An Interesting Life Ch. 03

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They got together on a weekly basis and everything was as it’s always been. They could talk about everything, attractions and even the good or bad in their sex lives.

It was during this time that she told him about an attraction she felt towards a lady friend of her.

Mandy was a little feisty girl with perky breasts and a killer personality. She has short brown hair with cute little freckles. Not exactly his type but he was excited when he heard about their story.

They went out as a group and got back to their house in the early morning. The guys went straight to bed and the girls were having a last drink.

Linda has thought about girls before but making love to Grant made her realize that she was not gay. He showed her how wonderful sex can be. So when Mandy asked her to come and lay next to her on the coach she thought nothing of it.

Mandy put her arms around her and held her tight. Linda enjoyed the feeling of her breasts against her back.

Linda felt her own breathing get deeper as Mandy started stroking her arms then the top of her breasts.

“You are so fucking sexy and beautiful.”

Mandy’s words shocked her but not as much as her next words

“Kiss me,” Mandy said.

She shocked herself even more when she turned around opened her mouth and met Mandy’s lips.

“Wow!” Linda thought.

Mandy was a wonderful kisser. Her lips were so soft and different. They kissed for what felt like ages. They both were exploring each other’s mouths.

Mandy put her hand underneath Linda’s shirt pushing her bra up cupping her beautiful illegal bahis breast.

Electric shocks went through her as Mandy flicked her nipple and it even became better when she brought her mouth towards it.

Mandy sucked and lightly bit first the one and then the other. Linda was in ecstasy.

She felt Mandy’s hand moving to the buttons of her jeans and she felt helpless in stopping her. But even worse she didn’t want this to stop.

Mandy unbuttoned her jeans and then she put her hand in moving towards her very moist pussy.

Mandy kept on sucking her nipples while entering her with her finger.

The sensation was too much as Linda felt a massive orgasm approaching.

She covered Mandy’s hand with her own pushing her into her while she came.

“Wow!” she trembled in the aftermath.

She almost past out but she woke up when she felt her jeans being removed. She looked down at the lustful and now naked Mandy knelt down between her legs.

She felt her kissing her on her very wet pussy and then she started licking and sucking exactly how she liked it.

It felt so dirty and also so good. It was as if Linda was giving directions. It was unreal how Mandy knew exactly what to do next.

Mandy took Linda’s clit between her lips softly sucking while she put three of her small fingers into Linda’s soaking wet cunt.

“O my God!” Linda screamed.

Linda loves being finger fucked and she could feel her juices flowing as she had the most incredible orgasm.

Linda fell back with Mandy on top of her. They lay there enjoying illegal bahis siteleri the closeness of their beautiful bodies pressed against each other.

Linda tentatively moved her hand down to Mandy’s pussy, slowly stroking up and down her slit. Feeling the heat coming from her, Linda knew that she was doing something right when she heard the soft moans.

Linda kissed her while she pushed her finger inside of her. She slowly started fucking her with her finger enjoying the heat and the wetness but mostly the power she felt as Mandy was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Linda battled to keep her finger in her as Mandy started to buck up and down as she came.

Linda immediately moved down and started sucking her pussy. She loved the way that Mandy’s clit stood out like a little cock.

Linda went directly at it sucking in all earnest and within minutes Mandy had another big orgasm.

“Incredible,” Linda thought. She has at last met another person that was multi orgasmic like her.

They awoke hours later still naked in each other’s arms.

Linda felt nervous and very shy about what happened and stood up while quickly dressing she looked down at the wonderful woman lying on the coach.

Linda had a funny feeling of guilt but also lust when she looked at Mandy. Linda got a duvet and covered the girl kissing her softly. A smile came across Mandy’s face.

Linda crept in bed next to her husband careful not to wake him. She awoke hours later wondering where everybody were.

She walked into the launch. The men were playing canlı bahis siteleri X Box and Mandy was still lying on the coach with a pleading look in her eyes. Linda felt very guilty that she left her on her own, naked on the coach.

Mandy couldn’t hold it anymore. She stood up covering herself with the duvet. She stepped on it almost falling and then she was completely naked.

The men didn’t even realize as they were entrenched in their game.

Mandy ran out of the room. Her beautiful breasts bouncing nicely as she ran. Linda picked her clothes up that fell on the floor and followed her.

Linda opened the door of the bathroom.

Mandy was sitting on the loo with a very relieved look on her face. They didn’t talk. Mandy finished and stood up still naked she climbed into the shower and beckoned Linda to join her.

Linda locked the door and taking her clothes off she joined her in the shower. They soaped each other enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies.

Exploring each other’s bodies and kissing long wet kisses. They were both getting very excited thinking of the previous night. A knock on the door interrupted them.

“Just a minute,” Linda called. She had to pull herself away from Mandy to dry and get dressed.

She opened the door expecting Sean but it was her husband Shane. He pushed past her pulling his cock out aiming for the toilet. He only then realized the shower and the person in the shower.

His face went white. He stammered an excuse as he stood with his hardening cock looking at the beautiful naked girl in the shower.

He guiltily looked at Linda but she could see his open lust as well.

Mandy made as if nothing was wrong as she finished. Shane ran out of the bathroom. Linda watched him disappear around the corner smiling with a new thought in her mind.

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