Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 22

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The sound of birds chirping cheerfully broke into Angie’s dream, slowly she opened her eyes, the world a blur of color. The first thing she noticed after the bird’s song was the thick smell of cum that lingered in the air, yesterday’s events came back to her. She had good sex with Alene, no, not any good sex, she saw two goddesses duel it out. Angie recalled Alene’s massive beast filling her womb and stretching her pussy before cumming so hard she inflated Angie to unnatural proportions, she could feel the weight of the cum still in her belly. The world started to come into focus and Angie wiggled her feet, she noticed the sofa below her was soaked with what must have been cum that escaped her when she slept. she petted her belly and a smile came to her face, it felt like she was full term, maybe a bit smaller. Slowly but surely Angie lifted herself on the wet sofa, trying to balance herself, a stream of cum leaked out of her and hit the carpet. She watched her belly deflate to about 5 months pregnant as the carpet was ruined.

“That was heavenly,” she declared to herself and turned towards the kitchen. Nadia was on the counter, her back turned to Angie who made her way over quietly, not wanting to wake anyone. Her foot landed on something wet, she looked down, it was an ocean of cum surrounding the counter Nadia rested on.


“Nadia?” A soft voice pierced her deep slumber. Nadia felt a soft hand rest on her shoulder, “wake up love, are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” Nadia’s voice cracked, her throat was dry. She felt her belly, stretched out with cum. She loved it when she had so much cum inside her womb. She reached to feel her belly, it was huge.

“Feeling well?” The voice asked again, Nadia’s eyes focused on Angie’s face. “Yes, can you bring me a glass of water?” Nadia asked as she lifted her body to sit on the counter.

“So, how was Nicky?” Angie asked as she handed the glass to Naida who swallowed the whole thing down.

“Wow,” Nadia recalled the events that transpired the day before, “Nicky was amazing, her cock wasn’t as big as Alene’s but she sure knows how to use it.”

“Clearly.” Angie said and pointed at the cum covered floor around the counter and focused on Nadia’s abdomen.

“You’re no pushover either,” Nadia fired back at Angie while her pussy leaked cum, helping the pool at Angie’s feet to grow.

“so, where are the two goddesses?” Angie asked.

“I don’t know,” Nadia said, “the last thing I remember was Nicky’s massive orgasm ending as I fell asleep.”


Alene heard voices talking. She felt great, slept well. She remembered what happened the day before. She gave Nicky a cock, and it worked great, unlike what happened with Jen. Alene could feel her skin rest on a wet surface, she could guess it was cum by the smell. Tasting a bit, she knew it wasn’t her cum, she cast a spell to make her cum a sweet mango flavor but this was more of a salty sweet taste. “Nicky’s cum must have leaked out of me,” Alene thought as she opened her eyes and saw Angie and Nicky across the sea of cum surrounding her.

“I’m over here,” she called the girls, their eyes filled with shock as they noticed her.

“Who did this to you?” Nadia asked as she and Angie came to her.

“Did what?” she inquired, not understanding what’s wrong.

“Alene, your belly,” Angie said. Alene placed her hand on her stomach and gasped at what she felt. Looking down she could clearly see her belly, extended with massive amounts of cum. “So, this is how you feel girls?” Alene wondered, “feels amazing.”

“We know,” the girls said in unison, caressing their bellies.

“I must look pregnant with quadruplets,” Alene announced, “can you please help me up?”

The girls each took a hand and pulled Alene to a standing position. as she became accustomed to her new center of mass a torrential stream of cum escaped her cunt and audibly crushed on the floor, causing her to gasp. “I need a bath,” Alene complained as she noticed her right half was covered with cum.

“We all do,” Angie said.

“But where’s Nicky?” Nadia wondered.

“Right there,” Alene pointed at Nicky, she was sleeping on the floor in a pool of cum. Her belly slightly inflated. Between her legs, cum was flowing in a gentle trickle out of her pussy and above it rested a small penis. She smiled and yawned deeply, “good morning girls.”

“Good morning princess.” Alene giggled.

“Great morning,” Nicky corrected her, “thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Alene said as she petted her huge belly, “I never imagined how amazing this feels.”

Nicky got on her feet, cum covering her back and hair. Angie and Naida felt lost, clearly something happened yesterday after they fell asleep.

“Alene, Nicky, could you please tell us what happened?” Nadia asked.

“Basically, we fucked each other simultaneously,” Alene summarized.

“At the same time?” Angie marveled.

“Yes,” Alene continued, “And Nicky won, look what she did to me.” She pointed at her abdomen.

“This canlı bahis şirketleri is my uniqueness, I think…” Nicky said with an unsure voice.

