Allison’s Anal Adventure

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Not all people can honestly claim that they love their job. Not everyone is really excited to be at work each morning.

You see I enjoy every bit of mine. I am Dr. Joseph Scott, MD in Proctology. In short I am an ass doctor. And that is what makes my occupation exciting. Different women, different asses, different issues. No two women are the same, and as far as tits and ass go no two women have the same. I have a clinic in Beverly Hills . I have been the ass doctor to the rich and famous for over eleven years and now have a roaring practice consisting of Hollywood celebrities, movie stars and models.

Many of them are Hollywood wives. You would never imagine what their needs are. I discovered this a long time ago. Neglected, and bored wives at home all day with nothing to do but watch soaps and wonder how late the husbands would be. Husbands were out partying with the girlfriends and co-stars. When they got home, they were too drunk or too spent after making mad and passionate love with some bimbo on the set.

Women need more. And that is what my practice seeks to deliver. Service above and beyond the call of duty. More, in addition to the superb clinical treatment that I was so good at imparting. And that is what makes me different. My patients kept coming again and again, and recommending their friends. In my case there are no exceptions. I know exactly what they want. Once I give it to them the first time, they are hooked. And I know it even if they did’nt let me know in blatant terms. What woman wears crotch less panties to a doctor’s office? Not that I am very particular about my patients wearing the examining gowns. But crotch less panties cut out nipple bras? Oh well!!

Often I examine patients in regular clothes. It makes it more exciting and sexy. Once I had the opportunity to treat Jennifer Lopez. She came in wearing a long skirt with a slit up to the waist in the side. My nurse assistant Kelly took her temperature and pressure and then asked her to lie on the exam table and wait for me. When I entered, I was shocked to see Jennifer lying face down on the table. Her skirt pulled up over her ass. She was wearing very tight thong panties. They were parted to one side. A small dildo firmly inserted into her tight asshole. As you can see, I did not need any other sign. I knew exactly what the course of treatment had to be for this hot latina singer.

Hollywood wives come to me every month for their “annual” (or should I say anal?) checkups. And I know what they want. They want cock. A great high quality fuck. Everywhere, in their pussies in the ass you name it and believe me they even love to swallow. They don’t mess around with pool boys, guys next door, mailmen or milkmen. Who wants their name and picture in the Tabloids? Visit to a doctor or gynecologist did not raise eyebrows.

Doctor Dexter joined our practice last year. I selected him not only because he has great credentials from Stanford, but he is very good looking and personable. Women fall in love with a guy like Dexter. He is the handsome General Hospital type of doctor that women read about and masturbate over, and Dex is every woman’s wet dream. Not only is he exceptionally good looking with deep set eyes when professionally dressed in dress pants a shirt and tie, but he looks equally great when naked. Women swoon over his tight butt, powerful shoulders and thighs and that incredible cock that make women wet instantly. I could not believe it at first. But then one day I had the opportunity of seeing him work on Gwyneth. She was seated in a gynecological chair. Her legs wide open and strapped securely. Doctor Dex’s cock was at least nine inches long, and verry thick all around. His fore skin was uncut and natural. What was unusual about his cock was that it was very straight and firm. It was rooted firmly in his pubis, and hardly flexed at all. As a result he was delivering firm, accurate and deep strokes to Gwyneth who was trashing about and screaming obscenities while she creamed herself in copious outbursts.

Robin is our new nurse, She is an oriental beauty. Black hair full lips. She stands 5 feet tall at about 110 pounds. She has nice large global breasts that can hardly be contained in her nurses uniform. She has a lovely round ass. One that I dream about when I am not working. Thoughts of her and Kelly keep my dick hard. Of course it needs to be that way for the benefit of my patients. Kelly is a buxom blonde. She is 5ft 6 inches tall, and very beautiful in a sexy kind of way. Kelley has been with me since I began my practice. She has a gorgeous ass, that she has let me play with on occasion when we were not very busy.

Kelly and Robin are very efficient. They are very courteous to my patients and are very competent in medical procedures related to my specialty. Both Kelly and Robin are expert at getting women prepped up for a procedure, and at using the vibrator in new and creative ways.

Today, I have a new patient. She has been referred to me illegal bahis by the principal of St. Clouds.

