Another Bathhouse Border Crossing

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Telling me to lay back, his finger slid over my hole, the first touch making me falling under the spell of his experience and skill. The slippery sensation was very distinct from getting rimmed, and I couldn’t help reacting as his finger began to play over my ass. He was standing between my legs, his arm barely moving as the pressure and motion increased.

‘You like it’ I heard, making me move my hips a bit while moaning ‘oh yeah’ in reply. His other hand began to touch my nipple, causing my right hand to grip my till now ignored cock. For the first time in my life, a man was playing with my ass with my very willing cooperation, without my asking first. By this point, all barriers were gone, obliterated by that first wet touch, something no man had ever done before with such thorough preparation.

He knew, truly knew, what I was experiencing, taking full advantage of it, with me completely helpless to withstand the pleasure centered on my perfectly lubricated ass, being played with by another man. He had already cum when I sucked off his condom covered cock, fingers squeezing his sensitive nipples, bringing him to the point of orgasm several times before he could no longer hold back. Finally, unable to stop his orgasm, he began moaning loudly as I went down on him, standing over me on the platform, a finger gently probing his quivering anal ring. His hands barely supported him as he leaned further against the wall, hips pumping his rigid cock into my mouth.

I first noticed him standing next to a red car in the parking lot of a drugstore across the street from the bathhouse. I had gone in to buy condoms, and he was stilling milling around, as I gave him a longer look while leaving. He was Asian, about my height and age. Not for the first time, when looking at another man in the general vicinity of the bathhouse entrance, it seemed certain that he would be a fellow visitor. The offered sexual delights found in the baths become wonderfully addictive over time, and the way he looked at my crotch after I gazed at him provided a bit of insight into his horniness.

Inside the sauna, another attempt to take pictures failed, mainly because the chip wasn’t actually in the camera, something I hadn’t even thought to check. Drinking a slightly delayed beer helped in changing my attitude. Finishing it quickly, I went upstairs. The porn was not very interesting, though the Asian man was sitting in the first row of the theater, wearing his towel.

The darkroom was empty, making it easy to decide to take a hit of rush before going downstairs again. This cloudy and cool late summer Tuesday afternoon, the sauna seemed to be attracting a steady stream of visitors. Closing the bottle, feeling the familiar effects flood through me, I left the booth, breathing out at the top of the spiral staircase.

Going downstairs, I took off my towel halfway down the stairs, then stepped into the shower are, only a bit distracted when soaping my now swelling cock. Stepping to the whirlpool, a man was resting his head on his hands of the edge directly across from the steps. His legs were spread, his ass displayed, a fairly clear advertisement of his desires. Ones I might not have shared exactly, but long experience has taught me that such obvious sluts rarely turn down any opportunity to have a stranger make them hard.

A trait I share, something that did not take him long to discover. Sitting near him, the seat jets bubbling, it took little time for our legs to touch, followed by my hand beginning to stroke his leg, then moving up along his inner thigh. He sighed when my questing fingers found his cock, which began to grow as his own hand began to explore my body.

Both of us growing hard, he twisted, tempting me to fuck him. A temptation unsuited for the whirlpool in my opinion, not that I haven’t seen men indulging it in the past, stroking myself while watching. Our horniness steadily increasing in mutual enjoyment, we grew entwined, playing with nipples and cocks. Several men had entered the whirlpool, though none joined in. When the central fountain started, the splashing was just too much to deal with, though the cock stroking almost balanced it out. Cock jutting, I left the water, went to the shower, again soaping my shaft in public, a habit I’m finding increasingly easy to indulge in.

Towelling dry with nobody around, I returned upstairs. The Asian man was still in the theater area, on the first row next to the entrance passage, prompting me to sit on the opposite corner of the top row. I spread my towel, and started playing with my cock. But again, the porn was not particularly arousing. The other man was stroking while glancing towards me, holding his left hand over his cock, keeping it from view. Modesty is not common in the baths, and is something that leaves me uninterested.

