Angie Meets Suzanne

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One thing about Angie she loves men but sometimes she likes the tenderness of a woman as well. No one knows this about her. She loves the feel of a woman’s body and knows all the right places to touch and sometimes the desire for that is pretty overwhelming.

Now Angie is in her mid 40’s and being divorced she wants to experiment with her needs and desires.

She tells her close friend Bob about her desire for a woman.

“I can fix you up with a really nice young girl I know” Bob says.

“She is a bit younger than you but she likes women” Bob grins.

“I know she will like you because you are older and sexy and love sex.” He begins to give her that look.

“But I need someone who will be discreet and is clean.” Angie says.

“I don’t want just anyone I want a petite girl that is cute.” She says.

“I haven’t done this in a long time and the desire is there and I want to find someone.” Angie continues.

“Do I get to watch?” Bob asked.

“We will see.” She told him.

A few days later Angie was at work and Bob called and told her to come by that he had someone he wanted her to meet. Someone he thought she might like.

When Angie got off work she headed to Bob’s house. When she got there he was pretty excited and told her I have found you just the girl I think you will like. She is 33, cute, and likes men and women. She will be here in about an hour to meet you.

Angie got really nervous because she wasn’t prepared for this.

“I need a drink.” She said.

“I am not sure I can do this after all.” She said.

Bob walked over to the counter and got her a vodka and sprite. He was smiling when he walked over and gave it to her. She took it from him and drank about half of it before she realized it. She started to feel a bit more relaxed. Not quiet sure what to expect when this girl arrived.

Angie was nervous because she wasn’t sure about the girl being so much younger. She had actually hoped for someone more her own age. Someone that would be discreet. Angie is very private about her life and works with the public so a lot of people know her from her job. They all know her one way professionally and as an everyday woman. When Angie leaves work at the end of the day she has a whole different private life that is unknown to most people. So yes she is nervous.

Suddenly the doorbell rings and Bob goes to the door. In walks a small young nice looking girl and she gives Bob a big kiss and walks over to Angie and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, I am Suzanne, its nice to meet you.” The young girl says to Angie.

“Nice to meet you too.” Angie replies.

“I have heard a bit about you and am excited to meet you.” Suzanne says.

“Bob said you were a nice looking older woman but he didn’t do you justice.” Suzanne told Angie.

Angie and Suzanne take their drinks into the bedroom and shut the door and leave Bob in the other room while they chat a bit.

Angie and Suzanne both undressed and lay on the bed just chatting and fondling each others breasts.

Angie has small round illegal bahis breasts with big nipples and Suzanne has very small almost flat ones with little nipples.

They both like each others breasts. Suzanne bends down and takes Angie’s breast in her hand and gently sucks on the nipple. She runs her tongue around the nipple and Angie moans in pleasure. She is getting pretty excited because she loves the tenderness of a woman.

Angie starts kissing Suzanne passionately and caresses her small breasts and gently lowers her hand down and touches Suzanne’s hot wet pussy. The juices just make Angie burn with desire. She slides her finger inside and feels the warm sweet cum just ooze through her finger and into her hand. She starts fingering Suzanne’s hot pussy with more urgency now. The fire burning in her at the sexual tension she is feeling. She loves this and wants to be in control.

Suzanne reaches down and starts rubbing Angie’s swollen clit. Hard and aching for release. Angie starts feeling that sweet orgasm coming that she needs so bad right now.

She suddenly feels someone grab her feet and pull her off Suzanne. She looks and Bob is there. He has a look in his eyes that she hasn’t seen before.

They kept their relationship a secret because Bob has a girlfriend. He seems to be very possessive of Angie though and she doesn’t care for that but likes the dominant side of him.

Bob pulls her to the edge of the bed and tells her to stay there.

“I am going to pound your hot ass so don’t you move.” Bob tells Angie.

She starts to move back over to Suzanne and Bob grabs her leg and pulls her back again.

” Get your hands off me and let me go.”Angie tells him.

Bob puts his hands on her chest and holds her down as he takes his leg and forces her legs open. She is getting very aggressive and he knows that means she is hot. She likes the fact that he is getting forceful with her. She smiles at him as he gives her a slap on the ass. Not a hard one but just enough to make it sting.

“I am fixing to fuck your ass like you have never been fucked before.” Bob said in a husky voice.

Suzanne is frightened because she has no idea that this is normal sex for Angie and Bob. She thinks he is forcing Angie but in truth Angie likes this a lot.

Suzanne is sitting on the bed watching them. She doesn’t know what to do.

“I want you to fuck me hard you prick.” Angie tells Bob.

I want you to put that dick in me and fuck me hard and deep.” She pleads.

Bob shoves his dick in Angie’s hot pussy and starts to fuck her hard. He is showing her no mercy and she is digging her nails in his back as he pounds her.

“Damn I want your hot ass on them knees.” Bob tells her.

He then tells Suzanne to lay in front of Angie so that she can eat her pussy while he fucks her.

Angie rolls over on her knees and Bob puts his dick inside her from behind.

She tells Suzanne to move closer to her and spread her legs so that she can eat her.

Suzanne does as she is told. Her pussy is in front of Angie and she illegal bahis siteleri looks at her cute little pussy and slowly licks it with her tongue. Tasting her hot sweet juices and lightly wiggles her tongue on Suzanne’s clit and feels it swell. She sticks her tongue inside her hot little hole and taste the juices that are running out.