Mrs. Thornberry had called me and told me about Allison.

“I want you to examine Allison” Mrs. Thronberry had said.

“She seems to have a problem with anal sex. I am told you do wonders with girls with this sort of problem”

And so this afternoon Allison knocked lightly on my door.

I was expecting her. What I did not expect was her being so ravishingly sexy. Here she was in her school uniform leaning against the door a wicked grin on her face.

Allison was well built and curvy at the same time. She was not skinny as some of the models could be described. She was 5feet 6 tall a brunette with large ebony eyes, high cheek bones, and a sensuous mouth. Her skin was as beautiful as a baby’s, and was bestowed with a lively pink glow. Her brown hair was cut very short, and fell in wild curls around her head. Four ear piercings adorned each of her ears. She had a confident demeanor of a person always used to getting what she wanted.

“You must be Allison” I said, still unable to get my eyes off her Large breasts.

I had never seen such large breasts on a nineteen year old, and here she was pressing one of them against the door. The pointed nipple standing out even through the material of her sweater and bra. She was wearing her school uniform red plaid skirt which was cut well above the knees and exposed a generous amount of well toned and nylon covered thigh.

“Come in and sit down Allison” I instructed. Watching her as she silently entered the room.

“Please close and lock the door behind you” I said. A questioning look suddenly appearing on her face which was now showing some signs of confusion and fear. I had a good view of her elegant voluptuous behind, rounded cheeks covered by the impeccably ironed pleats of her red mini skirt.

She turned away from the door glancing at my large office which was elegantly appointed in ebony. A leather couch occupied one side of the room with my large oversized desk taking up the other side.

Everyone always wondered why a doctor needed such a large desk with a blotter on it. It had never occurred to me till last week when Kelly had perched her lovely behind on my blotter, her two feet on the two arms of my swivel chair. Her uniform way up over her hips. I had sat there eating her out as an Emperor would enjoy a royal meal. In and out my tongue had darted between her lower lips as her hips rose to meet my thrusting tongue. She had shuddered as her hips pressed into my face, her juices streaming over her thighs and soaking the blotter as a souvenir of our illicit relationship.

Allison got to one side of the couch and slowly sat down, being careful not to spread her legs. Unfortunately, the mini skirt revealed more than it was meant to hide. She shifted her position on the couch and then turned side ways as the skirt rode up her legs revealing the suspenders of her thigh high stockings. The bare skin of her panty clad bottom made contact with the cool leather as I felt a twitch in the crotch of my pants.

“I believe you are learning to become a model Allison” is that true? I asked in an effort to make small conversation.

Allison nodded nervously, her right hand on the hem of her skirt making an attempt to cover her sexy legs. As Mrs. Thornberry probably told you, many careers have been destroyed due to leaky condoms and in-discriminate sex. We here at the clinic, believe that anal sex is the safest activity until you are grown up and ready to start a family.

“But I have already tried that “ Allison countered. “My boyfriend Steve tried to do that to me but it just hurt real bad. Besides he could not get hard enough to push it in me”.

“Well Allison, the first time is always difficult”. “You have to go slow and use plenty of lubrication”.

“In fact I have some books and videos that you can take with you. It shows techniques that are to be used in anal penetration. It helps to exercise the anal muscles by inserting objects into your ass, preferably standing up. Kelly and Robin will help you with that technique we have a real nice device in the clinic and Kelly will show you how”.

“My clinic is very informal. You do not have to strip. I know how embarrassing it is for a young girl to strip.” (the real reason of course was that I liked to see Allison in that slutty mini skirt)

“Now Allison, If you will please step to this side of my desk, I can check a couple of things before you begin your therapy”.

Allison stood before me. Her sexy crotch in level with my face. I took in the beautiful well curved thighs and breasts longing to spill out of her sweater.

“Now place your right foot over here on my chair” I said as I parted my legs and indicated to the space on the edge of the seat. Allison placed a black leather shoe on the seat, her right leg bent at right angles at the knee. My right hand immediately illegal bahis siteleri rode up her right thigh, grazing under her till I barely reached the edge of her tight fitting pantes. My fingeres immediately ventured under them and touched the lips of her sex. Allison sucked in a deep breath hoping for some genital contact. But my fingers kept on traveling higher until a thick middle finger was in contact with the tight spot between her ass cheeks. Allison raised her body upward as my finger pressed firmly on the hole, in an attempt to enter her bum.

