An Office Encounter Ch. 04

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If you haven’t read the first three parts of the story yet I recommend you do so first to understand the history of the developing dynamic between Beth and Marc.


“Hey Marc” a voice called out “how are you doing today?”

Marc turned to see Julia walking towards him. Tall, blonde and beautiful she was the type of girl he was always happy to have a conversation with. “Not bad thanks, glad I called it a night when I did. How about you?”

“Same. I left shortly after you did” she responded, “I couldn’t even manage to get a room in this hotel, so I was staying at the Regent next door”.

Marc gulped a little. He was pretty sure that was the hotel directly opposite this one, the one in which he had seen that distant familiar figure last night as he was fucking Beth against the window of her room.

He scanned Julia’s face for any signs that she knew what he was thinking but her expression remained neutral.

“Make the most of the day” she called out as she made her way to the front of the auditorium “it’s back to the office tomorrow”.

‘Surely she didn’t see anything’ Marc thought, he was just being paranoid. But he couldn’t keep the thought out of his head all day long.

Hours later when the formal part of the conference had wrapped up the whole group headed out for a few drinks, pleased that the lectures had come to an end and determined to enjoy the open bar tab that the company had put on.

Beth found herself sitting next to Julia who tried to strike up a conversation about some of the more interesting sessions from the conference and how they might apply the learnings back in the office.

Beth was a little distracted, replaying memories from the evening before in her head and sneaking glances at Marc to see if he was doing the same. The way his tongue had dipped in and out of her, how his cock had filled her pussy, how he’d exposed her to the world…

Julie obviously sensed her distraction as after a time her hand fell lightly on Beth’s arm. “I’ve always admired you Beth” she started “you work hard and get what you want”.

The physical contact brought Beth back in to the moment. “That’s lovely, thanks Julia. I feel the same about you” she replied feeling a little uncomfortable about this colleague she barely knew touching her arm.

“Well…” Julia continued, “I don’t always get what I want”.

“Oh, really?” Beth questioned innocently “what do you want that you haven’t gotten? Perhaps I can help you”. Beth considered herself an advocate for women in leadership and did what she could to help her younger female colleagues achieve their goals.

Julia turned her head and gestured with it to indicate what she meant. Beth followed her gaze across the room until her eyes set upon Marc. He stood tall within a group of guys, his light blue shirt rolled up to the elbows showing off his muscular forearms. He was grinning as he told them some sort of entertaining story, his boyish charm showing through his dimpled smile.

“Marc? You want Marc?” she asked surprised.

“Yes. It’s stupid right?”

“Not stupid, just a little unexpected.”

“So can you help me?” Julia asked.

“Well, not really, I don’t really know him that well” Beth lied, trying to forget about how she had tasted every inch of his body the night before.

“I don’t think that’s quite true” Julia responded “I actually think you know him very well…intimately in fact…”. She said the last part provocatively with a smirk.

Beth sat in stunned silence not entirely sure what to say next. Had Marc said something to Julia? She was going to kill him if he had.

Amidst the silence Julia reached into her bag and drew out her phone. A few taps later she slid it across the table and Beth gasped as she saw what was upon it.

The image was grainy for sure, the camera had been zoomed right in and it was dark but there in the centre of the screen was her naked body pressed up against the hotel window and Marc behind her, gripping her waist as he rammed in to her.

Beth’s usually pale skin turned even paler, and her wide eyes filled with panic.

Julia didn’t let her sweat for long. “Don’t worry” Julia said “I’m not going to use this to blackmail you, even though I probably could”.

“Oh thank you Julia, thank you so much” Beth cried reaching out impulsively to hug her against her natural instinct.

As Beth embraced her Julia whispered in her ear “But I do still want Marc…and you too”.

Beth pulled back from the hug, head tilted and looking at Julia’s face to see what she could gauge from her expression. This woman was brazen, did she really just suggest that? She looked serious.

“I’m bored Beth. You know what it’s like working here, doing mindless, meaningless work 40 hours a week. This is not what I thought life would be. I can tell you’re bored too.”

Julia was a few years younger than Beth and clearly had a wild streak. There was a slight ‘I don’t give a fuck’ rebel vibe to her that Beth secretly admired. Beth didn’t know a lot about her other than her adrenaline junky escort bayan nature — always heading off mountain biking or snowboarding — the type of girl that could not only keep up with the boys but actually show them up.

