Anna’s Transformation Ch. 08

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Saturday – Day Eight

Jack woke up before her, daylight filling the bedroom. She was deep in slumber, curled up on her side, facing him, all but her shoulders under the sheet. Her hair was a mess, all over the pillow and covering some of her face. The sheet draped over the beautiful curve of her hip and waist.

‘She’s the most beautiful, wonderful woman, and she loves me, she’s going to marry me, and we’ll be together every day and every night. I am so lucky.’

He gazed at her beautiful form for a while, then got up to take care of some chores (and an important measurement) before she awoke, a huge smile on his face. When he finished, he slid back into bed, being careful not to wake her, laid on his side with his head propped up, and admired her beauty, the same big smile on his face. He placed a red rose on the pillow between them.

It was most of an hour before she started to rouse from her slumber. She yawned and raised her arm straight up, stretching, and flopped it over on the other side of the bed, which had the spectacular effect of unveiling her magnificent right breast, in its full glory, for Jack’s viewing pleasure.

‘Well, if that view isn’t a dream come true! Can’t resist this….’

He leaned over and began to very lightly kiss her breast, circumnavigating the beautiful mound, making his way closer and closer to her nipple which was starting to respond even as she was half-asleep, just like yesterday. Her breathing changed, and her arm found the top of his head, then his face.

“Hey, baby, whatca doing,” she mumbled sleepily.

“I’m kissing my fiancé in the morning — it’s delightful!”

“Feels so good, baby, don’t stop.” She rolled over to uncover the twin, and Jack covered it with kisses while caressing its mate. Her hand began caressing his chest, his face, his hip and butt.

“Find anything you like, baby?

“Mmmm, yes, my man, and I like the way he feels, very masculine.” She found his member, starting to harden.

“Oh, found something I really like. I seem to recall being acquainted with this item as recently as early this morning. I find it a very useful tool.”

The both laughed.

“I love you, Jack.”

“I love you, Anna. I hope you don’t mind me saying that about a thousand times a day.”

She smiled. He kissed her. “I love waking up next to you, baby. I want us to always sleep together, and wake up to each other, every day, no matter what.”

“Oh, I would love that, baby! I love my rose, thank you, lover.”

He speared her nearest nipple with his tongue, swirling it around.

She giggled. “Mmmmm, the girls sure like your attention.”

Her handling of his ‘tool” soon had it at full mast.

‘I’m so wet, so ready for him, want him inside me.’ “Well, let’s see, my girls need some loving and big boy here seems ready for action — I wonder if we can find a nice warm, wet place, exactly his size?” Jack grinned.

“Sit up against the headboard.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

She flung off the sheet and mounted him, face to face, his hard shaft finding her moist opening all on its own. She smiled, put her hands on his shoulders and began to work him into her, slowly, an inch at a time, keeping her eyes locked on his. He held her hips.

“I think we’ve found just the place for big boy, and he feels very big this morning, baby.” She leaned over and they kissed, passionately.

“Anna, you feel so good, so warm, so soft. I love being inside you, being mated with you.”

“Mmmmmm, feels so good, you fill me up.” She bottomed out, proud that she’d taken all of him. He caressed her breasts, lightly, all around, with his fingers and the back of his hands. She shivered. “Feels so good, baby, when you touch me like that.”

‘I so love pleasing this wonderful woman.’

He kneaded and cupped her breasts, kissing them, moving them around, mounding them up and letting them fall. ‘God, that’s sensual.’ She started moving her hips, stirring herself with his erection. He moved his hips counter to her, slowly.

“Oh, god, so good, baby, so deep, I can feel you, so big inside me, so warm.”

Her eyes closed as she savored their lovemaking. He whispered in her ear. “I love watching you, baby, you are so beautiful like this.”

She whispered. “Feels so good, baby.”

“So good, he feels so good inside me, he’s loving my girls so good, stay here forever like this…’

“God, I love this. Want to keep her going like this for hours.’

Jack held back some to enjoy and prolong the session.

