…And Dance Like No One’s Watching Pt. 04

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“…And Dance Like No One’s Watching”

I want to thank MJ and JJ from The Fenlands for inspiring this story.

Part 4

“I’ll drive,” Jenny announced without fanfare after they put their overnight bags in the back of the Samurai.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Charlotte answered without question or disagreement even though it was her car.

“I do have a question though,” Jenny stated as she pulled on to the highway and brought the car up to speed.

“Of course, Ma’am, I’ll happily answer if I can.”

“Do you continue to be so submissive to me when we get to your parents’ home?”

“Well that depends on how they feel about it I suppose, but I’ll remain submissive to you until we get there and then we’ll see what they think of the idea. I’m pretty sure they’ll be thrilled. Daddy is already submissive to Mommy and I am to both of them. I suspect Mommy will have no problem with Daddy and me being submissive to you too.”

“Fair enough, but that leads me to another question,” Jenny smirked, glancing over at Clare for a moment.

“Certainly, Ma’am…anything.”

“Why do you still have your clothes on?”

Clare looked over at Jenny and grinned impishly. Then she sat forward and pulled her t-shirt off over her head then raised her hips and slipped out of her jeans. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties.

“Much better,” Jenny smiled, “now get your feet up on the dash and spread your thighs wide. Play with your tits and pussy…but no cumming until I tell you.”

Jenny didn’t slow down when they passed the first truck. She glanced over at Clare when she heard the truck’s air horn give three short blasts. Clare was looking back over her shoulder and squeezing both of her tits with their erect nipples.

“What happened?” Jenny asked, returning her attention to the road ahead.

“The driver saw my tits and maybe my pussy too when we passed him,” Clare answered with a gleeful smile. “I think he blew his horn to thank me.”

“Is that so, you slutty cunt?” Jenny muttered, falling silent for a few moments before turning back to Clare. “Did you like it…showing off your tits and your pussy like that…like some cheap street walking whore happily willing to open your legs for a few fucking pennies?”

“Yeah…it was a thrill,” Clare responded grinning broadly, her rock hard nipples poking straight out.

In the distance, Jenny could see the back another big rig they were quickly approaching.

“When we get next to that truck ahead, I’ll slow down and you open the window and stick out your tits.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” was all Clare said as she readied herself by getting on her knees facing the window.

As they passed the rear of the trailer, Clare lowered the window. When they were even with the cab, Jenny slowed to match the truck’s speed while Clare cupped both of her tits in her hands and leaned them out the open window shaking them seductively in the wind.

The driver’s shocked look turned to a wide smile as he looked down at her. He blasted his air horn three times. Clare blew him a kiss and Jenny sped up and pulled ahead of the truck, with both of them laughing hysterically.

“God, you are such a shameless slut,” Jenny told her when she regained her breath, “I bet you’d happily fuck those drivers if you could like a cheap filthy truck stop whore.”

“Oh, could I, Ma’am?” Clare asked in all seriousness, the finger in her pussy starting to make wet squishy sounds. “I eagerly would if you want me to and let me.”

For the next hour or so, every time they passed a truck, Clare would contort herself into all sorts of positions to expose her tits and ass and pussy for the drivers. Jenny own nipples stiffened and she felt her own cunt begin to seep some of her juices into her panties and jeans.

Clare looked up after hanging her tits out the window for the next truck to see a woman who looked to be perhaps fifty driving and grinning down at her. A moment later, the woman held up a small handwritten sign:

Rest Stop – 2 mi. – Pull Over?

In her surprise, Clare pulled back and turned to Jenny, a glint of lust in her eyes.

“What is it?” Jenny asked, unable to see the sign.

“She wants us to pull over at the rest stop up ahead,” Clare explained, sticking her tits back out the window and speaking over her shoulder. “What should I tell her?”

“You started this, you filthy cunt licking, cock sucking whore,” Jenny grinned devilishly, “and I think your new friend wants to finish it.”

“Oh thank you, Ma’am,” Clare said excitedly before turning back to the driver and nodding her head emphatically.

Jenny slowed enough to fall in behind the truck, following it to a far end of the parking area away from a few other vehicles. They came to a stop with the truck on Clare’s side. The driver opened the door and beckoned Clare to climb up into the cab. The short stout woman with massive tits and a broad ass was unbuttoning her uniform shirt even before Clare stepped out of the izmir escort bayan car completely naked.

