Back to Work

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It was good to be back at work again. Our plant had been shut down by the local health authority for a full month as there had been a Covid outbreak at our plant. Some of the younger workers had gone to a big house party despite all the restrictions and admonitions not to and sure enough, came down with COVID. Two of them got sick and recovered but not before they had worked a few days and spread it around the plant like plague rats.

Fortunately, I was working the evening shift as a supervisor while those fools were on the morning shift and I didn’t come into contact with them when the shifts changed over. Nevertheless, we were closed down for a month and were forced to sit at home on our asses waiting to go back to work. Thankfully, I’d been saving my money for a long vacation when it happened, so I wasn’t completely caught out like others were. Still, by the time the month was over, my savings were all but gone despite the unemployment insurance. And just as bad, I was bored to death. It’s nice to have time off work for a bit, but for me, more than a week at home and I get restless. Even though within an hour of being at work I’d be bored there too. But I digress.

As part of the new safety protocols, a bunch of new custodial staff were brought in to constantly clean the plant to make sure no more outbreaks occurred. They were the stereotypical mix of older Latin men and women with a few white women as well. One of them really stood out to me though. A younger looking blond who looked vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where from. Or maybe I was imagining it too.

As the next few weeks flew by catching up with our massive backlog of orders, I saw her again and again and the feeling that I knew her somehow kept gnawing at me. Maybe it was the lack of female company for over a year that was fuelling these thoughts. The last relationship I’d been in was a sort of relationship that had only lasted a few dates before she broke it off. I wasn’t too hurt by it as that had been the furthest extent of my dating history till that point anyway. I’d had a few hookups to be sure, but never any meaningful relationship that lasted. At the end of the day, I wasn’t too upset about it. But as I was nearing thirty, I was getting slightly anxious if I could ever progress to even a long term relationship. And with the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, there was little to no chance for meaningful human contact for a while.

As the weeks went by, I saw the blond more frequently and it wasn’t until one evening when I walked past her while she was chatting with one of the younger guys on shift that the mystery was solved.

“Me? I went high school here in town. West Wood High to be exact.” She replied to the guy’s question.

My ears perked up. I went to that high school too. And then, like a flash of lightning in my brain, I remembered.

“Danielle? Danielle Bryson? Is that you? I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m Jack Thompson. We graduated together…”

“Oh my god! I knew you looked familiar. I didn’t recognize you.” She looked me over as her eyes lit up. “You’ve changed and for the better I might add.”

“Why thank you! You however, look like you haven’t aged a day since grad.”

“Liar.” She retorted playfully as her would be suitor slunk away leaving us to catch up.

“No for real. I thought you were maybe someone’s daughter I went to school with.” I embellished. And then all the memories of high school came flooding back.

The long days of classes. My small circle of nerdy friends eating lunch together in a faraway corner of the school talking about video games and comics and everything that was sure to repel girls as much as possible, all the while lusting after the popular girls as our hormones raged. Being picked last in gym class and listening to the popular guys brag about all the action they got in the locker room afterwards.

I remembered more about Danielle too. She was the daughter of the founder of a local fast-food chain and had money as a result. She drove an expensive sports car to school and always dressed in the trendiest clothes. Clothes that always extenuated her young, curvy body and somehow managed to stay within our school’s dress code. She was part of a clique of girls that were equally as pretty as her and went to all the big parties and dated all the top jocks in school and seemed impossibly out of my league. My friends and I called them The Bod Squad because they all had insane figures.

Danielle was the queen of the bunch but there was also Sarah McTavish, an emerald eyed, natural redheaded beauty with a small smattering of freckles that were simply adorable and a thin figure but with massive breasts she struggled daily to hide in vain. Also in the Bod Squad was Kelly Smith. A raven-haired temptress with a thick bubble butt that made the breast obsessed guys in school question their preference. Lastly, there was Chantal Krueger. She was a brunette who was skinny, istanbul escort like a runway model. She had modest features compared to her friends, but she was stunning to look at, with steel blue eyes that shone with white hot intensity.