Finally, bets10 he moved his hands from her breasts and caressed her hair, her neck, her face, her graceful back, her bottoms and her legs, then back to her breasts, then around again, touching her new earrings and pretty gold chains. He could feel her respond by moving just a little faster, her down strokes just a little harder. His lips moved from one breast to the other, kissing, suckling, pinching her erect nipples, rubbing her breasts with his cheeks, kissing up to her neck and lips, then back again.

Every time he kissed her lips, he whispered. “I love you baby.” “Your lover loves you.” “I can’t wait till we’re married.” “We are one, baby, together.” “You are so beautiful, baby.”

“He’s touching me everywhere, so big inside me, his hands — oh god, so good, don’t stop. What he’s saying. Oh god.’

Minutes passed; the lovers consumed in each other.

The combination of their sexes perfectly joined, perfectly in synch, his hard shaft stimulating every nerve in her vagina and pushing against her cervix, his hands caressing almost every part of her body, his lips and tongue making love to her breasts and kissing her, his whispers and her realization that she had fallen in love with him overwhelmed her senses and triggered the start of her orgasm unlike any other. It was like she could feel pleasure in every part of her body at once Her climax continued to blossom, pulsing through her, but not peaking, staying there, consuming her.

Rational thought was crowded out by the highest pleasure she had ever experienced, pure joy. Jack could sense it, feel it, and that brought him closer to his own climax.

“Gonna cum, baby, gonna spray.”

She heard him at a subconscious level, the thought taking her still higher. He thrust a little bit faster, a little harder. “I’m cumming, baby, cumming inside you. This is how we’ll make a baby someday.”

Her body felt his shaft swell as a powerful pulse of seed coursed through him, his helmet widening as the first load shot out into her moist chamber. Her head reared back, but she couldn’t speak, only gasp for air as her climax intensified beyond anything she had ever experienced. Jack held her tightly as he unleashed three more shots into her welcoming sex. His eyes rolled back into his head.

Her body, rigid with passion beyond compare, shivered and shook and she clawed at his chest in feral excitement. Tears burst from her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. They stayed locked together as their climaxes persisted, refusing to let them return to earth for a long minute. Jack saw a look he’d never seen on her face — pure rapture.

Her return to the world was slow and punctuated by shivers that danced through her like electric charges. Finally, he felt her start to relax, collapsing onto his chest, her hair spilling all over him. He gave her a tight squeeze and held her, caressing her back and hair as she recovered.

“Hey baby.”

She found the strength to wipe her eyes on the pillowcase and look at his most proud grin yet. He stroked her cheek. “I love you, Anna.”

She kissed him and finally found her voice. “That was, god, Jack, what was that? What you — what we just did, oh god, what was that?” She shivered with an aftershock. “Oh, Jack.”

He pulled some of her errant hair back. “I’m not sure, but it must have something to do with us being in love. It was wonderful, and last night was wonderful. I can’t get enough of you, Anna.” I feel there might be some law that says I should warn you that I intend to start every day just like this.”

She laughed. “What, the ‘I intend to give my lover an incredible experience and take her to the stars’ law?”

“Yea, that’s the one!”

“I consider myself warned! “

She kissed him, hard. “You sure know how to treat a lady in the morning, Mr. Mitchell.” She put her arms around his neck, squeezed him as hard as she could and whispered. “I love you, Jack Mitchell, what you did to me I can’t even describe. It felt like you were touching me everywhere at once. It was different than the other times — it lasted so long I thought I’d gone to heaven. You’re an incredible lover, lover!”

“Baby, I so love pleasing you. Just know I plan on doing it forever.”

She looked at him seriously. “Do I make you feel as good as you do me, Jack? It can’t be all about me.”

“Yes, you do. I don’t experience an orgasm quite like you do, and a lot of my satisfaction comes from satisfying you. I just love bets10 giriş it.”