Clare grinned up at the woman for a moment then did a slow turn while fondling her own tits. When her back was to the woman, she bent forward and spread her legs, fully exposing her tight asshole and gaping pussy lips.

“Well you are certainly a plucky little whore,” the woman laughed as she removed her own shirt and unclasp her bra to free her massive tits with huge dark brown areolas. “Get up here so I can find out if that smooth little girl pussy tastes as sweet as it looks.”

Clare only mounted two steps to the cab before the woman unzipped her jeans, raised her broad ass and pulled them down over her hips. Clare helped her get them off completely before looking between the fat thighs at the dark wet spot in the woman’s cotton granny panties with bushy dark pussy hair creeping out around the frayed edges of the leg holes.

Jenny stepped out of the car in time to see Clare bury her face between the woman’s thighs. She moved toward the front of the car to get a better look just as a second truck pulled up on her side. A mid fifties man with a bugling belly and short gray hair and beard, stepped to the ground and leered at her before looking up at Clare’s bare ass.

Without a word, Jenny simply gestured toward Clare with a slight bow, smiled and stepped out of his way. He walked over to the other truck and gave Clare a firm slap on her ass to get her attention. She just looked back at him and grinned.

“Get up here, both of you, there’s more than enough room in the bunk behind the seat,” the woman commanded them before turning her attention to Jenny, “and you can climb up and join in or watch, whatever floats your boat.”

With that she scrambled up behind the driver’s seat, followed closely by Clare and the older man. By the time Jenny climbed up to the driver’s seat, Clare was busily licking and sucking the woman’s hairy pussy again while the man was pounding Clare’s cunt from behind with a surprising long but thin cock.

Jenny settled into the passenger seat, squirming around to get in the best position to watch them and unzipped her own jeans, giving herself plenty of room to finger her clit and the throbbing entry to her cunt. She climaxed when the woman shrieked her initial orgasm and again when the man noisily grunted his cum into Clare’s pussy the first time. Then the woman devoured the man’s jism from Clare’s cunt while Clare sucked him hard again surprisingly quickly.

She had yet another orgasm watching the man’s dick slam deep into Clare’s mouth, the head punching against the side of her throat until he filled her mouth and throat with his second load. Clare gagged and sputtered, the man’s creamy cum and cock stifling Clare’s scream as she squirted her own orgasm on the woman’s face. They collapsed in a heap breathing raggedly for a few moments until Jenny zipped up her jeans.

“OK, you miserable slut, time to go,” Jenny informed them as she climbed down to the ground, “your Mommy and Daddy are waiting for us.”

Clare untangled herself from the man and woman and joined Jenny on the ground. She smiled up at them both before getting back in the car still naked, putting her heels back on the dash as they drove away.

“Thank you, Ma’am, I really needed a cock shooting cum in my cunt,” she said meekly while fingering some of the sticky jism seeping from her pussy, “and I’m sure Daddy will just love the way my filth cunt now tastes too.”

“Damn you really are a filthy minded, cunt licking, cock sucking, cum loving, fucking slut, aren’t you?” Jenny grinned.

“Yes, Ma’am…thank you, Ma’am,” Clare murmured and pinched both of her nipples hard.

It was already dark by the time they pulled into the driveway at Clare’s parents’ house, stopping the car by the side door.

“Leave the bags in the car, Ma’am, I’ll come get them after we tell my parents we are here.”

With that, the still naked Clare led the way in the side door into the well lit but empty kitchen without knocking or ringing a door bell.

“Mommy…Daddy…we’re here,” Clare called out, stopping a second to look around the familiar room.

“In here, baby,” they heard Clare’s mother answer from off to their left, “in the family room.”

Clare grasped Jenny’s hand and led her toward the voice, her excitement evident in her haste. It dawned on Jenny that Clare had not fucked her parents since that trip back to talk with Harry some weeks before. Obviously, she was eager to do so again. The idea of witnessing, or possibly being part of, their incestuous play caused a strong twitch deep in Jenny’s cunt.

Jenny stopped short at the entry to the family room as Clare pulled away to hug first her mother then her father. She didn’t know what to expect upon meeting them under these circumstances but what she saw was definitely not it.

As Clare entered the room, her mother walked toward her with open arms. Evelyn was a lithe, petite woman barely five izmir escort feet tall and only about three years older than Jenny. She appeared considerably taller as she hugged her daughter tightly…in part because of the five inch spike heels she wore…but in even greater part because of the way she was dressed.

