Anne Working Overtime Ch. 02

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02 – A deal is cut

As Anne came up the stair to the outdoor restaurant overlooking Kamachooga Bay, she saw Jean waving at her from the only occupied table. She was one big smile, wearing heavy dark sunglasses, a thin white blouse and a light grey skirt with a tiny red belt. Handbag, shoes and arm rings had matching deep brown colours. As usual she looked great, although even in this outfit she didn’t quite get rid of her businesslike appearance.

As Anne went over, she rose and they hugged and kissed. Again the familiar feeling arose in Anne’s body, and she felt in love just like the first day she saw her. The closeness was more overwhelming than ever; the slender but strong arms, the full bust through the blouse, the perfume, the entire person. Overwhelming….

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot these latest days,” Jean said eagerly, taking off her sunglasses and looking somewhat uncertain across the table at Anne. “After what you told me, I think I’ve got something up my sleeve that might be of great interest to you. At least I think that I should try to find out if it is!”

Anne immediately felt she knew what she was getting at, and at that moment she regretted that she had been so frank back at her school office a few days ago. That woman was an expert in getting such rather intimate secrets out of people.

“I’ve got a fitness institute up in Mayo, about half an hour from here. I started it about a year ago with some friends of mine, as I mentioned before. I’d like you to come with me there for a serious talk on some of our issues as soon as it would be convenient for you. When would that be, do you think?”

Ann was rather confused. Where would that actually lead her? She knew what she felt, didn’t she? What did she actually have in mind? She had time available already at the forthcoming week-end though, and they agreed on a time for her to be at the address Jean handed over to her.

After this they had a cup of coffee and a light salad to finish off their short meeting, chatting lightly on different things, mainly about Anne’s studies and plans for a future job. Then Jean got up and took off with her car, while Anne sat back for a while to admire the magnificent view down at the bay.

Did she actually know what she was doing? Was this something she really wanted, or was it time to back out so she would not get further involved? She would think about this quite seriously in the days up to next Saturday…

“Not bad keeping in mind that this is the result of work done in such a short time”, Jean exclaimed proudly, waving her hand at the huge building from the front porch where they were standing. The sign said “Alden & Vasquez Fitness centre” and Anne had to admit that the building looked quite impressive. Damped rhythmic music could be heard from the inside. “Fat is burned away in an alarming rate at this place, I can tell you” Jill laughed. “I’ve already been doing two two- hour workouts this morning, and I’m in for the third by late afternoon.

But never mind that. I had a wonderful sauna and shower right before your arrival so I feel fine…; exhausted but fine. Shall we?” Again Jill indicated with her hand that they should get inside, “let’s go and have a serious talk in my office!”

Anne and Jean walked down the main hallway of the institute. They’d been passing the different classes doing aerobics, machine workouts and other kinds of training. The music could be heard from behind the different doors as fat was burned with sweat and strain all through the day. By a few, short peaks inside Anne already had the chance to focus in on buttocks and thighs well measuring up to her tastes. Without doubt a good hunting field for her kind of kink, had she just had the nerve to go for it. But for now her mind was set on the body at her side only, the most exciting person she had ever met in her life!

The facilities looked great, and Anne was impressed by the things Jean and her colleagues apparently had achieved in such a relatively short time. This had been hard work, she could tell. And probably quite significant investments. Not at all a small risk to take for someone like Jean, starting all over again on her own. But now it was all up and running… and running well. So well that she had been able to put aside some nice bucks for harder times already. And she had no intentions of leaving it at that. Not at all….

They came up to the door of Jean’s office. She talked about these things, and the further plans she had, and that actually was what she said she most of all would like to discuss with Anne.

They entered and came into a relatively small office with a huge desk and two executive leather chairs. This furniture looked fairly strange to Anne, and didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the tings in the room. The rest of the things were not too many either. Two of the walls were covered with shelves filled with leaf files and loose paper. On the other walls there were some discrete, nice canlı bahis şirketleri paintings or posters to each side of the blinded windows. A typical working office, with what looked like too extravagant desk and chairs.

