Anal Sex with Stranger on a Train 02

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On the way home from work, a man anally molests a stranger on a train.

The furthest he’s ever gotten to freely touching, feeling, and groping a woman’s nearly naked ass on a moving train, he was so excited. Not wanting to make a mistake by rushing things, if she didn’t know what he was doing behind her, he’d rather keep it that way. By going slow and taking his time, he was doing all that he could do to make this encounter last longer by being undetected in his sexual assault of her oh, so beautiful body and oh, so perfect ass.

Perhaps because the train was so overcrowded with oblivious women, victims he called them, women who were too busy texting and talking on their cell phones, reading, or talking to and laughing with another passenger to notice what he was doing. With him surrounded by supersized asses, no one could see what he was doing to the woman’s ass standing in front of him. He still couldn’t believe that she was allowing him to have his wicked way with her ass. Having lifted a few skirts before, he’s never lifted a woman’s skirt in public before. He’s the most excited he’s ever been to not only having lifted her skirt all the way up to her waist but also by keeping her skirt there with her panties exposed by the close contact of their bodies.

Even if this sexual molestation was to end now with her feeling his hand, swatting his hand away, and pushing down her dress, he’ll be masturbating over this day of having his sexual way with a woman’s panty clad ass for the rest of his life. It was even more sexually exciting that she was a total stranger. Someone he’s never met before and didn’t even know her name, he’s now more intimate with her ass than he’s ever been with all of his co-workers, relatives, and friends’ wives. Gaining more confidence and growing bolder with every seemingly welcomed touch, he finally put his whole hand on her panty clad ass and left it there while waiting for her to protest his unwelcomed sexual advances.

From his fingertips to the palm of his hand and down to his pulsating cock and throbbing erection, the sensation of him touching and feeling her panty was electric. He was feeling her ass. He couldn’t believe that he was feeling her ass. Oh my God. Are you kidding me? How could she not know that he was feeling her ass?

As if he was feeling Christie Brinkley’s ass twenty years ago, the warmth of her firm, round ass is something he’ll never forget and something he’ll always remember for the rest of his life. The train slowly moved, stopped, and abruptly jumped before going again while swaying from the wind nearly in the way of having sex on a waterbed. In the way that she continually bumped him and then even sometimes grinded him with her shapely ass, he now knew that she knew that he was touching her ass.

Seriously, how could she not know that his horny hands were all over her firm, round ass? Maybe she was okay with him feeling her ass so long as he didn’t try to stick his hand between her legs and move her panty aside to finger fuck her pussy. Moreover and more importantly, she was seemingly okay with him having his wicked way with her ass. What an unbelievable woman, she was such an unbelievable woman to allow him to lift her dress and have his way with her panties. With her bumping and grinding him, ass for cock, he continually and gently humped her and grinded her ass with his erection.

Doubting that a woman so tall, so blonde, so busty, and seemingly so beautiful would allow some sick pervert to park his cock between her ass cheeks before lifting up her dress to hump her, he couldn’t believe his luck. Out of all the women on this train, he found the one, perhaps the only one, who wanted to play. She must know that he’s feeling her ass. How could she not feel him molesting her? How could she not feel his hand touching her exposed panty and her delicious ass checks that looked like something that Michelangelo carved from alabaster? How could she not know that he was humping her and grinding against her ass as if she was a stripper giving him a lap dance?

Back and forth and in and out, she bumped him while he humped her and while she pressed her exposed panty clad ass against his cock as if she was trying to get him to penetrate her through his clothes and through her panties. Erotically exciting and sexually enticing, a sexy game they obviously both enjoyed playing, what are the odds that he’d find such an anally receptive, sexy woman on the train ride from his work in canlı bahis şirketleri Springfield to his home in Boston? Moreover, with all the stars lining up for this chance meeting, having never seen her before, had there not been a blizzard of a snowstorm outside and had the train not been this overcrowded, he never would have had met her. He never would have had the opportunity he was given to take such sexual liberty with her ass in the way that he was doing now. Always wanting to have sex with a stranger on a train, having always dreamt of having sex with a woman on a train, even if he didn’t do another thing, he was living out that sexual fantasy now.

Was she really playing his game of anal tease and tickle with her ass and with him too or was she just that oblivious to his gropes, feels, and touches? Maybe afraid and nervous about being caught in a blizzard and unable to feel anything, she took a numbing Valium to get through the train ride. Yeah, that’s it. Maybe she’s on drugs. Maybe she had a few drinks and/or sniffed some cocaine before getting on the train. Not looking the type to take drugs or to be inebriated, maybe she was just a sexual animal. In the way that he always was, maybe she was just horny.

