All About Andy

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To find out how Andy and Allison got to this point, read “All About Allison”, located under the “Group Sex Stories” heading. Andy tells that half of their story; Allison picks it up here, where Andy left off.

* * * * * *

Andy and I slept together that night. I had freed him from the handcuffs so I could I fall asleep in his arms. I woke up there the next morning. It had been the most wonderful night of my life.

I’m not talking about the sex — although that had been absolutely amazing — but just lying there with him, listening to his heart beat, hearing him breathe, and even snore, had been wonderful. I was convinced he still loved me and I knew that I had never stopped loving him.

I was careful not to wake him up, but it was for selfish reasons. When he got up he would have to leave. He had clients to see later today before going back home to Marlene, his wife. Damn her. I had never met her but I hated her because of how she treated him and made him feel. He may be her husband, but he was now my boyfriend once more. My lover once again. And it was nobody’s fault but mine that he wasn’t my husband instead of hers. Oh, what a stupid bitch I had been twenty-five years ago. Damn me!

Andy began to stir and with him so did my thoughts of what we could do together in the little time we had before he would need to depart. A smile crossed my face as I thought of the large garden tub in my bath. I pictured us together in there, covered with bubbles, Andy leaning back against me, eyes closed, as I deeply massaged his shoulders and other parts of his body. I could already see the big, silly grin on his face. Yes, the garden tub. And after that, breakfast.

“Good morning.” His voice brought me back to the present and to the naked man beside me. I leaned over and kissed him, quickly, pulling back before he could get anything started.

I hoped that the smile on my face as I looked into his eyes was as huge as it felt. Springing from the bed, I turned and stared down at him. He was not making any effort to disguise the lustful way he was looking at me, ogling my nude form from head to toe. The sheet had gotten yanked away from him when I jumped from the bed, and the longer he lounged there desiring my body, the harder he grew between his legs. I decided right then and there that this morning would not be “All About Andy”, but instead would only be a teaser, a “trailer” to use movie terminology, of the “cumming” attraction he could look forward to the next time we were together. When he left me a little while from now, he would definitely be wanting more.

“I’m keeping my distance from you,” I laughed. I picked up the handset from the bedside phone and backed away from him as I called down to the kitchen and instructed the cook to bring a pot of coffee and two cups up to my bedroom and set them outside the door.

Andy appeared puzzled. “Did I do something wrong?” There was concern in his voice. “If I did, I’m sorry. What can I do to make it . . . .?”

I ran back over to the bed and climbed up on the mattress, resting on my knees in front of him and putting a finger to his lips, stopping him in mid-sentence.

“No, no, no!” I leaned down and quickly kissed him, then pulled away before he could reach over and drag me down on top of him. I knew I couldn’t resist him if he got me down in the bed again. We’d pick right back up where we had left off last night. That was no longer part of my plan for this morning.

“You didn’t do anything,” I said. “I mean, didn’t do anything wrong. You did everything exactly right!” I slid off of the bed and, teasing him, backed away. “I’m going to fill up the garden tub in the bathroom.” When I got to the ensuite doorway, I leaned against it and motioned seductively for him to come join me.

A quick tapping on the bedroom door interrupted us. From the hallway a woman’s voice announced, “Your coffee, Miss Allison.” After a brief pause the voice added, “And a surprise for you and your gentleman friend. Some of my fresh baked cinnamon rolls. It’s all right here on the hall table.”

“Thank you, Tasha,” I called out to her, acknowledging her delivery. I looked across the room at my lover. “Andy, will you go get our coffee while I get the tub ready for us?” I asked.

He seemed a little hesitant.

“I’m nekkid,” he protested.

“There’s nobody out there,” I countered. “Tasha’s got better things to do than linger out in the hall and wait to see another naked man.”


I tried not laugh as I noticed how crestfallen Andy was at whatever image was suddenly trying to make its way through his mind.

“How many naked men have been in here with you?” he asked, still sitting on the bed, his shoulders now drooping.

I stopped trying to hold it in and let the laughter flow at Andy’s jealousy. “None!” I gasped with mock indignation. “Not even James until last night. He always took me in one of the other rooms when he would . . . .” I paused, not really knowing what word to use to describe what it was that şirinevler escort my husband would do with me. My laughter ceased as quickly as it had begun. “You know, when he would, uh . . . .”