“Oh, baby.” Their lips touched and they kissed for the longest time, Jack caressing her from her hair to her calves. “Did I tell you how much I love your hands, Jack? You have this way of touching me that gives me chills. Please don’t ever stop — even if it’s in a public place like a store or the parking lot or restaurant or nightclub!”

“I love touching my Anna.”

She pushed herself up on her arms. “I’m not sure I can even move after what you did to me, Jack.” He took advantage of her magnificent breasts swinging in his face to caress and kiss them.

“Oh, baby, you do that so good — my girls just can’t get enough!”

She enjoyed his attentions for a few minutes, watching him.

“Jack, can I get some paper and an envelope?”

He released her right nipple from his lips to reply. “Huh?”

“Well, when you told me yesterday about this Julie chick dumping you, I was ready to beat her with a stick for hurting my Jack. But that was wrong of me. Now I want to write her a thank you note! I might even include a picture of what the wench is missing!”

They laughed. “Are you ever going to let me out of this bed, Jack?”

“Why would I let the most beautiful woman in the world out of my bed?” He grinned.

She nipped at his nose. “You just keep on flattering me, Jack, and see what that gets you!” she giggled. “And you, sir, are the most handsome man in the world. I’ll be spending the rest of my life keeping other women away from you. I’ll probably need martial arts training.”

“I sure like that rest of my life part of that, Anna. Are you sure it wasn’t the champagne saying yes to my proposal?”

She giggled. “Well, I was feeling it a bit last night, but no, that was me, Jack, happily saying yes. I realized last night that I was already in love with you — I was just suppressing because of……..” Her eyes became distant, thinking about the realities of the world outside their little bubble. He touched her cheek.

“When you are ready to talk about that, I’m ready too. I don’t want to pry. But I’m your man, and that means I’ll be right there with you as close as you want me to be. Ok?”

“You are so understanding, Jack. I’m not sure how to handle it.

“Oh, god, Anna, I love you so much.”

The two lovers enjoyed a long, passionate kiss. “Still want to go back to the beach today?”

She beamed. “Oh, yes, I would love that, baby!”

“We could stay the night.”

“Yes, let’s do! We can lay under the stars tonight — will be so nice!”

He grinned. “I love that picture — you in just starlight!”

“Can we go soon?”

“Sure! Of course, we seem to sometimes get distracted and end up making love, delaying progress!”

She giggled. “Well, we have about a two-hour window before we attack each other again so let’s get going!”

They uncoupled from each other. “This is the hardest part, Jack, your big boy leaving me. I’ll miss him and hope he visits again soon.”

“Count on it!!”

“Of course, he left behind a large deposit!” She walked over to the clock from the restaurant. “I thought I recognized this.” She touched his cheek and kissed him. “It is so sweet that you have this, Jack. One of the reasons I fell for you!”

They embraced and kissed, his hands starting to wander. She pushed him away and giggled, looking down at his again-hardening penis. She touched it. “THIS being another reason I fell for you!”

He laughed. “Shower first, or maybe breakfast?”

She kissed him. “Shower. Hoping my fiancé might wash and brush my hair!”

The lovers managed to make it through a shower without copulating, although there was a lot of “cleaning” that lasted longer than strictly necessary. As he brushed her hair, she watched him closely in the mirror. ‘You’re making the right choice, Anna, this man is so right for you. Andy will just have to understand.’

He hummed as he did her hair.

“Sisters, right?”

He grinned. “You’re the only naked woman for whom I have performed hair dressing duties.”

He finished and hugged her, crossing his arms and cupping her beautiful breasts. She kissed him. “I love it when you hug me from behind, Jack. I love feeling your chest against my back, your big strong arms around me, holding my girls. Makes me feel so good, so safe. Oh, and by the way, I heard what you said when we were making love – this is how we make a baby!”

Jack smiled. “I was thinking we could sit like this today, bets10 güvenilir mi at our beach, and I could hold you like this while we look at the waves and talk about the rest of our lives together.”

She turned and hugged him, hard and kissed him. “You are such a romantic, Jack, you make me feel so special. Our beach?”

