Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 03

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In her dream she was chasing a white rabbit; a funny fellow who looked entirely too nervous for a rabbit to be. He had a small red waist coat with gold buttons and a silver pocket watch that droned with a very audible ticking sound. Running after him, Alice could hear herself shouting but the words were barely a whisper. “Why are you running, hare?”

“Oh dear, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!!!,” was all he remarked beating feet around bushes and ducking under roots from trees that had grown in gnarled hoops out of the ground.

“What are you late for?” She shouted barely able to keep up with his pace through the underbrush.”

“I must find Alice!” he exclaimed. “I must find Alice!!”

“But I’m ALICE!!!!!” She shouted again… “I’m..”

“Alice,” a voice, not her own, called inside her mind. She stopped in her dream looking around, but she was alone in the woods.

“Aliceeee,” the voice called again, this time things became dark and she was aware of pain in her head.

“ALICE,” a clear ringing voice said.

Fluttering her eyes open, she saw the face of a beautiful woman. Her face was blocking out the light, as Alice finally came to her senses. “Oh thank God you found me. I knew I must have hit my head when I fell down that hole in the asphalt.”

“Poor darling, you hit your head harder than you thought. You’ve been going on for minutes about a crazy rabbit in a waist coat with a pocket watch.”

Smiling to herself, Alice looked up again at the lovely woman who was right in front of her eyes, then remembered when she’d seen the angelic face before and more realization dawned on her. Looking around she was on a stone path with the greenest grass in the world under a pink and sapphire sky with undulating waves of shrubs and trees as far as she could see.

“Ahhh!!” Alice cried as she sat up suddenly, kicking back with her naked heels on the stone to get away from the floating head. “Oh my God, I’m still dreaming!”

Then the pain in her head returned and she winced through gritted teeth, grabbing the back of her hair to sooth the ache where she’d apparently fallen and bumped her noggin’.

As the head spun around once slowly like the hands of a clock, the face in front of her seemed sympathetic to her pain, and her eyebrows furrowed in compassion. “I wish you’d let me help you, Alice. That’s why I’m here.”

Pulling her cashmere body robe, that was formerly a very nice Macy’s scarf, up around her chest to hide her breasts, Alice calmed down slightly while still wincing with pain. “You’re here to help me?” she asked the floating head.

Nodding blissfully, a friendly smile widening her cheeks, the lovely woman became more solid with each second. Her lovely face shifted from a transparent wisp of blue smoke into a light cream color, dotted lightly with freckles on the bridge of her nose. Her blazing green eyes softened and her hair that had seemed more ghostlike, grew down into shoulder length chestnut locks that shined in the morning sunrise. Without her face moving, the blue smoke rapidly boiled and swirled to form her body that was straddling Alice’s legs and hips. Another instant blinked by and she had supple arms, and a delicate body with perky petite B cup sized breasts. Her waist and hips became solid followed by her long lovely slender legs.

She was shorter compared to Alice, around 5 feet and some change if she guessed right. She was dressed in a blue dress that reminded Alice of a milk maid’s outfit from Halloween. The pleated folds of blue were satiny sheer while the billowing white underskirt that didn’t go past her thigh was a soft cotton material that had tatted lace on the edges. Her arms were bare, save the puffy shoulders of her dress, but her legs were the most intriguing. She wore bleach white opaque tights that hugged her shapely legs with purpose and wore black Mary Jane shoes on her petite feet. She was absolutely delightful to look at, and Alice couldn’t help but long to have her pantyhose back.

“How…how can you help me?” Alice asked warily.

“For starters,” the young woman said, leaning toward Alice’s head. Instinctively Alice inched back, but the woman was too swift. With a motherly gentleness, the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri woman kissed Alice’s forehead with her thin moist lips. As she backed away, only holding the kiss for a few seconds, Alice could feel her skin tingling where her lips had touched and then most abruptly, her headache faded into nothingness.

Eyes wide, Alice stared in amazement at her healer. “That’s amazing! How did you do that? Who are you?”

“My name is Gwendolyn, and I am your guide through Wonderland , but you can call me Gwen,” she said with a flip of her hair and wink of her green eyes.

“How did I get here Gwen?” Alice asked apprehensively.

With a smirk, Gwen lifted off the ground, as if on a cloud, and began to lightly float around Alice in a lazy circle, rolling around playfully in the air with her skirt fluttering ever so slightly. “You fell down a hole, silly Alice. That is how you got here.”

Rolling her eyes dubiously, Alice sat up and watched Gwen writhe through the air. “I guessed that much! What I mean is what brought me here? Why am I in this… this Wonderland?”

“YOU brought you here, silly Alice….You wanted to come here,” Gwen said with a lilting tone, before vanishing in a puff of blue smoke.

“But I don’t know where I am, let alone why I’d choose to come to a place I’ve never been to nor understand!” Alice exclaimed, looking around in a panic at being alone again.

“Wonderland is a journey of your desires, Alice,” Gwen whispered in her ear, reappearing over her shoulder as she continued to make circles in the air.