“Yeah,” was all Andy said. “I know.”



“I think it’s sweet that you got jealous just then when you thought . . . what it was you thought. And it makes me feel good that you feel that strongly about us . . . our relationship . . . after so short a time back together.”

Andy just sat there and stared at me like he was trying to decide whether or not to believe me. I took a deep breath.

“What I meant when I said that about Tasha is, well, the woman is in her mid-seventies. Before she became a cook, she was a nurse for a urologist for almost thirty years until he retired. I seriously doubt that she’ll be heartbroken if she fails to see yours or any other man’s pecker ever again.” I paused and looked at him, now looking back at me with a little embarrassed grin on his face, before I added, “Peckerhead. Now, will you please get the coffee while I fill our tub?”

The smile I gave him shouted, “I love you!” as I turned, wiggled my butt for him, and went to start the water.

* * * * * *

We sat in the warm bubble bath together, Andy between my legs with his back to me and leaning against my chest. The bubbles were covering our nakedness as I slowly alternated between massaging his shoulders and rubbing his back. Occasionally, I reached around him with both arms, stroking his penis and fondling his balls until he would start to softly moan, then I’d retreat and return to massaging his shoulders.

After playing with him like that for a good while I stopped, put both arms under the water, and gently pushed Andy forward a few inches. I slid further down under the cloud of bubbles until they hit my chin, leaving only my head exposed.

On three sides the huge tub was surrounded by large, ceiling-high windows that gazed out onto the grounds below. The shades were open, giving the feeling that we were outdoors, skinny dipping. The morning sun poured in on us. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the mix of sensations that the warm water, warm sun and hot lover had on my body.

I knew what Andy wanted this morning. It was the same thing he had wanted last night. And in the hotel room a couple of weeks ago. It was the same thing I wanted, too. As I lay there in the tub, he began to roll over between my legs on his way to inserting himself inside me there in the tub. I weakened only briefly, then forced myself to remember my new plans for him. As he made the last adjustment to slide between me so we could make love in the garden tub, I closed my legs together, blocking him. My shifting position forced his legs to slip, ending up on either side of me. He lost his balance and fell face first into the bubbles, coming to a stop on my breasts. His open mouth involuntarily closed, his teeth pinching one of my nipples and causing me to yelp.

My hand came down and smacked the back of his head as he pulled it up, spluttering, out of the bubbles. He shook his white-foamed noggin back and forth and wiped the bubbles from his eyes. Staring down at me, I realized he was suddenly sporting a full, white, bubble-beard.

“Was I too much for you last night, old man?” I laughed. “You seem to have aged terribly.”

Andy didn’t laugh. Frustrated, he took my hand, pulled it underwater and placed it around his erection. My, oh my, what an erection! At that moment I regretted being in the bubble bath and unable to see it.

“Feel that?” he asked.

I groaned. “Oh, yes,” was all I could manage as my hand involuntarily began working his cock.

“I have to put that inside you.” He was breathing heavy. “Now,” he added. He slid a hand down to my pussy, trying to get me to spread my legs and welcome him. “Please!” he begged, almost crying as I forced myself to bring my legs even closer together.

I was breathing heavy. My one hand continued to stroke his cock as I slipped the other one under water to play with his ball sack. He gave up trying to get my legs spread, instead placing his arms over my shoulders and gazing down between us, only imaging that he could see everything that was going on under the foam.

He slid an arm off my shoulder and into the water. His hand moved under my bottom and I felt his middle finger begin to probe my ass.

“Don’t,” I squealed as I moved my butt away. “I’m too tender there this morning after you and the vibrator and James last night.”

Andy whimpered. He aimlessly flailed around under the water with his hand for a second, trying to decide what to do next, then brought his arm back up to my shoulders.

Feeling him tensing and getting ready to shoot his load, I concentrated on stroking him. He began to make grunting sounds, then grabbing my hair in each hand, he jerked my head back, announced he was coming with a loud scream, and then buried his face against my neck, biting şişli escort me there as he shot his wad under the water. He collapsed on top of me and we stayed there that way for several minutes.

