Anne and Tom Pt. 01

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**Authors Note

This is the first installment of our plan to record our journey into a deeper sexual relationship with each other and share it. Each chapter will contain a few of our new experiences that took place over the course of a few weeks to a few months and are all true. Our writing here will detail our new adventures as they happen. We would love feedback. **


As we reached into our late thirties, much like so many other couples Anne and my sex life had become a bit of a routine. So I took it upon myself to try to spice up things. I decided I would open an account for both of us on a fetish site where I was hoping we could share ideas, thoughts and fantasies with each other.

After creating the account I sent all the information to Anne and told her to take a look around. I was very concerned she would reject this attempt or even worse be repulsed by some of the fetish items I had listed for us. After Anne looked around I was happy to learn she was interested in trying some of the things she saw there and going to events to see what they were like. We were off to try new things!

The games and scenes started slowly, both of us trying to see what we liked and what we didn’t. I wasn’t sure how far anything would go when I was was home alone on a boring Wednesday night. Then I get a text, Anne is out with her girlfriends to dinner. She tells me she’s there safe and that I should handle the chores around the house. I get another text telling me to put in the metal NJOY butt plug and then slip on a pair of men’s Calvin Klein thong that Anne had left out for me. I immediately know tonight she is going to be the dominatrix and I wonder where it will lead.

I go to my dresser to find the items she requested, her games seem to be more planned and prepared lately. I slip the njoy plug in feeling the cold steel, then I grab the thong. Yes it’s a man’s item but I know when I’m told to wear it it’s a symbol of her control. Pants on and off to clean the house. The metal hitting my prostate every so often causing a slight drip of pre-cum into the front of the thong.

Another text from Anne asking how I’m feeling? How am i feeling? I’m loving it. I reply and am left wondering, do all her friends at the dinner table know what’s going on or is it just a secret between us? A bit later and another text from Anne looking for an update and telling me what time she will be home. She tells me to blindfolded and cuffed to the anchor point in our ceiling standing when she gets home.

About 5 minutes before her arrival home I grab the cuffs and secure myself to the anchor. Standing helpless, blindfolded with the plug in and wearing the thong I hear the click of her shoes on the hardwood floor. Just one pair so I know she’s alone tonight. She’s walking around checking the house I assume. Then the clicks get closer to me and I can smell her. She tells me I did a good job and asks me if I’m excited. I reply “yes mistress”. I feel the soft kiss of her lips and then the sudden smack of leather from the riding crop on my left ass cheek.

After the first few stings of the crop I feel her soft hand rubbing all over the inside of my waistband, her mouth on my nipples, her other hand beings to rock the plug back and forth. Then she grazes my cock on the outside of the thong before she gently caresses canlı bahis it. The feelings combined are just amazing. Then I feel the sting on the crop again. It’s so good coming off the high of the softness. Then she returns to the soft rubbing all over and then back to the crop. As it went on longer during the parts when she was working my cock and the plug at the same time I was holding back and trying not to explode but kept dripping into the front of the thong. She continues this cycle for what seemed like an hour and I was in heaven. Loving every second of it.

Then it all stops for one second. I’m standing helpless and suddenly I feel her pull the thong down and in one quick movement she’s kneeling and sucking my cock all the way down to my balls and her hand cups me. I let out a moan forced from the awesome sensation. Anne then takes complete control of the pace and depth of every stroke of her mouth. Each time I get close to exploding she stops, rubs my ass cheeks and wiggles the plug just enough to remind me. I may be getting a blow job but she’s in total control.

After her third stoppage she goes back to sucking my cock, I can feel it’s different now. She’s going to make me cum. I tell her I’m going to cum and she grabs my hips with her hands and holds me still while I cum right in her mouth.

Anne stands up and kisses me with just enough of my cum mixed with her saliva to make it all taste so sweet. She says “I’m done with you, clean up the toys”. Yes Mistress is all I can say I’m flying so high. Damn I love her.

After our first major scene I emailed Anne with my thoughts on it, something we had promised each other we would do so that we could continue to grow together. A short time later was a casual Saturday night, we had dinner and a few drinks. Then I walked into the bedroom and found Anne sitting on the chair wearing a black dress with sexy lace accents and her black louboutin heels holding a leather collar and a lead. This was an unexpected surprise.

She told me to strip, which I did quickly, standing in front of a fully dressed woman when I’m nude is always intimidating and I’m sure that’s why she did it. She then told me to kneel down in front of her. Now I could get a better look at her sexy legs and the red soles of her shoes that were calling to me like a beacon. Anne placed the cold leather collar around my neck and buckled it. For anybody that knows that feeling you know how intense and amazing it is. She tugged on the lead just to let me know who was in charge.

All I could do was stare at her sexy body dressed in front of me. I didn’t dare touch her without permission. Then I feel the cold leather of her heel gently rubbing on cock and balls. Anne directed me to jerk off for her. This was a new side of her, becoming more of a Domme little by little and I loved it. While I was jerking off for her she asked me what I was thinking, I said all I was thinking about was fucking her. And that was true, at that moment I wanted her so badly and seeing her dressed like that just made me want her more. But i wasn’t to be that lucky tonight, she kept rubbing her heels around my cock while I stroked. At one point she pulled the lead hard and I thought I was going to get to kiss her, but not tonight. She just told me to jerk faster and to cum for her. I was so turned on by her that bahis siteleri I immediately shot all over her legs, feet and heels. She smiled and said she hoped I enjoyed it. Which of course I had.