Returning downstairs, having done another hit of rush, I went into the steamroom. Holding a couple of condoms in my left canlı bahis şirketleri hand, it did not take long for me to reach the darkened rear area, following the enticing sounds of cock sucking. One man had been standing near the entrance, another had passed me near the interior shower entrance, both seemingly available. By the time a bathhouse visitor has entered the steam room, ‘available’ has several levels, most of them easily understood, even when one does not share the same precise framework.

A lot more sex occurs in the dim back section than in the somewhat lit entrance area. Anonymous group sex tends to favor those places where people feel hidden, not that horny men aren’t generally willing to enjoy sex whenever it places itself right in front of their naked cock.

Entering the back, the fact that my eyes barely adapted to the minimal light level offered an explanation for my outstretched arms, even if the main purpose was discovering if any horny men were in easy reach. A simple fiction of the polite variety – anyone uninterested would only be brushed before moving away, while those interested generally reply in kind.

Today, such not exactly faux bumbling was unnecessary, as a male figure approached in the slowly lifting gloom. Our hands met as we passed, making both of us stop. Our mutual sighs added to the obvious sexual connection, unsurprising in a male only steambath. Unhurriedly, our hands explored the other’s body, cock on both of our minds, both finding it and being found.

His cock was thick, already fairly erect, my grasping and playing with it making it stiffer, just as his sliding touch did the same to my lengthening shaft. We drew closer, shifting our bodies from a 180° angle to 90°, then 45°. He bent down, somewhat unexpectedly, his mouth sliding over my willing cockhead. I was able to move his head away, by turning closer, my now slick cock touching his. A compromise, of sorts, one that my cock fully agreed with, the slippery contact making us moan as we kissed, grinding, our bodies melding in the heat.

I was breaking a somewhat flexible rule, cock to cock fun normally only being acceptable in the whirlpool’s swirling waters. However, realistically, there is no way to consistently resist the temptation of such purely male contact, at least after experiencing it, especially in the sexually charged environment of the baths. As our cocks continued to press together, we shared the delight of having the other do the stroking, sliding along the sweaty skin of the other. I couldn’t stop, and clearly, he wanted to feel another cock along his thick shaft. We were well matched, his thick heft balanced by my length, and he seemed as delighted by it as I was of his size in my hand, too large to be covered by a condom as the desire to suck him bubbled through my mind.

A man approached us from the better lit passage, cock clearly half hard. It was easy to reach out and bring him closer, his hand stretching to find my cock, encountering the hand of the first man already playing with it. A circumstance that made him step closer, as I felt a hand join mine along the newcomer’s cock, completing the process of bringing another man into our circuit of animal pleasure.

It only took a moment before the new man bent down to taste my cock, his lips beginning at my nipple, then sliding down my body. The sensations of two men jacking me off made it impossible to resist when he tasted my cock, my reaction suspended by the pleasure of his lips around my cockhead. However, it was possible to eventually move his mouth off my wanting cock, though slower than perhaps necessary, a certain reluctance continuing to overcome my generally firm adherence to certain rules when playing with strangers at a bathhouse.

Such as using a condom when getting sucked, a rule still followed in the broad sense. But today, a fog was filling my mind, a fog my cock enjoyed immensely, leaving familiar concerns to fade in the steamy dimness, naked and surrounded by sluts. Both of whom who had already kissed my cock, much like how the man in the whirlpool had rubbed his soft asshole against my stiff rod.

Stroking myself after someone has made my cock wet is not exactly a compromise, being far too fantastic for me to resist. A fourth man was pulled in by my original partner, and as our threesome continued to mutually jack off, his mouth went down on me as the second man played with my nipple while the first kissed me deeply. Again, barely, I broke contact,my cock delightfully slippery.

Cock to cock again with my first partner, I knew just how irresistible such recklessness could become. One of the first three, or possibly a fourth man, whose erection I had discovered in the dimness, tasted my cock in the sweaty darkness. And the man I had been playing with was equally enthusiastic – bringing in yet another man to our group, as both of us continued to enjoy the attention of the ongoing stream canlı kaçak iddaa of partners.

