Banging the Boss Ch. 02

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After our first fervent sexual encounter, Jack and I had spent many more wonderful days of horny love making together. I say ‘making love’ because, as naughty as we got, we always had a love for each other that was at least for me unparalleled with anyone else. I think for Jack too I was more than just a fuck, we loved each other, it was off the wall, a bit sick, but love all the same. That’s what made the sex between us so great, the trust you feel for someone you love enables you to be completely yourself — no matter how funky.

One day, after a few days abstinence, we were both feeling very horny. By now, we didn’t even wait until the shop had closed before we made love. We flirted and teased for a few hours in between serving customers, the wetness between my legs growing to uncomfortable proportions. Jack joked that he was leaking pre-cum and had to find a place to shoot his load soon. Every time we passed each other we’d touch or make a dirty comment, fuck this man got me hot! The fact that the customers were unaware of our passion just added fuel to the fire.

My pussy was leaking like mad; my nipples were hard as hell. I needed this man now! I didn’t care that we were open for business, I couldn’t wait. I went into my office and lit a cigarette, within moments Jack followed. I had my back to the door but I could smell his maleness enter the room. He came up behind me and slipped his arms around my waist, kissing on my neck seductively. Instantly, I felt my pussy twitch and become, if possible, even wetter than it had been a few minutes before. For some reason, this man made me wetter than any other man I had ever met — and there had been a few!

I groaned illegal bahis and slipped my hand around my back, groping for his stunning hard-on. I felt it twitch in my hand like it had a life of it’s own. Fuck! It felt so good, throbbing and writhing in my hand. I had the instant desire to have its fantastic hardness in my arse while he thrust his fingers deep into my sopping wet pussy.

We rubbed each other for a while, he with his hand in my knickers, I searching desperately for his zip to allow his great fucking cock to spring free. I found his zipper and ripped it down, still with my back to him. His hard-on released, pushed against my pussy and arse, the pre-cum lubricating his masculine hardness, I reached around and stroked him. ‘Please fuck me darling.’ I begged. I had to have him in me. ‘But what about the shop?’ He gasped, his cock rubbing against my slippery gash.

‘There’s no-one in, please darling, I can’t wait, I want you in me now.’ I pleaded.

We have a CCTV in the office so luckily we can see if anyone enters the shop. Jack, realising that we were alone, grabbed his cock and pushed it into my sopping pussy, his eyes glued to the CCTV screen. It was like an instant relief, and also if I’m honest, at the same time a turn-on, to feel this guys cock in my pussy while we definitely should not be doing in, was amazing. To think we could get caught was almost too much to bear.

Jack grabbed my hips and fucked me stupid for maybe ten minutes. He pounded me deep and hard as I pushed back against him, holding onto my desk for support my skirt hitched up around my waist. I ripped down my vest top and bra so he could gain access to my aching tits. illegal bahis siteleri One of his hands snaked around and tweaked on a nipple while the other hand kept it’s firm grip on my pelvis and pulled me onto his cock. Fucking hell! I loved it when he took control. I came like a fucking train! Readers of this story have to realise just how sexy this man is — the mere feel of his breath in your ear makes you want to cum.

Jack wasn’t finished with me yet. He loved sex as much as me. The naughtier the better, and listening to me cum, made his cock even harder. He put his finger in his mouth to lubricate it slightly and then slid it firmly up my arse, fucking me slowly in and out. It felt amazing, even though I’d only just cum. ‘Bend over’ he hissed.

Without hesitation, I bent over my chair and felt the hot, wet head of his cock rubbing against my arse and pussy lips. Jack took hold of his cock and sought out the tight hole of my arse, he rubbed it gently against the spot before pushing bit by bit into my lower bowel. I screamed out loudly, the mix of pain and pleasure erupting within me.

I can’t tell you how good I felt that day. I had had anal a few times before, but probably twenty years ago, so I felt almost like a virgin again. I’ve never had children, so I’m quite proud of the fact that my pussy is quite tight for my age, but to Jack, my arse must have felt like a vortex. ‘Don’t worry about hurting me’, I growled. I loved a bit of pain, I loved being dominated.

Jack pushed on, once his cock was all the way in he fucked me hard and fast. I screamed, I moaned, I growled, I squealed. I came. Oh my, I had discovered my new favourite fuck. Whether canlı bahis siteleri it would be the same with other men I didn’t know, but with Jack the nastier the better.

Jack fucked my arse till I could hardly stand anymore, I had cum twice that day but wanted more. My pussy was desperate but my poor arse was raw with the pounding it had just gotten. ‘I can’t take anymore!’ I screamed.

‘Yeah, you can.’ He growled, as he pumped even harder into my sore hole.

He knew me well, I liked to be punished, ordered around. I smiled, gritted my teeth and took his wonderful abuse, no matter how much he hurt me, I wanted my gorgeous man to cum, to cum hard in my arse.

I gripped hard on my office chair, his hands on my hips, he pumped my arse hard on his beautiful stiff cock over and over until I felt him tense and tremor. I reached one hand around and grabbed his delicious balls, felt them constrict. With an animal like growl he allowed himself to cum, deep into my awaiting bowels. Spurt after spurt of saltly hot sperm jettisoned into my body, I could almost feel it reach my stomach, although I knew it wasn’t possible. It felt fucking fantastic!

He stayed buried deep in my arse for several moments, his cock giving the occasional spasm until he became flaccid. We both laughed, mainly due to the fact that we had been so naughty, but also due to the amazing sexual relief we both felt. ‘That was fucking fantastic!’ I giggled.

‘I know’, he said with a smile, pulling his cock out of my arse.

I pulled down my skirt and turned around, threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. He still smelt strongly off testosterone and I unwillingly felt horny again. My God! I wanted him already! Whatever he had, I wanted it, he so fucking did it for me!

At that moment, we saw an elderly lady enter the shop. We smiled ruefully, ‘I’ll go.’ I grimaced.

We both knew it was just the beginning.

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