An Affair , Something New Ch. 1

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My name is John. I am 26, just a touch under 6 feet, with a medium build. I have short brown-blonde hair and brown eyes.

I have been married quite happily for a few years. Lately, however, my wife has only been performing one of the two things that one looks for in a partner: the best friend, and not the lover. We get on well, but we don’t have much sex, and when we do, it’s just like there’s no real spark.

I have considered myself bisexual for some time, but never have been with a guy – not even my wife knows about my desire to go down on a man, or to fuck or be fucked by a man. Unfortunately, these are all things that I’ve never really known how to get around to doing. Luckily, however, that all changed, just a few weeks ago.

I remember the day well – it was a Friday, and I was on the train home from work.

* * *

The train was just about empty, just a few people. I was sitting down reading my paper. The good thing about an empty train is you can relax for a while after work, and today was no exception. The bus clanked to a stop, and I looked out the window, saw that it wasn’t my station, and continued to read my paper. The doors, which were pretty much right next to me, slid open and a handful of people got on.

“John? John Sedrik? Is that you?” came a voice, and I looked up from my paper. And there he was.

He was maybe an inch or so taller than me, with slightly longer brown hair and green eyes. I would describe him as ruggedly handsome.

“Yes… do I know you?” I asked, trying to flick back in my memory.

He offered his hand out to me. “Bryan Lakes. We went to college together?” he said.

My memory was jogged, and suddenly I remembered him. “Oh! Yes, I remember!” I said, taking his hand in mine in a firm shake. He sat down next to me, and I folded my paper and put it away.

“So, John. How are you?” he asked brightly, beaming widely at me.

“I’m well… and you?” I asked, slightly taken aback by his assertiveness.

“Yeah, I’m good. What have you been up to?” he continued.

I won’t bore you with our conversation – it was just small talk, you know how it is. Eventually we got around to the question of marriage, however, and the conversation took a different turn.

“Yeah, I’ve been married a few years.” I said in response to his question. “Michelle’s great.” I said, not wanting to go into any more detail.

“And kids?” he asked.

“Not yet. But we’re planning to.” I said in response. “Anyway, how about you? Have you got a lucky lady?” I asked.

“Actually,” he seemed to pause for a moment, smiling, “I’m gay.” He finally said.

“Oh…” I said in surprise. He seemed to look disappointed. “No, no,” I continued, trying not to make him feel too bad, “I don’t have a problem with that.” I said. He half-smiled, as if unsure whether to believe me or not. We were silent for a few moments, and he seemed to avoid eye contact with me.

“I’m serious, Bryan.” I continued. I honestly didn’t have a problem with gay people – being bisexual myself, it would be a little hypocritical to do so.

“It’s ok, John. I believe you.” He said, but something in his tone made me think he didn’t believe. I knew I had to do something to make him believe, so I leaned in closer to him and whispered that I was bisexual.

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering why I can’t tell my wife, but I can tell someone I haven’t seen for years, and even then I didn’t have a lot to do with him. It’s just that he was the first person I had ever known who had admitted to their gayness, and the only reason I didn’t tell others about it was that they might laugh at me, or worse. But knowing that he was gay, I was sure he wouldn’t be like that.

He turned and looked into my eyes, looking somewhat surprised. “Really?” he asked, and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I nodded. “Wow. That’s… that’s great.” He said.

We were silent again for a while.

“But, truth be told,” I said, “I’ve never… y’know… been with a guy.”

“Oh… and I guess now that you’re married, it’s too late?” he asked.

I nodded, but was still a little unsure about it myself. I mean… would it be cheating? I’d just like to experience a guy… just the once, maybe… would it be cheating?

“That’s too bad, or I’d ask you out.” He said, and I just about choked.

“Serious?” I managed to squeak.

“Yeah.” He said, looking me in the eyes. I could tell he wasn’t lying. Damn, he actually was attracted to me!

“Wow…” was all I could say, and we fell into awkward silence again. The train started to slow to a stop, and I looked out the window; it was my station.

“This is my stop.” I said to him. I pulled out one of my business cards and handed it to him. “Call me sometime. We have to catch up some more.” I said.

“Sure.” He said, standing to get out of my way as the train stopped. I shook his hand and said goodbye, before getting off the train. I walked home with a lot on my mind.

* * *

When I got home, I parked my butt on the couch and absent-mindedly watched TV. I was still going through everything in my head.

