Afternoon Delight

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The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful afternoon. As I lounge by the pool, soaking up the rays of the sun, I close my eyes and drift off into thoughts of you. I start thinking about the last time we met. I can remember how you smelled. A strong, inviting smell. Clean, invigorating but subtly manly. The harder I think about you, I catch a hint of your smell on the soft breeze blowing. It’s almost like you are there. It tickles my nose and sends my thoughts deeper. The movie in my mind starts replaying our glorious coupling.

I reach up with my finger, draw it slowly across my lips, remembering how your kisses felt, how they tasted . . .

…Softly you kissed me. Gently our tongues entwine, exploring each other’s mouth. Your kisses were as sweet tasting as a ripe peach. You gently bit my lower lip, pulling it slightly. You looked into my eyes. I saw the want in your eyes. I felt the heat rising in my body. I ached to be touched by you.

Taking my fingers and slowly moving down my neck and shoulders, I slide the straps of my swim suite down. I remember your kisses moving down my body . . .

…Your lips moved from mine, slowly kissing down my neck, across my shoulder. You moved my bra straps down my shoulders and kissed where they had been sitting. As the straps fall, you unfasten the hook in the front to release my heavy breasts.

I untie my swim suite top, easing it off, reaching down, holding my breasts, feeling the hardness of my nipples. I can almost feel you touching me . . .

…As the bra reached the floor, you took your hands and cupped my breasts, leaning down to kiss them. You took each nipple into your mouth, sucked on them softly at first and then harder, nibbling on them. Your large hands massaged them, pinching the nipples as you looked at me in full view.

I ease my hands down my stomach and I can feel the heat rising from my lap. I know that I have reached a point that I need release. I ease my bottoms off, relaxing into the lounge chair, feeling the wetness of my pussy, wishing you were here . . . şişli escort

…You moved your hands down my waist, across my stomach and hooked your fingers into the top of my lace panties. You eased them down past my thighs, over my ankles and tossed them to the floor with my bra. You laid me back, kissing my lower abdomen as your hands massaged my inner thighs, slowly moving to the source of the heat.

I open my legs a little more, feeling the moisture that has ran down my inner thigh, remembering just how it felt when you touched me there. I take one finger, insert it into my hot pussy then pulling it out and rubbing my clit with the juice that is on my finger . . .

…You started kissing my inner thigh, moving your way up until you reached my clit. You kissed it, sucked it softly, and then took your tongue and gently licked it. I shuddered with the electricity that ran through my body as you returned to my pussy and inserted a finger. You continued to lick and such on my clit as your finger moved in and out of my now sopping wet pussy. I take two fingers, push them into my pussy, trying to make it feel like you did. I can hear the squishing noises but it’s still not the same. As I start to finger fuck myself with one hand, I use the other hand to stimulate my swollen clit. I drift further into the movie in my mind, trying to recreate the same feelings . . .

…You removed your fingers from my pussy, looked at the juices as they dripped down your fingers and took your tongue and licked them, savoring every drop. I can only mouth the words “Please don’t stop!”

As I lay here, deep in thought of you, I smell you even stronger. My body is aching for you. I need you more than I ever have. My mind has really come alive. I am still moving my fingers in and out, needing the release of an orgasm. I can feel the breeze across the sweat on my body, tingling every pore. I increase the speed of my fingers.

I can hear you whisper to me, “You are beautiful. Don’t stop.” Your voice sounds taksim escort so real, so close, I start to cum. I can feel your eyes on me, watching me. As the orgasm slows, I notice that the sun has retreated behind a cloud. I open my eyes. I’m startled! Here you are! You are what the sun has gone behind.

You kneel down, kiss me and smile. I’m embarrassed. As you stand back up, you start to unfasten your pants. I can see your erection underneath the fabric. You lower your pants, your hard cock bouncing around as you step out of your pants. You push my legs apart, and climb in between my knees.

You kiss me and then start to kiss your way down my body. You pause at each breast, taking the hard nipple in your mouth, sucking and then lightly biting each one. You kiss the space between them and then move down my stomach. You reach the little patch just above the treasure you seek.

You take your tongue and lightly lick the length of my slit. You look at me, lick your lips and moan. Your tongue flicks across my swollen clit, sending shivers up my spine. You place one finger in my wet pussy as your tongue massages my clit. You move it in and out slowly and then insert another. You are driving me to a frenzy.

My breathing has quickened. I feel the orgasm growing, begging for release. As you increase the pace of your fingers, I feel my orgasm start. I feel the tingle in my toes that moves all around my body. My eyes roll back into my head as I sink into the wonderful world that you are showing me.

I feel my body jerk with each spasm of my orgasm. I feel the wetness between my legs. You have always known the best ways to get my juices flowing, getting me ready for your cock. I ache to feel you in me. You move your hand from my wet pussy and you lick every drop from your finger tips while I watch.

You smile at me and those beautiful green eyes sparkle with desire. You ease your body up between my knees and you kiss my lips. Your kiss is soft and sweet but hot and passionate. topkapı escort Your kisses drive me wild. Feeling your tongue mingling with mine.

As you settle in between my legs, you place the head of your hard cock against my hot, wet pussy lips, not entering but just holding it there, teasing me. I squirm trying to draw you into me. You kiss me and tell me how much you want me. I breathe deeply, taking in your wonderful scent.

With one quick, but gentle, move you push your cock deep into my dripping pussy. You pause for a moment before you start slowly moving in and out. I suck in a breath as you start. You know just how to move that hits all the right spots. Your fit is perfect. You are not too big or too small. Just right. I can feel every inch of you in me.

As you slide in and out of me I can hear the wet noises as you move my juices around. I can feel them running down the crack of my ass. You feel them running down your balls. You pick up the pace. I can feel my orgasm starting. I feel the tingle in my toes and feel it moving up and all around my body.

You know the signs of my orgasm and move faster to make it even stronger. You feel my pussy squeezing your cock with each wave of my orgasm. I moan with each stroke of your cock. My body is more alive than it has ever been.

As my orgasm eases, you kiss me again and smile. You stand up and hold out your hand. I take you hand as you lead me into our bedroom and gently push me to the bed. You spread my legs and enter me again. This time you push into me harder and deeper than before. You want to cum in me.

I match your faster rhythm drawing you as deep as I can into me. You feel so good in me. I can feel another orgasm start. I feel your cock grow harder and I know you are going to cum in me. I cry out to you that I’m going to cum. With that, I feel you start to shoot your hot cum into me and it pushes me over the edge and my orgasm starts. It’s more intense than before.

We slip into that magical world together where no one else matters. Just you and I, only that moment in time, only how we feel right now. As we creep back into the real world, you kiss me softly. You move off of me and snuggle in behind me with your arm around my waist.

You move my hair, kiss my neck and whisper in my ear. “I love you.”

As we drift off to sleep, I softly remind you, “I love you, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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