An Evening with Danielle Ch. 01

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Part 1

Two years ago I was married to an ass hole. Girls, if you’ve ever been married you might know just what I mean. I’m not denying that I was never a bitch towards him because I was. More often than I should have been actually. How can I describe this to you? Even on my wedding night I resented him. It took four years of marriage for me to realize that a man couldn’t satisfy my needs – neither sexually or emotionally. At the time I had never been with a woman. Never tasted her soft sweet lips. Never held my hand at the small of her back while waiting in line. Never breathed the intoxicating aroma of the nape of her neck Never made her scream. During the last few years of my marriage these thoughts began to consume me. Every time my husband and I were in the same room together I would just stare at him with disgust. We’d had sex a total of six times in four LONG years. I had always considered myself a nymph so the lack of sex wasn’t a great move on his part for our marriage. Sure, I’d read erotic stories or watch porn and masturbate but every time I climaxed I would cry. Something had to be done.

I threw around the idea of having an affair but I didn’t think doing an awful thing like that would satisfy me anyway. It would only hurt him and that I didn’t want to do. I asked my husband how he felt about sharing me with another woman but he scoffed and said he’d divorce me. Which is something we both secretly wanted anyway. Eventually we separated and then finally divorced. It certainly wasn’t easy but I thank God that no children were involved. I was twenty-seven years old, childless and husband less. It was time to give women a try.

I worked for a church. Imagine finding a lesbian to love me there. Sure, they were there but they wouldn’t admit it. My whole past made me feel as if I had been dragged through dirt. I was having a hard time brushing myself off until the day I met Danielle. Everyday I’d find myself at a well known coffee shop. I have to have my daily fix of caffeine. Danielle was the girl who made all of the nonfat mocha frapp that I always ordered. I’d noticed her sexy, tanned body many times before. Her hair was a lot longer than mine, dark brown or black and very curly. She had deep chocolate eyes that I could get lost in. I knew her name because of her name tag but we had never really talked. When I liked a girl I usually didn’t want to make it known for fear of her being disgusted, me being a woman and all. How on Earth do you know when another woman is into you? This is a tough situation to just break into. I must have been staring into her eyes for too long while I was pondering all these questions because when she smiled at me, she blushed. Oh how beautiful those rosy cheeks were! I smiled back and it must have been the aroma of coffee but I was feeling bold and said,

“You have an incredible smile,” which she did. She leaned forward over the counter and motioned for me to come closer to her.

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” she said with a sultry Latin accent. Well, I just about melted right there in the middle of the coffee shop. I wanted to taste those pouty lips of hers. She told me to come again soon and I practically skipped my way out and back to work. Danielle gave me that extra pep in my step and I hadn’t even finished my coffee.

That night I dreamt of her. She was walking through a field of purple wild flowers wearing a white sun dress made of some light material. She was absolutely breathtaking. Her neck and shoulders were exposed and flawless. A blue ribbon for God, first prize I’m sure. She chased a butterfly and was laughing. her skin glistened with tiny beads of sweat from frolicking in the sun for so long. I longed to touch her, to breathe her in, to taste her but I was planted in my spot. She turned to me and smiled wide. As she floated towards me my heart raced. My blood pumped faster and harder and I woke up covered in sweat. I wondered if she liked wild flowers?

Ok, maybe it was my new floral scented air freshener plug in but I couldn’t get flowers or Danielle off my mind. It was only two in the morning but I knew of a 24 hour 800 number for a flower delivery company that we all know so well. I dialed and ordered an arrangement of purple wild flowers and sent it to her at the coffee shop. I wanted it sent today, in the morning so I had to pay a lot extra for it. It was worth it. I didn’t want her to forget me. I also wanted it to be from a “secret admirer” so all I wrote on the card was my usual order: nonfat mocha frapp and the time I would be there 1:45 in the afternoon. I hung up and as I lay in my bed, trying to fall back asleep I couldn’t help but wonder about all the what ifs. What if she wasn’t a lesbian? What if she was only being nice to me because it was her job? What if she was involved with someone already? What if I wasn’t ready for this and there it was. The what ifs sent me off to sleep. I was just a chicken, destined to be alone for always. I had these depressing anomalies while shaving my legs in the canlı bahis shower in the morning. This naturally got me wondering how she groomed her most intimate parts. As I soaped my sweet spot up, slowly, pleasurably, I also wondered if she wondered about mine. I trimmed it up nicely, just in case. I didn’t shave all the hair off but I think I did a nice job.