Maybe she was so focused on the snowstorm and so nervous about the train ride that she didn’t know that he was having his wicked, sexual way with her panties and with her ass. Maybe too frightened over the storm and/or too frightened over him inappropriately touching her, she seemingly didn’t care that he was touching, feeling, groping, and humping her ass. Maybe this is all a trap, a setup arranged by her. Maybe she’s already alerted the authorities by texting them. Maybe she’s just going along with him and would report him to the police as soon as he alighted from the train. Maybe she’d have him arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to do hard time for attempted rape in lifting her skirt up to her waist and having his wicked way with her perfectly round, firm ass through her panty.

* * * * *

What others can get away with doing to women in other countries, especially in Japan, wasn’t tolerated here in America. The women here weren’t as passively submissive as were the Japanese women who routinely submitted themselves to the wills of their husbands, their sons, their sons-in-law, their bosses, and to strangers. The women here were more aggressively angry and wouldn’t give any man an inch inside her anal cavity without a diamond ring decorating her finger. The women here would kick his ass if they even suspected that he was being sexually inappropriate with not only their ass but also with another woman’s ass at the park, on an elevator, in the mall, or on this train.

As if he had a death wish, his ass fetish was a dangerous fetish to have when on a train with so many angry women, especially with him being the lone man on this commuter train car. Fearing that the women would take their snowstorm frustrations out on him and the law in their own hands, if they caught him having anal sex with a stranger, he feared that the women would beat him to death. So as not to be noticed by anyone other than his intended victim, he had to take care when groping any woman’s ass.

So many women, too many women, are dedicated members of the order of Don’t Touch My Ass. As if they’re all Nuns of the Holy Order of the Sisterhood of Anal Virgins, in their detestation of anal sex, it was never an easy task to find a woman so agreeable to him touching, feeling, groping, and molesting her ass. With the Puritan lifestyle still alive and well in America, especially in Boston, too many women are too uptight when it comes to anal sex, especially when it comes to anal sex, and especially when they’ve never tried it before. According to them, their ass cavity is only for outgoing and never for incoming.

Just like Mikey in the Maypo commercials of old, his brothers needed him to try something new, a new cereal, this time a maple flavored oatmeal. Perhaps, if a woman tried anal sex, she’d like anal sex. Perhaps, if his wife tried anal sex, she’d like anal sex too. Only, most times, just like trying to get Mikey to eat new things, women were a hard sell when it came to trying anal sex, especially for the first time.

“Give it to Mikey. He won’t eat anything. He like it! Mikey liked it!”

* * * * *

Certainly, she can’t be that oblivious to his lustful feels, sexual gropes, and inappropriate touches. When a canlı kaçak iddaa horse can feel a fly landing on its behind and swats it away with its tail, she must certainly feel the warmth of his hand on her oh, so thin and oh, so sexy panty clad ass. If she didn’t want him touching her, then why hasn’t she wiggled her ass away from his touch? As if encouraging him to feel more or her, if she didn’t want him feeling her ass, then why was she keeping her ass pressed tightly right up against him, bumping him, and grinding her ass against his cock?

Not daring to move his hand from the round, firm, curve of her beautiful ass, taking his sweet time, his way to test the anal water, so to speak, one step at a time, he gave her ass a gentle squeeze when, instead, he wanted to give her ass a hard slap and an even harder hump. Finally, when he squeezed her ass, she didn’t move away but, instead, she moved back into him as if encouraging his hand to feel and squeeze more of what no stranger should feel and squeeze of an innocent woman’s behind aboard a commuter train crawling through a snowstorm. He squeezed her ass again, this time a little longer and a little more firmly in the way of testing a ripe watermelon in a supermarket. Again, unfazed by his touches, pinches, and squeezes, seemingly liking the sexual attention, she planted her ass right up against his horny hand and right up against his hardening cock. Oh, yeah, he found a winner if this bitch wants to play ass and cock and bump and hump.

Always a wanton desire of his, he always wanted to have anal sex with a stranger on a train. Beckoning him to keep rhythm with his hips, long before his sexual fantasy of having anal sex on a train with a stranger, there’s something about the movement of the train and the sound of the tracks that always made him horny. Seemingly a good looking woman from what he could see of her, he looked up at her and all that he could see of her was her long, beautiful, blonde hair. Poking his head around her, to look at her from the side, he could see the full outline of one of her big breasts, her flat, toned stomach, and her oh, so shapely hips. With a body like any sex siren that Homer wrote about in his Odyssey, definitely, she had big tits, a full C cup, maybe even a D cup.

He was glad that she wasn’t wearing a long, cumbersome, wool coat that would surely get in the way of his horny hands and sexual desire. With too much material in the way to dispose of, impossible to lift her skirt without her knowing had she been wearing a coat, he was glad she was wearing what she was wearing or not wearing. Too much heavy material that interferes with what he wanted to do to her, it was too hard to discern from the little jacket she wore how big her breasts were but suffice to say that she had big tits. Besides, more interested in her ass than her breasts, where most men would rather be facing her big tits and her beautiful face, being the dirty dog that he was, he was in Heaven standing behind her while humping her ass.