And now, years later, here she was. The queen of the Bod Squad in front of me where I worked, and we were carrying like there wasn’t a massive gulf in social status like there had been in high school.

We chatted a bit more before I broke it off.

“Hey it’s been great catching up with you Danielle but I really got get back to work or some of the goons who work here will start some fires or something. I’ll see you around?”

“Sure! Of course. It was great to catch up too. And I’ll def see you around.” She said with a warm smile as she walked away.

I looked back at her and saw that she still had that tight ass you could bounce a dime into orbit off of that she had back in high school. As I went to bed that night, I thought of her and the other girls she hung with and all the late night jerks of what I wanted to do with them but knew I never could. I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of her curvaceous figure dancing in my head.

I didn’t see Danielle for a few days after that. The next day one of the production machines decided to be a total bitch and not work properly. It took me and and our top maintenance guy most of the night to unfuck the machine and by that point, she had left for home. And then it was the weekend and two precious days off.

Next Monday I was in my supervisor’s office eating my lunch and trying to get ahead on the usual mountain of paperwork and emails I had to deal with. There was a knock at the door and I said, “come in,” without looking back to see who entered, assuming it was one of the guys on shift with a question.

“Mind if I eat lunch with you?” It was Danielle!

“Uh, sure! Take a seat.” I answered surprised. I quickly began to clear off a cluttered desk for her to eat at.

“Thanks Jack. The ladies I work with are sweet, but my Spanish isn’t particularly good. Half of what I do know is how to order drinks and room service at a resort and the other half is how to cuss people out. Neither of which is particularly helpful.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah me too sadly.”

So we ate and chatted, catching each other up on what we’d gotten up to since we’d graduated high school. We gossiped like catty bitches about classmates who’d gone to jail or people who thought they were going to go far but ended up staying put, like the both of us.

We talked about trips we’d taken and experiences we had. Me and my history nerd tour of Europe. Danielle and her friends’ pub crawl through Latin America. It was really refreshing to have someone my age to talk to seeing as most of the people I supervised were in their late teens and early twenties and didn’t get my obscure references to shows and video games from my youth. And most of the management at the plant was closer to retirement age so I didn’t have a lot in common there either.

We were chatting away and before we knew it, our lunch breaks were over, and we had to get back to the grind.

“Same time tomorrow?” Asked Danielle.

“Sure! See you tomorrow Danielle.”

“Deal. And please, call me Dani. All my friends do.” She said as she left the office and closed the door behind her.

Did she just call me her friend?! My heart started racing like crazy at the thought. The girl I lusted through high school considered me a friend! I left work that night smiling like a fool, and not for the usual reason which was the fact that I was leaving work. I got home and the normal things I do, showered; made a simple dinner, watched some tv and went to bed.

Tomorrow was the same, Dani joined me for lunch in my office and we spent more time reminiscing about funny things that happened in high school and catching each other up on what our friends from then were up to. Dani went first.

“Sarah went into accounting and now she works for a big fancy firm in the capital city. Kelly is a PR consultant and Chantal is a corporate lawyer the next town over. And of course, I’m here.” Dani explained. “And you want to hear the crazy thing? We’re all still single. Not one of us is married how crazy is that?”

“That is genuinely surprising. It’s like you’re the girls from Sex and the City.” I answered truthfully. I wondered to myself how such beauties were still single, but I didn’t give it too much thought as I began to tell Dani what became of my friends.

“Tony is an engineer now. Civil to be precise; he designs bridges and highways and things like that. Jason is talent scout for a music label, which makes sense seeing as he was always telling us about new bands he’d stumbled across that became big years later. And Sean is a trucker, but he’s happy with it. Jason is the only one of us who got hitched so far.”

“Oh neat!” Replied avcılar escort Dani as she munched on her salad.

“So can I ask you a somewhat more personal question?”

“You can,” responded Dani warily, “Whether I answer it is another matter.”

“Fair enough.” I paused briefly to wonder if I should ask what was on my mind. But I went for it. “How are you girls all still single? You’re all beautiful and from the sounds of it, accomplished professionals.”