You seem to be awfully tight Allison, but I am sure that with some motivation you will be able to enlarge yourself without any intervention. Most girls using my device are able to dilate their holes by themselves in less than an hour. I am sure this will be the case with you.

And what happens after that Allison asked, afraid of what the answer might be.

We very rarely have to use force Allison. But you must know that Dr Dex and I have other methods, which are rather uncomfortable, but do the job all the same. Sometimes it can get very complicated and elaborate. No point in talking about it now as I am almost sure you will not need it. We shall make that determination after you have tried to dilate yourself for at least an hour. (I had already mentally made a mental note to make it very difficult and complicated for Allison.)

I picked up the intercom and buzzed Kelly in.

“Take Allison to the dilation room please and show her what to do.”

There was one other girl in the dilation room. She was wearing a tee shirt and jeans. I could not see very well but it appeared that her jeans had been pulled down off her buttocks. A shiny metal rod extended form the floor and reached up into her rear. As she attempted to get the tip into her rear hole she stood on her toes, her hands behind her separating her cheeks and guiding the instrument into herself.

In the corner of the room a small television hung from the ceiling. It was playing a video of a girl being fucked in the ass by a guy with an enormous cock.

Meanwhile, Kelly led Allison to a similar device. Kelly helped Allison straddle the thick rod. She parted Allison’s panties allowing the tip of the rod to make contact with her ass hole. Bear down Allison she said. It was quite a sight. The metal rod disappearing under Allison’s skirt.

Meanwhile the other girl in the dilation room was having difficulty. I later learned that her name was Candy. Candy had been working on the device for more than forty minutes. Sweat poured form her forehead, and her hair fell in tangles over her face. Her mouth contorted in pain as she made another effort to push the rod into her backside by sitting on it.

Allison was also having difficulty getting started. She was sure that the device was too big for her. But she made a very concerted and painful effort none the less. She had to repeatedly stand on her heels to get the device aligned as it kept slipping off every time she pressed her body onto it’s rounded tip.

A few minutes later Robin appeared. Have you made any progress at all Candy? she asked reaching behind Candy’s cheeks to check for herself. You have another five minutes she told Candy. Then Dr. Dex wants me to get you to the other room to get you prepped she said.

Then Robin walked over to Allison. Take your time dear, It is always difficult the first time. Allison got off the device, taking the metal tip in her mouth. She spread her saliva generously on its tip and then began again.

Candy was not having any such luck. She was finally relieved of her device and led to the prep room. Allison could not see into the room but could hear very soft voices. She heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. And the sound of metal instruments in a medical tray. We will have to strap you down to this metal table she heard Kelly tell Candy who immediately began a protest. Allison strained to look but could not see. Her own attempts at dilation were also meeting the same results as Candy’s. And for the first time in her life Allison was really afraid. She made another concerted attempt to get the rod in her bum, but was distracted by Dr. Dexter’s voice coming from the other room.

Once again the sound of medical instruments in a metal tray and then a whirring sound like that of a drill. And then Allison was startled by a shrill high pitched scream.


Obviously this was Candy. The motor making a Whirr, Whirr sound. Mingled with another AAAAHHhhh AAAAAhhhhh as the sound of more metal instruments picked out of a tray. Muffled voice of Dr Dex to Kelly. Open her cheeks all the way. Now massage her cunt – give me the large dilator.

The screams had now turned to a low pitched moaning.

“Unnnhhh Unnnnhhh Unnnhhh” in time with the motors whirr, whirr, whirr.

“Ohhh ooohhh it’s beginning to go in” she could hear Candy squeal between clenched canlı bahis siteleri teeth.

Allison was so distracted by the sounds in the other room, she had not been exercising.

And now she was really afraid. Butterflies danced in her stomach, and she wondered if there was any way she could call the whole thing off.

