Agents of Pleasure Ch. 02

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For the next three weeks Paige was super-busy which seemed normal; but something different was working its way through her thoughts. It was vaguely familiar, like a movie that you watched years ago but couldn’t remember what it was about. Meeting Marie had reawakened this old memory, What was it though? In just a few days she would find out. Marie had gone back to Detroit to get everything packed up for the move. Since the house was empty, her plan was to close on it and move in the next day. Two days before the closing Paige got a text from Marie, “We’re on our way!”

That night she approached Chad from behind as he sat in his La-Z-Boy watching the Cubs. Sliding her hands down his shirt, she tickled his nipples and began nibbling on his left ear lobe. Chad looked up with a wondering look, “Now?” he asked.

Undaunted, and using her most seductive tone, Paige began whispering in his ear, “Chaddie…Sweetie… Your honey needs a favor, Babbyy!”

Again Chad said, “Now??”

Paige giggled, “No, not now…Saturday. I have a friend who’s moving into town this week. She’s closing on the Taylor house down the street from me on Friday, and moving in on Saturday.”

The Cubs were making a pitching change so Chad turned around, “That’s great; who is it?”

“Her name is Marie London; she’s gonna be the new head of the Safari section at the zoo. She’s cute and she’s single; do you think you and one of your single guy friends could help move the heavy stuff into the house for her?”

“Oh God, this Saturday? It’s kinda short notice!”

“Yes, I know…but she’s really, I mean REALLY cute! If you got Robert to help, I bet he’d be sooo grateful!” Paige started kissing Chad lightly on the lips, “Know what else? I would be sooooo grateful too!” With that Paige reached for Chad’s cock and gave it several adoring squeezes. The deal was complete now!

“I’ll have Robert there on Saturday, what time?”

“10:00 am”

On Friday Marie was ready, right on time with little Michelle in tow and they climbed into Paige’s car. Michelle was adorable and Paige was glad that her youngest, two year-old Jamie, would be fortunate to have a new playmate living right down the street. During the closing she had her cleaning crew give Marie’s new house the once-over. That whole day Marie was all business; Paige saw none of her naughty side, and the closing went off without a hitch. The next day’s move went well also; when Paige introduced Marie to Chad, her new friend glanced at her sideways and made a face as if to say, “What a hunk!”

Then Chad introduced her to Robert, and oh my God, here came Marie’s naughty side! “You’re Chad’s ‘single’ friend huh? I guess that means you’ll want my phone number?” Robert laughed and Marie continued, “You men, you’re all a bunch of animals! Good thing I’m a zookeeper, I know how to handle animals like you!”

Robert was smiling, but he looked at Chad and Paige with a raised eyebrow, so Paige said, “Don’t mind her, she’s a little crazy right now; she hasn’t had sex for six months!” That cracked everyone up!

Later on when she had a chance, she asked Robert, “So, what do you think of my new neighbor??

“Cute, Wow…she sure doesn’t waste time being coy!”

“Nope, she puts it right out there, for sure! You wanna try a double-date with Chad and me at some point?”

“Sure, a little time with her without any pressure will show me a lot.”

The house was small, Chad and Robert worked steadily, and they had all her furniture placed in record time. Paige ordered pizzas and Pepsi’s and while they were eating, she proposed, “Hey you guys, if my office can get us four Cubs tickets, you wanna go to Chicago for the day together?”

Chad was like, “Holy Shit, YES!”

Marie said, “Do the Cubs play football?”

“Uhhh, no…baseball,” Chad tried to hide his eyeroll, but Paige saw it.

“Oh, well I prefer football, but I’ve never been to a baseball game.”

“How does your work schedule look, Marie?” Paige asked. “We all have Sundays off.”

“Sundays are good for me too!”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

Later, after the men had left, Paige asked Marie the million dollar question, “So, what did you think of Robert?”

Marie laughed and said, “I’m just wondering how a great-looking guy like that is still single?”

Paige was giggling, “Okay, I think you answered that question!”

“Welll…” Marie drawled, “I guess I’ll give him a shot! Any friend of yours is a friend of mine, right? But I’ll be honest with him from the start…that way if it doesn’t work out we can all stay friends. I don’t ever want to see him crossing the street to avoid me.”

“Are you saying you’re going to let him fuck you?”

“Oh my God, girl! I’m a horny, little MILF who absolutely loves a nice dick, and he’s a good-looking guy with amazing arms and shoulders; have you even taken a good look at them? Mmm… AND on top of that he seems really sweet, AND on top of THAT he’s friends with you and Chad; that’s a huge plus!” But then Marie said something very unexpected but totally in line with the canlı bahis şirketleri vague feelings Paige had been having. The smile disappeared from her face and Marie’s eyes locked onto Paige’s. She wasn’t just looking at her; her eyes were searching hers, like she wanted to discover something in the worst way, “Can I ask you something, Paige?”