“Are you going to let me make love to you again or not?” he finally demanded, not bothering to lift his head from my chest.

“Not,” I tormented him. He glanced up, puzzled, I believe, by my announcement. “Until the next time I see you, that is.” I punctuated my clarification with a smile. “This morning is only a teaser. The next time we’re together, you’ll experience the full length, full blown feature, ‘All About Andy’.”

* * * * * *

It was a very long, very slow couple of weeks before Andy could get back down to South Carolina to see me. During that time I realized that the one big flaw in my plan to tease him and build up the desire in him was that it had the same impact on me, too. By the time he was supposed to arrive that Tuesday afternoon almost two weeks later, I didn’t care any longer whether it was about him or about me. All I knew was that I needed to take that man and pleasure myself with him. I was going to have him, ride him, and cum hard and fast and often. Once I had him on his back and inside me, I doubted that I would be able to hold off my first orgasm any more than fifteen or maybe thirty . . . seconds!

When I was certain he was on the road that morning I sent him a text: “Come straight to the house. Park in the side driveway. Use the side door. It will be unlocked. Come straight to our bedroom. Don’t bother knocking. Be sure to close the door behind you. Be careful driving.” Just before hitting the send button I added, “Love you!”

Waiting upstairs in the bedroom for Andy to arrive, I alternated between pacing the floor, staring out the window, viewing my cell phone for any text messages from him, and checking my email for I don’t know what. I was so anxious for him to get here. Every time I peeked at the clock beside the bed, it seemed to be going backwards.

The bed! Oh, my gosh! I stood frozen and stared at it. It was still made up. I ran over and neatly pulled the covers back. I placed the pillows just the way we liked them and glanced over to the little corner table where I had located the beer cooler the last time. It was missing, too!

There was nobody at the house this morning to help me. I had given everyone the day off, so I ran downstairs and located the cooler, placed Andy’s Pabst beer in it and filled the remaining space with ice from the freezer. When I tried to pick it up and carry it to the bedroom, it didn’t budge.

Another text to Andy: “Please stop in the kitchen when you get here and bring the beer cooler up to the bedroom with you. It’s too heavy for me. I can’t lift it. You’re my hero!” I added a smiley face and a heart, hit the send button again, and hurried back upstairs.

I stood in the middle of the bedroom and surveyed everything — again — making sure that it was all perfect now. I walked over to the nightstands on both sides of the king-sized bed and opened the drawer of each one. I had been shopping since Andy was here last and had bought us several more toys. I mentally inventoried the items and smiled as I imagined myself using each one of them on him.

Walking over to the mirror on the opened closet door, I checked myself out in it for what seemed like the hundredth time that morning. I was wearing a thin, white cotton, maxi-length summer dress and nothing else. I was completely naked underneath and barefooted. I had bought the dress for Andy for our rendezvous today. I loved it. I knew he would, too. But it was just one more thing to slow us down, just like the bed covers, and I pulled it up and off over my head, temporarily draping it over the chair beside me. I would model it for him later this evening when we went downstairs to eat supper.

I now stood totally nude before the mirror. Studying my reflection again, I smiled. That was better. My pubes had been neatly trimmed — a neat little bikini trim — when we had first reconnected in July at the hotel. A couple of weeks ago when he came here to the house for our threesome with my husband, James, I simply sported a small landing strip. Now, I was completely shaven, matching my lover. I couldn’t wait for him to see me. And it wouldn’t be long now.

I ran my hands through my shoulder length red hair, lifting it up and letting it fall back in place. Andy loved my red hair. I glanced down and admired my naked pussy in the mirror. Maybe I should grow my red bush back for him, I thought. I’ll have to ask him if he’d like that.

I continued viewing the show in the mirror as my fingers now found their way to my swollen labia. I heard myself moan slightly as they gently pushed the enlarged lips aside and began to insert themselves. My eyes closed and my middle finger located my clit and began fondling it. The circular, massaging motion grew more rapid, more intense and I became lost envisioning Andy there, replacing my finger with suadiye escort his fun-size member. At some point I became aware of my juices running down my hand and my hips bucking back and forth as they made love to my fingers. “Oh, Andy, where are you?” I cried out as I climaxed.