He looked her in the eyes. “Yes, Anna, it’s now our beach. And this is now our home — Anna he deserves to know.’ “I told him, Jack. About us being in love.”

‘Oh, shit,’ he thought.

He hugged her, gently, and kissed her forehead. “Are you ok?”

She looked up at him. “I’m only thinking about us today — nothing else. And how can I not be ok when I’m in your arms, Jack?” She kissed him, hard, and her eyes brightened. “I’m excited about spending the day with you, baby. We’re going to have fun!”

He walked her out, and of course, opened the car door for her. She beamed, loving that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her legs. As they drove away Jack snuck in a quick text. They held hands, and she kicked off her high-heeled sandals and stuck her right foot out the window, giggling.

“So, before you woke up, I tidied up the car.”


“Yes, something must have happened last night, based on the evidence.”

She smiled. “That so?”

“I found a man’s jacket, with a very sexy pair of pink panties in the pocket, a purse with a very pretty E-cup bra and a cell phone inside, a pair of black pumps and a very cute black dress. There were also footprints on the dashboard, and the driver had left the key in the ignition.”

She suppressed a giggle. “And what conclusion do you draw from this evidence, Inspector Mitchell?”

“Well, what’s missing is evidently the woman who was wearing these items. According to eyewitnesses, she was seen being carried into this house, naked and laughing, by some man who seemed to be in a great hurry!”

“I confess, I was the naked woman! But I have no idea how I got that way — perhaps my date removed all my clothing? He was very forward, as I recall!”

They broke up laughing. She kissed him, hard.

“So, would you mind if we made a quick stop at the hardware store?”

She stuck out her tongue. He pulled up in front of a high-end jewelry store. “Jack, really, you already bought me these pretty chains and these nice earrings, that’s plenty, please.” He opened her door and helped her out. They held hands as they walked in and were greeted immediately by a woman who introduced herself as the owner and gestured them into a room off to the side.

‘What is this?’ She thought, confused as to how the woman seemed to somehow be expecting them.

Arrayed across three countertops, under little spotlights, were dozens and dozens of beautiful rings. ‘Oh god, rings. Engagement rings.’ Anna put her hand to her mouth as she looked around, stunned.

Jack brought her left hand to his lips. “A lady newly engaged to be married can’t be walking around without a nice ring, right? I should have had one to give you last night.”

She looked up at him, eyes watery with tears. “Oh, Jack, you sweet man.”

The owner couldn’t help but smile. “Congratulations, Anna. Would you like to look around some?

She nodded and held Jack’s hand tightly as she looked around, checking out each ring. He noticed her eyes lingered over a certain gold ring with a row of small diamonds. He nudged her to it. “Do you like it, baby?

She nodded. “Yes, I really do, Jack.” She looked up at him. “But I bet it’s really expensive. I’ll be fine with something plainer.”

He brought his nose to hers and whispered. “Baby, there is nothing plain about my fiancé. We can afford this one — and I love it!”

“Are you sure?”

“No problem. I’ve got more of those gift cards to use….”

She giggled and pinched his nose. “You are a devil, Mr. Mitchell!”

The owner nodded at Jack, and he picked up the ring, knelt down and slipped it on her finger. Her face lit up like the sun. “Oh, Jack, it’s so pretty – and it fits me — how did –.” The owner gave her one of those knowing, woman-to woman smiles.

“Oh, you’re such a sneak, Jack Mitchell!” He gave her that ‘awe, shucks’ smile.

Jack took a picture of his hand holding hers, thanked the owner and they walked out. “Um, don’t you have to pay for this, Jack?”

“Already taken care of.”

She stopped outside the door, admiring the ring as it sparkled in the sunlight. ‘Wow. He gave this to me, his fiancé. I love it. I Iove him.’

Jack was leaning against the car, smiling, watching her. She ran up and leaped into his arms, locking her legs around him, and kissed him with a fierce passion, gripping his head tightly. He hugged her hard, forcing his hands to not roam around as usual with her.

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