Asserting His Dominance Pt. 02

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Note: every character is over 18, of course.


Part 2 – Asserting His Dominance

Early in the morning, Hugo woke up beside his wife. She was already awake, looking over her cell phone.

“Morning,” he said, stretching. She smiled down on him, her black hair falling over one shoulder.

“No jogging today?” she asked. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was past eight.

“Yeah, not today.”

“Oops, morning wood,” she said, with a little chuckle. Hugo had only his underwear on.

He had been dreaming about her dad.

“I was dreaming of you,” Hugo said. He whipped out his six inches and grabbed it.

“Oh my god, what has gotten into you?” she asked, amused.

“I’m just happy I’m gonna be a dad,” Hugo said. He sat down on the bed, slapping the cock on his belly, calling her. “Come on.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

He caressed her hair, then grabbed, bringing her closer. He opened her mouth with his tongue.

Lately, Hugo was way more confident, doing things with his own wife that he never would before.

“Did I ask you if you wanted to?” he whispered. “Suck me, bitch.”

His pregnant wife let out a little gasp, but she smiled and went down on him.

Her father gave better head.

He didn’t tell her, of course.

“Gosh, you’re the best in the world.”

“Thank you, daddy,” she said.

Their relationship took a turn. So far, the balance was always a little in her favor since she always liked things her way. But he took control. And Jessica seemed the happier for it.

After she ate his cum, they went to the shower. She hugged him there, telling Hugo she loved him and she was having a great time with their new sexual games. So was he, he said.

“I love you, Jessica. I love you.”

At the back of his mind, he thought about Dante. Today was Saturday, though. He wouldn’t jog, so he had to be content with thinking about the old man.

At breakfast, Jessica received a phone call. It was her mother, Claire.

They talked for a bit over the phone. Hugo listened eagerly, hoping to hear something of Dante, but to no avail. Then, while the daughter talked to the mother, he took out one of Jessica’s tits from her shirt and pinched her nipple. She stared wide-eyed at him, shaking her head. He went ahead and sucked on the nipple hard, making her open her mouth in pleasure, though no sound came out.

“Yes, sure, mom…Okay…” she managed to say, her voice faint.

Hugo suddenly took the phone from her hand.

“Mrs. Claire, hello.” Jessica was almost laughing. She grabbed his cock through the sweatpants. “It’s so nice to hear your voice this early. You too, ma’am. I was going to ask you if I could have a word with the mister. Yeah, is he awake? I heard you and Jessica are going to go shopping today, so I wanted to ask him if he wanted to come here and watch a game or something. Everyone’s on vacation anyway.”

Jessica was amazed.

“That’s so nice, honey.”

Hugo smiled at her. A few seconds later, Dante himself was on the phone. He was quite calm as he agreed to come. Jessica spoke to her dad too, and then hung up.

She looked at him.

“Wow. Jogging really did miracles for you guys.”

“Yep,” was all he said.

A few hours later, Jessica was getting ready to leave. Her mother was coming with her dad. They were going to have a whole day for themselves.

Hugo was excited when he saw Dante’s car arriving at the driveway. He came out of the car, waved at his son-in-law and then opened the door for his wife. Claire was much like Jessica, the older version. She had long dark hair with a few white stripes, but other than that, she seemed to glow with youth.

He shook hands with Dante and kissed his mother-in-law on the cheek.

“Jessica is almost ready,” he said.

“Brought some beers,” Dante said, showing him a pack. Hugo grabbed him by the waist while Claire wasn’t looking.

“Nice, Dante,” he said. “Let’s come in, get comfortable.”

They went to the living room, and while Dante sat on the couch, Claire illegal bahis roamed around looking at portraits hanging on the wall and standing on some tables. Hugo looked at Dante. He mouthed the silent question, “miss me?”

Dante nodded, which made the son-in-law smile.

Jessica strode into the room radiantly and kissed her father and mother. He saw the love that the old man had for his daughter in his proud eyes. Then she quickly asked for a little bit more time to finish her make-up and left again.

“You boys have fun,” Claire said. She gave Hugo another big hug. He almost felt bad for what he was about to do to her husband. But…as she said… They were just boys having fun. Then, suddenly, he looked at Dante and then squeezed his mother-in-law a bit too tight. Dante showed his unrest by moving on the couch.

“Sorry, I just missed you, Claire.”

“Oh, please. You don’t have to miss me,” she said, with a flush on her pretty cheeks. “Let’s have another dinner.”

“I’m on board,” he said.

“Me too,” Jessica screamed from the other room.

Claire went after her, leaving the two guys alone. Hugo got closer on the couch.

“I think Claire is into me,” he said, smiling.

Dante’s face was washed with red.

“You’re wrong.”

“You saw how she got all red?” Hugo said, ignoring him. “You know, sometimes I dream about fucking daughter and mother at the same time. Isn’t it funny?” Hugo said loudly, laughing as the two women came back into the room. Dante went along.


