After The Retirement Party

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One of the old timers at work finally retired, and we had a party at a local bar after work. The boss had to leave early to go to the airport, and he left Peggy, the finance person, to pick up the tab for the company. I don’t really drink, and there wasn’t anything to do but watch Peggy down shooters, so I took off to run an errand.

It turned out the store I was going to had already closed, so I headed back to the party. The only car left in the lot was Peggy’s. She was in the driver’s seat with her head resting on the steering wheel. I parked beside her, hopped out and tapped on the passenger window.

“Hey! Peggy!” She looked startled, then recognized me, turned off the radio and rolled down the window.

“Hi Stan, you’re back!”

“Yeah, looks like the party’s over?”

“Yeah, I’m not quite up to driving yet.”

“Well, let me in, I’ll keep you company!”

She unlocked the door, and I plopped down beside her. The car smelled like booze and perfume. And Peggy. It was dark, so I concentrated on her scent. She smelled like a woman, and I liked it.

Speaking of her scent, perhaps I should mention the little bit of history between Peggy and me. We don’t interface a lot at work, but when we do we’d always been mildly flirtatious. We always kept it under control though, except for one time. I don’t quite know what was up with her, but she came to my desk asking for something stupid, it sounded like an excuse to see me. The look she gave me, her body language and… her scent. I was sitting in my office chair, so when she walked right up to me, it seemed like she was aiming her substantial boob right at my mouth. And I almost reached out and grabbed it. Then I heard someone talking on the other side of the partition, and I snapped out of it. We stared at each other for a moment, then went on with our “work” conversation. I always wondered what would have happened if there hadn’t been so many people around. I kind of looked for opportunities to be alone with her, but it hadn’t happened – whether she made sure of it or if that’s just the way things worked out, I don’t know. In any case, the scent that I had detected that day was now overwhelming my senses.

“Ohhh, why did I drink so much? My head feels like it’s gonna split open!”

I put my hand on the back of her neck and squeezed the tense muscles.

“I’ll give you a couple of hours to stop that…”

I ran my fingers up into her hair and massaged her scalp.

“Mmmmm, that feels so good.”

“Just relax, it’ll make your head feel better.”

She leaned her forehead on my shoulder so she could relax her neck. I thought she might fall asleep. I smelled her hair.

“Hey, how come you didn’t drink anything? Were you planning on taking advantage of a tipsy woman?”

“Oh, no… No, I was hoping she’d take advantage of me.”

“That’s the other problem with me drinking. It always gets me horny!”

“Well, I’m sure your husband will appreciate that, if we can get you home!”

“How ’bout you take me to your place instead?”


“You heard about my husband’s medical problems, right?”

I nodded.

“Well, one of the side effects is… he can’t… um… he can’t perform.”


“Did I mention I’m horny?”

“You did.”

“And you?”

“Likewise, I’m sure.”

I felt her hand on my rapidly stiffening member.

“Just checking.”

I ran my hand over the front of her blouse, and even through her bra I could feel that she was as stiff as I was.

“Just checking.”

Then we were kissing. I love kissing a horny woman. That’s something I don’t get to do very much. Then I got her blouse open, and she slid her bra straps down enough for me to access her nipples. Now Peggy is in her forties, and though her face is still very attractive, I imagine she must have put on quite a few pounds since she was twenty. But in the dark, all I could discern is the portion that went to her boobs, and they felt marvelous. I love the feel of that soft, pliant weight in my hand, with the stiff, rubbery nipple illegal bahis between my fingers.

She reclined her seat. I followed suit, and instantly her nipple was in my mouth. Then I heard that wonderful ‘pop’ – you know, when the woman you’re with shows her intentions by unsnapping her jeans. I love that sound. That was followed by the sound of her zipper going down.

I slid my hand inside her panties. She had quite a lot of hair down there, which I stroked and rubbed. I parted her hair down the middle with my thumb and middle finger whilst my index finger explored between. She wasn’t slippery yet, at least not at the top, so I was able to grasp her clit between my thumb and index finger and kind of roll it around. It wasn’t super sensitive yet, so she seemed to really like that.

“Ohhh, I really like that…”

I could tell by the stiffening of her nipple in my mouth that she was getting pretty worked up. I slid my fingers down lower, to her entrance. There I found the warm lubrication I was looking for. I slid one finger, then another inside, working her G-spot.

She stroked my hair as I continued to worship her breast. I lifted myself up on one knee so I could give equal attention to her other breast, and she took advantage of the new position to reach down and stroke me through my jeans. I started spreading her moisture around, until her labia and clitoris were well oiled. Up and down, back and forth, in a circle. Tapping, slapping. In and out. Slowly massaging, rapidly rubbing. She unzipped me, then she was rubbing skin-to-skin. When she stopped pumping me, I could tell she was very close, so I steered away from her clit, spreading her lubrication lower, to her anus. I would periodically return to her clit to keep her at the edge, and to her vagina for fresh lubrication, but I lingered on her anus, working the moisture inside.

