Andrew’s Property Ch. 01

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He took me first, and now is one step away from making my wife his personal sex toy. That final step will happen in about an hour. My wife is currently getting ready. She will emerge in 30 minutes, in a red bra and panty set, and officially pledge herself to Andrew.

Andrew is a 22 year old college student and stereotypical frat boy. But he also reads people easily and has no hesitation using his readings to manipulate and dominate you. He isn’t a huge or hulking man, but once in your head he has no need to be as you offer no resistance. You become his, and he uses you as he desires.

He first approached me after class one day. I teach finance at a relatively big university and Andrew was one of my better performing students.

“Dr. J can we chat after class?”

I was going to head out of the building and grab a bite to eat and told him perhaps another time.

“It would be best for me to meet now, so can we head to your office.”

The way he said it and his complete confidence had me at a loss and I said yes.

We arrived at my office. Upon entering, Andrew closed the door and then we both sat down. My office is at the end of a corridor and the office next to me is empty (a sad story of a young professor failing to get tenure) and across from my door is the back stairs which are rarely used.

Andrew waited for me to get settled and then just looked at me while saying nothing. I should say he looked thru me or deeply into me. His eyes had an intensity I hadn’t seen before. I was uncomfortable, surprisingly in the way I have occasionally been when a female student is in my office looking for a better grade and I feel like the meeting should have a chaperone.

Finally I spoke. “what can I do for you Andrew.”

Andrew just smiled and said, “so many things!”

He continued.

“You are an interesting man, Dr. J.”

Most of my students call me Dr. J as my last name is Jackson and my first name is Jim, so the J fits in both cases.

“You are obviously bright, pretty much everyone’s favorite Prof, and you seem to have your shit together.”

“I try” was all I could muster in response.

“But I think there is second side to you that comes out in the little things that you do.”

My heart started to race a bit, but I stayed calm on the outside.

“You often defer to other people, you are always helpful, and you rarely confront others.”

“So, my hidden other side is I am not an asshole?” I jokingly exclaimed.

“Let me finish.” Andrew said this with a certain authority in his voice and then stared at me for a bit. I remained quiet.

“These things could be interpreted as you being ‘not an asshole’ as you said, but I think they tell a different story. I have watched you and the story I see is one of a man who has a submissive side.”

I was about to jump in to deny it when he shut me down with a look.

“Better. It came out clearly today as you were handing back the exams. When you slid Julie’s exam down the desk to her, it fell off the desk and you quickly scrambled to pick it up and present it to her with an apology. Most in the class saw a dorky professor pick up a dropped exam, I saw a man mortified that he had not served Julie well. Most people don’t pay much attention to things, I do.

Like right now, as I discuss your submissive side with you, that side is rising to the surface. Your body language has become small, your face slightly flushed, your eyes have been looking down, and I am confident if I had a heart rate monitor on you it would show it was beating fast.”

He was dead on. My mind and heart raced. I had been mortified that I had caused Julie trouble. She is a beautiful young lady and I always defer to such a creature. It has always been in my nature.

“There is one more sign that you are a submissive that I am sure is present right now. I am guessing your dick has hardened a bit and you are aroused. Is that correct?”

It was. A discussion about submission, my oldest fantasy, with Julie in the mix and indeed my arousal and my dick had come to life.

“I am waiting for an answer.”

Damn, he was triggering my submissive side from so many directions.


“Good, let’s continue. The typical explanation for why you are hard is that I mentioned Julie. I mean she is a hot young thing. I just might get hard thinking about her too. But really for you the bulk of your arousal comes from our discussion of your submissive side. You are both terrified and intensely interested in the fact that I see that side of you so clearly. That side of you is powerful and you both fear and crave that power.”

I jumped in, “regardless of how insightful your analysis might be, you are a student, and I your professor and this really isn’t an appropriate conversation.”

“Very true, but while I am sure your professional side is screaming ‘shut it down,’ the side we are discussing is longing for more. So I am going to continue.”

It was not a illegal bahis question, nor was I invited to jump back in. I simply remained quiet as he continued.