Dani scrunched up her face for a moment before answering. “Well it’s not for lack of trying. You may not realize it, but pretty girls like us attract a lot of greasy guys who act nice for a while, then act like assholes when they think they’re in. And that’s what’s happened to each of us to the point now where we are each a lot more discerning about who we date.”

“I see… That sucks; I never thought of that.” I temporized.

“It’s fine. You’re a guy I wouldn’t expect to you know about that…I was actually engaged a few years back.” She paused, with a look of hurt on her face as the memory came back. “He was sweet and caring and handsome too. And I thought he was Mr. Right. But then one day I went to his work to surprise him for lunch only to catch him in the backseat of his car with one of the women in his office. In a fit of rage, I pulled the tire iron out of my trunk and smashed his windows while he was betraying me. Then I took off my ring and threw it in with the shards of glass and told him I never wanted to see him again.”

“Wow….what a piece of shit.” I said, still stunned at what she had told me. “Pardon my saying so, but that guy is a colossal idiot for doing that. I would never cheat on a woman as beautiful and nice as you.”

“That’s nice of you to say.”

“Mind if I change the subject?” I asked, sensing Danielle’s unease.

“Please do!”

“How come you’re working here? I imagined you’d be some regional manager for you dad’s chain or a supermodel.”

Dani smiled. “That was the plan. Until some big multi-national conglomerate bought the chain out. Dad got a nice compensation package out of it, but they brought in their own people to run the business and that didn’t include me sadly. As for being a supermodel. That’s not my jam. I like to get altered with alcohol, not drugs. Plus, I like to eat a hamburger now and then. I’m doing this custodial thing just to make and save some money while figure out what I really want to do.”

I chuckled a bit before she returned the favour of the awkward question.

“So what about you? You were one of the smart kids in school. How’d you end up here?”

“Laziness is the short answer. Being smart in high school doesn’t mean too much. Once you figure out how to pass tests, you learn what you need to do to get A’s and how little work that requires. So I got lazy and didn’t develop the best work ethic and when I got to university to try and become a teacher I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do and couldn’t handle it. So I ended up here. It’s not all bad, at least now. The pay is pretty good here, as are the benefits. And I’m a supervisor now so I don’t have to be on the floor all the time busting my ass; now I bust other people’s asses.” I said with a wry smile.

“I see.” Said Danielle. She picked up her water bottle and raised it. “In that case, here’s a toast to our stunted dreams!”

“Hear hear!”

With that, lunch break was over and we went back to our jobs. We missed each other for lunch the next few days but picked it up again the following week. Our lunches were becoming the high point of my day; I enjoyed her company immensely. It felt like we were finally being ourselves, far removed from the unwritten caste system of high school.

That Friday, I was stuck late at work thanks to having to prep for an upcoming audit and from another weird breakdown on one of our machines. Most of the plant staff had gone home already while I was finishing off the shift report with a detailed description of how we fixed the machine without saying we simply switched it off and on again.

There was an unexpected knock at my door and Danielle came in much to my surprise, closing the door behind her.

“Oh hey Dani. How come you’re still here? Aren’t you usually done by now?”

“Usually yeah.” She agreed as she plonked herself down into a chair. “But two of the ladies called in sick today so that means it took a lot of time to make up for the work they did.”

“Oh that sucks.”

“Sure does but I got some nice overtime pay out of it.” She said with a relieved sigh and paused thinking about what she was wanted to say next.

“Can I ask you a personal question again?” She asked, still with hesitation in her voice.

“Sure. Fire away.”

“Who was your biggest crush back in high school “

“You really wanna know?” I stalled.

“I really wanna know.”

“….You were. And the other girls you were with all the time. Sarah, Kelly şirinevler escort and Chantal. My buddies and I called you The Bod Squad because of how amazing your bodies were.” There I said it.

Dani smiled. “Yeah I can see where that name would fit. So what kind of perverted fantasies did you used to have about me?”

“Do you still really want to know?” I asked, again stalling.

“I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t.” She replied still with a wry smile.