Despite my cowardly state, I dressed to impress. I wore a red blouse that helped my cleavage and a brown a-line skirt. I decided on wearing a light sweater on top until my lunch hour, after all, I worked for a church. The day went on forever. I really wasn’t getting any work done and my supervisor, Betty Isner noticed. Christian women are known for their gossip abilities so when she questioned me about my work ethic I knew I had to be careful. I lied right to her face about eating some bad Mexican food the night before. I told her that my stomach just wasn’t up to par. A lie couldn’t be worse than telling her the hundreds of naughty thoughts about Danielle, right?

Part 2

Before leaving for the coffee shop, I checked my makeup and my cleavage. I was looking good, I had to admit. I hope she loved the flowers and I hoped she liked me. It would be so romantic to walk hand in hand with her through a field of wild flowers. Hell, it would be romantic and enthralling to walk hand in hand anywhere with her.

I took a deep breath and walked into the shop. I had never been so nervous about buying a cup of coffee before. I noticed a man sitting at a table, drinking espresso and staring hard at me. For a moment I thought about my ex husband and all the wrong choices I had made. I shook it off and found my way to the counter. Today she beamed. Everything about her was glowing. I made my order without even looking directly at the cashier. I couldn’t help looking at Danielle. God, she was so beautiful and exotic looking. Every time I stole a glance at her she caught me and smiled. I could get used to making her smile. I told the cashier that I wanted a nonfat mocha frapp and time seemed to stand still. It was 1:45 and Danielle confirmed that by looking at her watch. She closed her eyes and took a big deep breath and smiled. Was she relieved or annoyed? It was hard to tell. Maybe she thought this was all a joke. I paid the cashier and moved over to the pick-up counter. The cashier grinned at Danielle as if she knew what was up. I felt as if I would faint. I could feel my forehead getting sweaty. Danielle finished my coffee and handed it to me. Our hands touched as I took the frozen coffee from her. I lingered a little, thinking of holding her hand in the infamous field of wild flowers. Time seemed to stand still, even my heart slowed and almost stopped.

“Hey,” she simply said.

“Hey,” I said almost avoiding her poetic eyes. “Beautiful day,” I cleared my throat. Very attractive I know but I was having a bit of stage fright with an onset of laryngitis. really smooth conversation starter right. I actually felt like I blew it. Then she eased my mind.

“What’s your name?” she asked while showing a beautiful, perfect smile. The coffee line began to get backed up and the cashier shoved her out of the way telling Danielle to go take a break. I hadn’t answered her question yet when she hurriedly asked another question.

“How long do you have?” I glanced down at my watch and saw that I still had about forty minutes until I had to be back. I answered her, still unsure why and she ripped off her apron and came around the counter. She walked to the front door.

“Coming?” she simply asked while she leaned her back to the door. Naughty thoughts aside, I decided that yes, yes I was coming.

We were walking for about four blocks down the busy downtown streets when I told her my name was Lauren.

“Nice to meet you Lauren. That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”, she smiled. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

“Where are we off to?”, I asked.

“I know a place just a few more blocks. It’s beautiful there.”, she said while taking my hand as if to tell me to trust her and I did.

She led me to a lake that was surrounded by thousands of purple flowers. I’m not a botanist so I don’t know which kind. We found a patch of grass right in the sun and sat down. I sat down across from her. Not sure wether to be gazing into her dark eyes or to be people watching. I looked down at my nonfat mocha frapp.

“This place reminds me of some beautiful flowers that were delivered to me this morning. You wouldn’t know anything about that now would you Lauren?” she starred at me with a cute smirk, waiting for an answer. She already knew the answer.

“Well, it sounds like you have a very special secret admirer.” I put my coffee down and leaned back on my hands. My legs were stretched out, feet crossed, cleavage perked up.

“I think you’re right but I also bet my secret admirer is beautiful and sexy as hell.”