“Let’s play a little game of questions. When we are done we will both know what we need to know. Ready to begin?”

“I suppose” was my version of yes, while trying to keep my submissive side from taking over completely.

“When you picked up Julie’s exam for her, was that polite or submissive?”

“Both” I was trying to fight a battle that Andrew was winning.

“One or the other.”


“Good. Now, how often does your submissive side show itself.”

I was about to say “often,” but I knew that was not the type of answer he was seeking.

“Multiple times a day.”

“And how often is that submissive side tied to sexual arousal?”

Damn, this just got real. The answer was every fucking time, but to admit that was not something I wanted to do. I searched my brain for an answer. My hesitation and struggle was obvious.

“Every time, correct?” Andrew read me like a children’s book.

“Yes.” I was submitting and getting aroused.

“Stand up.”

I couldn’t. It was one thing to admit my submission-arousal connection, it was another to reveal the tent in my pants. I remained frozen.

“Stand up, now.” Andrew remained calm, but his tone and the way he looked at me indicated this was not negotiable.

I stood. My arousal was plainly evident.

“Think about submitting to Julie. Would that be nice.”

“Amazing!” I declared as any final wall came crumbling down. I was flat out excited and aroused and any semblance of professionalism was out the door.

“Ironically, it is Julie that submits to me. She is like you, all put together on the outside, but a submission seeking slut on the inside.”

“No way!” I blurted out like a kid. My arousal jumped forward also.

“Your class starts at 10am and every class day she arrives at my apartment at 8am and makes me breakfast and then I take her sexually. This morning she was on her knees giving me a fantastic blow job. In fact if you had looked closely she still had some of my cum on her during class.”

My mind was blown. “You’re bullshitting me!” It came out somewhat spontaneously.

Andrew just looked at me with disappointment on his face. I had spoken out of turn, and doubted what he said.

“I apologize, that was rude of me. Please continue.” My eyes went down as I said this. My submissive side was fully in control at this point.

“We will deal with your manners later. But right now I just want you to listen. Understood?”


Again silence.

“Yes, Sir.”

He continued.

“let me tell you about this morning and Julie’s worship of my cock. But before I do, you are obviously highly aroused. I want you to unzip your fly, pull your dick out, and stroke yourself as I tell the story.”

He paused, I complied with a yes sir.

“When Julie arrives she knows I will use her however I want. She knows not to think, but just obey. That sounds good to you doesn’t it.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“This morning she made me the exact breakfast I asked for, taking great care in the cooking and serving of my food. Do you know why she takes such care?”

“She want to please you, Sir.”

“Exactly. I ate in silence as she stood, arms behind her back. She was wearing a red push-up bra under the sweatshirt you saw her in today. She was not wearing the sweatshirt while at my apartment. She never wears full clothing. As she stood waiting for my next command, her nipples were hard. Again, you know why.”

“Serving you was making her aroused, Sir.”

“You are right again. I instructed her to get on her knees. She complied but kept her eyes up to mine. I asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted to give me pleasure. I instructed her to begin.”

At this point I thought I might cum. Andrew picked up on this and instructed me to slow my stroke and do not cum.

“She pulled my cock out of my pants and stroked it a few times. She was visibly excited. She then licked my cock from base to tip. Then with her eyes locked on mine she slid me into her mouth. She started to slide and suck and the whole time her eyes stared at me with her submission burning.”

I let out a moan. I was beyond aroused.

“The picture I am painting is hot isn’t it.”

“God Yes, Sir!”

“Well it gets hotter. She continued to worship my cock. My hand found the back of her head and I took control. I began to slowly, but firmly face fuck her. I drove my cock down her throat as she gagged and her eyes watered. She accepted my control and was happy. I continued to face fuck her until it was time to cum. I grasped her head and painted her face with my cum.”

As he said this, he pulled out his phone and called up a picture. It was Julie, with a submissively content expression and her entire face splashed with cum.

“Amazing, illegal bahis siteleri isn’t it. Look at how satisfied and happy she is.”