They were not interested in the boy’s conversation. They wanted to go shopping as fast as possible.

And the boys followed the girls to the door, said their goodbyes and watched as the car left.

Hugo expected the old man to be angry at him, to protest his insinuation of cuckolding him, however Dante went for his cock, grabbing him by the balls and massaging him. Hugo was so surprised he didn’t say anything.

“Goddamn,” Dante said. “I thought I wouldn’t get it this morning.”

Hugo laughed.

“I have a lot to give…Although your daughter took the first fill of the day.”

Dante looked at him. His eyes flashed a bit of outrage for just a moment, probably because Hugo was talking about his sweet darling daughter. But instead of showing his anger, he sighed and lowered his head.

“Did you let her eat it?”

“Of course. It’s you I want to teach a lesson, not her.”

“What lesson?” he asked, confused.

“That you’re my bitch.”


“But?” Hugo asked, chuckling on the man’s face.

“But I already am,” he admitted. And as if he was tasting the meaning of the words for the first time, he repeated. “I already am.”

It felt incredible to hear the old man so broken speaking those words. Dante was grabbing his nuts, as if milking them.

“Then let’s make my big balls work; you’ll get whatever they manage.”

His eyes gleamed. Dante started to kneel.

“Let’s go to the couch,” Hugo said.


“Yes, daddy,” Hugo corrected him.

“What?” Dante asked, smiling. “Seriously?”

“Yes. Your daughter began to call me that.”

Dante shut his face. It was pretty funny.

“Now say it.”


Hugo was satisfied. But instead of going to the couch as he had initially planned, he took a detour and took his father-in-law to his bedroom.

“Since you’re shamefully fucking your daughter’s husband,” he said, showing the room to his big brutish bitch, “might as well get fucked on the same bed she does.”

“Gosh, how do you…how can you say those things?” But his voice was soft and mellow, like he enjoyed hearing. “It’s horrible.”

“It’s the truth. Go on, obey daddy, and undress. Show me that hairy ass.” He watched as the father-in-law went to the middle of the room and removed his clothes. “Now go to the bed. Like a doggy. Very good. Open yourself to me. Let me see how tight you are. Hmmmm.” Hugo got closer…He ran a finger straight down his crack and the tight hole squeezed shut. He smiled. “Blink for me, yeah, like that.”

The illegal bahis siteleri older man began to shake.

“What is it?” Hugo asked.

“…so good.”

“Oh. You like this?” Hugo rubbed his finger around the ring of muscles, watching it contract and relax many times. The man so hairy! Why was Hugo so happy about it? He never liked body hair on Jessica. His mind wandered off, but was brought back by Dante opening his legs wide, really exposing his asshole. “Very good, good boy.”

“Thank you…daddy.”

Hugo’s cock twitched inside his pants and he knew it was time to release it. His thick snake was so hard he felt pain from it.

“Lie on your back now. I want to see your face as I eat you.”

“Really? Are you gonna?”

Hugo enjoyed the expectant look on Dante’s face very much. He felt a little weirded out by how much he was enjoying himself. At first, he only wanted to make the big guy bend over and break him completely.

He was into this now.

Was he broken too?

Dante was on his back now. He opened his legs wide and let Hugo grab them, bringing them over the hairy chest so the ass was once again exposed.

“Like a buffalo,” Hugo thought aloud, then realized he had done it because of the weird face Dante made. He explained, “so much hair. Like a buffalo. That was how I thought of you.”

Dante seemed pleased with himself.

“Not anymore?” he asked.

“Yes,” Hugo said, wanting to give the big man something to cling onto his masculinity, because now Hugo was going to destroy it. “Now blink your ass again. Goddamn. So tiny.” He was gonna love fucking that. He imagined it closing around his shaft and gasped.

But first, he positioned himself back on the bed so he could lower his upper body enough, and in this way, he could eat that ass.

His face came really close to it, and he blew a little wind on it. The reaction was instantaneous. Dante shivered all over.

They looked at each other. Dante’s breathing was shallow, like a rabbit’s. He had his eyes wide in anticipation, trembling lips slightly open.

Jessica had never looked like that. So hungry for him.

He had never done this with a guy. And this was not only a guy, but his father-in-law, who had intimidated Hugo so hard he had hated his guts.

His lips brushed the big hairy ass and the tiny little hole. He pressed his nose against it.

“God, fuck…” Dante was whispering.


“Come on, daddy. You’re driving me crazy.”

Hugo chuckled.

“That’s the whole point.” He looked up. “I’m not the first, am I?” He was curious.

Dante took a long time to answer. Maybe he realized Hugo wasn’t going to eat him out if he didn’t speak.

“No, you’re not.”

Hugo was disappointed. He didn’t want the older man to know, so he gave his ass a big thrust of the tongue. A tongue-fucking. It took Dante by surprise; he gasped and shook.

“Oh, fuck.” He really loved it. He was a big old fag who managed to trick everyone in his life.