She wore a body hugging leather open cup garter bustier that ended just below her belly button and pushed her small bare tits up and out. A silver ring dangled from each erect light tan nipple. Black mid thigh mesh stockings covered her legs. She didn’t wear any panties, exposing a dark strip of trimmed hair above her pussy slit which also sported three silver rings…one through the hood covering her clit and one through each of her jagged dangling pussy lips.

Clare kissed her mother passionately, their tongues lashing together in each other’s mouths as Evelyn groped her daughter’s tits and ass. After a moment, Clare broke off the kiss and stepped to her father while Evelyn smiled and turned her attention to Jenny.

Unlike his wife, Charles was a massive man, easily six foot five inches tall and at least two hundred and fifty pounds. He was nude save for a leather pouch tightly encasing his cock and balls with a simple strap around his waist and clamps on each nipple attached together by a thin chain. He too kissed his daughter passionately, grasping both of her bare ass cheeks to pull her up and into his obviously swelling cock.

“As you can see, we were most anxiously awaiting your arrival,” Evelyn said softly to Jenny, stepping in front of her to hug her tightly.

Jenny wasn’t sure how to respond. Her nipples were so hard they hurt and her pussy so wet she could feel her juices soaking through her panties and down the inside of her thighs. Hearing a low moan, they both turned to see Clare on her knees with her father’s cock in her mouth. Evelyn just smiled mysteriously, took Jenny’s hand and led her to a sofa a few feet away from Clare and Charles.

“I understand that you have been using her in the ways she wants and needs,” Evelyn said as she offered Jenny a glass of wine after they sat down. “We want you to know how much we appreciate that…her father and I.”

Again Jenny didn’t know what to say. She looked back and forth a couple of times from Clare ravenously sucking her father’s cock to the rings piercing Evelyn’s nipples and pussy.

“She surprised me with her submission…and I surprised myself accepting and using her,” Jenny finally murmured so softly Evelyn leaned forward to hear, the ring on her right nipple brushing over Jenny’s arm and not pulling back at the touch.

“You are not only the first one outside of the family with whom Clare shared our secrets,” Evelyn continued, reaching up to lightly drag her fingertips across Jenny’s cheek, “but are the first one to actually witness in person…um…what some would call our perversion…er…but what we see as the ways we express our love for each other. Clare thinks you are ready and willing to join us and her father and I do too. I so hope that is the case.”

For a very long moment, Jenny locked eyes with Evelyn before she reached out and tugged the ring in Evelyn’s right nipple with two fingers.

“I’m so fucking ready,” she gasped, “more than I know how to say.”

They kissed passionately for a minute or two, their tongues lashing together in one mouth then the other. Jenny groped Evelyn’s tits with one hand and slipped her hand down between Evelyn’s legs to split the wet warm lips of her pussy. Evelyn tore at Jenny’s clothing, ripping her t-shirt into two pieces before fumbling with her jeans. She pulled them off Jenny’s hips then impatiently ripped her soaked panties aside.

Jenny’s fingers found the slick entry to Evelyn’s cunt about the same time Evelyn slid two fingers into her. They fingered each other frantically for a few moments until a hard orgasm surged through Jenny’s body. She slumped back on the sofa, thrashing wildly with Evelyn thrusting her fingers in and out furiously until the climax ebbed away.

Evelyn sat back, leaving her fingers inside Jenny’s pussy, with a devilish grin on her face. When Jenny reached to pull her down for another kiss, she demurred.

“I hope that took the edge off and you are ready for a lot more,” Evelyn said softly, bringing her sticky fingers from Jenny’s cunt to suck into her own mouth, “but right now I do believe we should have some fun with my…our…two fucking sluts.”

Charles was still standing above Clare, his head thrown back and eyes closed. Clare’s cheeks and lips were smeared with her father’s precum as she continued stroking his thick cock and sucking his ball sac completely into her mouth. Jenny felt another twitch in her pussy watching the most perverse and taboo thing she had ever seen and realizing the evening and weekend was just beginning.

“STOP…RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” Evelyn shouted as she rose to her feet, a trickle of her juices visibly seeping down the inside of her left thigh. “That’s enough of escort izmir you two miserable pieces of shit enjoying each other. For the rest of this visit you have but one thing to do…pleasure Jenny and me in any way we want. Now get your pathetic fucking asses over here…NOW!”