Suzanne is moaning in pleasure and almost screaming with passion.

Bob is fucking Angie hard now and Angie is getting close to her climax now. She feels the wonderful feeling from her clit start to tingle and knows she is close.

As Bob is reaching his peak he gets more aggressive and Angie turns over real fast and tells him to let her on top.

“Please let me on top now I need to be on top so that I can feel you in me deep.” Angie pleads.

“Oh hell no ,you lay that ass down right there and I am going to be on top.” He tells her.

But Angie is so turned on right now that she pushes him down and crawls on top and takes his cock and shoves it inside her.

Bob moans and grabs her hair and pulls her down to him. He kisses her roughly and she lightly bites his lip.

“Don’t you ever stop fucking me.” He tells her.

“Don’t worry” she smiles” I won’t, I need you right now”.Angie tells him.

She continues fucking him until he cums and when he does he looks at her and say,” Damn you are killing me here.”

She gets up and tells him ” I want to watch you fuck Suzanne.”

“Are you kidding me I don’t know if I can get my dick up again.”Bob says.

“Oh you will and you will fuck her for me.” Angie says.

Bob goes over to Suzanne and tells her to get on her knees and suck his dick. She goes over and takes his dick and starts sucking on it. Of course his dick is still very sensitive and he cant hardly stand it but Angie knew this and she loves it. She tells him to take it like a man. Enjoy the sensation.

“Oh my gosh you bitch I will fuck you again.” Bob says to Angie.

“Hell no you wont, you will fuck her like I asked you to.” Angie replies.

He grabs Suzanne and pulls her up and tells her to get on the bed and spread her legs. By now Suzanne is pretty turned on by all of this. She tells Angie she has never seen anything like this.

Bob starts fucking Suzanne and Angie watches with a lustful look in her eyes. She really enjoys this and Bob knows this as well. Bob looks over at Angie and she smiles a sweet smile at him and tells him.

“Eat her.”Angie tells him.

Bob doesn’t waste any time. He likes doing whatever Angie asks him to do.

Angie goes over to the bed and takes Bob’s balls in her hand and starts kissing them while he is fucking Suzanne.

He starts fucking her faster as Angie is sucking his balls. He moans and starts getting ready to cum. Angie stands back so she can watch.

Angie tells Bob to take his dick out before he cums because she wants him to cum on her tits. He pulls his dick out of Suzanne and goes over to Angie and she takes his dick and milks it until he cums on her tits. She then takes the cum and rubs it all canlı bahis siteleri over her tits and chest and sighs a big sigh and smiles at Bob and tells him that he was great.

Angie then goes over to the dresser and takes out a strap on dildo. She likes this little toy very much. She puts it on and walks over to where Suzanne is and tells her that she is going to fuck her better than Bob ever could.

Suzanne eagerly looks at Angie and is very aroused. She spreads her legs and Angie sees that hot little pussy and is amazed at how wet it is. She gets on top of Suzanne and takes the strap on in her hand and guides it to that hot little pussy that is waiting. She slides it in slowly and is suddenly excited at the power she feels with that dick strapped on. She thinks to her self of what a man must feel like as he puts his dick inside a hot wet pussy. The feeling must be intense as it goes in.

Angie loves being a woman but really loves the power she feels with a dick and what she can do with it. The pleasure she can give and she just goes crazy. She starts grinding her hips and moving in and out and stroking that hot pussy and Suzanne moans at the pleasure she is feeling as Angie slides that cock in and out and seems to now exactly what to do.

Bob just stands there watching with an evil grin on his face as he watches his lady do her thing. He knows when she is this turned on she is in her own world. He loves to watch her face as the passion glows. Angie’s eyes are closed and she gets so caught up in the moment. She is oblivious of Bob and his obsession.

Angie and Suzanne go get into the shower together and Suzanne just keeps looking at Angie and finally asks her about her relationship with Bob.

“I have never seen such an intense thing like that before.” Suzanne tells Angie.

” I know and most people wouldn’t understand our relationship but we just click that way.” Angie says.

Angie lathers Suzanne’s breasts and massages them so gently. She likes them because they are small and have little nipples. Angie finds this arousing. She starts kissing Suzanne. Her hand slides down Suzanne’s small waist and down between her shaved pussy. She takes her finger and gently strokes her clit and feels Suzanne tremble a bit. Angie puts her lips around her small nipples and begins to suck them lightly. She is glad Bob went into the other room. He is so possessive and she has needs that are like a hunger. She tells Suzanne that they will get together another day alone and have some private time.

Suzanne is fascinated by this older woman and loves the way she made her feel. This woman who is not afraid to show her passion and desires and feed them. The passion she felt was unbelievable. She is excited and looks forward to being alone with Angie.

They get dressed and go into the kitchen where Bob is on the phone. After he hangs up he looks at Angie and tells her that he had the time of his life and gives her a kiss and she just smiles and tells him that she knows he did. She tells him good bye and her and Suzanne leave. She takes Suzanne home and then she heads home.

Angie is still thinking about the strap on and how she enjoyed that so much. She smiles to herself and thinks about the next time that she will wear it. She opens her sunroof , turns up Bob Seger and drives down the highway.

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