Jean motioned for her to sit down and strode behind the desk, her buttocks rolling provocatively under her skirt. With an exhausted expression she let herself drop backwards down into the chair as she smiled at Anne.

“So, dear, what do you think?”

Anne got nervous and her heart started to pound in her chest. Now was probably the time for this woman to reveal some of her intentions with this meeting. If she wasn’t all wrong about the whole thing. But she couldn’t be! Not possibly!

“I think it looks great. I can see that you’ve been working hard for this. It must have been horribly expensive”

“It is! But still, it’s only expensive if it doesn’t pay off. I think that by optimising the way the facility is used, it will be quite a profitable business. And the first thing I’ll do when the money is right is to make this office a decent place! As I can see you noted, it’s still just half finished. In time I might even get myself one of these damned PC’s”

Patiently Jean explained the concept of her business, and her ideas for further development. Again Anne was briefly informed about how she got the idea, and how she then consequently decided to go ahead when she was left with a small heritage from an aunt.

Anne had a few questions in between, but left most of the talking to Jean. She was still nervously anticipating the part she was hoping would be brought up any time now.

And finally, as Jean had concluded the general information, she stopped her lecture for a moment, looked into Anne’s eyes and cleared her throat. Then she continued.

“So, as I think I can feel that you understand already, I will now get to the second part of my business strategy”.

She folded her hands behind her head and crossed her legs.

“Parallel to the ordinary activities – as we call them, – there’s a special staff program for development of a different type of skills that I expect will get the business booming the next years. And actually this is where I have a big interest in you!” she smiled.

“I started the program about half a year after the opening of the institute, based on an idea brought up to me by some of my current clients. I mean clients who are now using the services that the program has developed.

To put it in clear terms, I have accepted young girls for training here at the institute to learn how to be of service to clients who are looking for especially skilled assistance. These clients are ladies – no gentlemen allowed, – in good positions, who’s got money to spend for the right kind of help.

They are otherwise quite ordinary women. I mean ordinary in the sense that they want someone to look after their ordinary requirements, or should I say needs, needs that for various reasons are not satisfied in their everyday life. To be even more specific, I can say that most of them are women who have no problems with receiving this kind of sexual help and attentions from other women or girls. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are lesbians or even bisexual. They just can accept the fact that a girl generally can give them far better service than any male can, basically from the obvious fact that they are familiar with a woman’s needs in a much better way. And they don’t have any problems with it. Obviously, those who would have a problem with it, would not come here for such kind of service, would they?”

Anne’s heart pounded so violently she thought her chest would burst. She was right! She had just heard exactly the words she had been hoping for; the very words that could open a world to her that she did not think existed at all. She knew that the woman wanted her first of all as one of her service girls. That alone was great when it came to her erotic fantasies and how to possibly realise some of them. But she definitely felt very special with Jean, and she knew that by going along she would have a good chance to get to her at last. If she could just be as good as she was expected to be.

Jean could see the excitement in the girl’s eyes, and immediately knew that she had struck gold with this one. She had planned for a much more careful approach, but she felt that the reaction she observed now called for a swift advance to the next step.

She looked up and bore her eyes into Anne’s.

“Tell ya what; why don’t you run back to the kitchen and pick up a can of coffee, two cups and some cookies for us? Pam and the others are busy, and I forgot when we passed by. You know where it is, don’t you?

I’ll prepare some things here in the mean time.”

Anne nearly jumped to her feet. “Of course, I’ll be right back” she told her as she hurried out and down the hallway to the kitchen.

Unfortunately the cans were all empty, and it took the young girl canlı kaçak iddaa a few minutes to brew another fresh one for the two of them.

She was a little nervous that Jean should have grown impatient by the time she came back into the office. But she didn’t have to worry about that. Jean was sitting back quite relaxed, with one of the leaf files on the desk in front of her. She smiled warmly up at Anne as she placed the cups and the plate on the table and poured the coffee.