“That doesn’t make sense, Gwen?” Alice retorted, focusing back on Gwen as she came around to rest on her haunches in front of Alice. Looking at Gwen’s folded knees in front of her, Alice could clearly see up her pretty powder blue and white dress. Her tights were alluring as they hugged her small legs, and Alice couldn’t help but notice the shape of her pussy lips pressed against the taught nylon. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, Alice noticed.

“I mean.. it doesn’t make sense that desire can become a tangible place. I’ve woken up twice today here and both times, I’ve been hurt or bumped…”

“..Or pleasured,” Gwen finished.

Following Alice’s gaze between her white nylon thighs, Gwen lifted the edge of her dress and spread her knees to reveal her tights encased pussy. “This place is a Wonderland of your desires Alice, and you are the only one who can walk the path to find your way through it. How to get here or there is up to you. Where here is now, there is then” Gwen spoke in riddles. “I am only your guide here, and I’ll help you as much as I can. To that end I need to make sure you’re prepared for your journey.”

“Would you like your pantyhose back, Alice?” Gwen cooed playfully, as her chestnut hair fell across her face.

“Uh..” Alice stuttered. She was fully aware of her desire to have pantyhose on nearly all the time, but didn’t outwardly share that passion with others as most people didn’t share a nylon and pantyhose fetish. “Umm, no…I’m .. I’m perfectly fine,” Alice lied.

Grabbing Alice’s bare foot from the stone path, Gwen floated closer and guided Alice’s naked toes to the warm silken patch of tights covering her pussy. “Mmmmmmmmm,” Gwen moaned as she began to undulate her clit against Alice’s big toe. “Are you sureeeeee, Alice?” Gwen asked again, knowing full well what the true answer was.

Alice flexed her toes against the thick nylon material, feeling Gwen’s womanhood, warm and slippery. “Yes” Alice breathed out without thinking. “I’d very much like my pantyhose again.

“Good girl,” Gwen replied. “I can’t have my mistress running around Wonderland in nothing but a scarf.”

Without hesitation, Gwen was floating in the air again, her face only inches above Alice’s feet while her hands cradled Alice’s athletic calves. Looking up, her green eyes ablaze with color under her brows, Gwen said, “This might tickle a little at first.”

With a sensual shaking of her head, Gwen blew a cool breath along Alice’s toes which indeed tickled. Suddenly her toes became tight and Alice saw a seam of nylon appear at the end of her toes and as if by magic, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the nylon began growing down her foot. The silky sensation of putting on pantyhose greeted her and she flexed her toes in the sensation as her heels and ankles were the next to be encased.

Still floating in the air, Gwen put her lips to Alice’s beautiful legs kissing them softly, the tip of her tongue darting out to lightly touch Alice’s skin. Every time she kissed her, a spot of the same brown nylon began to grow out in an expanding circle. Gwen’s supple hands cradled her silky feet and rubbed them softly with gentle fingers.

“Oh my..” Alice remarked as the magical pantyhose began forming at a wild pace and severely turning her on.

Moving up Alice’s body, Gwen continued to kiss her, first on her knees, then her thighs and then the inside of her thighs. As she stroked her hands up Alice’s legs, it felt as if someone were dressing her in pantyhose pulling the nylons tighter up towards her crotch. Her legs were silk clad up to the tops of her legs just an inch from her quivering naked lips. The tights she was wearing were a rich shiny brown color, like the nylons that hooter girls, football cheerleaders and figure skaters wear. They were so silky and snug she couldn’t help but rub her feet together like a cricket with her pussy exposed to her floating helper.

Looking down breathlessly in anticipation of what might happen next, Alice was enraptured when Gwen lowered her open mouth onto her pussy, her tongue darting down from her clit to her slippery core. “OH GOD” Alice shouted, her hips jerking against Gwen’s pretty face. It was only one lick but it felt like a dozen.

Continuing on her path, Gwen kissed Alice’s belly just above her blonde triangular patch of pubic hair, planting several smaller wet kisses in a trail up to her belly button where her hands and mouth finally stopped. Alice was extremely aware that she didn’t have any panties on, and her tights were incredibly silky soft as she wiggled her groin and ass around. The hose themselves were seamlessly perfect as if woven in on piece.

“These feel amazing, Gwen” Alice exclaimed with delight looking into Gwen’s eyes.

“I’m glad you approve, sweetheart, though you’ll need a bit more than just a nice sexy pair of shiny tights to get you going. I’m thinking….. you need a new dress and a little red riding hood!” Gwen bubbled joyfully.

Vanishing in an instant puff of smoke, Gwen disappeared and reappeared over ten times in the blink of an eye. The scarf was whisked away in a flash, while green eyes danced in an out of her sight. The blue smoke was heavy, like jasmine incense, engulfing her and nearly making Alice cough. Alice could feel hands on her, stroking her skin, but it was so fast it was like walking through a beaded curtain two feet thick.