He swiped to the next photo and she had his cock in her mouth and he eyes up at the camera with a ‘thank you’ expression in them.

“You like this story, it arouses you. But you and I know that your arousal is embedded in the submission, not just that I described a smoking hot girl giving me great head. Answer me honestly, if you were in the story would you want to be me, or Julie?”


“Cum to that thought. Cum now and express your submission to me!”

I erupted like a volcano! I sprayed cum all over my desk. I practically fell down the release was so strong.

“You will submit to me fully.”

It wasn’t a question but I still answered with a yes, sir.

“Come over here and get on your knees!”

I didn’t try to put my shrinking dick back in my pants, I moved immediately. I dropped to my knees. I looked up at him.

“You are going to suck my cock and receive my cum like Julie. You are my submissive, and soon you will be my willing cocksucker.”

He pulled his own cock out of his pants pulling his balls thru too. He was large, much larger than me.

“Hands behind back. Eyes up. Listen well.”

I was beyond reason at this point and did what he asked.

“Take your time, worship my cock, focus on my pleasure. Be the submissive you are meant to be.”

And I began. I remembered what he said about Julie. I started by licking his cock multiple times. It was hard without use of my hands so finally I just took his cock in my mouth and started to bob on it. I did my best to give him pleasure.

He grabbed my head with two hands and pulled me fully onto him.

“Breathe thru your nose, eyes on mine, answer my questions with nods. Do you understand?”

I nodded while trying not to choke on his cock.

“I own you, correct?”

I nodded.

“You will obey me always, correct?”

I nodded.

“You want to taste my cum?”

I nodded. He released me and I practically spit out his cock. Saliva spewed everywhere. He grabbed my head, positioned it directly in front of his cock and ordered me to finish him.

I hungrily started to slide up and down his cock, sucking hard. My pace quickened and so did his breathing. I focused on submitting to him and pleasing him.

Finally he proclaimed, “You are my bitch!” as his cum started to shoot out into my mouth. He grabbed my head and used his second and third spurts to cover my face with cum.

As I started to recover, I saw him position his smartphone camera and take photos of my cum laden face.

“Suck me dry faggot.”

I took his cum covered cock into my mouth and swallowed the cum off of it. He continued to take photos.

He kept pulling out and recoating his cock with the cum on my face and I kept cleaning him.

Finally he pulled away and told me to sit in my chair. My cum was still covering my desk and his cum still decorated my face.

“Where are we?” he asked.

My mind raced, but after a deep breath I cleared my mind and replied.

“I am your submissive slut. I will obey you and focus solely on your pleasure. You own me and I am available to you how, when and where you please.”

He just stared at me, smiled, and said, “Yes you are.”

I sat both terrified and satisfied. I had finally fully expressed my submission and it was looking like that would continue. I remained quiet and waited for my master to speak.

Andrew started to flip thru the photos on his phone. It reminded me that his control over me was predicated on more than just my submissive nature.

“I have some excellent shots, if you send me a very polite and convincing text message I just might share some of them with you.”

As he said this he reached out and took a sharpie out of my pen cup and wrote his cell on my desk.

Send me that text, and then set the number to “always alert” status and never, and I mean never, take more than 3 minutes to respond.

With that he stood, leaned over my desk, and said, “It is going to be fun completely making you my bitch and testing your limits. Plan to be used and abused Dr. J. You are going to love it almost as much as I will.”

And with that he turned and left.

I sat in stunned silence for a while. There was still some of Andrew’s cum on my face, my desk was wet with my cum, and my dick was hanging out of my pants. I just kept replaying the last 30 minutes and swerving between “wholly shit what have I done” and “wholly shit that was awesome.”

And then there was the text message. I shouldn’t send a text, from my own phone, that will obviously give Andrew another point of leverage over me. Those should have been my thoughts, but instead I was already trying to compose the best email so I could express my submission and get to see some of the photos.