“Excellent Anne. Thank you very much. Now do sit down and let’s have a look at this special records we’re keeping on some of our more special attendees here at the studio.”

She opened the file and casually looked through some of the folders.

“Like I told you, there’s a special program for this girls aimed to carefully train the skills that our clients want. I developed the program myself, well assisted by a partner that I plan to introduce you to at some suitable occasion during this meeting.

These folders contain information on the training program results of each of our lovelies, as well as the schedules and plans for their client encounters after what we call the graduation. As you can see, the cast is quite extensive already.”

The file sure was extensive, and Anne felt a little bit bad about the prospect of ending up as just another folder in Jean’s collection. That was probably what was next in store for her if she should try to guess what the plans for her would be. She knew she wanted Jean more than anything or anybody else, but if this was one of the ways to get to her… Anyway the prospects outlined to her were by itself beyond anything she had ever been dreaming of!

Something she most certainly did not expect, though, was Jean’s next move in her initiation talk.

She had been talking about the coordination of the program with the more ordinary day- time activities at the institute for a few minutes. Then she held in and put down her cup.

She smiled at Anne and slid a little further back in her executive chair.

“I told you I was planning to introduce you to one of my closest partners,” she said, pushing her chair a little bit away from the desk. “I actually planned to wait a little longer, but I think we’re about ready by now.”

Anne’s eyes widened when her skirt- clad crotch area appeared from out under the desk. A large bulge on the skirt unmistakingly indicated that something was hidden under it. As Jean looked straight into Anne’s face, she started to slide the skirt upwards. Breathlessly Anne watched the edge rise up along her thighs, until finally a brown haired head was uncovered. Then Jean tugged her skirt all the way up to her belt.

Anne stared open- mouthed. A fairly young girl, a brunette of something like twenty, lay between Jean’s thighs. Her face and mouth was buried deep in her crotch, so deep that her nose was pressed into the little, tight bush of pubic hair over her slit. Ann could see the eyes flick open and turning over to try to get a glimpse of the person looking at her in this awkward position. However her face was turned too much away from her, so the girl soon closed her eyes again and resumed her work on the pussy she was serving. Anne felt a wave of heat flowing through her as she saw the jaw moving slowly up and down as her mouth and tongue worked its steady rhythm.

Jean put a hand down to caress the girl’s hair. “This is Deborah, or Deb, as I’m allowed to call her. My partner, my friend, my lover and my first business associate. She was the first one to go through the program, and as I told you, she helped me perfect it all through the first year. Right Debbie?”

The girl’s eyes flicked open again, and she looked up at her lady. Reluctantly she released her face from the sucking grip of the saturated pussy, withdrew her tongue, and lifted her head just clear of the bush of pubic hair;

“Yes ma’m” she whispered, licking her lips. She then turned her head slightly and looked over at Anne for a brief second, not letting her expression show anything of what she thought of the newcomer looking at her. Then her face slowly started to descend down to the moist cleft under her cheek, and soon her face was again buried up to the ears in Jean’s pussy. Jean sighed happily as the feeling again spread throughout her body.

Anne discovered that she hadn’t been breathing for the last minute or so, and let the air out of her lungs with a long hiss. Her heart pounded so violently that she thought she was jumping up and down in her chair with each beat. Jean’s hand continued to caress the brunettes hair, as she remained half laying for another moment, enjoying the sensations the hot mouth generated. When she finally looked over at Anne again, she almost burst out in laughter by the sheer sight of the expression on the girl’s face.

Smiling she loosened her skirt from the belt and covered up the brown head again in a swift motion. Then she carefully sat up as far as the position canlı kaçak bahis would allow, and slid her chair back up to the desk again.

Now there shouldn’t be very much doubt about what her program was all about, and it was time to make sure that her new found darling would not loose her nerve and back out.