What about Hugo? What was Hugo?

He was a loving husband.

He was sucking his father-in-law’s ass.

Why couldn’t he be both?

Yes, he could.

“Tell me more,” he told his bitch.

“I can’t…” Dante said, sounding pretty convincing. His voice was a deep whisper, like he couldn’t find air to breathe.

“Do it, or I’ll stop. I’m serious, little boy. Am I not your daddy?” Hugo was almost laughing.

“Gosh…Little boy? Me?” he sounded outraged. But then, Dante smiled. “I can’t believe this.”

“Go on.”

“Yes, daddy. I…It was only one other guy…in college…shit, that feels so good…Hmm. My roommate….Hmmmm…Fuck me…”

“Keep going,” Hugo said, his lips all wet from eating ass. It was amazing, but he had to keep the big man by the leash.

“Hmm…Okay, daddy…Oh, daddy… Okay…My roommate, Marcos… We had a fight because he used to leave…he used to leave his stuff around…” He stopped to moan. “I was fed up. I told him to clean it up. He told me that if I was so bothered, I could do it. canlı bahis siteleri Then he threw his underwear at me.” Hugo had stopped because he was too engrossed in that story. “When he told me to clean it up myself, I just…I felt something, and I took his underwear and then started to clean up his mess. He watched me. Then he began to tell me to do other stuff.”

“So history repeats itself, in a way.” Hugo was amazed. “How much longer until you were his little bitch?”

“Two…three days…”

“Fuck,” Hugo said. Back in college? The old man must have been in his prime and he had already lost his dignity? Hugo enjoyed thinking about it. “Wait a minute. You like to tell everyone that you and Claire met back in college…”

“I was hoping you didn’t recall that.”

Hugo laughed.

“Fuck, you were cheating on Claire already? You must be punished.”

Hugo opened his lips and descended on that butthole, using his tongue to invade. It was so soft. He liked the smell too. It grew on him.

Shit, look at me, he thought. Enjoying the smell of a man’s ass. I’m a fag too. A little, at least.

The realization was easier to face than he had feared.

And only now he knew that he had been afraid.

“Where’s the lucky guy now?”

“Marcos?” Dante asked, then he bit his lip and moaned like a whore. Hugo wasn’t making it easy for him. He pressed his lips against the hole and started to pump some spit inside. “Marcos…He married. Went away. I haven’t seen him for years now. Yeah, daddy, eat that pussy.”

Hugo stopped. Fuck, what a dirty old man. He watched as Dante flushed pink around the neck and ears.

“Pussy, huh?” he said. It definitely made him hornier. “Better than your daughter’s.”

Dante winced at the mention of his daughter, but at the same time, his cock twitched.

“Really?” he asked.

“Hmmm. Fuck. Yes.” Hugo went down on it once more, giving his best. His lips were swollen from sucking so much.

“And you’re the best son-in-law I could ever have, daddy.”

Hugo had to stop once more, this time only to stare deep in the man’s eyes. Something twisted inside of him. He raised himself, and his heavy cock rested on top of Dante’s.

He lubed his cock impatiently. Then, he pointed the head right on the entrance and pressed just enough to tease.

“Say it again,” he told his father-in-law.

“Hmmmm?” The man was rolling his eyes. “What?”

“Say that I’m the best.”

“You are. I’m so sorry. I was so stupid.”

Hugo pressed his cock inside…the head first, throbbing against the walls, walls which hugged him and pushed him out.

Dante was biting his lip, moaning and whispering. “Yeah, you’re the best, you’re the best, daddy.”

Hugo couldn’t get enough of that. His cock kept sliding him, and the throbbing became much more powerful. Finally, he was fucking his father-in-law…while getting the approval which he just realized he still wanted.

It was too much. He wished he was strong enough to fuck that ass for hours and hours, probably would later, but for now, things were too intense.

Instead, he turned into a beast and thrust his body hard, slamming his cock inside, making the old man moan like a bitch, high-pitched like he had never heard Dante sound. It lasted only a few minutes.

“There’s one last thing for you,” he said. “I’ll cum inside of you later. A nice creampie for your pussy, bitch boy. Come eat your fill.”

He slid his cock out of the loose anus, and Dante turned on the bed, bringing his head closer to the cock.

Then Dante laid down on his back, so the cock was right on his face. He licked it while he could. Then Hugo announced the incoming gift. He thrust the cock inside, laying down on top of the older man, so they were doing a sixty nine. His balls tightened. He shot. He felt the cum gushing out of his cock, straight into Dante’s throat.

He couldn’t see, but he was pretty sure he had given his father-in-law much more cum than he had given Jessica earlier that day.

No doubt about who Hugo enjoyed fucking the most.

Dante swallowed everything. And kept sucking.

Hugo stared at the old man’s cock now, and tried it. He put it in his mouth and gave it back to the little boy.

He could be both. A loving husband and a cocksucker.

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