Amazons Capture Mother and Daughter Pt. 03

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DEAR READERS: I appreciate your comments and support of this story. This is the final installment. Enjoy.

In the middle of the night, Julie was rousted from a deep sleep by her mother’s moans. Liz was on her back, her legs splayed, and she was pleasuring herself with a wooden dildo.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Julie knew that was a stupid question. It was quite obvious what mom was doing.

Julie sat up and saw that her mother’s eyes were half-lidded in pleasure.

“Julie … I’m sorry … I couldn’t … I can’t help myself,” she said in a whisper between gasping breaths. “I kept having … dreams … sex … surrounded by men, women … doing things to me … making me cum. I got up and walked around inside here and I … I found … this.”

The wooden shaft was making squishy noises as Liz worked it in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was at the top of her slit, teasing her clit.

They hadn’t cleaned up after the cum fest with the men from the other village. Liz’s pubic hair was matted with sperm residue and Julie could still taste the spunk that she had swallowed. And seeing her mother masturbating was causing her pussy to tingle.

Without a word, Julie laid down next to her mother, who turned her face toward her daughter. The gently kissed each other, eliciting mewling sounds from both. They were no longer mother and daughter. They were two women who had been sexually awakened as they had never thought possible.

As they kissed, Julie’s hand moved to her mother’s breast, gently cupping and feeling the erect bud of the nipple. Their mouths opened and, while still a gentle kiss, it was much more sexual as their tongues twirled against each other.

Julie’s mouth slipped down her mother’s neck, licking, kissing, and nibbling its way until it latched on to a nipple.

“GAAWWWD,” Liz moaned. “Julie, it’s so wonderful … I never thought sex with another woman could be this good. But those guys earlier today … holy shit. I’ve never been fucked like that.”

Julie didn’t comment as her mouth worked on the delightful tip of her mother’s breast. She just “MmmmmHhhhmmmmed” in response. As her daughter’s mouth moved from mound to mound and nipple to nipple, Liz drew her legs up and her hips humped against the dildo as she worked it in and out, faster and faster. Her free hand rubbed her hard clit that was slick with her juices.


Her orgasm peaked and Liz shoved the fake cock as deep as it would go, her pussy walls clenching and unclenching around the rod. Her legs splayed out limp. How many orgasms had she experienced in the last 48 hours?

Julie hugged her mom and they kissed before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


The next morning two native women entered the hut and delivered the usual breakfast. Liz and Julie were famished but they each slowly ate the fruit and drank the water. It was apparent mother and daughter were deep in their own thoughts.

Julie broke the silence.

“Mom, when these women grabbed us, I was scared to death, I thought they were gonna kill us,” she said. “Last güvenilir bahis night, when you got yourself off, you said you’d been having dreams about sex. I have, too. What they’ve done to us, what happened with those men yesterday … gawd, I’ve never known this kind of pleasure, didn’t realize how I could become … obsessed with … sex.”

Liz gazed at her daughter and realized she was looking at a lovely young woman. It was almost like she had become another person. Julie was still her daughter, but it was … different. And Liz realized that she herself had changed. Last night’s need to masturbate to yet another orgasm was more evidence that she too had become infatuated with orgasms.

“I guess it’s obvious they don’t mean to harm us,” Liz said. “And I guess I’m glad you’ve reacted to this awful situation in a positive manner. This has been a lot for me to process. I guess that all we can do is try to keep ourselves healthy and take each day as it comes.”

Julie smiled and then chuckled. “Uh, mom, how are you spelling that word?”

Liz smiled at the joke and moved over to hug her daughter. At that moment, the two natives who had delivered breakfast entered the hut and motioned for the two outsiders to follow them. As expected, they were led to the pond and the waterfall. Liz and Julie were grateful for the opportunity to get clean as most of their torsos felt crusty from all the cum deposited by the male visitors.

The natives then led them back to their hut. Soon after their return, the chief and main hunter entered. The hunter was carrying a bowl of the mixture that had been used on Julie during her initial orgy with the tribe. The natives undid their loin cloths and stood naked before the captives. The chief motioned for Liz and Julie to stand.

The chief dipped her hand in the bowl and started to apply the liquid to Liz’s breasts. She could immediately feel her skin tingling and her nipples became rock hard. Liz groaned.

“Mom, I think that’s the stuff I told you about they used on me,” Julie said. The hunter soon confirmed that as her hands began massaging Julie’s firm mounds with the fragrant and arousing liquid.

The chief and the hunter then anointed themselves with the oil and pulled their partners’ hands to their breasts. Four pairs of hands were rubbing four pairs of breasts that were capped by nipples that were protruding in full, complete erection. The hut was filled with soft moans of pleasure.

The natives then pulled Liz and her daughter to the “bed.” The chief and the hunter dipped their hands into the bowl and rubbed the stimulant on their captives’ mounds. Liz and Julie’s pussies became even more aroused as the strong, insistent hands stroked their slits. “UGGHHHHAAAAA,” Liz moaned through gritted teeth. “Whatever this stuff is, it’s making my skin tingle like it’s electric.”

Liz and Julie writhed on their backs as the natives each slipped two fingers inside the slick tunnels and began to finger fuck their partners. Their digits curled up inside feeling for the hidden pleasure points as their thumbs mashed the sensitive clits.

The stimulation caused the women to arche their backs and türkçe bahis push toward the pleasure of the natives’ hands. Mother and daughter came almost simultaneously, their cries of pleasure bringing satisfied smiles to their partners.