She also happened to be obscenely hot. She had long, wavy blonde hair and green eyes that sparkled with fun. Whenever the inappropriate workplace game of ‘who would you fuck in the office’ came up she was almost always in the top 5, even for the women.

Beth didn’t really have much experience with other women but if she was going to try then Julia would be the sort of girl she’d want to do it with. And Julia was right, her life could do with being spiced up a bit. Her rendezvous’ with Marc had injected a new lust for life within her and unleashed a darker, dirtier side that she knew existed but had long kept buried.

Meanwhile Marc was watching the scene unfold across the room with a growing sense of unease. He was sure Beth and Julia didn’t normally interact this much and given his own encounter with Julia earlier he feared there might be more to it.

Still, he couldn’t help but appreciate the view of the two of them together. Beth dark haired and petite, Julia blonde and athletic, both of them attractive in their own way.

The two girls soon approached the group that Marc was standing with. Julia spoke up “I’m going to take Beth back to the hotel, she’s not feeling so good. You guys enjoy the rest of the night”.

It was certainly a believable story given Beth’s face definitely looked paler than usual but something in her eyes was signalling to him that this was not the whole truth.

Sure enough a few minutes after they had departed he felt his phone vibrate. Sneaking a quick glance away from his colleagues prying eyes he read the message from Beth.

‘You’ve still got the keycard. I suggest you use it’.

He made his excuses as quickly as he could and raced back to the hotel and that room on the tenth floor. The thoughts of what might await him were invading his head the whole way back. Entering the room to find Beth naked and willing to do whatever he wanted the night before had been mind blowing. Was it too much to hope for a repeat?

Upon entering he was only partially surprised to find that Beth was not alone and that Julia was there with her, sitting beside her at the foot of the bed. Both women had a glass of red wine in their hands, Beth’s was nearly empty and the slightly perplexed look she wore on her face as she left the bar remained.

He paused in the entryway. He wanted to understand what exactly was going on but there wasn’t time to ask as Julia had already confidently crossed the room and had placed her hand on his chest. With her other hand she beckoned Beth to join them.

Beth demurely walked over to them and shot a half smile at Marc that seemed almost apologetic as if the surprise was a bad one.

“Julia knows about us” she attempted to explain “and she wants to join in”.

Marc’s heart raced in his chest and a small part of his brain went fuzzy and numb as the realisation of what was happening set in.

Julia reached out other hand and gently cupped Beth’s face. She looked at Marc then back at Beth before she leaned in so their lips met.

Her soft feminine mouth was pressing against Beth’s as her tongue caressed hers. Beth felt a little awkward at first but when she heard Marc’s breath deepen with arousal at the sight she started to relax in to it. She’d kissed women before as a tool for turning on men so she knew how to put on a show.

Beth wrapped her own arms around Julia allowing one hand to drift down to the curve of her spine. Julia took her bottom lip between her teeth pulling at it gently before resuming the kiss deeply and passionately. Soon the familiar flutters in Beth’s panties began and she yearned for someone to touch her. She hungrily pressed into the kiss deeper just as Julia pulled away.

Instead Julia turned to Marc and delivered the same intense kiss, parting his lips and pressing her tongue in to his mouth as Beth watched on.

Julia gestured with her head that it was now time for Beth and Marc to kiss. Beth’s mouth was one of the things that attracted Marc to her. The tiny gap between her teeth and lower lip as she formed her smile was cute, plus he remembered the ungodly things she was capable of doing with that mouth. He felt his cock swelling as the thoughts intruded his mind.

Both of them were so turned on that the kiss was animalistic. As their tongues fervently danced around one another they both grabbed at one another aggressively, not caring if they caused the other pain. Momentarily they slipped back in to their own little bubble almost forgetting that Julia was there until she stepped behind Beth, laying her hands on her slender waist. Slowly her fingers started creeping up Beth’s ribcage closing in on her chest.

Her hands stopped short just as her index fingers reached the underside of Beth’s breasts and her thumbs pressed against the sides. With featherweight movement sincan bayan escort she drew her thumbs across Beth’s breasts lightly brushing against her nipples.

