmed pubic hair and back again. Her bare hand followed but, when it started to linger, I turned around to face her. She began with my shoulders again, but she was looking at my tits. This time I grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands downwards. Her fondling was tentative and I grew ever more certain that she hadn’t done this to another woman’s breasts before.

Finally she let go and soaped my belly before leaning down, her face inches from my pussy as she ran her soapy hands over my legs. Then, as she quickly ran the soap over her own body, I took the shower head off its clip and washed us both down. Lin popped out first and was waiting for me with a towel as I stepped over the side of the bath tub.

By the time we returned to the lounge, only the inside of my pussy was still wet. I watched as I followed her; she walked with the grace of a dancer, one slim leg before the other, her shoulders back, proud. Ming, still drying her own hair, looked up and smiled appreciatively. I sat at the end of the sofa nearest my vodka and sipped it, peering at Lin over the rim of the glass. When I patted the sofa next to me she sat illegal bahis down, her face turning up, lips open, demanding to be kissed again. My hand was now around her shoulders, stroking her smooth brown skin. As she slumped back, I reached down and touched the icy side of the glass to one of her nipples. She gasped and giggled. I put the glass down and used my cold fingers to cup her breast, fondling it gently before taking the nipple and squeezing it between my finger and thumb. Lin’s back arched and she raised one of her legs, planting her foot on the sofa and letting it fall back invitingly.

I reached down and explored her pussy, dipping my fingers and getting them wet before dragging one out and across her clitoris. I lifted her head so she could watch what was happening and started to massage her clit with increasingly faster rotating movements. In the chair opposite the sofa, Ming gave me a little wave and stuck her tongue out. Fortunately, she was well past the jealousy stage. I used the hand around Lin’s shoulders to tug on her nipples as the other made quick and increasingly persistent sideways movements. Her back arched even more and her breathing became sharper before she mewed a little “Oh!” and reached her orgasm.

I hugged her tight and kissed her again. She responded by putting her leg over my thigh. I reached down under her belly and eased her labia open so she could press her clit against my skin. The instant I removed my hand, her hips began to rise and fall, making small thrusting movements. I lifted one of my breasts and touched the nipple to her lips. She sucked it in, her tongue flicking over the full tip, her hips now moving a little faster.

Looking over her shoulder, I could see that Ming had opened her towel and now had a leg draped over each arm of the chair. Brazenly, she reached down to her exposed pussy and started to masturbate. Little grunting noises were coming from Lin’s throat. My hand was now on her bum and I could feel the muscles clench as she brought herself to another climax. Almost straight away she slid her body across so it was between my legs. She pulled her head back, letting my nipple pop out, and began to kiss and lick her way down my belly. As she pressed my labia apart, I wondered how good she was going to be at what was coming next…

I needn’t have worried. I watched her dark young eyes and enjoyed the attentions of her eager tongue. My nipples stood out from my breasts begging for attention. Lin had freed a hand so she could rub her own pussy, but Ming probably had a much better view of this than I did. I held Lin’s head in place and lifted my hips against her face. When I came, she had her third orgasm at the same time. As I drew her back onto me, I saw Ming’s head roll, her long hair flailing as she fetched herself off.

If I’d been tired earlier, now I was exhausted. It was, said Zebedee, time for bed.

The entrance to the Nomen Bar was in a side street close by the Phatpong district. There were a few people milling about in the alley – including a few optimistic men. As we pushed our way through to the door I noticed a Western woman. She was smoking a cigarette and looking a bit spaced out about something.

I smiled at her: “Is this the smokers’ ghetto?”

“No,” she replied, “I’m just…” Her accent was geographically-vague North American.

“Are you on your own?” I asked. “It’s not a good idea to hang around out here. Come in with us.”

“Aw, thanks,” she said, brightening up. She stubbed out her cigarette and followed us in. I took a closer look at her as we ordered drinks at the busy bar. Her hair was short and gelled spiky like a professional soccer-player’s. She wore spectacles and no make-up; well, maybe a little foundation. Her pin-striped slacks would have fitted better if she’d had more boyish hips. Her white shirt was set off by a striped men’s tie and a buttoned waistcoat that failed to conceal the fact that she had tits. I think she was trying to tell us something.

“You look a bit fed up and the evening hasn’t even started yet.” She tried a bit of a smile but didn’t say anything. There was something about her. I whispered in her ear: “First time?”

She nodded shyly: “Yeah…”

“I see. My name is Isabel, by the way. This is Ming.” Ming gave her one of her beaming grins.

“My name is Samantha.” Not Sam yet, I thought. Give it time. “I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska,” she added. She was about my age – mid-thirties.

“I would have thought that a place as big as Lincoln would have had a lesbian bar or two.”