The group shifted its various members over time, with plenty of cocksucking in evidence, as one man bent down to satisfy their oral desires. Generally, I and the first man remained in contact, providing a certain focus, our shared skill in enhancing anonymous group sex evident. Like stroking his nipple while watching his magnificent cock be sucked. Or feeling his lips again on my glistening cockhead when no one was playing with it.

That caused me to pull his head up to kiss him, feeling totally slutty, being turned on at the kinky reality that my tongue was deep in the mouth of a turned on cocksucker, tasting the sexy results of his talent. We naturally turned to keep kissing, our cocks jutting.

Going cock to cock with him again, knowing his perfectly slippery cock had already been sucked by at least two men, I hoped that one of the willing cocksuckers would take us both at the same time. Knowing my desires had become impossible to resist fully, unused condoms in hand. However, the heat was having an effect, and slowly, the group dissolved.

I spent some time soaping my still hard cock in public in the shower before going upstairs, 3/4 of an hour having already passed.

The Asian man was hanging around the further video booth when I went back into the porn area, where the playing video remained uninteresting. For whatever reason, over my last several visits, the porn choices have not included gay group sex, which is definitely my preferred style of male only porn.

Walking towards the darkroom cruising area, I stopped to do another hit of rush before entering the darkness. Which turned out to be empty, as is generally the case, even if my very first bathhouse visit had been so memorably centered there.

Returning to the other side, the Asian man seemed to have gone elsewhere, as both private video booths were empty. I went into the last one, the rimming on the screen being at least somewhat enticing. I spread out my towel, taking out the little brown bottle and a couple of condoms from my bag, settling back, beginning to play with my now slowly growing cock.

The Asian man appeared after a couple of moments, physically much closer this time, though carefully positioned to be covered by the door frame. I spread my legs, showing off my almost erect cock, prompting him to step inside. Reaching under his towel and finding his cock, he closed and locked the door.

It took little time for him to make me completely hard, distracting me from doing the same to him. Even in the presence of his modesty, breaking that initial contact, my quite experienced slutty nature had no problem revealing itself, especially after its full display in the steambath. Since he was male, I already knew his basic weakness, my hand easily finding his not yet stiff cock again. At that point, he undid his towel, throwing it onto the platform bed as he stepped closer, my lips closing over his right nipple.

His moaning clearly showed that I was on the right path, his stroking rapidly bringing my horny cock to the edge of orgasm. By now, whatever our differences in upbringing, we had reached the point where shared interest in utterly male bathhouse sex had overcome any superficial differences.

Starting to open a condom, he commented that we didn’t need it yet, as he turned and started to tease me against his balls. Since I had intended to blow him, this was mildly amusing, and quickly remedied by my bending down, a hand bringing his stiffening cock closer to my lips making my intentions obvious.

As it happened, playing with his nipples with my left hand revealed a shared weakness, as he couldn’t stop himself from giving in while I unrolled the latex over his cock, my lips and tongue following the condom down his fairly skinny short length. Though it wasn’t so long, I still found it impossible to deep throat him, my gag reflex arising as he began to fuck my mouth, with my willing cooperation.

After discovering just how much he loved having his nipples played with, in part by completely stopping my blow job the first time I twisted his now jutting nipples, it was unsurprising when he stood up on the platform, making his stiff cock easy to suck as he leaned against the tiled wall. The noises from my eager cock sucking had grown loud, even considering the locked door and thick walls, and it was obvious that men in the corridor knew what was happening behind the closed door.

Bringing him to the edge of orgasm repeatedly, always involving playing with his now erect nipples, he finally could not resist my skill, my sucking lips feeling his cock swell in orgasm. My left hand continued rubbing a nipple while an outstretched finger explored his now pulsing anal ring, my palm cupping his hairy sack. An anal exploration that simply reinforced the rhythm of his cumming in my mouth, in case his spread hand canlı kaçak bahis on my head hadn’t been obvious enough.