“Sure, like what?”

“I’m gonna be serious now.”

“You are? How astounding!” laughed Paige.

“No, I really am, okay?”

“Well then sure, go ahead.”

In a quiet almost whisper-like voice, Marie asked, “If you were a guy, would you wanna fuck me?”

The question sounded like she was kidding, but from the expression on her face Paige knew she wasn’t. “Woww, uhh… well yeah, if I was a guy I’m sure I would!”


“Why? Why not, most guys are just plain horny; they want to stick their dick in most any pussy.”

“No really, why would you want to?”

“Uh, cuz you’re sexy cute, your smile is genuine, your voice is…” Paige paused to find the right word, “hypnotic. I think you’re completely attractive.”

Marie’s smile returned, “So…you must want me yourself then?” She giggled.

Paige shivered; it wasn’t that she was cold; her new friend couldn’t possibly have known that this half-joking comment would turn that vague feeling she’d been having into memories that came flooding back to her.

Years before, when she had just turned eighteen and a senior in high school, she and her cheer-squad were finishing up the football schedule. It was the last season for her and seven other teammates, and they were all feeling very sentimental about it. Patti Richards proposed that on the night of their last game together, the best thing to do would be to have a final sleep-over party to celebrate and remember in style. Except somehow, she came up with the idea to make it a lingerie party.

Paige remembered her calling all of the senior girls together about a week before in order to detail the rules for the party. “You have to bring the skimpiest, most transparent nightie you can find,” she said excitedly. “My parents will be gone next weekend, and they said I could invite you over as long as we promised ‘no boys allowed.’ So we’re going to break some rules, just not THAT rule…no boys allowed, but everything else will be!”

Three of the girls said they would bring the pot, and all of them promised to ‘B.Y.O.B.’ and everything was set. Except for one thing more Patti said, “Understand now, if your nightie isn’t sexy enough, then you’re going to be spending the night naked, she laughed. “It’s my house and I’m the judge!”

Now that made Paige just a tad nervous. She didn’t even own a negligee, much less a sheer one that Patti would find acceptable. When she asked her friend Joey what she planned to wear, Joey had a blank look. “We better go shopping tomorrow!” So on Saturday, off they went to the mall.

They saw some nice things at Macy’s and Carson’s, but nothing that grabbed them. They walked right past Sears and Pennys, “Puhleeaaassee!” Then mid-way through the mall, a new store had opened…Frederick’s of Hollywood. They looked in the windows and in two seconds Joey said, “This is it!” Inside they saw everything ranging from leather to lace. There was so much available that it was a little overwhelming for beginners like them.

There was only one salesgirl in the store that they could see, and finally when she finished with a customer, she came over, “Hi, I’m Samantha, you can call me Sam, though; do you ladies need some help?”

“Yes, thanks,” said Joey. “We need negligees for a party we’re attending.

Sam’s eyes sparkled, “Oooo, sexy!” she cooed, “what kind of look are you going for?”

“The sexy kind,” Paige replied, “we already looked in Macy’s and well…”

“Yeah, Macy’s doesn’t do sexy like that, they do romantic and glamorous. So who’s going to be attending this party?” Samantha queried.

“Just a bunch of our friends.”

“And what are the guys going to wear?”

Joey giggled, “There won’t be any guys.”

Sam’s eyebrow shot up, “Oh my girls are naughty! Hmm, Let’s see…I think we’ll need something a bit transparent then; you two look like the kind who can make another girl jealous!”

What Samantha picked out for them was beyond flimsy, it was as see through as can be and still be considered “material!” They took their purchases back to Joey’s house and tried them on for serious. Since they were BFF’s they bought the same thing: sleeveless, practically transparent teddy’s with matching barely-there panties. The only thing was Paige bought baby blue and Joey’s was a shade of peach When they looked at themselves in the bathroom mirror, they were both aghast…pleasantly surprised!

“Oh my God, Paige, you look fantastic! Holy shit!”

Paige was too busy blushing at that moment; she could see her whole body right through the teddy! Her boobs were in full outline, her nipples plainly showing and very hardened. Looking down, there was no doubt her pussy lips would be just as obvious and canlı kaçak iddaa her neatly trimmed red pubic hair was clearly visible. When she glanced over at Joey, her heart started racing. Joey’s “C-cup” tits were tenting the top of the teddy, and she was half-turned around while checking out how her ass looked in the mirror.