When I felt the time was right, I used my middle and ring fingers to rub her G-spot, and squeezed her clit between my thumb and index finger. I sucked her nipple far into my mouth, rubbing it against my teeth. When she was right at the edge, I pushed my little finger into her asshole, and she exploded.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she panted hard several times, “Oh… Oh my God!”

It took her a while to come down, but suddenly she realized that she’d forgotten about my cock. She started stroking it again.

“Peggy, that satisfied me just fine. I don’t want to make a mess in your car.”

“Then I’ll have to make sure I don’t spill any!” she said as her head descended into my lap.

“Peggy, you don’t have to… Ahhh!”

Wow! I’d never been with a woman who could deep-throat before. She just held me still, doing something to me with her throat. Then she slowly pulled up, sucking hard. She gasped a few times, catching her breath, then did it again. She bobbed up and down for a while, then took me deep again. She was patient, drawing out the pleasure. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. Eventually, I began thrusting my hips, and she seemed to get that it was time. She started sucking harder and faster, up and down, and soon I was there. She had no problems swallowing everything I had, which at my age probably isn’t too much anyway. But then, after I was done, she continued to gently suck for several minutes as I wound down. It felt great! My wife usually goes straight to cleanup mode.

Peggy laid back onto her reclined seat and looked into my eyes.

“Oh man,” I enthused, “Thank you! That was great!”

“Yeah, I enjoyed that almost as much as what you did for me!”

We held each other for a few moments.

“Uhh, where do we go from here?” I asked, not quite knowing what to say.

“Well, I can think of a few other fun things we could do.”

“In the car?”

“A bed would be nicer, wouldn’t it?”

“Maybe a motel?”

“Sounds good to me!”

“Tonight, or another time? How much time do you have?”

“How ’bout tonight and another time? Maybe many other times?”

“Definitely,” I smiled, “And I’ve got another couple of hours tonight.”

“Me illegal bahis siteleri too. A motel would be best, we’re gonna need a shower.”

Peggy started the car and gunned out of the parking lot.

“Are you okay to drive?”

“Um, yeah. I’m pretty focused at the moment.”

In five minutes I was leaving the motel office with a key-card in my hand. I hopped in the car and Peggy pulled around to park in front of our room.

“Oh, I forgot. Should we have stopped for some… protection?”

“I’ve been fixed. And I’ve never… up until now…”

“Good. I haven’t either,” she said, “I hate condoms.”

Moments later, we were inside the room, kicking off our shoes.

“So, where were we?”

“Umm, I think your top was off and my pants were down.”

“Right. Do you want me to strip for you?”

“Oh, I think I’d like to undress you,” I said with a devilish wink. Peggy smiled shyly, and said, “Oh, would you? I think I might like that.”

I reached for her blouse and started to unbutton it as she pulled the tails of my shirt out of my pants, running her hands all over my back.

“Turn around,” I said as I tossed her blouse aside. She turned her back to me, and I unhooked her bra. It joined her blouse and my shirt on the floor, and I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her heavy breasts in my hands. I kissed her neck as I tugged on her nipples. After a few minutes of that, my hands went to her belt, and I kissed her back, dropping to my knees as I pulled down her pants. I stripped as she stepped out of them, and then bent forward, her hands flat on the bed. With my nose at waist level, I could smell her arousal, so I tugged down her panties and buried my face in her ass.

“Ohhhh, Stan…” she moaned, my tongue probing the moist folds, my nose pressed against her pucker. My hands squeezed her cheeks, spreading them for my wandering lips and tongue.

“Oh man… Stan, you got a thing for my butt?”

“Yeah, it’s a very nice one.” Most guys would think it’s too thick, but that doesn’t bother me a bit.

“Well, maybe I’ll let you in there if you’re nice to me.”

“Oh, I plan on being very nice to you.”

Between that bit of encouragement and the position we were in, her asshole suddenly looked very inviting to me. So I took the invitation and began rimming her.

“Oh shit… oh shit!” she panted. “Put your finger in!”

I wasn’t sure which orifice she was referring to, so I kept my lips glued to her anus, sliding a thumb into her vagina. I like using my thumb from the rear, I can get nice pressure on her G-spot that way while my fingers flutter over her clitoris.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah… yes!”