“Sure it does. But I’m married you see. It would be a complete disaster to be caught in a place like that. Gee! Anyway, when I found out about this place, I bought these clothes…”

“And some hair gel?”

She giggled: “Do you think it looks kinda silly?”

“No,” I said, “I think it looks very nice. You whole outfit.”

“Wah,” said Ming, “Samantha look pretty.” Wrong word, Ming!

“Yes,” I added, “very handsome.” For the first time, Samantha began visibly to relax. “Well, it looks like we need another girl.”

“Oh,” said Sam, as though she had forgotten why she was there. We walked illegal bahis siteleri through to the main part of the club and wandered around, taking in the sights. Apart from the absence of any men, it looked like any other disco. A DJ was pumping out the usual Ibiza, some women were gyrating in cages and the dance-floor was heaving. The local girls were mostly wearing boob-tubes or halter-tops with mini-skirts or tight shorts and were cruising the place looking for Western partners with money. Amongst them were a few harder cases either dressed in male clothes or BDSM leather, chains and black latex. The pace was under-funded by comparison with the Kyoto Lounge and the absence of a sex-show suggested it didn’t have the right kind of police ‘protection’.

“Table?” asked a bikini-clad waitress. I nodded and she found one for us in a corner near the dance-floor. Ming was jumping up and down already; she wanted to boogie.

“Later,” I said, “I need a drink first.” Ming pouted back at me and reached for Sam’s hand. Sam looked at me as though she needed my approval, as though I had all that much control over Ming. Ming dragged her off and the server took drink orders.

“Would you like a girl to join you?” she asked while scribbling on her pad. I said yes. “Extra drink for her.” I nodded again and she left. Ming and Sam were not far away and the Chinese girl was throwing herself around for the benefit of a much happier Nebraskan.

“You like dance, Ma’am?” I looked up to see who had spoken. Next to me was a slim but shapely Thai girl. She was wearing a brief mini-skirt, but my eyes were drawn to the boob-tube holding her breasts in place. “You dance?” she repeated.

“No, darling, sit down.” I patted the chair next to me. She sat down and crossed her legs. Her drink arrived and she sucked on it through a straw.

“My name Tal,” she said.

“Hello, Tal. I’m Isabel.”

“You American?”

“No, English.” She fell quiet again. What the hell were we going to talk about? Maybe talking was not the central idea; dancing perhaps, first vertically, then horizontally. Fortunately, before long, Ming and Sam came back to join us and I extended the introductions.

“Sam,” I asked, “are you here on vacation?”

“No,” she replied, her eyes skittering around the talent. “I came for a business convention and decided to stay on a few days.”

“No husband with you then?”

“I told him I wanted to stay on a few days to see the temples.”

“There is plenty to worship around here.”

“Gee, Isabel, I really have been visiting the temples. I’ve been getting photographs as er…”


“Yup! Evidence!” And she laughed for the first time. Ming had dragged her chair closer and had her hand on Sam’s trousered thigh already. The American pretended to ignore it, but made no move to take it away.

The music had switched to something smoochy by Phil Collins, so I drained my glass and made for the dance floor with Tal in tow. She fell easily into my arms, my left hand holding her right against my shoulder, the other hand on the small of her back. As we moved, my chin was opposite her forehead but she soon rested her head on my shoulder, her lips touching my neck. Mmmm… Before the track had finished, her hips were grinding against mine. I kept tight hold of her when the next number started.

I glanced back towards our table. The waitress was delivering fresh drinks. As she moved away she revealed that Ming was whispering in Sam’s ear, her hand on the American’s belly. When we got back to our seats, there were giggles all round.

“What are you two up to?” I asked.

“Ming asked me if I wanted to take her to bed.”

“She asks everyone that, Sam. It’s because she is a relative beginner.”

Ming frowned at this, her hand getting closer to Sam’s crotch: “Bu deng le! Don’t understand… I have sex with relative?” Our laughter seemed to baffle Tal, so I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned her head against me again. Sam now had her hand on Ming’s, trying to stop her exploring any further up her leg.

“So what did you say?”

“I told her I was a beginner too. Well, something happened in high school, then at college. But I came from a very conservative family. Also I was kinda worried that if word got out that I went with women, I’d never get a husband.”

I nodded. Now Tal had her hand on my thigh. It occured to me that we had a problem with Sam. If she relaxed just a jot, Ming would be all over her – but it was all a bit too public for her. Ming had now taken the American’s hand and placed it under one of her tits. When she let go, the hand just fell to her waist.

