Anal Seduction Redux Ch. 03

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My ass was sore for several days after my encounter with Hank. His enormous monster caused some extreme stretching.

The week was slow at work. I went home on time with no overtime. Boring is the word. Neither Bill nor George had called me to fuck me.

So I found myself so horny on Thursday afternoon. The silence was broken when my phone rang. Brnng—brnng—brnng sounded the phone. I jumped on the phone anxious to hear from one of my fuck buddies.

The voice on the other end was strange to me. Then I realized it was Hank from the peep show. He explained that he was a truck driver and wanted to meet at a local truck stop that night.

My cock was throbbing while talking to him. He talked dirty. That was a first for me.

“So, you like my tight pussy-hole?” I asked.

“Oh yea, its tight,” he said.

Hank started by telling me how much he enjoyed fucking me. Then he described our encounter at the peep show. He especially liked how I pushed my ass back onto his enormous cock.

Oh my, I was hard as a rock. My cock oozed pre-cum in my boxer shorts. My inner thigh was soaked with the sticky jism as we talked on the phone. He promised to fuck me with his hard cock.

Yes, I agreed to meet Hank at the truck stop later. I filled a small plastic tube with anal oil. Then I managed to insert a butt pug up my tight hole.

It took a minute to find Hank inside the trucker’s restaurant. He was sitting at a booth drinking coffee. I slid across from him wandering if he would change illegal bahis his mind.

We made small talk then walked out to his truck with a sleeper cab. I had no idea what to expect. The interior of the truck was more spacious that I expected.

We stripped right away. Again, I took a deep breath as I stared at the club that dangled between his legs.

I was flushed with enthusiasm and fear. I could feel my blood pressure rise and my face was hot.

I got on my knees and lifted his monster cock. It was so incredibly thick. He had a drop of pre-cumm on the head. I directed the heavy member to my lips and licked the head savoring the taste of his pre-cumm. My fingers did not touch as I stroked his monster.

With my left hand, I fondled his huge balls in their hairy sack. Then I forced his huge cock-head between my stretched lips. I was slobbering his cock and using my tongue to massage the soft membrane.

I squeezed the shaft and stroked with some urgency. My finger tips did not touch. Within a few seconds, Hank’s cock was hard. I applied a generous portion of anal oil to my palm and coated his member.

Hank was at least three inches thick. I leaned over his bunk while his hands rubbed my ass cheeks. I let him pull the butt plug out. I could feel some oil seep out down my scrotum and balls.

I decided to let him fuck me and let his enormous cock find my back-hole entrance. I felt his spit-soaked monster spread open my ass cheeks and bump against my anal nest.

Oh my, I was so horny. illegal bahis siteleri His cock prodded my hole. His huge cock-head gradually pushed past my rubbery entrance.

“Oh, gawd, so big, Umpf, ugh, yea, mmm,” I moaned.

Then a shooting pain as the shoulder of his enormous cock stretched my rectum.

“Oh Ouch, owie, owie, owie,” I cried softly.

“Just relax, its gonna’ feel good soon,” he assured me.

The pain dissipated gradually and was replaced with pleasure. My cock was hard and I could feel my cock spasm with pleasure.

Hank plowed my ass for a few seconds when suddenly my cock spewed on the towel covering the bunk.

“Aww—I’m Cumming—ugh-ugh,” I cried out.

I made muffled moans as Hank stroked half his cock inside my stretched hole.

I begged Hank to cumm in my ass. He didn’t cumm. Instead we fucked for at least 10 or 15 minutes in several positions. Hank pulled his cock out and I sucked it.

My ass hole was stretched out. Hank enjoyed pulling his cock out and pegged my ass over and over.

He lay on his back with me straddling his cock. His fingers pinched and pulled my nipples as my ass pumped back and forth on his huge member.

I finally took his cock in my hands and stroked his cock-head until his cock bubbled out thick creamy jism. Before I left, Hank asked if I would like to fuck some of his friends. I smiled and nodded sure.

I left the truck stop exhausted and barely able to walk. Two hours later, I was craving hard cock canlı bahis siteleri again.

At home, I used a hand-held mirror to examine my once tiny crinkly-brown hole to see that my anal lips were now swollen and red.

I couldn’t resist prodding the swollen lips with anal balm. My finger pushed through with effort.

I thought about the encounter a lot the next day as my rectum gradually returned to normal.

Hope Hank calls me again soon.

Lucky for me, Bill did not visit until that Sunday. Oh how I enjoyed his cock and watching him fuck my ass in the mirror.

As usual, Bill liked to look at my crinkly tight ass-hole. He enjoyed pushing his fingers inside me.

Bill enjoyed my sucking his cock. I think he knew that it was embarrassing for me.

Once he was hard enough, he wanted to fuck me. Bill was a really good fuck. He wasted no time to position my ass up as he bellied up behind me. Soon half his big dick penetrated my tight ass.

His long hard cock caused my cock to pulse with pleasure. In a minute, my cock was leaking and then like a faucet, it poured out creamy jism.

Augh, yea, my nuts, Hmm, Aww yes,” I cried out as his cock stroked deeper in my ass.

Bill enjoyed the feeling of my spasms as my rectum gripped and throbbed on his cock.

In a few more deep strokes, he came inside me. When he pulled out, my ass farted out a huge glob of jism on the wooden floor.

I was satisfied and wondered when George was coming to visit. I had three cocks to enjoy.

Bill was big and long and George was thicker but Hank was enormous.

After Bill left, I poked my swollen lips with three fingers. My cock throbbed whenever I prodded my nether-hole that was slick with Bill’s jism.

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