“Ohhh Joey, that thing makes you look amazing; I’ve never seen you as sexy as that before…never, ever!”

Joey laughed and then joked, “I just might keep this thing for my wedding night!”

“It might not make it to your wedding night,” Paige teased, “if anyone sees you in that, they might just rip it off of you!”

“YOU’RE seeing it!”

“Yes, and maybe I might do the ripping!”

As this memory unfolded, Paige realized she had been attracted to Joey in a way unlike she had ever thought of before, and when they got to the party two nights later, this attraction was confirmed by what transpired.

The final football game had been exciting, the girls’ school scored a touchdown with two minutes left and then the other team was denied a game-winning score by a pass interception on the five yard line. The celebration was wild and when they finally got to Patti’s house it was well after 9:00 pm. They ate pizza, had some beers, and passed around a few joints. All of them had a very nice, mellow high going when Patti announced it was time to get the evening’s activities underway. Everyone took their bags and found a corner of the house to change.

Paige was in the kitchen with Joey, “God, this is scary, Joey,” she said, “I’m starting to think this wasn’t a good idea.”

“I’m actually looking forward to it,” Joey returned. “Think about it, this is the kind of thing that memories are made of… yep, it’s naughty for sure; Oh my God, look at us!”

Paige just shrugged, “Let’s just go in there before I completely lose my nerve, okay?”

Everyone else got back before them. They were standing in a circle, and when Paige joined them she shyly crossed her arms over her chest. Four of the eight girls were wearing bras and panties. Donna Speer had an extremely sexy half-cup bra; her large breasts were spilling over the top and her nipples were completely exposed. Paige tried not to gawk at Donna’s big boobs, but she couldn’t help it. Patti was dressed in a fish-net body stocking and nothing else; her shaved pussy was completely visible! As Paige let her eyes sweep around the circle, she could feel her body start to tingle…the kind of tingle that signaled she was getting turned on. Isabella Ramirez, they called her Izzy, was wearing an off-the-shoulder sleep dress. It had a lot of lace in certain spots, but it was just as transparent as theirs, and her large boobs swayed or jiggled every time she moved. The tingle was attacking Paige’s pussy now; she could feel herself getting wet.

“Paige!” It was Patti. “We can’t see you; are you going to cover yourself up all night?” She reluctantly brought her arms down, and Pattie said, “Oh Goddd, Paige, Wow! You and Joey…Goodness! You look so fucking hot!” Then she said to the group, “Okay, ladies, let’s move on to my next idea. Everybody sit in a circle.”

Paige looked around for Joey, but she was busy “making a memory” by showing Izzy her ass. So she sat down next to Donna. Her nipples were huge and the redhead considered for a moment what it might be like to suck them. Oops, that thought made the tingling surge again!

“You like my tits, Paige?” Donna’s eyes were locked on hers.

Thankfully, before she could answer, Patti said, “Okay…now each of you is required to tell the story of your favorite sexual memory…it has to be detailed. Since I’m the judge, if I don’t think it’s detailed enough, you’ll have to stand up and do something special for us. Who wants to go first?”

Donna raised her hand and began a story about the first blow-job she did on her new boyfriend. Patti must have discussed this with her because she went into great detail about his dick, and the sensitive area just below the head, and how she played with his balls and tickled his asshole. It might have been rehearsed, but as the story unfolded, Paige was so twisting with desire she could hardly sit still. When Donna said she stopped sucking and began tit-fucking him, Paige felt her pussy gush!

It only got worse from there. Just like girls do, each story told tried to top the previous one. The beer, the pot, the nudity, all the talk of kissing and tit-sucking, and hard dicks sliding into hungry little cunts…the whole effect had the group moaning with desire. Paige saw more than a few girls touching themselves, slipping their hand into their panties and gently frigging their clits. It took a lot of willpower, but Paige refrained. The bad part was, she thought her own story was terrible; she could hardly talk from the combination of embarrassment and surging hormones, and the story of how she lost her virginity to her boyfriend two years ago seemed (to her) halting and unsure. But all the girls clapped, and Patti seemed satisfied.

It was 2:00 am when the lights went out. Paige canlı kaçak bahis was so glad too! Mostly because now she could masturbate in the darkness. Her pussy was on fire and in a matter of seconds, an intense orgasm overwhelmed her senses; she was amazed that she could stifle her moans. For some reason, even after cumming, sleep was elusive. An hour later she could hear the rest of the girls’ deep breathing and soft snoring…well, Gianna Jensen’s snoring wasn’t so soft, but oh well.