Liz and Julie collapsed, and the hands were pulled free with wet plopping noises. There was little respite.

The natives arranged their partners for their next tryst. The chief was between Liz’s legs, her mouth covering her quivering mound. The hunter moved Julie so that her mouth could pleasure the chief with the hunter arranging herself so that Liz’s mouth would connect with her pussy. The hunter then completed the daisy chain by plastering her mouth to Julie’s mound.

Neither Liz nor Julie had recovered from their orgasms and the insistent oral attacks on their aroused mounds quickly caused another surge of pleasure. The natives’ tongues probed the moist holes and flicked over the erect clits as their partners’ hips bucked. The white women’s noses filled with the musky fragrance of their partners’ genital slits. To match the natives’ enthusiastic love making, Liz and Julie’s tongues licked and lapped, adding their saliva to the copious fluids flowing from two aroused cunts.

Liz captured the chief’s clit between her teeth, lightly pulling on it as the tip of her tongue flicked and whipped over the top of the smooth nub. Her aggressive move elicited a growling moan that was smothered against Liz’s pussy.

The hunter’s hands were busy with Julie’s firm ass cheeks. She cupped and molded then and sharply slapped at the taut flesh. Her index finger slipped inside her butt crack and teased her star fish. Julie gasped and wiggled her ass and then stiffened as the probing digit slipped past her asshole’s rubbery ring. As the native’s mouth continued to control and pleasure her pussy, the young woman’s arousal rose as the finger sensually stroked in and out of her clasping anal channel.

Julie broke away from pleasuring the native’s pussy to exhale a loud groan. “Mom, my gawd, she’s fingering my butt and her mouth on my pussy is SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. … GOOOD GAAAWWDD. It’s so FUCKING GOOD.”

Both natives were forcefully grinding their mounds against the women’s faces, with Julie again muffled by the hunter’s dripping pussy. Liz and her daughter were licking and sucking any and all of the sensitive flesh they could reach as the natives’ hips bucked. Their mouths and the hunter’s probing finger were close to bringing mother and daughter to body-shaking orgasms.

The chief’s relief came first, and she pulled her mouth off of Liz’s mound to scream out her release. In place of her mouth, the chief started to lightly slap at Liz’s sopping mound before inserting two and then three fingers in her pussy. That digital invasion of her love tunnel pushed Liz over the top.

“I’m starting to come!” she squealed. “OHHHHHHHH! I’m coming, I’m coming! OHHHHHHH, I’M MELTING! OHHHHH GOD, OHH GOD, OHHHHH GOD!”

Her mother’s cries helped send Julie’s pussy into spasms as she came with the native’s mouth on her mound and her finger now two knuckles deep and rubbing in her asshole.

“Aaawwww AAAIIIEEE! OH, GOD! güvenilir bahis siteleri OHHHHHHH GOD! It’s so good, it feels sooooooooo good. OHHHHHH!”

Julie’s satisfied screeching led the hunter to move her free hand to her slit and roughly rub her clit, leading to her guttural groans and her own climax.

The four women collapsed, their chests heaving as they breathed hard and deep to recover from their satisfying climaxes. The chief and the hunter were the first to regain the energy to stand. They pulled their wraps around their lower bodies and smiled down at the two white women whose eyes were closed. The natives left the hut.

A few minutes later, Liz propped herself on her elbows and gazed down her body. Her nipples were still rock hard, and she could see droplets of moisture in her trimmed patch of pubic hair. Her vagina was still throbbing.

“Jeeeezus, mom,” Julie said, still lying on her back. “Every time I think I’ve had my best orgasm, something else like this happens. Those two women … gawd, they’re so sexy and aggressive. They’re almost like men with … pussies.”

Julie moved her hand down to her mound, cupping it and feeling the heat and moisture left over from the four-way tryst.

Liz walked over to where their food had been placed and picked up the water bowl to slake her thirst. Then, she heard voices from outside and … she wasn’t sure … it sounded like someone speaking English. Then the voices grew louder and she was sure.

“Julie, c’mon, let’s see what’s going on.”

They grabbed a couple of coverings to wrap around their waists and went outside bare breasted. On the edge of the village, she could see a group of men in uniforms and they were with members from their expedition. They covered their breasts with their arms and walked toward the group.

The chief and several of the other native women were also gathered. Then Liz recognized two of the men from the other village who had participated in their orgy.

“Liz … Julie … thank God,” said James, the head of the research group. “Are you OK?”

Liz and Julie looked at each other with slight smiles. “Uh, yes, we’re fine,” Liz said. “We got lost and these women found us and … brought us here.”

“We tried to follow your tracks and we got the local militia to help us,” James said. “We happened upon a nearby village and these men said they knew of two white women who were here. That led us to you.”

Two of the militia men produced shirts and handed them to Liz and Julie. The chief said something in her native tongue and two of her tribe suddenly appeared with the backpacks that had been pulled away.

“Well, if you two are up to it, these men will escort us back to camp,” James said. “We’re due to pull out and head home tomorrow.”

A week later, Liz and Julie were back at their home. As they shared a glass of wine, Julie asked her mom if before they had been captured, she had gathered enough information to publish the paper she had hoped to research during the trip.

“Well, dear, I don’t think so, at least not on the subject I had planned,” she said with a smile. “But I’m thinking about some further research regarding all-female tribes. I might try to write something on that topic.”

“Do you think that might require some more field research,” Julie asked with a sly grin.

“Oh, I definitely think there’s much more to learn.”


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