The smoke finally began to fade and once again boiled into the form of the blue dress and white tights clad form of Gwendolyn. With her hand on her chin in thoughtful repose, she looked Alice up and down in approval.

Looking down for the first time, Alice saw what she was wearing. She was miraculously clothed in a Victorian style dress though much less conservative than she remembered. She was wearing a brilliant candy apple red dress, with gorgeous intricate black brocade, that was more a half skirt that melded into a corset which pushed up her breasts most vivaciously. She had soft red gloves on that ended at her wrist with a button, and her arms were bare save for her shoulders that were covered with a rich, velvety hooded red cloak that was up on top of her head. Her hair was made up smartly with the bulk of her blonde locks being drawn forward over her right shoulder and tied into a pony tail with a rich red satin bow.

Her nylon legs were exposed from mid thigh down, and the billowed short skirt that had a black satin lace petticoat made her feel like a fairy more than a traveler.

“Mmmmmm… Something’s missing,” Gwen stated, bringing Alice out of her wonderment. Floating down to kneel at Alice’s feet, Gwen reached around the back of Alice’s legs and began to feel the tights with a sexual urge. Just like before, nylon güvenilir bahis şirketleri began to form from her fingertips, and a pair of red opaque silk stockings formed from her heels to up just above her knee; each one topped with a black satin bow and ribbon. With a whisk of her fingers over Alice’s feet, black Mary Jane shoes, like the ones Gwen was wearing, magically appeared in a burst of blue smoke and Alice nearly lost her balance at having a sudden two inch heel.

“There. That is just about perfect,” Gwen stated satisfied.

“I honestly don’t believe this,” Alice said. “Thank you so much, Gwen you are incredible.”

Licking her lips, Gwen looked into Alice’s eyes deviously. “So are you hon”

“Well, now that I’m dressed, I don’t suppose you could tell me how to get out of here.”

Looking at Alice with sudden pity in her eyes, Gwen floated on her belly up to face her. “You have made this place, dear Alice. You don’t yet understand what you are asking to ‘get out of here'” she mocked with air quotations marks. “Soon you’ll understand, but that time is not now.”

Wisping to blue smoke and reappearing to look over her shoulder down the path, Gwen raised a dainty arm and pointed along the stones to the forests in the distance. “Your path leads through there. Through the woods you’ll start your journey, but will have many adventures before you reach the end.”

“The end?” Alice asked quizzically. “The end of what?”

“The end of your path, dear Alice. Seek out the White Queen and she will answer your question for how to ‘get out of here'” she mocked again. “With every stop and place you greet, you alone will have to choose what comes next.”

Floating around to face Alice, Gwen began to disappear.

“Wait! GWEN! I don’t understand! What am I supposed to do now? Alice yelled in fear.

“Seek out the house in the woods, within those wooden walls you’ll find the next step.” Gwen said, barely more than a blue smoky specter

“Don’t leave me!” Alice pleaded. “I don’t want to be alone!”

“When you need me, I’ll be there…. dear Alicceeeeeeeee” Gwen said, finally disappearing save for her green glowing eyes which eventually vanished as well.

Running down the path after the eyes, trying to make Gwendolyn reappear, Alice raced in futility. After twenty feet, she finally came to a halt, tears welling up in her eyes.

‘I can’t have made this place up’ she thought. ‘I don’t want to be here. I just want to go home.’ Dropping to her knees, she wept for several minutes, her sobs making a lump in her throat. Alice felt a tear fall onto her thigh and she wiped it off nonchalantly with her satiny glove.

Then something happened that Alice did not expect. The sensation of her tights being rubbed by the satin of her gloves was something familiar. She was 18 then and eager to graduate. She remembered her high school prom when she’d had white satin gloves and a golden dress with white pantyhose on. She’d twisted her ankle while walking up the stairs to the school and remembered the feeling of her gloves stroking her nylon covered legs and feet. It had felt good she remembered and after the dance she had masturbated in her room cumming several times to the feel of her gloves stroking her pussy through her pantyhose.

She smiled and wiped away the tears on her cheek. Standing up straight, she put her legs together and rubbed her silky thighs against one another. The breeze that floated between the gap in her legs by her encased pussy lips was a delight to her and made her giggle against her will. She bent down and ran her satin gloves along the entire length of her gorgeous legs. The satin of her gloves, the thick, warm nylon of the red stockings and then the thinner shiny brown tights that hugged her thighs and waist were all welcome sensations and Alice began to draw strength from the pleasure of her touch and the joyful memory that had sparked her appreciation for her attire.

With a new found resolve, she took a long measured stride forcing her legs to rub together as she stepped along the path, and became instantly aroused by the silky world that had engulfed her from the waist down. Another step. Then another until she was walking in sheer ecstasy of nylon bliss.

“Maybe this won’t be such a bad adventure after all,” she muttered to herself, as she set off down the stone path towards the forest. Lifting her head high and breathing the fresh air that smelled of pine and sage, Alice could swear she heard the faintest howl of a wolf.

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