Anne and I have a night out planned the next week, then my phone goes off. It is a text from Anne with just an image. The image is a toy we purchased a while back, a butt plug with an attached cock ring. I know from the photo that I need to have this inside me before we go out tonight. I begin to race around the house to find it. It’s not in either of the sex toy bags. Or the larger box. I’m starting to panic a bit because I don’t want to disappoint her. Finally after checking the bag for a second time I find it. Grab my clothes, shit she didn’t tell me what underwear to have. I grab a pair of men’s Calvin Klein’s she got me one night while shopping with her girlfriend, my mind wonders for a bit wondering how much her friends know of our secret games. No time for that now.

Shower then slide the plug in. It’s got a tapered end that hits right against the prostate. Then I slide the cock ring on and realize every time I move I’m going to feel it inside me and around my cock simultaneously. Wow. Dressed and ready she comes out and I see she’s wearing the old bracelet. This was something we got a while back so that when we were switching I knew if she wore it she was in charge.

We are off to dinner, I stop in route to fill her car with gas because somebody this special shouldn’t have to do that herself. Dinner is great as usual, we catch up and plan. As I’m sitting there every movement hits me in the prostate and my cock with the ring. It feels wonderful. Every so often I get a look at the bracelet dangling on her wrist next to her Rolex, they suit her. Strong and sexy without being overstated. the meaning of the bracelet in public is driving me wild. After a full day at work she still looks sexy. Great hair tonight, the sexiest woman in the place. The toy and the mind games are causing a bit of precum to leak for sure. Good thing it’s about time to go. I leave wondering if anybody in the place has any idea?

Once we get home it’s straight to the bedroom. She sits down and gives me a list of things I need to get done tomorrow, polish her shoes and some silver. She then tells me to strip. She has me stop at my underwear, the underwear, I’m not sure why she stops there. Then I see her for the last time as she puts the leather blindfold on me. I feel the cold leather of the collar go on next and then she pulls me in for a kiss by the lead. Then I’m ordered to get on all fours.

I feel her pushing the plug in with one hand and with the other she starts to place firm open handed smacks on my ass. The feeling is intense, her hand on the soft underwear and still causing a great sting is awesome. The plug moves with each hit and 3 times she almost made me cum from that alone. Occasionally she will pull me by the lead for more kissing. It was very sensual. At this point she rips off the underwear and remarks about how hard I am.

Being with her this night has made me so hard and with the intense feeling of the ring attached to the plug I was so hard it hurt. While stroking me and playing with the plug she pulls me in for a few more kisses and then suddenly she begins to work with a purpose. I’m still on all fours bahis şirketleri and she’s next to me, one hand stroking my aching cock while the other works the plug. I’m in a great state of being as she tells me to cum and I do. It was amazing. Might have been the best hand job ever, but it was really all she did all night that made it that way.

Things were progressing with us. I was surprised that Anne was becoming more and more dominant in the bedroom and she really seemed to be enjoying it. When she came home from work on this night she asked me if I was up for anything. I said sure. I mean what guy wouldn’t say sure to his hot and sexy wife who plans erotic things right?

We went out to get a quick bite to eat and a few drinks. Once we were back home we had a few more. Than Anne said let’s go play. So we went into the bedroom. She ordered me to strip. I was standing there nude while she’s fully dressed. Always an intimidating place to be. She grabbed the black play bag and quickly put the leather blindfold on me.

I heard some moving around then she told me to kneel. She moved me so I was on all fours and leaning on the liberator wedge for comfort. Then I feel the sting of her new paddle. She seems to have taking a liking to this one more than the others at her disposal.

A few smacks but it’s clear this isn’t her main plan. Then I feel her finger slide into my ass. This is a very rare event and the warmth of it is amazing. Then she slides a second finger in and I feel the stretch. Both a little pain and a lot of pleasure. Then she’s gone and I’m left there alone for a bit.

I hear Anne come back into the room. She kneels behind me. Then I feel it. The tip of a dildo right at the opening on my asshole. And suddenly I realize she must have her strap on because I feel her hands grab my hips as she gently glides the dildo into me.

The feeling of it entering is shocking at first. Anne is gentle but within a few seconds she is fully penetrating me and I can feel her warm thighs against the back of my legs. She starts slow and gentle. Then works to a faster more steady pace. After a while she pulls out and tells me to stand up because we are changing positions.

She helps me to lay on the edge of the bed as I’m still blindfolded. Anne is still standing as she places the dildo back into me. She’s fucking me standing with me laying on my back. This position is much more intense than on all fours. The movement in and out is driving me wild. Anne is able to get more depth and she was going at a much faster pace. I was in heaven.

The mental aspect of doing something men aren’t supposed to like and loving it, combined with the feelings of closeness multiplied by the fact that this sexy, successful, amazing woman would do something so kinky is a better cocktail than anything I’ve ever had before.

Anne then grabbed my ankles and that changed the angle and almost made me cum instantly. As she moved in and out that feeling would come and go. Then she began to play with my nipples which sent an electric shock though my whole body. When she was thrusting I could feel her warm body against mine and it was great. As she continued to use me she said I want you to cum. I touched her hand to feel closer to her and then she softly grabbed my cock with her hand as she thrust in. I came instantly. My legs shaking from being held up and from the total mind fuck that this experience is.

She asked if I had fun and said let’s have one more drink to relax.

Wow. Did I have fun? Holy shit yes.

To be continued…

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