An Anal Beginning Ch. 02

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John slept more soundly than he had in years. Even his dreams seemed to envelop him in elaborate schemes that involved by dominated by his beautiful girlfriend Heather. He woke in the morning with a hard-on that made his immediately reach for his shaft to relieve the pressure that had built to epic proportions during the night. His engorged shaft was aching for release, which John felt to compel to answer with a vivid fantasy of his Heather tying him to the bed on his stomach, and slowly and methodically thrusting into him until he burst. To John’s surprise, he opened his eyes to find his seed had landed on the pillow beside him. The burst had been magnificent. Without internal torment, these repressed desires were leading him to the best orgasms he had ever had. But still he wondered.

John spent the day in the yard working on the water fall he had agreed to install. The day was filled with the back breaking work of digging a six foot hole in the back yard which would then be water proofed and covered in stone. This was not something he had really wanted to do, but Heather had been staring at the lawn and garden magazines, fawning over the beautiful work that had been done. John hoped that by the end of his three days, he would have it functioning by the time she got home.

As he finished digging the hole, he began making the trench back to the house that would house the pipe to connect the motor to the houses electric. It was tedious work, but left the mind free to wonder. He had learned a great deal last night, but forgot his initial purpose. Perhaps, since this wasn’t as weird as he thought, there would be porn sites for this type of behavior. He knew if he stopped digging now, he would never finish, so he offered himself incentive, a reward, for when he finished the fifty foot long trench that needed to be finish.

As John reached the house, it was all he could do not to leave the shovel laying against the house. He quickly ran inside to get on line when he realized how much he stunk. Perhaps a quick shower was in order. As he lathered up, his cock grew immensely as he thought about what he was about to do. But still the thought of pain entered the back of his mind. Also, what illegal bahis if she had taken it.

After drying off, John made his way to the bedroom, and checked in the box located on the top shelf of the closet. This box had brought him hours of pleasure. Heather had introduced him to the world of sex toys. Despite his previous sexual prowess, John had actually been quite sheltered. As he opened the lid, he couldn’t help but hold his breathe. There amongst handcuffs and shackles, gags and clamps lay his current desire. Bright pink and staring up at him. It was blazing, about the size of his own erect shaft. Eight inches that soon would be filling his throbbing ass. He grabbed the dildo along with some lube and threw them on the bed.

His excitement was mounting as was the tension in his cock. He quickly grabbed the laptop from the living room and moved into the bedroom. In seconds he was online and quickly learned after a careful search that his predilections were well covered in the world of online porn. Soon, he was streaming videos that fulfilled his deepest desires. He almost said screw the dildo and his ass. The images were so powerful that he was ready, but he knew that he had to know. How would it feel? He watched as the men before him cringed in pain while still others howled in ecstasy. Which would he be?

He lubed a finger and while watching a blond violate a young stud, began working his own finger into his ass. He went slow, and pushed out like he had learned from last nights research. It slid in relatively easy, only hurting for a moment as he passed the inner sphincter. Suddenly, he was aware of a new sensation. A pressure. A pleasant pressure that was building behind his testicles. He spent a moment just pushing in and out slowly. Just barely touching his own prostate. He felt his back arching and realized that he would never make it unless he sped things up. He slowly pulled the finger out and replaced it with two. Very quickly, he found himself open and ready, almost begging himself to be violated.

Now was the time. As the young man on the screen bucked and rived in pain and enjoyment, John grabbed the vibrator and quickly squirted it with lube. He once again illegal bahis siteleri began pushing out with his sphincter muscle in order to allow easy entry. Soon he found himself engulfed in sudden pleasure. This time, there was no hint of pain. He quickly found himself riving on the bed timing his thrust to those on the screen before him. He couldn’t help himself, he was in love. The feelings he had were so sublime, that he was at a loss for words. He simply moaned with pleasure. His secret fantasy fulfilled.

But like all good things, it couldn’t last. Moments before he was ready to allow that wave wash over him, the phone rang. Forget it, he thought to himself. With a quick glance he looked at the bed side caller ID and realized it was his wife. He had told her to call at this time, and despite his desire to finish, he knew he had to answer. With one deft finger, he killed the volume on the computer screen, and with his other hand grabbed the phone, leaving the pink dildo shoved discretely in his ass, up to the hilt.

“Hello” he answered in the most casual tone he could muster in light of his current situation.

“Hi Honey,” replied the perky voice on the other end of the phone. “What are you up to?”

“Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I was taking care of some of my needs…you know…since you aren’t here to help. Just feeling a little neglected…if you know what I mean,” John replied.

“I know exactly what you mean. I did the same last night, but I forgot to back my battery operated boyfriend before I left, so we had to do it the old fashion way. “

Thoughts raced through John’s mind as the toy she was mentioning was shoved firmly up his ass. His hand started to move down to remove it. Just as he hand touched the base, he heard her voice.

“Well, there isn’t too much I can do from here. But I will try to help. Just close your eyes, and stroke your cock in those long lean strokes. Imagine me on top of you, dripping wet, my pussy pulsing with anticipation, just waiting for you to blow your cum into me. Can you feel how wet I am?”

John was not slowly hand fucking himself. But this time, he used both hands. One hand on his cock and one on canlı bahis siteleri the dildo in his ass. He could feel himself growing close to loosing control. Yes was all he could mutter.

“Speed up a little,” came the seductive voice through the phone, “Speed up slowly, but consistently. Imagine me rocking on your cock, faster and faster, imagine my breasts in your face, my hands pinning you to the bed. Fucking you harder, and harder, and faster and faster”

John noticed a change in her voice. A subtle change. He recognized it immediately. She was playing with herself and she was close to orgasms. He had heard this pitch before and felt himself at his breaking point. From the phone he heard the telltale sound of her loosing control.

“Ahhhh, yes, yes, oh yes, harder faster, ahh…..thank you”

But John only half heard her, as his own voice shrieked as his prostate exploded with sensation and his own seed shot all over his chest and stomach. His back arced and he lost all control, screaming into the phone, “Ahhhhh, that’s right, fuck me harder, make me your whore!”

As the waves subsided, he realized what he had cried. Never had he spoken like that before to her. On the other end of the phone, he heard a stunned silence. Then finally, “I promise, I will when I get home. But you will have to wait ’til then. Thanks for the orgasm, but I still miss riding that cock of yours. I assume you need to clean up, so I will let you go.”

“Well, before you go, how is the trip?” John managed to stammer still feeling overwhelmed by the things he had just shouted. He always preferred to be dominated, but never had he spoken like this before.

“Better now,” Heather said with a laugh, “Sad that this phone call has been the highlight of the trip. However, all good things must end, and I really need to go. I will see you in a few days, and if you promise to be good, I will even buy you a present. Something I think you will really love.”

“What is it?” John asked.

“Can’t tell. It’s a surprise. See you in a few days. Now behave yourself.”

“Okay, love ya,” John replied.

“Oh, you will when you get your gift!” Heather said as she hung up.

John slowly pulled the dildo out of his quaking ass and grabbed a towel to get the cum off his chest. He slowly walked to the shower on his quaking legs, wondering what was the gift, and how long would it be before he could experience another orgasm like that.

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