My breathing returned to normal and I opened my eyes. I quickly glanced in the mirror, halfway expecting to see Andy standing behind me, watching and smiling. That would have been so hot! But he wasn’t there. Nobody was. “Where are you?” I asked again. I held up my cum-covered fingers and bent down to see my juices dripping down my legs. Gracious, it was a mess, even for me. I held my fingers to my lips, licked them clean, and hurried to the bathroom to freshen up before Andy walked in on me.

I heard him coming up the stairs as I came back into the bedroom. The beer cooler was clanking on the steps. Scurrying over to the bedroom door, I flung it open just as he got to it and I pulled him inside. He was dragging the cooler behind him with one hand and carrying his overnight bag and a bouquet of red roses in the other. I slammed the door shut and locked it after him — I don’t know why I locked it — and turned to face him.

He showed me that big, goofy grin of his, held the roses out to me, looked me up and down from head to toe, smiled even bigger at my birthday suit, and started to speak. Before he could say anything, I took the roses, flipped them gently onto the top of the cooler, grabbed the overnight bag from him and threw it across the room, then flung my arms around his neck and shoved my tongue deep into his mouth in search of his. At the same time I was forcefully maneuvering him backwards to the bed. All I wanted now was to feel his rock-hard dick pounding my pussy. Romance could wait.

The bed caught the back of his knees and he tumbled rearward onto the mattress, dragging me down on top of him. I pulled myself away and jumped up, grabbed him first by one leg and then the other, jerked his boat shoes from his bare feet, then leaned forward and unbuckled his belt and freed the waist button on his khakis. Without any ceremony, I yanked his pants and underwear off.

“Yuck! Gross! What is this stuff?” The words just popped out of my mouth as my hand encountered the sticky substance in the front of his bikini briefs. I knew what the stuff was but I glanced at his penis anyway for confirmation. He was limp and covered with the same substance that was inside his briefs.

“You son of a bitch!” I shouted at him. “You jacked off before you got here!”

Andy sat up on the edge of the bed, started pulling off the polo shirt I had left him wearing, and casually began a weak effort to defend himself. “I’m sorry. I got caught in traffic and was thinking about you and I just started rubbing myself through my pants . . . .”

I stopped him in mid-sentence and roughly shoved his shoulders with both my hands. He dropped the polo on the floor and fell backwards, hard, onto the mattress.

“What am I supposed to do now, Peckerhead?” I looked down between his legs again. “I can’t ride that!” I said pointing out the obvious and letting my finger droop to imitate his condition.

I noticed him staring at the newly shaved area between my legs. “Well, your lips look pretty swollen. How long has it been since you fingered yourself?” he unwisely observed while flat on his back.

“You son of a bitch,” I repeated as the angry redhead in me kicked into high gear. I went to one side of the bed and grabbed one of his arms with both hands, quickly dragging him up the mattress towards the headboard. As I got him where I wanted him, I jerked open the nightstand drawer, pulled out the handcuffs, and quickly fastened one wrist to the bedpost. Before he could object, I crawled across him with a second set of cuffs, knelt with a leg on each side of him, then reached over and secured his other wrist to the opposite post. I had caught him by surprise and been too quick for him to resist.

Andy looked a little confused now but before he could ask any questions I clutched hold of the headboard and straddled his face, lowering myself onto his mouth. I began riding him, hard, grinding myself onto his lips. His mouth opened and I felt his tongue enter me and begin its work.

Initially, when I lowered myself onto his face, I had moved my hands from the headboard and grabbed each side of Andy’s head until it was positioned just right. Now I turned loose of his head, reached out, and pressed my palms against the bedroom wall for support. I was moving my hips in rhythm with his actions. Every now and again I would hear muffled sounds from between my legs as Andy tried to pull away and say something. At the moment, I wasn’t interested in anything he had to say verbally. Whenever he tried, I would shift around and tighten my inner thighs around his head, causing him to suck and nibble a little harder and faster.

The first time I came, I screamed. I told Andy later it was as much from concern that I would drown my lover with my juices as it was a revelation to how great it felt and a testimony to what a wonderful oral pleasurer he was. But at the time I was so hot and so horny that I barely slowed down. I wanted more and I wanted more right then. The desire surpassed anything I had ever experienced before.

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