As you Wish, Dear

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He just stood there in the doorway. His mouth wide open, eyes fixed on me and a “tell all” bulge in the front of his trousers. He could not hide it.

These things before my eyes confirmed several suspicions I had developed over the last few months. Things I had researched on my own, tested and confirmed by ways unknown to my husband.

About a year before this night, he had witnessed other men hitting on me at a Christmas party my law firm had in a hotel. These were husbands of our legal clerks, a few partners and some of the new lawyers we had recruited that year.

I found it odd that my husband would not react to these advances from others. I expected him to push his way in between them and me. Even when I looked at him across the room, he would not walk over to introduce himself, ward off these advances in a subtle but honorable way and “save” me from more of the same.


He sat across the room at our empty table and watched. He never moved once, but he kept watching.

In his defense, he did not know any of the words exchanged, so I could chalk it up to trust, love or just give in to the fact that I could be over reacting.

I could, if I hadn’t discovered his browsing history on the home computer. I was at home trying to finalize a huge presentation, complete some other documents and finish up my cost analysis for a third case I was working on and the computer froze.

I was able to figure it out myself, but not before discovering several obscure pages he had saved to favorites. Pages with a common theme and topic.

“Its always the creative types that have the darkest sides.” I told myself.

I copied and pasted these sites to my own user profile and saved them. I actually found a page he had joined in some chat groups where he asked a lot of awkward questions. I decided to join that particular group and have a little fun of my own. The idea was to tease my husband a little and secretly humiliate him.

I made up a dummy email account and joined the group with a name that would get his attention. “Cuck Owner”. I found a few photos of a woman online wearing a leather mask that looked a lot like me and used that as the profile. Then I set things in motion and waited.

It took less than a week before he fell for it and I was both shocked and amazed at the amount of information he was willing to share with strangers and with hold from me at the same time.

We shared messages back and forth. I got him to email me intimate details, sexual fantasies and some confessions. Things got very interesting.

My husband wanted me to Cuckold him. Not just sleep around, he was “in” deep. He wanted extra items associated to this fantasy and I quickly learned I was ill prepared for any additional conversations with him. So I replied that I was headed out of town for a week and I wanted him to email me a fantasy every day. Ones that involved his wife and him. “Email me every day so I have something to look forward to when I get back and I will see what I can do to help. I want to KNOW you are committed to letting this happen before I help you make it happen.”

I waited a few days before I checked my email. In the meantime, I made an appointment with a sex therapist that we had testify in an older case a few months ago. She squeezed me in for a short Q & A session and I brought her some lunch to show my appreciation.

I quickly got a rough and arousing education on the Cuckold fetish. It was both upsetting and refreshing to get a woman’s perspective on this and an expert analysis at the same time.

I pretended this information was for a client, so in case she ever came back to the firm I could keep an element of discretion.

“So what is in it for the woman?” I asked the doctor.

She blushed a little. “Well, if a man wants this arrangement for his wife, she can be rest assured this is all he has thought about for quite a while. This kind of fantasy consumes some men, and its all they think about. If SHE can freely date other men that she picks, enjoy a romantic dinner, dancing and other interests with other men with the security of a marriage with her husband, then I guess the advantage is to the woman because she gains variety and adventure. She can have sexual experiences later in life when she knows more and is able to enjoy them better.”

There was some silence in the room as I had anticipated less for the woman’s benefit.

“So she can have her cake and eat it too?” I asked.

The doctor replied, “Exactly. Its not ideal for all relationships, but for those that need something like this, it works very well.”

I closed out the conversation and left the office upset but even more curious than before. This was a rare time when a better understanding did not do me any favors.

I returned to the office and finished up some work, cut my assistant loose for the day and then left. I went to a coffee shop and opened up my email with my back to the wall.

I read the first email my husband had sent bursa escort to his new “friend” and it was an arousing tale of a woman that had been deprived of pleasure and was taken by co-worker at a company Christmas party while her husband was still at the party.