“Oh…they were the usual juvenile fantasies of just the simple pleasure of seeing you naked or watching you shower. I dreamt of your guys’ sleepovers where you would all get naked and compare each other’s bodies and feel each other up. These were very tame fantasies from a mind that hadn’t been exposed to porn yet.” I paused then continued. “You wanna know something sad?”

“Tell me.”

“I heard a nickname that some of the jocks had given to you and for the longest time I had no idea what it meant or why it would be a compliment. That’s how inexperienced and ignorant of the world of sex I was.”

“Oh? What was the nickname?” Dani inquired with a cocked eyebrow.

“Uh…..Bryson the Dyson. I didn’t get it at the time but now I do of course.” I answered with a hint of embarrassment. Both at my ignorance and my stiff cock straining under my jeans.

Dani chuckled at my youthful naïveté. “Yah I haven’t heard that one in a while. I can’t say it wasn’t without justification though…You wanna find out why?”

Now it was my turn to have my eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Excuse me, what?!”

“You heard me smart boy.” Answered Dani with a wicked grin on her face. “Do you want me to show you why the boys at school called me Bryson the Dyson?”

My mind began to race at a ludicrous speed. This couldn’t be happening. My high school crush was offering to suck me off. At work. In my office. My mind and my heart were racing at a ridiculous speed as she got off the chair and got on her knees in front of me. My eyes bulged at the realization that this was happening. The nagging worries of being busted and getting in a world of shit faded away as she reached for my belt and loosened it.

Dani pulled my zipper down and eyed up my bulge.

“Well well well. What have we here?”

She pulled my briefs down and my cock sprang free, finally released from its cotton prison. Now it was Dani’s turn to be surprised.

“Holy shit!”

“What? Is there something wrong?” I asked, suddenly alarmed.

“You could say that…. Has your dick always been this size?”

“Uh…yeah. As far as I can remember.”

“Dear god!”

“Why do you say that? Is it too small or something?” I asked fearing the worst.

“Too small? TOO SMALL?!” Danielle exclaimed. “Jack, your dick is fucking huge! For real. I mean it’s not a foot long like some porn sized dick but it’s pretty damn long. And thick too my god!”

“Really?” I asked with relief and an increasing sense of satisfaction.

“Uh yeah. Watch this.” Dani reached out and took a hold of my rock hard member. Or, at least she tried to. “See I can’t even get my hand around this thick bastard!” Waves of electricity coursed through my body as she touched my manhood. It had been too long since I’d felt another person touch it and the euphoria was overwhelming. I let out a deep sigh of contentment as Dani began to pump my shaft using my pre- cum as a lube.

She ended up using both of her soft hands to work my shaft seeing as her one hand wasn’t adequate to the task. This went on for a few divine minutes until my dick was harder than I’d ever remembered.

“You ready big boss man?” Asked Dani with a sultry tone and a devilish grin. I nodded meekly as she brought her lips to the top of my cock. Then she took as much of me in as she could in one shot. My cock was in heaven as her wet mouth enveloped my dick. And then she went to work.

With her hands she pumped my shaft frantically as she sucked on my cock like it was a lollipop. It was then I realized just how well earned her nickname was. She really was like a vacuum; her suction was relentless as was her tongue work as she pleasured me with her mouth. I instantly thought if I’d had this happen to me back in high school I probably wouldn’t have lasted five seconds before busting.

Now with age and some experience I was able to last longer and truly appreciate how good Dani was at this. She was bobbing up and down on my dick as her hands pumped my shaft and I felt the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat as she sucked me for all I was worth. My dick had never known such pleasure. There was no way I could last under this kind of assault. It had been several days since I’d last jerked off and I was backed up.

“Oh shit Dani I’m gonna cum!!” I gasped loudly.

When I blew, it felt like my dick exploded the feeling and release was so intense. And yet Dani didn’t flinch. She kept her lips locked around my spasming cock as it flooded her mouth with cum. When I was finally done blowing my load she released her grip with a gasp and a smack of her lips.

“Fucking hell! That, was a big load of cum!” She exclaimed with a look of deep satisfaction on her face. “I damn near started to choke on it all there was so much. I’m happy to know I can still handle it.”

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