Beth had neglected to wear a bra that evening as she had intended to tease Marc with that fact, perhaps even accidentally let him glimpse down her shirt. Now her nipples pressed hard against her shirt clearly visible to Marc as he broke off the kiss and watched the women.

He watched Julia’s hands stroking Beth’s breasts and felt his cock springing to action in his pants. He knew that having her tits played with really turned Beth on and clearly Julia had quickly figured that out too from the light moaning noises Beth was making as her dainty fingers flicked and pulled at her nipples unremittingly.

Marc lifted Beth’s shirt over her head admiring her perky breasts as they came into view. He stepped to the side and reached out further to repeat the action with Julia. She did have a bra on, a fine lacy black number which left almost nothing to the imagination. Her breasts were much larger than Beth’s and the bra did an amazing job of pushing them up in a deliciously tempting way.

He reached behind and unhooked the clasp with ease. Coquettishly, Julia let both straps fall down her arms whilst holding the main material of the bra to still cover her breasts. Marc looked at her directly in the eye.

“Drop it” he growled.

When Marc gave orders people tended to listen. She let the fabric fall from her hand revealing everything. Her skin was bronzed from hours in the sun and her large firm breasts beckoned for him to touch them. He placed a hand on one feeling the weight in the palm of his hand whilst he lowered his mouth to the other. As he took her nipple in his mouth he felt it harden against his tongue. Just like Beth he thought.

With Beth in his mind he suddenly had an idea, would she enjoy playing with tits as much as she enjoyed someone playing with her own?

He reached out and took Beth’s hand and guided it towards Julia’s breast. With his hand still on hers he encouraged her to lightly squeeze it. Julia leaned in towards Beth and again began kissing her passionately as Beth grew more adventurous and lightly flicked at Julia’s nipple. Her other hand rested on the curve of Julia’s narrow waist enjoying the feeling of her womanly shape and soft feminine skin.

The removal of the remaining items of clothing was a blur and soon Marc found himself naked, splayed horizontally across the bed with Julia and Beth standing at the foot. As the clothing slipped away clearly any remaining inhibitions had too. Julia whispered something to Beth who got on to the bed between his legs.

Her large eyes looked up at him briefly before tenderly she bent over and kissed his thigh a few inches short of where he wanted to feel her mouth. She planted another kiss and then another, slowly working upwards until her mouth reached his soft pubic hair. But instead of taking him in her mouth she skipped over his penis and ran her kisses down his other leg.

During this time Julia had moved to the side of the bed and was now kneeling alongside him. In one athletic gesture she stretched out her leg, pivoting slightly until her smooth pussy was positioned just above his face.

He breathed in her sweet, intoxicating scent and stretched out his tongue to take that first tempting taste.

Almost exactly as his tongue met with her soft mound he felt Beth’s tongue connect with his erection. Tantalizingly slowly Beth’s tongue worked her way up his 7 inches until she reached the head and plunged it in her mouth. Again she reversed her action and made her way back down his penis until she reached his balls which she gently took in her mouth and sucked.

His hands were on Julia’s ass to support her as his tongue lapped at her wet opening and she bucked around. Occasionally he would push his long tongue through her pussy lips and thrust as though he were fucking her with it driving her wild. Then he would shift his focus to her clit, skilfully stroking it with his tongue.

He had a girl on his cock and another on his face. This was without a doubt the best conference he had ever attended.

An idea struck him. “Beth” he called out “have you ever eaten pussy before?”

Beth let his cock fall from her mouth. “No” she responded “I came close once but it didn’t quite happen”.

“Perfect” Marc responded “I’ve got her warmed up for you already, finish her off”.

He lifted Julia from his face and laid her down on the bed. He watched as the two women made eye contact and Julia gave Beth a provocative wink.

Beth shifted over, between Julia’s legs now rather than Marc’s. She turned her eyes towards her target and took in the sight. The puffy pink lips and swollen clitoris made Julia’s arousal clear.

Tentatively she placed her hands on the other woman’s slender, toned thighs, her thumbs turned inwards so that they almost made contact with her labia. Beth brought her mouth close and softly breathed on Julia’s skin causing her to shiver elvankent escort bayanlar involuntarily.