“Familiar” I told myself.

My husband wrote explicit details about how the clothing came off, the well placed kisses and did an “okay” job including the romance often found with a new lover.

I read the second story about a housewife that didn’t have any money to pay for a service call and had to give the plumber a blow job to pay for fixing a clogged drain. This story was gritty, filthy and ended up with the house wife developing a taste for giving other men a blowjob instead of paying her debts.

The third story “hit home” as it was about an older couple that were empty nesters. They were both in high stress jobs and were at the top of their game in their industries. The wife had a higher sex drive than the husband and he was not “well versed” in some aspects of love making. The wife was always horny and always willing to do the risky deed where he was more reserved and less adventurous.

As I read the story, I put my own face and body in place of the main character. I put my husband in place of the husband and I put our neighbor in place of the “stranger” that gets more than he ever wished for one evening.

After I read the story, my panties were soaked. My clit ached and I wanted nothing more than to go home and use my vibrator on myself before my husband got home.

I gulped down my coffee, logged out of the filthy email address and shut things down. I rushed home and found that my husband was NOT home yet.

I checked the time. I had ample time to take care of this, and maybe even rinse off when I was done.

As I pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door, I smiled as I was home first.

I pulled into the garage and shut the car off. As I slipped out of the car, I could feel myself wetter than I had been in weeks. As I closed the car door, our single neighbor peered over the fence and asked if he could borrow a tool we might have.

“Yes, come on around.” I yelled back through the garage door.

As I waited, I unbuttoned two buttons on my top, which gave a more than generous view to my cleavage.

“I have to start wearing sexier clothing.” I told myself.

Greg was our neighbor for the last 3 years. He kept to himself but would borrow a gardening tool from my husband from time to time. He always brought it back, clean and ready to use.

Greg walked up the drive and he was wearing shirts, a tank top and had a small bit of sweat soaking through. I had noticed in the past that he had a wandering eye, but never let it bother me. Today, I was hoping it would bother HIM.

“Hey Greg … How’s it going?” I asked being friendly.

He smiled broadly and replied, “Cant complain.”

Greg was wearing sunglasses but I could tell I had more than enough of his attention today.

“Bingo” I thought to myself.

“So what do you need to rent today?” I teased.

Greg smiled, “The electric trimmers would really help me get things done today.” he replied.

Greg knew where they were. I pointed them out and he helped himself to them. I turned around and pulled my skirt to make it tight across my ass. I watched in the reflection of the window as Greg stood up and he lifted his glasses to get a better look at me.

“Oh SHIT.” I thought to myself.

I pretended to be doing something on my phone.

Greg did not rush to stand up or leave.

I lowered my phone and Greg dropped his glasses.

“Do you need an extension cord, Sweetie?” I asked trying to sound innocent.

Greg stood up and looked away slowly.

“That would be a good idea.” he replied.

I walked over to the wall and grabbed a rolled up cord. I turned around, handing it to him, letting the strange angle of my arm pull my top down as I handed it to him.

“Can you have them back by Friday? I am going to put my husband to work this weekend.” I said.

I made sure Greg could get a full view of my chest before he walked away.

“Yes, I can do that. Should I just listen for your car in the drive and bring them over then?” he asked.

“That would be perfect, Hon.” I replied.

I could FEEL his eyes on me.

What Greg did not know is that I had a half day of work on Friday and would be home much sooner than he anticipated.

I watched Greg’s ass as he left the driveway and it reminded me WHY I came home in the first place.

I rushed into the house and plugged in my computer.

I thought I should prepare for the rest of the week ahead of schedule so I could take my time on Friday.

As I walked into the bedroom, ideas flooded my brain.

“If I was going to go through with this, shouldn’t I be as horny as I am right now?” I thought to myself.

I took a deep breath.

I stripped down and bursa escort bayan decided to draw a bath and just soak.

I opened the blinds up to let in some light and ran the tub full.