He had said that he would go out with me. I couldn’t believe it. That means that I… if I wanted to, that is. I still had to make up my mind whether that would be cheating on my wife. But just the thought of those new experiences being open to me…

“Hi honey.”

I looked up to see my wife had just got in the door. She bent over the couch and kissed me on the lips.

“How was your day?” she asked, walking into the bedroom to put her stuff away.

“Long.” I said simply.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, walking back out. That snapped me back to reality.

“Uh, no. Nothing’s wrong. Just got a lot on my mind.” I replied. “How was your day?” I asked.


And so it continued. I couldn’t really focus on the conversation – my mind was busy with other things.

That night we didn’t have sex. Again.

* * *

I woke up late Saturday morning, to find that Michelle had already left the house. I found a note saying that she had gone shopping and would be back some time later, and that she would probably be a while. I always slept naked, so I was naked still as I went about fixing a breakfast for myself, when the phone rang. I picked it up.

“Hello?” I said, putting the phone between my neck and shoulder so I could continue making breakfast.

“Hey John.”

At the sound of his voice, I froze. I put my breakfast aside and picked up the phone, intent on the conversation. I made my way towards the couch, where I crashed.

“Bryan?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, it’s me. How’s everything going?”

“Not too bad. I wasn’t expecting you to call so soon.” I said, letting my hand trail down my stomach and curl around my cock at the thought of seeing him again. I couldn’t believe it; I was actually masturbating to the sound of his voice!

“Yeah, sorry. It’s just that…” there was a pause and the sound of a deep breath as I let my fingers run up the length of my already hardening cock. “I can’t get you out of my head, John.”

My cock hardened still more. “Really?” I breathed heavily.

“Yeah… I… I want you. I’m sorry.” He said.

“Don’t be sorry! It’s… it’s ok.” I said, my hand starting to gather a bit more intensity as it ran down my shaft.

“But you’re married, John. I couldn’t… I couldn’t do that to your wife.” He said, his moral dilemma obvious in the tone of his voice.

“Bryan… I’m wanking right now. I want güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you too.”

I can’t believe I said it. Neither could he, by the gasp on the other end.

“But… but, your wife…!” he finally managed to say.

“She’s gone shopping, and I know her. She’ll be gone a long time.” I said. I could already feel the pressure building in my balls. My wife had never been able to make me cum that quickly, and all I was doing was beating off! I decided that I wouldn’t make a mess, and stopped masturbating. I could see pre-cum glistening on the eye of my cock.

“Well… oh, no, we can’t. We can’t John.” He said.

“Bryan, I…” I wondered whether what I was about to say next was going to come off well. “It’s not like I love you. I’m sorry, but I don’t. It’s just… well, I’ve never been with a guy, and I’ve always wanted to. And you’re so hot! You’ve just about made me cum already!” I stopped, awaiting his response. All I heard was heavy breathing for a few seconds.

“So you’re saying… it’d just be physical?” he finally said, and it made my heart, as well as my cock, jump.

“Exactly. I… I love my wife, but I really don’t know if it’d be cheating. I just… I just want to experience it, you know?” I said. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I barely even knew him.

“I know what you mean. It took me a long time to find another gay guy, and… well, it just wasn’t there. But with you…” his voice trailed off suggestively.

“That’s it, Bryan. Enough talk. I need you, now.” I said, not believing that I could be so bold. It was like I wasn’t the one speaking. Again, there was a few seconds of heavy breathing.

“Oh, what the fuck. Can you come over to my place now?” he asked, and my cock hardened once more to its full length.

“Of course. I’ll just tell my wife that I was catching up with an old friend.” I said.

“Sounds good, John. Here’s my address…”

* * *

I rang the doorbell, whilst straightening out my clothes. I couldn’t believe it; I was at the door of a male that I was about to fuck. I was dressed in a simple shirt and jeans, with only a half-erect cock underneath. I rung the doorbell again impatiently, before the door swung open, and there he was.

He seemed even more handsome now, despite his casual clothes. He wore a shirt as well, and a pair of boxers, but that was all. The tent in his boxers was obvious.

“John… good to see you.” He breathed. “Come in.”

I complied, and he swung the door shut behind me. We looked at each other in silence for a moment.

“Do you… still want to go ahead with this?” he asked. Gone was his look of happiness, replaced by a stone-hard serious face.