“I’ll agree with that,” Nadia said addressing Alene, “only time I saw someone come more was when you fucked Paula.”

“I’m really glad for you,” Angie complimented Nicky, “but can we please, please, please shower now?”

The girls laughed and agreed with her, taking to the showers to freshen up. When they finished they spent the morning cleaning the living room and kitchen, a complex task as from time to time one of the girls would moan as more cum left her womb and crashed to the floor. With hard work (and a sprinkle of magic), they sat down for lunch in the clean kitchen.

“This cleaning is a nightmare,” Complained Nicky.

“Don’t whine,” Alene teased her, “most of the mess came out of you, you should work double hard on cleaning.”

Angie and Nadia looked at each other with a smile. Knowing what goes on in her friend’s mind Nadia spoke: “If that’s your logic Angie and I should rest and have drinks while you girls clean, we don’t have cum.”

“OK, OK,” Alene said, “point taken, we have to find a solution for cleaning the house.”

Angie had an interested look on her face, “Alene, how far are we willing to go with this solution?”

“As far as we want. We have money, so whatever solution we come up with, we can fund it.”

“I have an idea then,” Angie exclaimed, “look, you’re cumming a lot, and now with Nicky in our life there’s even more cum to deal with, Mops won’t cut it here. I say we go for a renovation for the house, a makeover to better suit our needs.”

Nadia’s mind was clearly racing after hearing Angie: “Wow, that’s a wonderful idea, we can have drains running along the floor and we’ll have robot’s that wipe the floor!”

Nicky was on her phone, her mind also ablaze with ideas, “we can get water proof furniture, that way we can cum as much as we want!”

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon planning, thinking and working on how to make the makeover a reality. By 7 PM they managed to find a female contractor ready for work and made her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

“How much?” Nicky asked.

“Two hundred grand and a one-night stand with us once the contract is finished,” Alene explained.

“Can we stay here while they work?” Angie inquired.

“Sadly no,” Nadia explained, “we should leave the house for a month, we need to find a place to stay for now.”

“I’d offer my place but I think it’s too small, the whole thing is one small room,” Angie said in an unhappy voice.

Nicky looked worried, “I’d offer my place, but I don’t want to go back there after what happened with Jen.”

“It’s OK Nicky,” Naida calmed her, “you don’t have to go back there if you don’t want to. Alene, ideas?”

“Well, we do have money, I’ll tell you what I want but please don’t make fun of me?” Alene asked and the girls leaned in to hear her. “I want us all to go to the US, I’ve never been there before, it can be fun.”

Nadia’s eyes lit up, “that’s a great idea, let’s work on that.” The girls wasted no time, like a squad of skilled solders, they worked on closing all the loose ends. In a few hours they wrapped everything up.

“So, we have three days to choose all the furniture, pack our stuff and board the plane to Florida?” Alene concluded.

“Right,” Angie confirmed, “I also called our friend Paula, she started walking again, she’ll manage the work while we are away.”

Alene looked at Angie, the busty vixen had such a great influence on her life. She helped Alene with Paula and took care of Tobbuc Inc. and was simply there for her and Nadia. She wanted to do something for her. “Thank you for all your help, Angie,” Alene said as she approached her and placed a hand on her right breast, “I wish you’d find your gift.”

“Thank you, Alene, you don’t have an idea how much my life changed since you came into them.” Angie hugged her and the girls joined for a group hug. “I’m so sleepy,” Angie exclaimed as the hug prolonged.

“Alene can we sleep together tonight?” Nadia asked.

“If Nicky and Angie don’t mind,” Alene looked at the two girls. Angie had her hand at Nicky’s crouch while Nicky played with her massive boobs.

“We don’t care as long as you don’t care if we spend the night in our own room,” Angie said. Both parties kissed good night and went to their rooms at opposite sides of the house.

===Alene & Nadia===

“Angie and Nicky are going to have so much fun,” Alene said as she closed the door.

“Alene?” Naida mumbled, “I want to ask you something and I need to hear the truth.”

“Sure,” Alene exclaimed, “what is it?”

“Can you remember what our lives looked like a year and a half ago?” Nadia started to reminisce, “I was looking for a big cock and you looked for a job?” she sighed.

“We both found what we were looking for,” Alene said waving her cock, “I don’t think you ever had anyone bigger than me.”

Nadia canlı kaçak iddaa face beamed seriousness, “I miss those days.”

“What are you saying Nadia? Are you unhappy with our lives?” Alene asked with a fearful voice.

“No, I’ve never been happier,” Naida defended herself, “I just miss the time when our sex was simple.”