I rubbed my legs. I was embarrassed for myself.

I washed myself, then shaved my legs. Shaved my arm pits and as I finished I dropped the razor in the tub right between my legs.

I looked down at the hairy mass between my legs.

I recalled the stories my husband had wrote about the wife taking a lover and how he would go down on her for hours at a time because she kept her pussy hairless and that made it more pleasant to eat. “He seems to be obsessed with the hairless pussy idea.” I thought to myself. So, I got out of the tub, drained the water and started the shower.

As I waited for the water to get warm, I used my husbands beard trimmer to knock down the bulk of my bush.

I will admit it did feel weird to do this after having hair for so long, but I wanted to make a good impression, and if my husband was fantasizing about watching me with other men, then I was going to give him a show he would not soon forget and make my pussy hard to say no to.

I smeared hair conditioner all over my pussy lips and shaved off all the hair. I was even MORE “worked up” than before and felt myself on the verge of orgasm quite a few times. I remained in control and dutifully shaved myself completely smooth.

I slathered myself with body oil and tried to think of anything other than sex.

I put on pajamas and went to the study. I opened my laptop and checked my dirty email. I had two new messages.

“I have a few questions for you, if you have the time.

How do I talk about this with my wife so that she will see I want this for her, not as leverage to cheat or to leave her?

What is the best way for me to move things along?

Will this be something we talk about and never do or something we talk about and maybe do?”

Up to this point, I hadn’t provided any feedback. So I hit reply.

First off Slave, you have to realize that women are emotional creatures and they need to FEEL love. Men are visual creatures and they just look at a woman and want to fuck. Women need to feel a connection. With that in mind, she is not going to fuck anyone she does not feel some attachment to. Chances are there are men in her life that she could have those feelings for but has never acted on them. Most are attracted to a type (book worm / intelligent, muscular, athletic, tall / dark / handsome, etc.) Give that some thought and you will discover some ideas for your next story.

You do not get to “move things along” Cuckie. At best, you will let your feelings be known, explain your side of this and why you feel this way. That is the end of your part in the broaching of the subject. She will have to think things over. While that happens, you DO NOT bring this up again. You answer questions as she asks them.

You will need to show her that you are serious about her having this freedom. From now on, SHE makes the decisions and that includes who she allows between her legs. SHE decides on who and how many men she will have, not you.

Indulging in this fantasy is a lifestyle change that includes a power shift. That shift WILL have an impact on your freedoms, time, and what kind of sex life you have in the future. You need to do more chores so she has time to rest, relax, date, and fuck other men. She needs time to prepare, search, date, and develop a physical relationship with other men. If you are doing this so you can have more sex with her, you are completely lost and headed for a disappointing return on your efforts. At best you will get a hand job from her as she describes how the last man made her scream his name as her pussy was stretched over his cock as she orgasmed.

“You DO understand that this fantasy is a complete package? You cannot half ass this. If she knows you feel this way, sex with her is no longer your decision its hers. She is no longer obligated to you, she is obligated to other men and does so with your blessing. Its up to HER when it stops, you are along for the ride.

What have you done to prove you want her to take this on? She is not a mind reader, you have to share this with her and YES she will be upset because she holds the marriage at a higher value than you do.

She will just have to realize that YOU hold HER at a higher value than yourself. To do that, you need to be buying her sexier clothing, letting her go out with her friends, not questioning her decisions and giving her physical gratification whenever she wishes for it. Be advised, once you open this door, it does not latch again. A woman that has been deprived sexual satisfaction and now has the security of a marriage, the blessing of her husband, and the freedom to experiment at will with others will unlikely be willing to return to a life disappointment and responsibility.

You want this fantasy but are you willing to work at it, without any benefit to you or escort bursa your penis?

Some women lock up their husbands and keep them on edge so that they will be more compliant to their needs and wishes. Are you ready to lead that life of servitude where you follow her and follow her commands?

You should think about this before you act on anything.