Clare dropped her father’s cock like it was suddenly on fire. They both got on their knees and crawled to kneel directly in front of Evelyn with their eyes cast down at the floor. Jenny was amazed, and even more aroused, by Evelyn’s seeming total control of her husband and daughter.

“Charles, you and your cock sucking daughter have been very bad. Go to the toy room and bring me two of the wooden paddles,” Evelyn instructed her kneeling husband sternly.

“…and crawl there and back on your hands and knees,” Jenny added spontaneously, before turning to see Evelyn nod her approval.

“Nice touch,” Evelyn smiled, giving Charles a sharp slap on his ass as he started to crawl away, “I wish I thought of it.”

While they waited for him to return, Evelyn proudly showed Jenny her piercings, explaining the ones through her nipple and the hood of her clit added greatly to her pleasure when she had an orgasm. Jenny was intrigued by the devices, surprised when Evelyn told her it was little more than a hard pinch each time her skin was punctured and promised to show her some of the other things she sometimes wore in lieu of the rings.

A few moments later, Charles crawled back into the room, panting heavily, carrying what looked like a flat piece of wood with a handle, a ping pong paddle and a plain leather collar like he was wearing. Jenny noticed Clare grimace when he handed the piece of wood to Evelyn. Clare put the collar around her neck without any instruction and pulled it tight enough to bite into her skin.

“You’re the guest,” Evelyn grinned at Jenny, holding both paddles out to her, “so you can choose which paddle you want to use…and whose ass you want to use it on…first.”

Jenny hefted both paddles in her hands, looking back and forth to Clare and Charles. After a moment, she handed the heavier board back to Evelyn, keeping the ping pong paddle.

“If you don’t mind, Evelyn, I think I would like to use this first on your husband’s ass,” Jenny said with a wicked smile. “It seems to me he was enjoying his daughter’s cock sucking entirely too much.”

Clare let out a low whimper, her eyes pleading with Jenny to change her mind. A quick glance at Evelyn, and her wicked smile, told Jenny Clare knew she was in for a severe spanking.

After Evelyn nodded her approval, Charles simply lowered his head to the floor and spread his legs. His thick six inch cock and full ball sac dangled invitingly. Jenny stepped closer and, without any warning, gave him a hard swat with the paddle. He flinched but didn’t make a sound. When Jenny looked over to Evelyn, she merely smiled and nodded her head again.

After a half dozen increasingly harder swats, Charles’ ass was a bright red and his cock rigidly erect. Jenny, realizing he was getting aroused, turned and told Clare to crawl under her father and take his cock into her mouth.

As soon as Clare was in position, Jenny resumed paddling Charles’ ass. He started thrusting his hips down, his cock disappearing all the way into his daughter’s throat. When his legs began to tremble, Clare gagged as some of her father’s cum filled her mouth and leaked from around her lips.

Jenny’s own pussy was on fire watching Clare swallow her father’s sperm. Her body stiffened when she felt Evelyn’s hand snake around from behind her, gently fondling her right tit before sliding down between her legs. Jenny groaned and stopped slapping Charles when she felt Evelyn’s finger splitting her throbbing pussy lips.

Charles let out a load groan, dumping the remainder of his cum into Clare’s mouth before rolling off to the side on to his back panting raggedly. Clare looked up, grinning devilishly with the remnants of her father’s jism dripping from her lips. She crawled over to kiss Jenny passionately, sharing that spent semen with her and fondling both of her tits while her mother fingered Clare’s cunt.

Before Jenny even realized it, Clare and Evelyn lowered her to the carpet. Clare pushed Jenny’s legs apart, burying her face in Jenny’s pussy while her mother continued kissing Jenny passionately. As Jenny’s first orgasm surged through her body, Evelyn threw her leg over Jenny’s head, straddling her face and lowering her dripping pussy to Jenny’s mouth.

The overwhelming musky scent of Evelyn’s sex, with a faint hint of her sweat and piss, drove Jenny over the edge. She writhed and thrashed against Clare’s face while wildly lashing her tongue through Evelyn’s throbbing pussy slit. When Evelyn started to cum, she squirted her juices on to Jenny’s face and into her mouth. By the time Evelyn’s orgasm finally subsided, Jenny was done as well.

As they lay panting raggedly, Clare turned to see her father was already getting hard again watching the women. She rolled on her back, pulled up her knees and spread her legs right next to Jenny and her mother. Charles crawled over and, without a word, unceremoniously rammed his hard cock into his daughter’s cunt as far as he could go.

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