Alene thought about it for a moment. “You mean when my cock was 9 inches and I shot about a shot glass of cum?”

“Alene for the life of me, you never came just one shot glass, first time we had sex you came so much you ruined your room and covered me,” Nadia corrected her.

Alene giggled a bit but slowly her smile faded into deep concern, “you want me to be smaller? To cum less with you? Don’t you love our sex? Whatever you want Nadia, I’ll do it for you!”

“I don’t know what I want,” Nadia said, “this is so strange, I’m confused, I love your sexuality but I also miss the fun gentle sex we used to have.”

“I want to show you something,” Alene said and went to her drawer, she pulled out the spell book and placed it on the bed. “Come over” she invited Nadia who kneeled beside her, looking at the book.

“I saw this spell a long time ago,” Alene explained, “at first I thought about giving it to Jen but I think it will help serve you better.”

“What does it do?”

“It gives you control, do you trust me Nadia?” Alene asked.

“With my life,” Nadia said without even thinking about it, the answer was clear to her.

Alene took Naida’s hands, “Dabo Illi Potestatem,” she cast the spell.

===Angie & Nicky===

As Angie closed the door behind them Nicky was naked, her cock hard and waiting.

“I watched you fuck Nadia, it was amazing! and I’m not even talking about what you did to Alene, I have to try you,” Angie demanded as she took her own garments off.

“Nice to know you’re game,” Nicky said seductively as she approached Angie. She stopped in front of Angie, her eye’s transfixed on Angie’s and placed both hands on her boobs. Giving them a squeeze, Angie moaned and Nicky felt something wet hit her own breasts. Looking down she gasped, milk was shooting from Angie’s breasts and hitting her.

“Are you lactating?” Nicky asked.

===Alene & Nadia===

“I feel the same,” Nadia said but Alene didn’t look surprised.

“My cock is too long for you right?” she asked.

“A bit,” Nadia answered, wondering where this is going.

“Place your hands on its tip and its base.”

“I’m not in the mood for sex Alene,” Nadia tried to protest but caught Alene angry gaze and changed her mind, doing as Alene told her.

“Now think about what size better suits you.” Alene instructed. Nadia took a deep breath and closed her eyes. As she exhaled she noticed her hands moved closer to one another. She opened her eyes to see Alene’s cock shrinking.

“Am I doing this?” Nadia muttered.

“Yes, you dummy, you can change me to whatever fits your needs.” Alene said.

Nadia took her hands to her breasts, trying to make them grow. “silly you, it only works on me, and specifically my cock and balls.” Alene said with a giggle.

“Can I try?” she asked, Alene gave her an inviting look.

Nadia grabbed the tip and the bottom, shrinking Alene until she was very small. “This was your size when we first did it.” Then she made it grow a bit more, “10 inches, the size of the biggest cock I found on a guy.”

Alene looked amused, letting Nadia play. Naida made her cock grow some more, this time when Nadia stopped she recognized the size, “I grew to this size when I was inside you.”

“Nice Alene,” Nadia proclaimed, “15 inches, I loved that size.” Then Nadia place her hands on Alene’s massive balls and they started to shrink. Nadia looked at the cock before her with hungry eyes and for the first time in over a year took it into her mouth. It was a very tight fit, Alene was bigger than any man alive, but Nadia licked and sucked on her with all her might, making Alene groan and flinch with pleasure, playing with her balls all the while.

Nadia took as much of Alene’s cock into her mouth as she could and gave her an amazing blowjob. “I can enjoy this for a very long time,” Alene bragged, suddenly her eyes opened wide and she yelled, “I’m cumming”. For the first time in a long time, Nadia guided her hand behind Alene’s balls, touched her wet pussy and shoved a finger inside, triggering an unexpected orgasm.

Alene’s cock was lodged deep down Nadia’s throat, it blasted cum directly into Nadia’s belly. She could feel the streams, every time Alene’s cock released cum inside her, she could feel it and counted in her head.

By the time Nadia counted 20 shots Alene came down and pulled her cock out of Nadia’s mouth. Before her kneeled a Sexy goddess with a very light bulge in her belly.

===Angie & Nicky===

Angie was clearly as surprised as Nicky, “I’m so sorry, it never happened to me before.” The flow slowed down to a gentle stream that showed no sign of stopping, running down canlı kaçak bahis Angie’s abdomen and lags to pool at her feet. “I’ve ruined the moment, didn’t I?” she asked in a fearful voice.