I signed the email and opened the next one. It was another fantasy that described shaved pussy lips, long hard cocks and a wife’s squirting pussy.

I resisted the urge to master bate.

I closed the email page, logged off and locked the computer.

I was wearing tops and bottoms to my PJs and no panties. I could feel the silky material rub against my bare lips from time to time. I liked the new sensation.

My husband eventually got home and we had another dull evening at home watching TV. During a commercial break he asked if I wanted to go shopping this weekend.

I had to act surprised.

“Yes, I would love to go shopping.” I replied.

That was about as deep as the conversation got.

Thursday at work was dull and typical. After lunch I decided to walk around the office without my panties on. I felt quite liberated and naughty. I was getting hornier by the second. I drove home without any panties on. There was security in knowing they were in my purse, but as I challenged myself to push the envelope, I found a life without limits was more entertaining.

Friday I got up and started my typical day. As I went out the garage, I pulled my panties off and stuffed them into the console of my car. I wore a skimpy bra and a light colored shirt that was a little tight but still suitable for work. I had a sports coat to wear over that for later.

Late Friday morning I went to the women’s room and removed my bra. I put it in my purse and pulled my sports coat on (unbuttoned).

I finished my work (distracted) and left a little after lunch.

I sat at a stop light about a mile from the house and took the sports jacket off. My nipples were hardened and my pussy was dripping wet.

All I wanted to do was get home, find Greg in the driveway with our stuff and then blow him in the garage.

“That was all I wanted to do.”

I got home and Greg was not at home.

I was let down significantly.

I pulled my panties out of the console and stuffed them into my purse next to my bra. I let out a sigh.

I got out of the car, collected my things and headed into the house.

“Do I get to master bate now?” I asked myself.

I walked into the house, put away my work things and headed to the bedroom to put on something different.

I pulled the skirt off. The air from the room hit my pussy lips and it felt weird and arousing at the same time.

I still had my stockings on and I still had my shirt on.

The doorbell rang.

It was Greg. He was dressed kind of nice too.

I put my heels back on and walked downstairs to open the door. I took a deep breath, unbuttoned my shirt and unlocked the door.

Greg was wearing his sunglasses and he took them off when I appeared in the doorway with no bra, a skimpy white shirt that just covered my ass and barely hid my pussy. He was speechless.

“Rent is due upon return.” I said in a husky tone.

Greg cleared his throat, “I’m here to settle my account.”

I let Greg in and we set the trimmers and cord on the kitchen floor.

I kissed Greg with a passion that I had not felt in a LONG time. He held my face as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

I started rubbing his cock through his jeans.

His hands found my ass in no time and he moaned in approval that I did not have any panties on.

Gregg slowly slipped off my shirt and cupped my breasts as he teased my nipples and squeezed them playfully.

My clit tingled when he did that and I could feel the heat in the room rise each time our lips touched.

While he squeezed my nipples I unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper on the fly. I pushed the jeans down around his hips so I could pull out his cock and look at it.

Greg had to help me push his jeans down and as I folded the band on his underwear over, I gasped at the site before me.

I was dizzy with excitement. Greg trimmed his pubic hair and it made his cock look even bigger.

Greg was much thicker than my husband. The head of his cock was bigger and it was all I could do to put that part in my mouth.

I eagerly plunged my way down the shaft and wiggled my tongue under the head as Greg held my hair and helped guide my head.

I dug my nails into his ass and took in as much as I could.

Greg took off his shirt and threw it on the floor while I tried to suck his cock.

My slurping sounds and Greg’s moans filled the room. From where I was crouched in front of Greg, I could see the back door.

“Okay .. My turn.” Greg said as he pulled away from me.

Greg lifted me up and put my ass on the counter. He flicked my nipples with his tongue as he moved his way down to my pussy.

Greg took his time and kissed each of my lips. He didn’t rush the process. He knew I wanted him. He knew that I knew that HE wanted me.

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