* * * * *

He wondered why someone would wear light, unseasonable clothes when it was so cold outside. Lucky for him, maybe she runs hot. Lucky for him again, maybe she drove her car into work and with the streets unplowed, she had to take the train home, the poor thing. If he had his car, he’d offer her a ride home. He couldn’t help but imagine having anal sex with her in the backseat of his car. Yet, if he had taken his car to work instead of taking the train, he never would have met this wonderfully sexy, sexual woman with the great ass who wanted to play bump and hump.

Even though they had predicted some snow, a light dusting they said, the weathermen didn’t predict a blizzard. Instead of calling it their pinpoint forecast, he called it their pinheaded forecast. With all of their advanced degrees, meteorological computers, and Doppler radar, it’s amazing to him why they just don’t pull their heads out of their asses and stick their heads out the window to tell everyone that’s it’s snowing outside.

Maybe they should keep a beetle in a box to see if it develops spots. In response to decreasing barometric pressure, beetles demonstrate less of a sex drive when the weather turns foul. Actually, a more accurate way to forecast the weather is to be in tune with Mother Nature, more in the way that the farmers are and always have been. He couldn’t remember when his local weathermen got a forecast correct, that is, unless they were right about canlı kaçak bahis the previous day and the next day in a three day cycle of unchanged weather. Seemingly, they’d have better meteorological success reading the Farmer’s Almanac and reciting what’s written there as if the almanac was a weather Bible.

Seeing her side profile, she looked a little older, his age, no doubt, late thirties or early forties. Oh, yeah, having learned some sexual things about woman from experience, specifically some anal things, the more mature women are the types who want to play. Old enough to know better, he wondered how far she’d allow him to go with her shapely ass before stopping him.

Too full of themselves and with most of them not wanting anything to do with an older man, he’s never had any luck with the younger ones. Seemingly done with sex and angry that they’re developing facial hair and bad attitudes about everything to go along with their aches and pains, imaginary or real, he hasn’t had much luck with the older women either. Yet, for some reason, the women this age, late thirties and early forties, are the real, sexy, horny bitches, and the genuine MILFs. Married, divorced, and out working for a living in the real world, after having already been around the block a few times, instead of having some dopey guy taking care of them, he has the most success with independent women like her and women more his age.

Seemingly as if given the go ahead, with a long train ride home made into an extra-long train ride because of the foul weather, he had a ways to go before he’d be getting off this train. Not minding the long train ride now that he has her to keep his horny hands and hard cock company, he only wished this train was the Orient Express instead of the express to Boston. Going for broke, with her his type of woman, one in a million, doing something he’s never done before, he unzipped himself and removed his cock from his pants and underwear.

With his erection totally exposed, blocked by three, big asses anyway, and with so many people blocking the light, it was dark and no one could see the movement of his horny hands and erect cock. Feeling as if he was a pervert sitting at the cinema filled with oblivious women while accidentally on purpose groping them, whenever the train stopped and the lights extinguished, which was all the time, it was pitch black. The perfect opportunity for him to have his wicked way with her ass, the only one who’d stop him was her and she didn’t appear to be disagreeable to his horny hands feeling and fondling her exposed panties.

With her dress already pulled up to her waist and the excess material tossed to the side, he rubbed his erection against her panty in the way that he’s rubbed his cock against his mother’s, his sister’s, his sister-in-law’s, and mother-in-law’s underwear whenever finding their panties and bras unattended and discarded in the laundry bin. With him the perfect height for her, he stuck his erection between the back of her legs. As if he was wearing a panty clad condom made of pale blue cotton, he enjoyed the feeling of her panty rubbing against his cock.

He felt his cock touch the back and the sides of her bare thighs. The feeling of his skin on her soft skin was an unbelievably arousing sensation. Instead of her resisting him, instead of her fighting him, and instead of her screaming rape, she pressed her ass into him as if she was giving him the permission to penetrate her and to fuck her up her ass. What an unbelievable train ride, such an unbelievable train ride, he’ll be masturbating over this day and over this woman for the rest of his life.

Then, surprising even him, with her now playing the aggressor’s role and with him being the submissive and controlled one, he felt her long, manicured fingers touch his cock. Unbelievable. She just touched his cock. He couldn’t believe she felt his prick. No frigging way. Now beyond a shadow of a doubt and no longer giving her the benefit of the doubt with thinking that she took a valium, was drunk, or nervous about the train ride in a snowstorm, he knew that she knew what he was doing behind her.

Wrapping her long fingers around his cock as if she had wrapped her fingers around his big, hard cock a hundred times before, he couldn’t believe this was really happening to him. As if ready to give him a slow, sexy hand job, she was holding his cock in her hand while slowly stroking him to an even harder erection. In the experienced way she was stroking him, no doubt, she’s stroked lots of cocks in her beautiful hand before. His sexual fantasy come true, he’s been looking for someone like her for years. Oh yeah, no doubt about it, he had a live one here.

To be continued…

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