After The Shower

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Finally all the soap is from us. I close the water stream. We are looking each other in the eyes. Wow, I start drowning again into them. I would like to start again a passionate kiss, however I make first better sure to dry you. We’re both smiling to each other and as always when being near to you, I feel a heat going through my body. I take a soft woollen bath towel. I dab your all body. Afterwards you take the towel and start to dab my body. You do this so softly, what a lucky guy I am. In the mean time I took another, yet small, towel and start rubbing softly your hair. After that is done, you take the towel from me to start rubbing dry my hair.

We are both dry now and we are putting the towels in the basket. We stand still before the mirror where we both can see how happy we are. You turn yourself around and wrap your arms around my neck. Your mouth is very slowly moving towards mine. All the time you keep on looking me in the eyes. Oh, I see that you can feel my little guy coming to life. You’re pressing yourself to me. Your mouth has reached mine and again we start a breathtaking passionate kiss. I massage your bottom cheeks. Unfortunately we have to let go, because both of us need to regain our breaths.

You take my hand and pull me towards the bedroom. I follow you, being aroused very much. Once in the bedroom I help you install yourself on the bed. I go then to the CD player and put on a CD with romantic songs. I return to the bed and ask you to relax and let me do the job. I see you hesitate a little and I understand it. Then I open the drawer of the night table and take out 4 ropes. You look first with fear at me, but after looking into my eyes you nod. I tie your hands and feet to the bedpost. Although you’re still a little afraid you’re also waiting in anticipation.

I take now two feathers out of the drawer and sit down on my knees on the bed. With the soft side of the feathers I go over your face. I see now that all the fear is escaping from your body. You are more and more relaxed and even little sighs are coming out of your mouth. The first place I do is your face. The two feathers are going over your forehead, the temples, the cheeks, your nose, your lips and your chin. I make little circles. Then I go to your ears, caressing them all over and not forgetting to go also a little inside. Also the backside of your ears aren’t forgotten. It gives me a warm feeling to see you enjoy the whole thing.

Now it’s time for your neck. The left, right en front sides receive caresses. I’m happy because I notice that you’re enjoying this very much. Once again I notice some goose flesh starting to come on you. I go now with the feathers to your shoulders. Afterwards I follow the arms through the outside kadıköy escort until I reach yours hands. I go now between the fingers and start then coming up through the inner side. When I reach the armpits I notice that you start shivering. Now I follow the outer lines of your body.

Again and again I start giving you caresses. I pass the hips and go farther down. At the knees I stay a little longer before ending my journey down. When I reach your feet I go with the feathers between your toes. This gives the reaction that I was expecting as you start giggling and moving your feet in order to avoid the continuation of my teasing you. It’s time however to travel farther. I follow now the inner sides of your legs until I reach the flesh between your legs and your love-lips. You start moaning a little.

Via your hips I go higher until I finally reach your Adam’s apple. I go now down with the feathers, through the middle of the globes, until I reach the bottom of them. Then I go as well to the left as the right, in order to start making eighths with the feathers. I make the circles shorter and shorter so that the tip of the feathers touches now also your inviting globes. I’m coming always shorter and shorter to your nipples. They start getting stiff. Now and then I see you bite on your lips. After reaching the nipples and playing there a while, I start going down.

I’m heading for you belly and certainly don’t forget your belly button. I make little circles around it, to finish going into it. I go again over your whole belly before returning to that cute little button. Finally I start travelling again down. I reach the bush and go round it to go now over the groins for a couple of times. Little moans come out of your mouth. Now I reach the flesh between the legs and the outer lips. I hear more moans. I’m approaching very slowly the outer lips. The feathers reach now the outer lips and caress them.

I hear that your breathing is increasing. More and more I go to the little love-cave. I move the feathers up and down between the lips. I look at the little treasure, open like an inviting flower and I see that moisture is coming out of it. I keep on teasing you with the feathers, now attacking the cute, stiff little clit. The two feathers are on the left and right side of it and go up and down. More moans are escaping from your mouth and I see that your body is trembling. All of a sudden you look at me and say, “darling, fuck me”.

I replace the feathers now in the drawer and start to untie your feet and hands. I look at you and my heart starts bouncing because I see the desire in your eyes. I massage first a little your hands and feet where the ropes kağıthane escort were attached. Now I take a pillow and place it under your bottom cheeks. I take a little pack out of the drawer and install me between your legs. I now need only to look at you, and certainly at the little treasure, making thus that the little guy is at full length. I open the pack and take out a condom. I put the condom on.