I had an idea: “Tal? Where are the toilets?” She pointed to a door and I set off through the crowd, handbag over my shoulder. Beyond the door, a dark corridor turned right just after the entrance to the ladies’ room. The place was packed; a few girls were trying to fix make-up, two others were sharing a spliff, another had her skirt up around her waist and was rolling her head in response to the girl who was between her legs munching on her pussy. The place used to be a men’s room; the urinals canlı bahis siteleri were the give-away, Sherlock. A group of women were standing around one of these making a clamour about something. As one of them moved I could see a bulky dyke, her sweat pants around her knees, trying to pee into the urinal standing up and facing it. She was drunk, they were all very drunk. Suggesting that Ming and Sam got together in here was out of the question.

I didn’t want to pee anyway so I left. As the door closed on the chaos in the toilet, I heard a heard a muffle cry from around the corner. I walked back and peeked round. Under a dim red light I could make out three figures. A young naked Thai girl was sandwiched between a couple of leather-clad punks. One with a Mohican hair-cut had an arm around the girl’s neck and was twisting her arm up behind her back. The other punk was remarkably ugly – a characteristic not enhanced by her shaved head. She was trying avoid the girl’s flailing legs as she ripped her dress from her. I reached down and snapped open my handbag.

The Thai girl was fighting bravely but she was no match for the two muscle-bound Westerners. She tried to scream, but the Mohican clamped a thick leather bracelet over her mouth. The shaved one punched her in the stomach and started to push her fingers into the young woman’s pussy. I couldn’t stand it any longer; I stepped around the corner.

“Go away!” snapped one of them.

“Let her go,” I said, “she doesn’t want this.”

“Fuck off, bitch!” snapped the bald one as she grabbed one of the girl’s ankles, forcing her legs open. “We fucking bought her!” The accent sounded Dutch. My heart was pounding. How the hell could I talk my way out of this situation?

Baldy punched the girl in the tummy again. I stepped forward kicking her hard in the side of the knee and she yelped and crumpled to the ground. I grabbed the other woman’s fist and tried to pull it off the girl’s throat. She was too damned strong for me so I punched her in the ear, hurting my hand on all the metalwork. But it made her let go and the little Thai girl scurried off.

The bald dyke was back on her steel-capped boots. Her friend was cursing, really pissed at the amount of blood coming from her ear-lobe. Now I really was in trouble. I backed off, my heart racing. They moved towards me, fists clenched. I turned and ran. They shouted and gave chase but, as they came around the corner, they ran into the cloud of Mace I was squirting from the little spray-can I always kept in my purse. They stopped and retched, their knuckles rubbing at their eyes, their lungs heaving. I tossed the empty canister into a trash can and walked back into the club.

I stopped by the door for a while to regain my composure. Four years in the army had just served me well but, dammit, I hate violence. I hoped the girl was okay but I didn’t want to make any more of a fuss and spoil the rest of the evening. There was no sign of the punks, so I assumed they were in the loo washing off the tear gas.

My breathing now steady again, I went back to sit with the girls.

“Absolute bedlam back there,” I said. Ming was now determinedly licking Sam’s ear; I still hadn’t resolved that issue. I picked up my glass and took and long drink. Tal reached out for my hand; she had noticed a cut on the back of one of my knuckles.

“You hurt,” she said, a concerned expression spreading over her face. “I get something!” I patted the cut with a paper napkin and told her to stay. But she disappeared anyway.

When she eventually came back, she had a Band-Aid and the girl from the back with her. She was wearing a different dress and, her hands held together under her chin, was speaking in Thai. She had fixed her make-up, but her eyes were red from crying. If the experience had shaken me up, it must have been much worse for her. Sam and Ming were asking me what was going on. As Tal stuck the plaster on my finger, she translated what the girl was saying.

“She say thank you. She say you very brave.”

“How is she?” I asked.

Tal spoke to the girl and then to me: “She say she okay. She thank you.”

“Good. Is she going home now?”

There was more chatter, then Tal said: “Boss say she stay till club close.”

“Then the boss is a prick.” I gave them some cash. “Give the boss $50 and tell him or her that I’m talking her out of here. She can keep the rest for a new dress. And please get me another drink.” As I was giving Ming and Sam the short version I noticed the management evicting the two thugs. We left too, not long after. I paid another $50 ransom to get Tal out but I put the other girl in a taxi and sent her home.

Within the hour, all four of us were tucked up in one of the hotel’s queen-size beds. I was sitting up and trying to relax with another drink and Tal was doing her bit by delicately rubbing my pussy. A remarkably patient Ming was trying to persuade Sam to take her shirt and panties off. Sam meanwhile was more interested in seeing what Tal’s hand was up to under the sheets. Ming pushed the covers down. Finally, Sam decided she wanted some of the same and let Ming pull her panties off. Once Ming’s fingers made contact, the American suddenly sat up, and throwing all caution to the winds, took off her shirt, proving that she had more tonnage than the rest of us put together. She stayed upright as Ming licked and sucked her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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