She was getting a little too close, and I wasn’t sure if she was good for more than one, so I removed my thumb and started massaging her ass while still kissing, licking and sucking her butt-hole. When she’d calmed down a bit, I rolled her over onto her back. As I kissed my way up her legs, my destination was clear. She opened her thighs, and I rubbed my nose in her curls, reveling in her scent. She reached down and pulled her outer lips apart, urging me on.

“Oh, Stan… eat me!”

“Wild whores couldn’t stop me,” I said, eyeing her moist cleft for a moment before leaning in close. I took a little taste, then paused to savor her aroma. Then she melted into the bed as I started to lick.


I licked her until my neck started to ache, then lifted her leg and lay on my side beneath it, my face still pressed against her labia. This position was very comfortable for me, and it left my penis within her reach. Peggy started with light touches as I sucked one of her lips into my mouth. Our bodies responded to the teasing touches, my hardness and her wetness bearing witness. I kissed and licked and sucked, she rubbed and tugged and stroked. And screamed.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Shhhh… Ssss… Holy shit, that was good!”

“Mmmmm,” I said, licking the stray fluids from her thighs, “I love how responsive you are! You are an excellent lover, Peggy.”

“What? canlı bahis siteleri I just laid there. Now get in here,” she said, pulling me on top of her.

I hovered over her, her hand guiding my hardness to her slit. There was plenty of lubrication, and I slid right in.

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

“Ohhh, you feel so good.”

I held her for a moment with my penis all the way inside her, then I began to stroke in and out, very slowly at first. I gauged her reaction, and my staying power. We weren’t that far removed from my orgasm in her car, and I felt like I could thrust more aggressively without losing control, and Peggy seemed to want more. So I gave her more, pushing in hard and fast, but it wasn’t enough for her.

“Let me roll over,” she said, getting up on her hands and knees.

“Oooh, nice view,” I said, giving her butt-hole a few licks before slipping into her vagina from behind. I began pounding into her, bouncing off her ass rapidly. I worked her slime into her anus with my thumb as I continued to pound away. I kept going and going, wondering how long my legs would hold out. Just as it looked like she was going to get there before me, she spoke up.

“Stan… Stan, you can go wherever you want…”

I took that to be a euphemism for “I want you to shove it up my butt!”

I pulled out of her pussy, and slid my slimy prick up and down her crack, getting everything all wet. I got my fingers wet inside her, and applied the lubrication to her anus. I stroked in and out of her slit a few more times to make sure everything was slippery, then I positioned the head at her anal entrance.

“Slowly…” she said as I pushed my way in. I paused with the head halfway in, then pushed a little more for fear of losing ground. It felt really good, especially when the head first passed her sphincter. In fact, I thought I might lose it before I even got inside, but once the head was in, it wasn’t so intense. It was tight on my shaft, but the sensitive head was surrounded by a buttery warmth. I felt like I could do this all night.

I started moving in and out a little, less than an inch. I slowly lengthened the strokes, feeding off of Peggy’s groans. It was perfect, I felt like I was ever so slowly ramping up towards orgasm, while Peggy approached that same plateau at a similar rate. I wanted to make sure that she got there first, so I reached around to finger her clit.

“Yeaaahhh… Oh, yeaahh…”

I leaned back, spreading her buns with my thumbs so I could watch it slide in and out for a few moments. When it felt like time to finish, I drove in deep, leaning on Peggy’s back so I could tweak her nipple and clit. I held it all the way in, changing force and angle without withdrawing at all. With my finger going at top speed, she came, taking full advantage of the fact that we were in a motel where she could make all the noise she wanted.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Come in me! Come in me! Come in me!”

I pulled back a little and gave a few quick thrusts, and I was there too, squirting a modest amount of hot semen six inches up her butt. She slumped forward onto the bed, and I collapsed on her back, trying to remain inside her as long as possible. I softened fairly quickly though, and she kind of squeezed me out.

I grabbed a couple of towels, and we cleaned up. Then we cuddled, hugging and kissing and stroking. I loved playing with her boobs, and Peggy seemed to enjoy toying with my semi-hardness.

“We better get in the shower before we fall asleep.”

“Yeah… though I’d sure like to wake up next to you in the morning, it’s not gonna happen tonight.”

“Mmmm… Maybe we can work that out sometime.”

“I’d like that.”

We got in the shower, and had fun soaping each other up. We made it quick, making sure we didn’t get our hair wet. Just holding our naked bodies close under the warm spray, kissing occasionally, was just wonderful, but eventually we had to get going. We got out and talked as we toweled off.

“Do you ever work late?” she asked.


“How late do you have to stay before you have the building to yourself?”

“Oh, maybe six or six thirty.”

“Hmmm… I think I’m going to need to work late, say… next Friday?”

“What a coincidence. I have to work late that day too!”

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