She bent forward and looked into Anne’s eyes;

“Anne, I have plans for you. Plans for us. You’re made of the right stuff. I want you. And I’m prepared to offer you better conditions than you’ll ever get any other place if this all turns out the way I hope.”

She took another sip from her cup.

“Now, as you clearly understand, this facility is much more than just a fitness studio. It is also a training studio for the girls who are willing to join my group of what we call hostesses – others would say service girls – to do special services to a number of clients I have gotten to know over the past few years.

Anne’s face again grew glowing read, and her head sank down slowly. Jean put her hand under her cheek to lift it up again.

“Look at me, Anne!”

“Like I said; out there there’s a vast number of ladies in good and influential positions. Or they are married with influential positions. And many of them are seeking comfort, – for different reasons. They might experience a lot of strain in their work, they might be bored, or… and that’s very common; their husbands are getting their kicks elsewhere, and they’re left with nothing. Because of the position their husbands possess, they don’t want to break out of their marriage, just to get a relief of their frustrations and tensions. And they want to feel loved and cared for and desired. Like any woman!”

Jean smiled again; “And me and you, we can help them! We can make them feel great again, feel wanted; make them feel like real ladies! The difference is just the way they want it. They don’t want risky or complicated love affairs. They want someone to wait on them, to look after their needs. Here and now. And they have all – or most of them – discovered that a young, devoted girl with good training is the one that can give it to them!”

Jean let go of Anne’s cheek.

“These ladies are not bad, they’re not cruel or selfish, – not more than usual, that is. They want it this way simply because they can get it, because they know that there is someone who’s dying to give it to them, and that they can afford it. It doesn’t only bring sexual satisfaction. Even more important is the feeling of power and strength, the feeling of being the one that the service is designated for, the one in the centre of all attention, the feeling of being the very special person,… the mistress,… the queen!”

A small shudder went through Jean’s body and she moaned. She grabbed Anne’s hands in hers before she continued;

“Now, remember; a woman’s pussy always was a place of shame. Her weakest point. You know, it smells, it’s moist, and it can be leaking fluids at the most inconvenient moments. Nowadays we have a lot of means to control this and stay nicely clean and fresh. But the feeling still remains. So, what can make such a woman overcome her fears and bad feelings about this?” Jean tightened her grip on Anne’s hands. Her eyes bore still deeper into Anne’s. “Yes, if she has the right service! If someone shows her the right devotion, the unconditional worship, the unlimited passion about her body and soul. If her service girl drowns her face in her pussy, suck her inside out, drink her fluids and swallow her whole!!

Then what should she be afraid of? How can she worry about any of these old, negative feelings when someone can show her that this is exactly what she wants! And she wants it from her. All day long! And all through the night!

Believe me; this releases passions that you never thought you would see in a lady. The animal inside her. The sexual monster! And then she will get totally wild. She’ll sit on your face, suck your tongue into her anus, piss in your mouth, kick her legs around in sheer joy and wildness… do all the things that she never thought she would do!…. I tell you; I’ve seen it!

Another moan escaped Jean, and her hands started trembling over Anne’s. Anne realised that the woman was actually approaching orgasm!

“True enough, a woman’s basic instinct is one of caring and looking after others. This will always be. And as strong as ever. We are just going for the other…. side of her. The one looking for the care and devotion to her needs, and hers alone! The side of her that she so very seldom dare to let loose. And the one that – when it really comes out, – transform her to the wild sex animal I talked about.”

“Then, when the first and wildest passion has passed, they all eventually find their styles and favourite ways. And then you can see all kinds of kinks, from the very ordinary and very lazy ones, up to the ones even involving …. punishment and slave- girl games.

“And that’s…. where we enter the scene to really offer our regular services…. then we know exactly what….. they want… and how they want it.”

Jeans eyes grew dim, and slowly lost their focus on Anne’s eyes. Then the trembling hands started to tighten their grip around her own.

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