Anal Revenge

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Walter picked up the box left on his doorstep, slightly confused and very wary. It was from his ex-girlfriend Veronica who had caught him cheating on her at a party last week, blatantly having anal sex with another girl. Anal was something Veronica had always refused to do for him, saying that it was dirty and gross, and she’d thrown a fit when she’d caught him with Tara. They were most definitely not dating anymore and so he had no idea why she’d be leaving something for him…

Going inside he opened it cautiously to find an unmarked video tape. Curiosity ruled the decision of course and he immediately put it into the VCR and pressed play… Veronica’s face immediately filled the screen and she smiled sweetly.

“Hi Walter honey…” the smile looked slightly stilted and fake, “I made this tape, especially for you…” the camera zoomed out as she stepped back. She was completely and gloriously naked, he could feel himself getting hard at the sight of the firm swell of her breasts and the curve of her slim waist to her spectacular ass. Suddenly he froze as the camera picked up a guy there, a guy he recognized.

Doug. The bane of his existence… the guy who his high school sweetheart Cassie had cheated on him with. The guy she had left him for. The guy who was now standing with Veronica and caressing his body; smiling she put her hand on his chest and Walter snarled at the TV.

“I’m sure you remember Doug,” she smiled as her hand slid down his chest and to his groin where she gripped his hard dick, “And Cassie, she’s the one taping.”

“Hi Walter,” that voice… sweet, husky and low, definitely Cassie’s.

Casually, Veronica began pumping Doug’s dick as she spoke, “Cassie’s such a darling, Walter. Why when she found out what you’d done to me, over a little bit of anal sex, and how upset I was, she had the perfect solution… you see, Doug illegal bahis here has never had an anal virgin,” she smiled up at him and he smiled back down at her, his hand sliding down to the firm flesh of her ass and squeezing, “And I’ve never had a dick up my ass.” Turning back to the camera her smile was blinding now, “I thought that you, of all people, should definitely get a chance to watch.”

Sweating, disgusted and enraged, he pressed the stop button.


A few hours later, after pacing and talking angrily to himself, he couldn’t help but come back to the tape. No matter how much he was sure he didn’t want to watch it, he couldn’t help himself.

Veronica was on all fours, the camera made sure to pan her entire body from her excited face and hard nipples all the way down to her dripping pussy and crinkled asshole. Smirking at the camera, Doug pressed the bottle of lube to Veronica’s asshole and inserted it, squeezing the liquid directly into her body and pulling it out so that some of it got on the outside too.

“Oh it’s cold!” Veronica exclaimed, and Walter nearly groaned as her ass jiggled and the little hole actually opened and closed. Much to his disgust at himself, he could feel his groin tightening.

Pressing his finger to her hole, Doug began to push in, telling her, “Oh baby… you have the tightest ass I’ve ever felt…”

“Oh god…” panted Veronica, her ass cheeks jiggling as her hole tightened and released around the invading finger, “It feels so big…” Walter was now rock hard as Doug’s entire finger buried itself into her ass and he began to pump it in and out of that sweet hole.

Pressing a second finger to her back door Doug started opening her up even more, and she moaned as her ass stretched – even pushing back against his fingers. Although Walter was enraged at her blatant sluttiness illegal bahis siteleri while getting fingered in the ass – not to mention incredibly jealous – his dick felt like it was going to explode. Reaching down he began to stroke it, just to get some of the edge off while he watched.

“Does that feel good baby?” Doug was sneering lustfully at her swaying backside as he pumped her ass with his fingers, ramming them in harder and harder.

“Oh god yes,” she panted, “I can feel your fingers splitting open my ass… Oh god, Walter he’s stretching out my poor little asshole… ooooo it feels so good!!!” Even though he shook with rage at the fact that she was addressing him while getting fingered in the ass by Doug of all people, his dick was completely ignoring that emotion. It was rock hard and throbbing in his hand, wishing that it was there to split her ass open even further.

“Ohhh…” she moaned as he pulled his fingers from her ass, “Yes, come on baby, fuck my ass! Fuck my poor little virgin ass!!!”

The camera zoomed in for a very close in shot as Doug put the head of his dick next to her small crinkled hole, making it very clear just how much cock her ass was going to be swallowing. Her asscheeks shuddered as his dick began to open up that tiny hole, Walter groaned and squeezed his dick as he watched her ass stretch. Veronica was moaning erotically as the mushroom head popped into her body and she let out a little gasp, her back arching. The camera pulled out a little so that he could watch as her body shook while that thick dick began to plunder her backside, working its way slowly in and out of her body, pressing a little further each time.

“Oh baby… it hurts so good,” she moaned, reaching under herself to rub at her clit, fingers playing energetically, “I feel so full… oh god… put it in, put it all in!”

She canlı bahis siteleri shrieked as Doug obeyed and plunged the last few inches of his dick fully into her backside, without waiting for her to recover he began thrusting hard and fast, taking no mercy on her virgin ass.

“God damn you’re tight,” he grunted as he ravaged her deflowered ass. The camera caught a tear sliding down her cheek even as her face was twisted in passion, her ass humping back against his invading dick. Every thrust was like a blow to her body and she had to lower herself to her forearm, her ass pushed high in the air to take the abuse as she continued to play with her pussy with one hand.

Walter realized that he was fisting his dick in rhthym with Doug’s thrusts, but he couldn’t stop himself; even though he was angry and betrayed, the scene in front of him was so hot that the lust was taking over all other emotions. His hand moved faster and faster as Doug plundered his ex’s ass, her sweet delicious ass that he’d always lusted after and had never gotten. Now she was moaning louder, he recognized the higher sound that indicated she was nearing orgasm and his cock twitched in his hand. Veronica was going to cum while Doug deflowered her ass.

Shaking and moaning she threw her head back, screaming loudly as she came. Doug took full advantage and grabbed her hair, keeping her head back and using it to pull her body roughly back against his hard, plundering thrusts. Her tits were flopping all over the place as he buried himself for the final time, his dick lodged deep in her ass… Walter could just imagine what it would feel like to be cumming in that rippling, orgasmic hole, its tightness convulsing around his dick and gripping him oh so tightly… wetness spurted over his hand as he came, white froth that spattered his thighs and belly.

Panting he watched as she quivered with the effort of continuing to hold herself up as Doug pulled out of her ass and the camera zoomed in on her hole which was starting to leak cum. Then the picture shut off, and he was left alone on his couch, his own jizz becoming sticky on his legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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