“Of course.” I said. I had thought about it all the way over, and I was definitely sure about it.

“Do you want a drink or something, or… do you just want to… get down to it?” he asked. I couldn’t believe that this nervous person before me was the same one that had been so assertive yesterday.

“I don’t need anything.” I said, the polite way of saying let’s fuck.

“Okay.” He said, nodding and gulping. He then led me through the hallway and into his bedroom. I admired his ass the whole way, wondering whether I would fuck it today.

Once we had got into the room, I closed the door behind me.

“You’re not expecting any visitors, are you?” I asked, pulling off my shirt as I did. His eyes glazed over as he stared at my chest. I kept pretty well fit, and I thought my body looked pretty good. I wasn’t much for body hair, either, so I shaved my chest hairs off all the time.

“N-n-n-no.” he stuttered. I stepped forward and took his hand in mine, before placing it on my chest.

“Bryan… we have to forget about everything else. Just think about us, right here, right now. Fuck güvenilir bahis şirketleri the consequences.”

I couldn’t believe myself. I never spoke like this. I guess I was just excited.

He gulped and nodded.

“Good…” I whispered, letting my hands grasp his shirt and pull it over his head. I threw it away, and we stopped for a moment, before we both drew in close and our lips and tongues met.

It was ecstasy – he was a much better kisser than my wife – and the feeling of our crotches grinding against each other’s as we kissed slowly and sensually just about made me cum on the spot. I could feel his cock through the thin layers of fabric between us, and it sent me crazy… I just couldn’t wait for my first cock.

I broke off from our kiss and pushed him towards the bed. He fell backwards, his crotch near the edge, and I immediately fell to my knees before him. I slowly unbuttoned his boxers as he sat up, just in time to see me free his cock from his pants. I looked at the 8-inch monster for a while. Just stared at it. I looked up into his eyes, suddenly starting to feel nervous.

“I’ve… never sucked…”

He cut me off with a shake of his head. “Don’t worry. Just try.” He said, letting his hands run through my hair. I took one last breath before my mouth descended on his cock. The first taste of it was exquisite, like the first bite of a juicy, tasty fruit. I could already taste pre-cum on his member, and I was surprised by how good the sweet liquid tasted. The only bad thing was that I knew that he probably wouldn’t hold out very long; I could tell he was excited as I was.

As I took more and more of his length in my mouth, I began to get more and more into the rhythm, and I grabbed the base of his cock with one of my hands. I began to stroke upwards as my mouth came downwards. I heard him moaning, and felt him starting to gently push my head down, urging me to suck more and more of him. Finally my hand met my mouth, about 3 quarters of the way down his length, and both retreated back to the base and head respectively, before I began the same action again, slightly faster. I let my tongue circle around his cock this time, and I heard him moaning more and more, louder than before. His hand pressed down a little harder, and soon I found my hand and mouth meeting again, and once more they repelled each other, before coming towards each other yet faster. We continued this pattern for a few more strokes, gathering speed and intensity as we did, before he said aloud that he was going to cum. He pulled his hand away from my head, allowing me to back out if I wanted, but I wanted to taste his cum, wanted to let it shoot down my throat. My hand moved aside and I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could before he exploded, sending his warm seed down my throat.

The taste was quite unusual, but I found it quite to my liking. I eagerly gulped it all down as yet more gushed into my throat, threatening to gag me, but still I did not retreat, deep throating his cock as he shot more and more of the sweet juice into my mouth. Finally he stopped, and I felt his cock growing limp in my mouth as I swallowed down the last of his semen. I then took my mouth of his cock, before licking around my lips, cleaning off any cum that had escaped my mouth.

“Oh, John… for a first timer, you sure know how to suck a cock!” Bryan said finally, collapsing on the bed.

Suddenly I remembered about my own excitement, and I realised that I too was just about at my limit.

“Shit… Bryan!” I said aloud, quickly pulling down my jeans. He sat up and looked surprised for just a moment as he looked at my full 7 inches, just before I reached my peak and my own sperm shot from my cock, in three shots, landing all over his body, on his face and chest mostly.

“Holy shit!” was all that Bryan could say before he fell back and as I collapsed on the bed next to him. We both lay panting for a while, before I rolled over so that we were both on our backs, looking up at the ceiling.

“Wow.” I managed to say.

“Jesus…” he said.

And then we lay there for a while longer.

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