“Well maybe she is but she could never compare to your beauty. Just look bahis siteleri at you Danielle, you’re amazing.” She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. A part of me wanted to blurt our that I had never kissed a woman before but didn’t want to ruin the moment so I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. Wow. Wow. Wow! A soft sweet kiss without stubble, without a rough hand groping me. It was ethereal. Perfect! Fantastic and gentle. I parted my lips and her tongue found mine. She wasn’t jabbing it down my throat. She took her time and massaged my tickle spots with it. She slid her soft hands up my arms, over my shoulders and into my hair. My whole body tingled, especially my sweet spot. Her tenderness was so thoughtful and uncalculated. It was like we were floating on a cloud all alone. Heaven is surely run by lesbians I thought. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Then she pulled away. I wanted more but was happy to be staring at her again.

“So, I wonder who sent you those flowers,” I said with a grin. Then she playfully hit me and we started pushing each other down to the groundb rolling all over the purple flowers. We rolled over my nonfat mocha frapp too. I felt like a kid again! Except of course for the fact that I had an incredibly hot woman straddling me on some public property out in the open. There were some city officials and other people, mostly men, watching us. I could tell that they didn’t want us to stop, I didn’t want us to stop. It was rather public though and I’m not really into that sort of thing. This was definitely a first.

Still sitting on top of me, she laughed blissfully while leaning down closer to my face. Her sexy large breasts were begging to be set free of her blouse. I had to have her. My pussy was so wet and throbbing and aching. She kissed me again, this time she was more animalistic and wasted no time running her hands down my sides and onto my breasts. She rubbed and squeezed them while I held her around her waist and pushed her down harder to me. Pressing her jean-clad pussy hard into my pelvic bone. I think she would have climaxed if we hadn’t been so rudely interrupted by a police officer on a horse. He didn’t arrest us, thank God but he did advise us to take it inside somewhere. We giggled and thanked him. Our audience was disappointed but they were told to get out of there as well.

“You’re incredible,” I told her as we walked back towards the church. My break was over before she had to get back so she walked me back to work. Our hair, and clothes were messed up. We were both covered in nonfat mocha frapp, which we had crushed during our play time in the flowers but we didn’t care. We exchanged numbers and she pushed me hard against the church wall and kissed me one last time before I went inside. To hell with the church I thought.

Ok, so I underestimated the gossip abilities of Christian women. Betty Isner had seen the kiss. She told Ava Rogers who told Mary Scott who told her husband, Rev. Paul Scott who promptly fired me. As he watched me pack my things into a paper towel box, he didn’t even say that he would pray for my soul or anything. So, an hour after my roll in the garden with Danielle I was holding a box of my personal effects from my office and walking towards the parking garage where I had parked my car. I had conflicting feelings. I’d liked my job. I had been there for four years. I had always been into women, even when I was a mere child. I was so tired of hiding this fact. I had a great time with Danielle in the park but was she worth loosing my job? When I found my car, I found my answer. There, on the windshield was a purple wild flower from the bouquet I’d sent no doubt and a coupon for a free nonfat mocha frapp, redeemable anytime. I knew I’d have to take her up on that.

Part 3

I had a lot on my mind so when I got home I stripped down to my birthday suit and took a nice long bath. I didn’t have any bubbles so it was just a hot bath. I tried not to think about being jobless. I tried but failed. My savings would only last me for about three months and the thought of using it up irked me. Why did I have to like women? Why did God make women like me and make people who hated us? It felt so frustrating. I just couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel and judgmental. I closed my eyes and sank deep down into the water. I ran my hands over my body, thinking of Danielle. Then my cell rang. I was relieved when I saw Danielle’s name lit up. “Wow,” I thought, “She doesn’t waste any time.”

“Hey you,” I said.

“Hey yourself. Sorry to distract you while you’re at work but I was hoping we could get together tonight. What do you say?”

“You’re a welcome distraction.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her what had happened. Not just yet. “Your voice is too damn sexy to resist. Why don’t you come to my apartment for dinner?”

“Will there be dessert?”

“I’ll cook dinner, you bring dessert. Oh, do you prefer red or white wine?”

