Ann’s Fantasies Ch. 1

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Ann and I met on the internet. We played for awhile, discussed her fantasies, and finally her husband felt we should meet and act some of them out. The date was set and I arrived precisely on time.

Ann met me at the door, her husband had departed earlier by agreement. She was stunning, black dress, low cut, showing just a hint of the lacy black bra underneath. Black Stockings and high heels. Her dark hair framed her face perfectly and fell in shimmering cascades down to her shoulders. He over abundant breasts strained to get our of her lacy bra, the areola being almost visible. She invited me in, as soon as the door was closed, I put my arm around Ann’s waist and pulled her close. I pressed my lips to hers, and slowly worked my tongue against them until they parted. As our tongue danced and fought to taste each others mouths, I could feel the heat from her sex radiating against my crotch. My cock grew instantly rock hard and Ann moaned and rubbed herself against me.

We broke the kiss only to sit down on the plush living room sofa. We talked for a while about things that we had discussed over the net, the fantasies that we were to work on, and others for the future. Things are starting to heat up some and Ann and I were starting to get to know each other. She opens the top buttons on her dress and allows me access to those wonderful tits and I accept them willingly. I start licking and sucking her massive titties, nibbling and sucking the nipples. I wemt slowly savoring the feel of her nipples against my tongue as I flutter my tongue teasing back and forth over one and then the other. At the same time I use my thumb and forefinger to tweak the opposite nipple so the stimulation is increased. I am hoping that Ann’s pussy is getting wet as swampland ( really love to lick and suck a very wet, wet, pussy }. Ann reaches down and starts playing with my cock through my pants, slowly rubbing up and down just enough to keep me nice and hard. Just sucking her tits, and thinking about that wet hairy pussy waiting to be worshiped with kisses and licks, has a large wet spot forming on the front of my pants (I produce a lot canlı bahis şirketleri of pre-cum). Ann stops her ministrations on my cock for a moment and apologizing says she really has to pee before we go any further. The fantasy play is about to start.

I ask her if I can go along to help and she says she’s not sure. I promise that I will be a good boy, and that it really would turn me on even more. She finally relents and we rise and walk to the the bathroom. I expect her to simply hike up her dress, drop or remove her panties and just sit. Instead she start a sensual slow strip tease. First she finishes unbuttoning the dress, it slides sexily over her shoulder revealing just how hard that lacy black bra is working to hold in those massive boobs. As the dress slides to the floor, it reveals a pair of matching black lace panties framed by a black garter belt and black seamed stockings. He panties are also in a battle to retain the hairy bush inside, but it is a losing battle. There is hair sticking out every where. Ann reaches behind, undoes the clasp on her bra and it drops to the floor. As it does her huge melons come fully in to view, I’m not really a tit man but they are very impressive. Next Ann hooks her fingers in the waist band of her panties, she spreads her legs slightly and with a gentle push they fall to the floor. I almost cum in my pants when I see that beautiful hairy pussy all swollen and wet. There is a long strand of her juice that clung between her panties and her bush, that eventually came into contact with her leg. The glistening strand now connects her pussy with her thigh.

I pick up her panties, hold them to my face and breath in the smell of her hot sex, I lick the wetness from them making sure that Ann can see my tongue contacting the juices in the crotch of her panties, I am careful to allow a string of her sweet pussy nectar to linger between my tongue and her panties, this causes a deep moan to escape Ann’s throat. I walk over to her, and kiss her deeply, sliding my hand down her belly, finally contacting that wondrous bush, she spreads her legs, and I cup her pussy with canlı kaçak iddaa my hand. I drag my fingers through her bush, collect as much of her sticky juice as I can, she still has to piss so bad, but she is so turned on she doesn’t care. I bring my fingers up to my mouth and she watches as I slowly lick and suck all the juice from my fingers savoring every tiny drop.

I ask her to sit on the toilet, but not to piss yet, I want to watch when she does. She sits down, and I walk up to her with my now very wet crotch right in her face. She reaches out with her tongue and licks the juice on the front of my pants. She unbuckles my pants, and pulls out my cock. She slowly strokes it, pulling a massive amount of pre-cum out of the slit at the end of my cock, it runs down her hand and onto her arm. She gently licks it starting with her arm, up her hand and to the tip of my cock allowing me to watch the pre-cum roll on to her tongue. She then starts licking all over my cock, and taking it deep in her mouth, as I tweak her nipples and squeeze her tits. Just before I come, I pull out of her warm willing mouth.

She is now wiggling around on the toilet seat and her thighs are coated in her succulent juices. With a slow moan she realizes her bladder is about to burst. She voices her urgency, andI sit down in front of her, and ask her to spread her legs so I can watch her piss. I tell her to go as slowly as possible, I want us to savor every moment. I watch between her spread legs and see her pee hole start to move. When she finally starts to pee my cock lurches and pre-cum shoots out on to my leg. I ask Ann to stop peeing and bring my cock back to her mouth, she slowly licks off the ever present clear string of precum from my cock and thigh, rolling it around on her tongue and savoring the taste. She is showing me how much she enjoys tasting what my cock has to offer.

I tell Ann to slide forward on the toilet so her pussy is fully spread and exposed and her piss stream will shoot forward over the toilet seat.. I bend down and slowly start licking the droplets of piss from the hair on her pussy, the taste of her canlı kaçak bahis sweet salty piss mixed with the musky taste of her pussy juice has my heart pounding my head whirling, and my cock lurching. I am so horny I could explode. I put my mouth over Ann’s pussy and start suck her pussy juice off and flutter lick her clit. I then move my tongue down and start to tickle her pee hole with my tongue, Ann protests and says she has to go bad, and my tongue is going to make her piss and she won’t be able to help it. I tell her not to try to help it, let it go, “Isn’t that what you want, to piss in my mouth and have me drink your golden pee. Isn’t that why your pussy is leaking like a break in a massive dam”.

I keep sticking my tongue tip in her piss hole until she lets go shooting a massive stream of salty sweet golden piss down my tongue and into my mouth, now it is my turn for a moan of pure passion. She continues pissing in a strong stream while I lick and suck all over her pussy, ending with licking every bit of combined juices off, and bringing her to a boiling point at the same time.

I stand up and offer my cock to her waiting mouth, the pre-cum is coming out in almost a constant flow, I am so hot. She accepts it willingly and slowly tongues and sucks me rotating back and forth between sucking and licking the head, and bobbing back and forth on my spit and precum slick shaft. Soon I can take no more of this sensual torture. Between her ministrations and the linger smell of her on my face, I can hold back no more. My cock swells one final time, Ann senses the impending orgasm and sucks even harder, taking my cock deep in her mouth. My cock lurches in her mouth and shoots spurt after spurt of cum into her hungry mouth, she rolls it around in her mouth savoring the flavor and texture holding it there, showing it too me before swallowing the white sticky load..

A small dribble leaks down her chin. I reach down, take her hand and pull her to her feet. I use my tongue to move the dribble on her chin to her mouth and we kiss deeply swirling our tongue together, me tasting my own cum in her mouth, and her tasting her pussy juice mixed with her golden nectar in mine. I reach down and caress her hairy pussy which is again dribbling with her juices. I thank her very much for such pleasure and ask if she is ready to really start to play.

End of Part One.

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