His orgasming continued as my finger went deeper into his horny ass, my other hand above me, pinching his nipple as he groaned in pleasure. Finished, he stepped down, standing between my spread legs, his finger touching my ass. After seeing my reaction, he interrupted his touching, then returned, his touch now hot and wet, a clear result of putting his fingers in his mouth before sending me into paradise.

Spreading my legs wider while he explored my ass, I was incapable of resisting the feeling. He smiled before he bent down, his lips taking my nipple into his mouth, my eyes fluttering closed as the sensations increased in intensity. A string of murmured words merged with the sounds of his nipple sucking – ‘oh fuck yeah, I like it .. just like that .. that’s so good.’

One reason being how completely he was in charge of me, understanding just how consuming my need for him to pleasure my horny asshole had become. He shifted his mouth to the other nipple, making me sigh and lay back, spreading my legs still wider. He began to push his finger just inside my lubricated anal ring, creating incredible waves of sexual sensation. Shifting position, making it obvious that I wanted more, he raised his head from my chest, beginning to kiss me deeply. A kiss that lasted, making me sink further into the enveloping joy of having a man play with my completely turned on ass, our tongues swirling, lips pressing.

The fact that the porn remained uninteresting was not a consideration while kissing, eyes closed, nor when he stood again. I watched him step back a bit, seeing him smile, pulling the cum filled condom off his cock. During this very short pause, right hand strayed to my cock, hips beginning to move as sluttily as possible, my head sinking back, eyes pointing towards the ceiling corner. Wondering when he would toss the condom in the trash, the stroking could not replace what had been making me so horny.

The sensations returned with an enthralling shift in feel, making me moan in fulfilled desire, wondering how he was creating such addictive sensations at the center of my body. His fingers playing with my nipple were just a welcome addition, much like that of my own jacking off. The overwhelming reality grew more seductive, that this stranger knew how to thoroughly finger fuck me anally, irresistibly better than anyone in my life had before.

His tongue flicked over my ear before he whispered ‘It’s good for you, isn’t it?’ I lifted my left hand to his nipple, making him sigh as his finger went deeper.

‘Fuck yes .. fuck me like that .. do it’ I groaned, words matched by my hips moving. Looking down, I could see how the used condom was covering two fingers. By this point, several explanations for what had felt so good were slowly arising in my mind. As his fingers slid in again, the kinkiest one made me desperately want him to continue, my gripped cock pulsing in my hand with each of this thrusts, shocked at myself.

The very idea that he was using his cum to lubricate my ass was an unbelievable turn on. Uncertain whether it was true, a small part of me decided it wasn’t likely, a decision having nothing to do with my desire for him to continue turning me into a complete slut. The little brown bottle was in reach, though unused till now.

Barely able to pant out about having poppers, he leaned close again, saying I didn’t need them, then taking my nipple in his mouth. His fingers were moving faster in my ass, making me ask him to go slower. He responded, almost stopping as he rose, then added more saliva between my legs, a couple of drops reaching my extended shaft before his fingers slid in again, his teeth lightly pressing an erect nipple.

I couldn’t stop from moaning as his fingers began to dissolve me into a new state, one never really experienced until now. I began squeezing his moving fingers, shocked at how fantastic it felt, each contraction making my cock move at its very base. Intensely fulfilling pulses were now coming in unstoppable waves from my erect shaft, without distracting from the pure sexual sensations centered on my finger fucked ass.

‘Kiss me’ he said, making me lift my head, parting my lips, feeling his questing tongue move into my wanting mouth. A finger was moving over my wet nipple, my groaning smothered when our tongues met. He was in complete control, and I was loving it, fully aware that for first time in my life, I was experiencing the delights of being some man’s bottom, at least in a broad sense. This what the men I had fucked in the bathhouse had likely experienced. Now, it was now obvious why so many waited face down in a booth, legs spread, wanting a man to pleasure them.

At some point, cumming inevitable, unable to do anything but accept it, a stranger’s fingers in my ass bringing me into paradise, an orgasm started that only slowly included my pumping balls and rigid cock. His mouth, exploring mine, seemed to be guiding his fingers. Such complete passivity had never happened before, especially just how good I felt as he kept my orgasm going on and on.

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