Soon it was almost an hour. Candy had been in there for over forty five minutes. Her cries had now subsided to gentle moans. Kelly led Candy out into a recovery room. Candy was walking with difficulty unable to keep her legs together. Her jeans were off. Her Tee shirt wet from perspiration. A sticky white liquid covered her face, hair and Tee shirt. Her hair was disheveled and her erect nipples were very prominent through the wet material of her Tee shirt.

When she turned around, the same thick sticky liquid was oozing out of her ass hole

Kelley smiled as she came back to check on Allison. Lifting her skirt she reached behind to feel the tip of the device.

“I am sorry to tell you that we have not so good news Allison. I think you are going to be next”. Allison was expecting this but now it was real. Kelly was lifting her skirt and taking the device out from under her.

“I will get you prepped Allison. Don’t worry, Dr. Scott will be very gentle. (If it were at all possible to be gentle)” Kelly whispered into Allison’s ear. “And if you are really lucky, then Dr. Dexter is known to give patients a real treat. He has the most wonderful cock she whispered in Allison’s ear with a wink Women die to have him between their legs”.

Allison did not know whether to be afraid or enjoy the deep kissing Kelly was giving her on her lips. Kelly’s hands were all over Allison’s body. Gently caressing her back and then going up her skirt behind. She had not noticed Kelley’s hands go under her panties. She also did not expect it when Kelley suddenly inserted a nozzle into her hole. Kelley then squeezed the bulb at the end of the nozzle as Allison felt the warm gel enter her anal canal and feel warm in her bum. Allison opened her mouth to take a breath but Kelley covered her lips with deep kisses again, letting her tongue roam in Allison’s mouth.

Allison watched as Kelley went to a sterilizer and withdrew metal instruments in the form of rods of different shapes and sizes. Some of them were large enough to get Allison very worried. Kelley took out a large syringe. Using forceps she attached a needle to it. Then opening a vial she pierced the top drawing the liquid slowly into the syringe. Then holding it vertically to get the air bubbles out.

“What is that for” Allison asked, getting afraid now.

“Let’s hope we don’t have to give it to you Allison. I’d rather not say. But have to keep it ready just in case”

“Now Allison you have a choice”. “ You can have this procedure done standing up or lying down”. “ If you lie down you will have to be strapped down”. “ I personally would prefer it standing up as it seems a lot easier”.

“I’ll have it standing up” Allison exclaimed.

“I have to warn you Allison, that if you get too violent we shall have to continue with you lying down. So please try to be as calm as possible”.

Allison did not hear the door open as I walked inside. Her face now white with embarrassment an fear.

“Nothing to be afraid of Allison”, I said as I helped her to her feet. And led her over to a wall. The wall had two plastic transparent cups on it. Allison wondered what they were for. She did not have to wonder for long. Robin was now in the room too. She had reached under Allison’s sweater and unhooked her bra. Pushing it up over her breasts. Then she had lifted Allison’s sweater in front and now her naked breasts were being forced into each of the cups. I pushed a foot switch and slowly a vacuum pump caused Allison’s nipples to be sucked hard into the cups.

“ Now part your legs Allison”, Robin said as she tried to force Allison’s thighs apart. Allison clenched her ass cheeks so tightly that Robin came down on her with a hard smack across her ass. Through the vacuum cups I could see Allison’s nipples stretched to an un believable length. I turned the vacuum pump into a pulse mode. Which alternately pulled and pushed at her nipples every two seconds.

Allison was breathing very hard as I raised her skirt and tucked in her waist band exposing her luscious ass. Next came the scissors. With a few snips Allison’s panties were gone. Her naked ass waiting to be taken to new heights for my pleasure. Next

I held Allison’s hips and pressed them firmly into the wall. Her pubic bone was pressed hard and flat against the wall.

Kelley now had a small terry towel dipped in hot water. She rolled it into a roll and pressed it between Allison’s thighs. The hot water feeling exquisite against Allison’s swollen cunt.

OOOOhhhhh Allison swooned longing for more contact to stimulate her genitals.

Meanwhile, Robin now proceeded to separate Allison’s cheeks as she handed me a small motorized dildo.

I placed it firmly at the entrance to Allison’s ass hole and began to press firmly. Her hips rose as she attempted to stand on her toes. Her feet doing a tap tap on the hardwood wooden floor

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