Anything You Say, Sara

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I had known Sara vaguely for years, because she was around the same age and since getting married had lived near my parents. But I had never thought of her in a sexual way.

Then one night I was at a club – not my favourite pastime, but occasionally I am persuaded – and she was there too. Both had a few drinks, the usual story.

We got chatting and the girl I had been talking to went off with some other guy, which suited me fine.

‘Wasn’t she with you?’ Sara asked.

‘Well,’ I explained, ‘Hotel people will sleep with anybody.’ I was a barman at the time at a big hotel and the girl was a waitress. And the staff did try each other out as much as possible.

‘What about you?’ Sara asked.

‘Sweet and innocent,’ I said. She smiled and said ‘Sure…’

An hour or so later we decided to leave and because I lived only ten minutes’ walk away we went back to my flat. We listened to some music and kissed as we sat on the settee.

‘I haven’t done this for a while,’ she said. ‘Getting married and having kids sort of make it impossible.’

‘Still, you’re separated now, so you can start again,’ I said. ‘You’re only 30 – loads of time. Would you like to start this chapter of your life by having sex with an old acquaintance?’

‘Have to be quick,’ she said. ‘The babysitter’s only booked till one.’

‘Is this a woman asking for a quickie?’ I teased.

‘Yes,’ she said. ‘I just want canlı bahis to shag you and go.’

‘Sara,’ I said, ‘Don’t you respect me? ‘

‘I would respect you a lot more if you would rip my clothes off and defile me,’ she said.

I pulled her top over her head – with a little help – and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were small but sensitive, so I spent a few minutes sucking and licking her nipples.

‘I suppose you want a blowjob,’ she said, mock-reluctant. At least I hoped it was mock.

‘Yes, you can take my trousers off and suck me,’ I said, standing up. She did exactly that, kneeling in front of me and taking me hesitantly in her mouth. After a few seconds she seemed to start enjoying it more, and began to lick the length of my cock and nuzzle my balls with her nose before taking another mouthful of penis. ‘You can lick me next time,’ she said. ‘In fact you have to promise.’

‘I will lick you all over,’ I promised. ‘Now let’s go to bed for a few minutes.’

In bed I lay between her legs and slid inside her her. We fucked for about ten minutes and it was okay but she clearly wasn’t being driven wild. When I eventually came, having given up the idea of satisfying her, she rolled on top of me and got astride my right leg. Pressing her clitoris against my shin she rubbed for no more than 30 seconds before having an orgasm.

‘I’m weird like that,’ she said to my unasked question, before getting bahis siteleri dressed and leaving.

Okay, it wasn’t the greatest experience of my life, but I was intrigued as to what would really get her going – and I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

The next weekend we met up for dinner in a restaurant and were back at my place in an indecently short time. This time we made love on the floor of the lounge.

‘What are you going to do?’ she asked as I removed her panties.

‘I’m going to lick you all over,’ I said.

‘Do you mean ALL over, Chris?’ she asked lasciviously just before I kissed her and laid her back on the carpet. I kissed her lips and licked her neck and her breasts and her stomach and then I found myself in her valley of mystery, paddling my canoe through the reeds of her pubic hair and between her labia to the mouth of her river and poking my tongue as far as I could into that beautiful place. She squirmed with pleasure, then turned over and got into a kneeling position. Okay, I’ll lick you from behind, I thought, and got my tongue back into her vaginal river.

She wriggled and adjusted her position until it was not her pussy but her arse that I was in. My nose was between her buttocks and my tongue was right next to her hole. I licked her tentatively and she moaned softly, so I did it some more. She smelled exciting – I know that sounds strange, but it wasn’t so much a smell as a bahis şirketleri sensation that went straight from my nose to my crotch – and her arse tasted great – something that many people can’t understand. It was spicy, ‘musky’ is the word that is often used. I licked her bottom with increasing delight and she groaned with pleasure.

‘Oh, I’ve always wanted someone to do that to me,’ she said, trying to open herself up to me still more.

My tongue began to feel not just the stiff dryness of her exterior, but the moist meatiness of her inside. I was intoxicated, loving every second of it, and she moved sensuously, then involuntarily as her orgasm approached. She tensed her whole body, then all her muscles relaxed as she climaxed and melted.

Sara lay on her back and looked at me as if drugged, yet completely unsullied in that respect.

‘Not long to wait,’ he said, ’30 years to have that done to me.’

‘I’ll do it to you any time you like,’ I said, and it was a serious promise. I had had my tongue in other girls’ bottoms several times over the years, but only in passing, as a result of enthusiastic explorations. This time I had been manoeuvred into that position and encouraged to see it through and I had loved it. If only more women would set aside their squeamishness and surrender to the fact that there are more nerve endings there than in their vagina (so I read somewhere) and just enjoy the incredibly rude, animal pleasure that is to be gained by both giving and receiving. Call it ‘rimming’ if you like, but in this day and age, with our levels of hygiene, there is nothing quite like licking a girl’s arse.

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