As light as a feather she traced the tip of her tongue gently up one side of Julia’s pussy hearing her moan in response. Even though this was something she hadn’t done before her own experience of being eaten out told her what worked and what didn’t.

She seductively teased Julia’s velvety haven, alternating her deliberate, predictable patterns with sudden surprise moves. Beth’s nose pressed up against Julia’s public bone and the undeniable scent of feminine sex overwhelmed her senses.

Despite the fact Beth had barely been touched yet she was wildly turned on and could feel her wetness building as she ached for contact. She had always found giving blow jobs to be deeply arousing and was pleased to find that the same was true delivering oral pleasure to a woman.

Marc had been enjoying the show that the girls were putting on but now his hard-on raged for attention. He stood behind Beth and pulled up her hips firmly so they were level with his cock but her face stayed level with Julia’s pussy.

As he lined his penis against the parting in Beth’s thighs he watched as she took Julia’s clit in to her mouth and slowly sucked it between her tender lips. He pushed in to her tight little hole and felt the satisfaction as she cried out when his girth filled her up completely.

He fucked her slowly, watching as her enthusiasm for licking Julia’s twat continued to grow. She was not holding back now and he knew that her face would be wet with Julia’s juices. Julia was writhing on the bed, her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as she moaned to let Beth know the right spots.

He watched Beth work a couple of fingers into Julia’s cunt and focus her oral attention directly on her clit causing her to become even more feverish.

Beth stroked the spongy area that she knew from experience marked Julia’s g-spot causing her to buck her hips wildly. Knowing that she was having this effect on another woman was such a turn on and combined with the feeling of Marc’s incredible cock slipping and in and out of her she felt the familiar tension building in her body that ached for release.

Every so often he would reach his hand around her body and toy with her nipples, teasing them until they stood to attention and caused her to whimper softly.

Beth felt like she could cum at any second but continued to focus on her own work. She slipped Julia’s clit between her lips, cradling it in her tongue and sucked gently. This caused Julia to suddenly cry out with a shattering moan thrusting her pelvis as her orgasm overtook her body. Beth felt the wetness explode from Julia’s pussy, it was practically gushing out and too much for Beth to control, soaking her face, breasts and a large part of the bed.

Knowing that she had just made another girl squirt all over her was enough to push Beth over the edge.

“Fuck me hard now” she screamed at Marc who obliged only too willingly drilling his cock in to her so hard that a loud slapping noise filled the air. Her back arched beneath him and her pussy gripped tightly at his erection as she cried out in pleasure amidst her climax.

Overwhelmed from the intensity of the sensations that had shot through it, Beth’s body crumpled beneath Marc causing his rock hard erection to slip out.

“Holy shit” Marc gasped spinning Beth around to face him as her “are you girls for real?”. He kissed Beth long and deep tasting the lasting wetness of Julia’s pussy on her lips.

The kiss brought Beth back to reality and she felt Julia maneuvering from underneath her towards Marc. When she reached him she dropped seductively to her knees, her head level with his cock.

Without using her hands she deftly scooped his penis in to her mouth slowly inching down until the whole thing disappeared between her lips. Marc closed his eyes in ecstasy as he enjoyed the feeling of Julia’s mouth devouring him.

When he opened them again he found Beth also on her knees, patiently waiting her turn to suck on him. As Julia released his cock Beth was waiting to take it in, circling the base between her thumb and index finger and gently stroking up and down as she manipulated the head with her tongue.

Marc couldn’t take his eyes off the sight as both women took it in turns to pleasure him. They each had their own style. Julia was energetic and evoked a kind of porn star sass, taking as much as she could in to her mouth at once and looking him straight in the eye as she did it. Beth was slower, more teasing, taking her time to extract every possible sensation of pleasure from him.

Both techniques were incredible but when combined together it was mind-blowing. The women synchronised, each kissing one side of his penis, their tongues gliding over the shaft and each other. Two delicate hands reached out lightly cupping his balls and stroking his erection as their mouths moved up and down, licking and sucking him.

Beth then took the sensitive tip of his penis between her lips and started fucking him with her mouth as Julia coaxed his balls with her tongue. The sensation, the sight, the sounds, it was all too much. His body tensed and his cock erupted into Beth’s mouth. She continued to suck him hungrily until his throbbing penis stopped pulsating and she pulled away.

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