I come a little closer to you and take my love spear. I go with my love spear between you lips in order to make that wet. I don’t need much time doing it. I place now the head for the entrance. I go forward with my upper body and place my hands beside your body. I look you in the eyes and slowly start penetrating you. It’s going in without any trouble and I stop when the head is completely in. I see that your eyes are widening up a little and that you bit with your teeth in your lip. Now I see you start to relax and that you are prepared to undergo it.

Oh, it feels so hot in your vagina. The heat is coming through the rubber. I start now slowly penetrating you more, centimetre after centimetre. Finally I’m completely inside you and hold still. All the time I was looking in your eyes. I can notice now that you are very pleased with what you feel. I feel you squeezing the little guy. That sure feels wonderful. You certainly know how to please a man, I’m very happy.

Now I withdraw very quickly, after that I start penetrating you very slowly again. I try to rub the head and the shaft against your G-spot. I see now that you understand why I did put the pillow under your bottom cheeks. Completely inside again I keep still again, allowing you to squeeze my love spear. I repeat this time after time, noticing that more and more moans escape from your mouth.

Now the time has come that I want to give you some additional stimulation. I bend forward and take one nipple in my mouth. I suck it very gently. I hear you take in your breath very loudly. I close my teeth now on the nipple, just to hold it, without biting it. Now I go with my teeth up and down, like if it were that I’m masturbating the nipple. More moans come out of your mouth and you start also to shiver. The twin nipple receives also the same treatment.

All the time I kept penetrating you very slowly and withdrawing myself very quickly. I can sense however that your climax is starting to build up, certainly by the way you’re squeezing my little guy. Suddenly you wrap your legs around my back. Without leaving your nipples, I start to speed up my pumping. I go now faster and faster in and out of you. You are moaning more and more and louder and louder. I notice that you try to push with your feet kartal escort onto my bums to push me farther into you.

Your head is starting to go from the left to the right. Your body also shows that you are reaching your climax. I try to go faster in and out of you. Now I close my mouth upon one nipple and start sucking it very hard. You’re moaning out loud now, squeezing me very hard. I feel you’re not that far anymore and I suck harder and harder and go even faster. With a loud cry you’re cumming. Your body starts bouncing up and down, you’re trembling all over, squeezing me that it almost hurts.

I go now very slowly up and down, at the same time releasing your nipple. I look at you now and see that your eyes are closed and that you’re undergoing your climax. Only very slowly you come down to earth again. Finally you open your eyes again and you’re smiling at me. I’m very happy to see that you really enjoyed what happened to you. I see now also that you’re ready again for me. I have to admit that I’m ready to go for it now.

I take up the speed. Again I take a nipple in my mouth. Oh, you’re nipples are so nice, only feeling them in my mouth turns me already on. Gently I suck the nipple while my penis goes in and out of you. You’re squeezing like hell and you’re murmuring lovely words to me. You feel that my climax will not last so long anymore and again you try to pull me into you with your feet. I’m speeding up noticing however that you’re building up also a new climax.

Now it seems to me that our bodies play a love-game, as if they were made for each other. It is as if each one is trying to get the maximum out of the other. We both know that it won’t take us not long anymore. I release now your nipple and concentrate on our love game. I feel that my seed is like begging to be released. We look again in each other’s eyes and we both know that it’s so far. We both start crying out our climax. Stream after stream of seed is coming out of me into the rubber. You sense it also and start like milking the little guy. Finally the last drop comes out of it.

We lay down now, searching for our breath. We both know that we gave each other a more then nice feeling and we both are happy about that. When we regain at last our breath your legs start returning to the bed. Now I withdraw very slowly, noticing however that this gives you little shivers. When I’m finally out of you, we both look with surprise at the quantity of seed that is in the rubber. Now I know why I got the impression that it was like if I was only cumming and cumming.

I take the condom off and put it on the night table. I come lying besides you. We’re turning our heads to each other and we start now a very passionate kiss. That also is like I would it to last forever. Finally however we let go. You nestle yourself into my lap with your back to me. I wrap my arm around you and cup one breast with my hand. We both lay still now. Soon we both fall asleep.

Any comment is welcome, certainly comments about preventing me from making too much mistakes in English.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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