Am I Unique

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Copyright 2006

I often wonder if I’m one-of-a-kind, obsessed as I am with the boys, especially, David, across the street. Both are nineteen; they’ve been best buddies since they were children. David’s hair is as black as coal. About six foot two, he’s cute, lean, wiry and slightly effeminate. Tony, a dark blond, is about three inches shorter than David; he’s a stocky, very masculine, Italian hunk with a sort of gorilla type gait. I’d love to swallow the cum of either one of them, but, I repeat, especially David. I’ve been insanely in love with him for the past year.

Sure, I know there could be any number of reasons for them to go into the garage together, but, this being my fantasy, I see Tony on his knees with David’s solid, uncut cock in his mouth, while David, holding Tony’s head, as a metronome, maintains the desired tempo.

Tony nearly chokes, just moments before David blows his load. He stares, lovingly, at David, swishing the warm cum in his mouth before slowly swallowing. After cleaning up what Tony hadn’t eaten, and pulling up his underwear and shorts, he embraces and passionately kisses Tony, before going outside.

I feel stupid. I embarrass myself and inconvenience myself terribly. I lose an incredible amount of my time, sitting at the table in front of the window, watching to see David; I love watching canlı bahis şirketleri him. I’m truly excited by watching him and visualizing all sorts of erotic situations.

I get out of bed every morning at about two-thirty to watch for him. That’s when he gets home from work and I get to watch him turn into his driveway. I drink coffee while waiting for him to go to his bedroom; it might be more than an hour. Meanwhile, I imagine I’m unzipping his pants and getting at his cock. The uncut cock turns me wild with desire. Finally, the bedroom is illuminated, and that’s when I begin to feel like an uncontrollable pervert.

I imagine I see him undressing. He has such a nice, hairy chest. Completely naked, now, he stands before the full-length mirror, posing and flexing his slinky, muscled body.

His hand moves down his stomach to take a hold of his cock. He excites me terribly when he stretches his foreskin with one hand and massages himself, to full erection, with the other. Pulling the foreskin back, I get to see his large knob as he admires his reflection in the mirror.

He leans back, to the limit of his tilting chair, and with lube near at hand, starts his porn video. His knob glistens as his lubed hand swirls around it. David exhibits an expression of sheer ecstasy as he lovingly slides his hand up and canlı kaçak iddaa down the long cock. He discontinues his nipple play to simulate sucking a dick by sucking on his finger.

Would he be able to blow himself, I wonder. I’m sure, considering his long, lean body, he could suck himself, easily. I hope he’ll try it one day. He’s jerking his rod much faster, now. The finger in his mouth has increased speed, as well. His mouth opens to its maximum to await the impending explosion.

Sadly, the cum spurts miss the target, however, his gorgeous face gets well plastered. He stretches his tongue to lick what he can reach, then, with his fingers, he finds and eats the rest. His light, now extinguished, means I can go back to bed.

Alone in the driveway, Dave impatiently shifts from one foot to the other. is he waiting for Tony, I wonder. Tony finally comes across the lawn and joins David. While they’re talking, Dave is already opening the garage door.

It soon becomes obvious that Tony, for some reason, won’t able to accommodate, so David goes into the garage, alone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out I’m about to do. “Hi, David,” I say, catching him with his upstanding cock in his hand, “Too bad Tony couldn’t make it,, huh?”

“I’m just as glad, now that you’re here…I’ve been wishing I could canlı kaçak bahis get together with you for a long time,” he says, grinning, “but I was scared to approach you.”

“I sure wish you had.” I tell him. Then, I approach him and lower his shorts and underwear to his ankles. He, quickly steps out of the garments and holds his arms out to embrace. After kissing passionately, I have him lie across the car’s trunk where I separate his bubble-butt and, to his delight, lick up and down his ass crack.

“Please, keep doing that; it’s a fantastic feeling.” he says, trying to catch his breath. I press my tongue into his butt hole and wiggle it around. Despite his squirming, I’m able to maintain my tongue’s connection with the tasty ass.

I now have him sit on the trunk, then I stretch my lips over his large knob. Taking some of his pre-cum on my finger, I pushed it up his asshole. He’s ecstatic at having his ass finger-fucked while his knob is deep in my throat.

“I wanna cum,” he says, imploringly, “Can I dump my cum in your mouth?”

“Uh-huh” I manage to say, as he continues fucking my mouth like a madman; even after he cums.

“I’d love to do this again,” he says”…is it okay with you?”

“You’d better believe it…Think we might get Tony to join us?”

“Absolutely,” he says, winking at me.

It’s awfully difficult to imagine anybody can be such a nut, huh?

Well, I’ve truly been going through this and wonder if I’m alone.

Please leave a comment if you know anyone else with an obsession as dumb and disrupting as mine – Lionel **

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