I did stop and clean my desk off and canlı bahis siteleri zip up my pants. I rubbed Andrew’s cum into my face and hair to remind me I was his cum slut. I started to get hard thinking about my submission to him and how right it felt to drop to my knees and serve him. I have had a few male on male experiences in my life, but this one was more about submission than anything else. I sucked his cock to please him, and it was pleasing him that mattered and made me excited. The fact that I was a submissive faggot slut was fine with me long as I got to be submissive.

I started to compose, and after a few rewrites, I sent him the following text.

Master, thank you for allowing me to serve you today. Sucking your cock and being rewarded with your cum was amazing. I hope I have the privilege to serve you again soon.

I know you took photos of that amazing moment where you covered my face in your cum. It was a special moment for me and I would be grateful if you would send me any photos you have so that I can relive that fantastic experience.

I look forward to serving you again soon in whatever way you desire. I am your submissive slut and your property. You insightfully read my true nature and thus I am in your debt that I now get to be the obedient slut I have always craved to be.

I look forward to hearing back from you and as instructed I have set notifications to treat your messages as my most important ones.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve.

Dr. J.

I reread it one more time and hit send. There really was no turning back.

My phone chimed, the special sound I assigned to my master. I was beyond excited to open the message.

Dr. J., this morning was a good start. You aren’t half bad as a cocksucker. You are going to be visited by a couple of my fraternity brothers in about 25 minutes after their class is over. Submit fully to them and practice being the best cocksucker you can. Treat them as you would me and be passionate about your service. I look forward to receiving a positive report from my brothers. Suck well my bitch!

My cock immediately jumped to attention, while my brain spiraled. There is no way I should extend my submissive ways to others but there was no doubt I was going to obey Andrew. As my thoughts bounced around on these ideas, I almost forgot to respond. But thankfully I did.

Master, I will be the best possible cocksucker and obedient slut and serve your brothers well. Thank you for this opportunity!

A response came almost immediately.

I know you will, it is who you are. I did tell my brothers to take photos and video. So be sure to smile while you suck them off!

Of course Sir! Knowing I am serving them to please you will make a smile easy!

You are such a willing slut. Enjoy! Master out.

I smiled as I read his message. I am willing and I was planning to enjoy.

I quickly went down the hall and used the restroom. As I washed my hands I looked and my cum sculpted hair made me look a bit like a crazy professor. I laughed as I was crazy. Crazy to be doing this, and crazy excited about serving my master.

I had just settled in at my desk when a knock came. I beckoned my visitors in. Standing in front of me were two young men.

“Andrew suggested we stop in for a little fun. I assume he let you know”

“Absolutely gentleman. He asked me to suck your cocks and I am glad to begin on your command.”

“Let’s do it!” the taller one said and he pointed to the floor in front of him.

I obeyed and kneeled in front of him. I pulled his cock and balls thru his fly and immediately impaled my mouth on his length. And he was long! Not thick, but long and smooth with a pronounced head. As I slid off his cock with a strong sucking pull, he moaned.

“When you cum, my throat mouth and face are all available to you. Totally your call.”

I went right back to work. I was so excited to be serving his cock and bringing him, and thus my master pleasure!

As I bobbed and sucked his buddy took photos. I worshiped his cock and made sure I was smiling, as much as you can be with a man’s cock in your mouth.

He grabbed my head and started to fuck my face roughly. His long cock was a deep throat challenge, but I did my best. Thankfully he didn’t last much longer and moaned loudly (God I hope my colleagues didn’t hear that!) And started to cum down my throat. He held me impaled on his cock and came down my throat in multiple spurts. I struggled mightily, but was able to swallow and avoid choking. He was looking at me intensely and kept repeating “take it Bitch!”

I did, and finally he released my head, my reflex would have been to spot his cock out, but I fought off that instinct and slowly sucked my way off his cock. As I got to his cock head, he gave me an “oh yes!” and I then re-impaled myself and repeated my move.

“Fuck this is the best head I have ever gotten.” He held my head impaled on his cock for just a moment and spasmed out one last bit of his delicious cum. He turned to his buddy and exclaimed, “do you think we can get him to teach our girlfriends to be this good?” as I slid off his cock one last time.

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