Just as she felt herself drifting off, a noise to her right stirred her awake again. Paige had her sheet mostly over her head, and under the corner of it she could just see Izzy sitting up on the other side of Joey, perhaps six feet away. Izzy was looking around in a very odd fashion, and Paige figured she was confused about where she was…or maybe where the bathroom was? Paige closed her eyes, and just when she was going to roll over, she heard Joey whisper oh so softly, “Everyone’s asleep, Izz.”

Izzy whispered back, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Joey replied.


And then, to Paige’s everlasting shock, Izzy leaned over the top of Joey, half-laid on her, and began kissing her! This wasn’t just some friendly thing, oh hell no…almost from the get-go their mouths were hungry, their tongues obviously delving deeply into each other’s mouth! Paige could tell they were trying hard to be quiet, but she could hear little, urgent sounds coming from their throats…stifled moans of passion. Izzy’s right hand was cradling Joey’s cheek, but Joey’s hands were gripping Izzy’s ass and pulling her hard into her.

They kissed in that position for maybe five minutes and clearly the heat between them was rising. Every pause for a breath lasted maybe a second before their mouths locked again. The sounds were getting a little louder and a little more frantic! Izzy’s hands were now working on Joey’s tits, and in another thirty seconds she broke the kiss for a moment in order to pull Joey’s top up.

“Oh, my Goddd,” Joey moaned. She grabbed the side of her left tit with her left hand and curled her right hand around Izzy’s neck…pulling her face down onto her breast and forcing her nipple into Izzy’s mouth. Izzy rolled off to Joey’s side so she could attack her boob from a better angle. “Ohh Fuu..uu..cckk!” Joey hissed as Izzy sucked her nipple back into her mouth again.

Paige’s thoughts were in a turmoil! On the one hand what her friends were doing was off-the-chart erotic; she found herself getting all turned on again! She was trembling so hard she thought they couldn’t help but notice. On the other hand she was getting pretty upset too; not because of what they were doing, but because at that moment she really, really, really wanted to try this with Joey herself!

Izzy got up on her hands and knees and climbed above Joey’s head so that her beautiful titties swung into her lover’s face. Paige just about gasped audibly when Joey pushed them together and started sucking both her nipples at the same time. Izzy DID gasp! “Oh Mmm, Godd, Joeyyyy…oh my Goddd, suck my titties, Babbyyy…Mmmmm!” Joey’s sucking and slurping sounds were pretty loud, but by this time it was obvious they didn’t care. Joey pulled up one of her knees between Izzy’s legs and bumped it into her pussy. Izzy pushed back and rode Joey’s leg and between that and the nipple-sucking, it wasn’t long before she came. She tried to strangle a cry when the orgasm hit her; and it sounded so funny Paige almost laughed aloud.

Izzy rested for just a few seconds, but then (not even a minute later,) she scooted up a bit and lowered her pussy onto Joey’s mouth. Without any hesitation Joey gripped her ass and started tongue-lashing her clit! Izzy let out a low, guttural groan, “Ohhh Goddddd…” and with her right hand she lifted her breast on that side and began sucking her own nipple.

Paige was having the hardest time keeping quiet; she was squeezing her left nipple and fingering her slit, and her own orgasm was rushing up her legs now! She clapped a hand over her mouth as she came and just as she was going to cry out, she choked it down! Even after cumming she still couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of her friends fucking like that! She wished she had the courage to slide over and join them, but no, she couldn’t find the nerve.

Izzy came hard once more; then she came again…and then again! Joey wouldn’t let up until Izzy rolled away from her! Joey was giggling now, “You had enough, Izz?” she whispered.

“Ohh myy Godd!” Izzy moaned, “That was so fucking great…Woww…”

“Get over here now, you bitch,” Joey hissed, “it’s my turn!” She took all their pillows and propped herself up and Izzy crawled between her legs and began kissing and licking and sucking her way up Joey’s thighs. Paige could just imagine what THAT felt like! She loved having the sensitive skin on her thighs caressed and kissed, and she started touching herself again when Izzy began sucking at Joey’s pussy lips. “Ohhh Fu..uu..cckkk yess!” Joey moaned. She pulled her knees up and that opened her pussy to Izzy’s probing tongue. “Ohh Yeahhh…” She started gurgling as Izzy pushed some fingers deep into her twat! Izz’s tongue was humming over Joey’s clit now and in no time, her ass clenched hard and she exploded! “FU..UUCCKKK! Oh my Goddd… Mmm… Uhhh, Uhhhh, Unngghhhh!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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