“I like anything that’s sweet. You decide. I’ll be there around eight.” bahis şirketleri I gave her directions to my place and we said our goodbyes. It was four o’clock and I had nothing decent to cook so I had to go shopping. I decided to make a delicious but simple entree of salsa with brown sugar chicken and a garden salad. I also picked up a pricey bottle of white wine mostly because it was my favorite. When I got home I straightened up a little and lit sweet scented candles everywhere. I turned the lights down low to create a romantic ambiance and played some soft romantic music. I prepared myself as well with girlie stuff like sweet scented lotions and body spray. I wore diamond earrings, they always made me feel more confident. Even though my ex husband had given them to me, I wanted to wear them. I applied very light, natural makeup. I pulled out my one-night-stand dress from the dry cleaning bag that had been stored in my closet. It had been a long time since I had worn it but I was sure it would still fit perfectly. It was the tiniest blue dress that clung to my body in all the right places. It barely covered my ass and gave my breasts nice appeal. I considered it my ‘get-lucky’ dress. Every woman should have one. I had just slipped on my three inch heels when she knocked on the door. Suddenly a thousand butterflies swarmed inside of me. I felt sick but knew this was right. She was right.

I opened the door and there she stood like a dream. She had on an amazing red dress that clung to her body just like mine. For a second I wondered if she called it her ‘get-lucky’ dress. I didn’t have much time to look at her because she stepped right in and planted a warm kiss on my eager lips. When she stepped back she smiled big.

“Wow. Mama you look hot! Turn around and let me get a good look at you.” I obliged. After my twirl I closed the front door and watched her walk across my living room. It was nice seeing her there. I wanted to see her naked. “You have a lovely apartment.”

“Thanks. Danielle….you look…I can’t find the words. The only word that comes close to describing you tonight is gorgeous.” My hear raced as I starred her down. She smiled at me and blushed a little. I noticed she didn’t have anything in her hands and asked her if she had brought dessert.

“Darling, who says I didn’t bring anything for dessert?” she said with a sly grin. “So how about the grand tour?” She asked while taking my hand. My heart was skipping, my pussy dripping. I should have worn thicker panties. I showed her the kitchen, my office, the bathroom and then my bedroom. She hadn’t walked into the other rooms but when we reached my bedroom she walked right in and sat down on my bed. “Would you like dessert first?” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I sauntered over towards my bed. I must have looked like a deer in headlights because she reassured me. “It’s ok. Everything is ok.” Those are the last words she said while we were still dressed.

I stood very close in front of her. Her hands wandered up and down my arms giving me goose bumps. Causing my pussy to ache. I closed my eyes and let her caress my body. She ran her hands over my breasts and down my waist. I almost jumped back when she touched my hot spot through the silky fabric of my dress. My arms and hands were limp at my sides. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. ‘Relax’, I told myself and I tried. Her hands were magical and made me hot all over. I arched my back a little letting my long hair tickle my bare back. She found her way back up my arms to my shoulders and pushed off the spaghetti straps one by one. Danielle pulled my dress down slowly, erotically exposing my breasts. She took her tongue and lightly licked my perky nipples and nibbled on them hungrily. I was moaning already completely aware of every hair on my body standing on end. She dropped my dress to the floor and revealed my dark blue, wet panties. She pressed a finger or two over the fabric directly over my clit. She was driving me crazy. She stood while rubbing me furiously. I opened my eyes completely loving seeing her hungry eyes.

I kissed her mouth hard. Our tongues lapped at each other while she guided me to the bed. I didn’t want her to let me go but was happy to see that she was ripping off her dress. Under that tight red dress she wore a red and black lace bustier. My God she looked like a Victoria Secret model. I was surely in Heaven. She pinned me down on the bed and straddled my pussy this time. I could smell our sex in the room already. She was lavishly planting kisses all over my shoulders and neck. Every muscle in my body was tense as she grinded down hard into me. Grabbing the top of her bustier I pulled it down revealing her heavy breasts. They were glorious. I massaged and fondled her. I leaned up and licked her salty nipples. Sucked them hard into my mouth. I was experiencing pleasure like never before. My whole body zinged. Sweat poured off of her radiant skin. She tickled me and I laughed. She grabbed my panties by the waist band and pulled them down slowly, revealing my moist hot spot. I reached over her arms and pulled the rest of her bustier off. We were naked and glorious. I felt like I would scream if I didn’t find a release soon. Her pussy glistened and seemed to pout at me.

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