As Angie lifted her gaze to Nicky she saw it was far from over, her huge cock, harder than ever before, was oozing pre- cum in massive amounts. “can I taste you?” Nicky asked. Angie lifted her right breast to her own mouth and drank, it was sweet and flavorful. “I taste great, you have to try.” She said a squeezed her left breast, causing it to shoot a huge stream of milk that arched all the way to Nicky’s face, she drank it with pleasure.

“My god you taste great,” Nicky said as the stream ended, “I have to get it straight from the tap.” She closed the distance and grabbed Angie’s left breast. For some time, the girls drank from Angie’s never-ending reservoirs.

Suddenly Nicky released Angie’s breast and stood up, looking Angie right in the eyes, “On the bed now!”

===Alene & Nadia===

“How big can I make it?” Nadia asked.

“As big as you want.”

“Let’s give it a shot,” Nadia said and rose to her feet. She kissed Alene passionately and directed her to one side of the room. She placed her hands on Alene’s balls, they grew and grew until they touched the floor. Nadia showed no sign of stopping.

“I don’t think I can move with them this size, let me sit on them to make this more manageable.” Alene asked and Nadia paused. Alene sat down on her balls, they were as big as the time she fucked Paula, “plan to go bigger?” she asked Nadia.

Nadia said nothing, she just allowed Alene’s balls to grow and grow. The sight was a wonder, Alene’s ball sack grew to the size of a pickup truck, making the floor creek under the weight of her cum. Nadia took her hand off Alene’s wobbling balls and looked at her.

“Now for your cock,” she reached up and grabbed the tip of her cock, making it grow. It was soon back to its former 3 feet length. Nadia stopped its growth, “I want to see what you’ll become.”

Alene smiled with agreement, letting Nadia enjoy her new gift. The girl pulled Alene’s cock, letting the growth continue, soon Nadia was a good 7 feet away from Alene. “Are you sure this is your cock?” Nadia Jokingly asked, “I think you stole it off a blue whale.”

Alene laughed, “I promise you, it’s not stolen!”

“Can we go bigger?” Naida asked.

“I think so, it feels good,” Alene moaned. Nadia made her grow again, this time stopping when her back hit the wall, a good 16 feet of cock before her, she could see Alene at the other end, enjoying the sensations one can only imagine a cock this size will give to its owner, Alene’s cock was as wide as Nadia’s body. She lifted the huge head with both hands and placed it in front of her face, “cum on me love.”

“NO! LET IT GO NADIA! MOVE AWAY!” Alene commended, Nadia could see she was fighting something big and did as Alene asked. She came to Alene’s side.

“Are you ok?” Nadia asked.

“I can feel it, I’m going to cum very soon,” Alene said, her voice breaking with moans of pleasure, “good thing we plan on fixing this house soon.”

“I think you’re over reacting,” Nadia tried to calm her down, but Alene nodded her head. “Stay close to me love, I’m c…” Alene couldn’t even finish the sentence as her orgasm started.

The whole room trembled as Alene’s balls pushed inhuman amounts of cum up her shaft. Nadia hugged her balls as she realized what’s going to happen. The blast leaving Alene’s cock was as wide as Nadia’s thigh, Nadia could almost see it move in slow motion. It slammed against the wall and splattered around the room painting the wall and covering the furniture in a thick layer of cum. The flow was insane, it just went on as Alene whimpered in pleasure.

After about 5 seconds the floor was covered with cum that reached Naida’s waists. Alene gave a huge scream, “IT’S COMING, I’M CUMMING!”

“Yea I noticed,” Nadia said sarcastically.

“NO, NADIA, THE SECOND BLAST IS STARTING!” Alene yelled before losing herself to the pleasure again. Nadia noticed it, suddenly the stream of cum flooding the room doubled. It looked like Alene couldn’t get the first shot of cum out of her fast enough and now the second shot came to join her. The massive shot made a huge cracking noise as it slammed against the wall. Even though the shot went on and on, the level of cum in the room didn’t rise and remained at Nadia’s waist.

After about 15 minutes Alene’s orgasm seemed to subside. The room and both girls in it were covered in massive amounts of jizz. The first thing Nadia did once the orgasm ended was to bring Alene back to her normal size. The girls stood in the pool of cum and Looked in shock at their handy work. Nadia was the first to notice the hole in the wall, “OMG Alene look.”

===Angie & Nicky===

Angie placed her back on the bed and played with her breasts, the milk flow didn’t show any sign of ending anytime soon. She drank some more and opened her legs for Nicky. The pink cute pussy before her bagged for attention, Angie was very wet and as Nicky came closer to give her head she tasted how divine her pussy was. Nicky licked and sucked, making Angie moan and groan as her pussy flexed and her clit fired up with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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