Alley Affair

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I was eating lunch last Friday at the cafe next to the shop. There was a woman in the corner, who I I had seen walking past to the car park. but she had never been in this joint. My buddy asked me to hand him the newspaper and when I turned around, she was staring at me or through me, I wasn’t sure which. I smiled at her and her eyes went wide, as if I had caught her at something naughty. She gave me an embarrassed smile back and looked down at your plate. The waitress refilled my glass.

“I think you got a new girlfriend,” she tells me.

“Why would I want a new girlfriend when I have you?”

“If you want me to be your girlfriend, you got to ask me out at least once. Eating lunch here everyday, don’t count for taking me to dinner.”

“Ok, you’re on my list, So who is my new girlfriend?”

“The blonde in the corner can’t keep her eyes of you. She works across the street. She comes in for coffee in the morning.”

“Thanks for the heads up.”

“Sure illegal bahis thing, I guess I just dropped one down on the list, huh?”

“No way, when your husband goes out of town, you just call me.”

“You’re a dick and your girlfriend is leaving.”

The blonde makes her way to the register and opens her purse.

“Damnit!” she says holding up and empty cigarette pack. “You don’t sell cigarettes here do you?”

“Sorry, Honey, its a no smoking building and we don’t sell ’em either.” I reach into my buddy’s shirt pocket and steal his cigarette pack.

“Excuse me,” I say to the blonde. “I’ll share a cigarette with you.” My buddy laughs out loud, but she doesn’t hear him.

“Hey!” he calls and tosses me his lighter as we walk out the door.

Outside the door, I offer my new girlfriend a cigarette. There is a stiff wind, so we step around the corner, into the service alley. We stand in a recessed doorway, out of view and I light her cigarette.

“Aren’t illegal bahis siteleri you going to have one too?” She asks.

“I don’t smoke.”

“What’s this then?”, waving the cigarette at me

“Just and excuse to meet you.”

She smiles at me and a small stream of smoke escapes from her lips. I touch her bottom lip with one finger and pull it down a bit, letting a cloud of smoke cover her face. The cigarette falls from her hand and rolls into the alley. She runs her hand across my cheek and onto the back of my neck, pulling me to her and a smokey kiss. I inhale her breath and smoke comes out my nose as our lips roll and our tongues fight. My cock stiffens as our mouths meet and I reach down to straighten it in my pants. She catches my hand and rubs me through my pants, pinching my cock through the cloth. Our mouths still locked together, she pulls my shirt up and runs her hands through my chest hair and finds my nipples, catching canlı bahis siteleri each in her fingers, pinching and pulling. I bunch her skirt up in my hands until I feel her bare ass under my fingers. She is not wearing panties. I hold her skirt in one hand and run the other from her hip to her mound, No hair! No panties and a shaved pussy! My fingers pull the lips apart and find her swollen clit. Her pussy is dripping cream and my fingers are sticky with a web of her juice.

She unbuckles my pants and pulls them down with my shorts to my thighs and grabs my cock, squeezing and pulling me to her. I grab her ass with both hands and pick her up. She locks her legs around my waist and my cock slides inside her wet pussy. We lean against the wall and I start to piston my cock into her hot dripping pussy. Our smell fills the air and she is gasping for air. I feel her pussy tighten and squeeze until I can’t hold back and my cock shoots cum in long hard jets. We stand motionless, leaning on the wall, her arms around my neck and my hands cradling her ass, the only sound is our labored breathing.

She smiles at me and a small stream of smoke escapes from her lips.

“Well, now that you’ve met me, what are you going to do?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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