Aevon Calling

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When the doorbell rang Laura Carpenter had just finished drying her hair after a shower. Throwing on a thin robe, she peeked out from behind the living room curtains. As her eyes focused on the woman at the door, she involuntarily caught her breath. This was certainly one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Her outfit was very business?like, right down to the leather attaché case. Although Laura suspected she was selling something, she decided to answer the door anyway. With her husband out of town on a business trip, Laura found it rather lonely around the house and welcomed the interruption. And she couldn’t help feeling that she wanted to see more of this woman.

“Yes?” she asked through the door.

“Hello. I’m your Aevon representative,” the woman answered.

Laura thought, “Selling something, of course.”

Opening the door, Laura took in the lovely view from top to bottom in a glance. The slim woman was about her own age, late twenties, with long dark hair and strikingly blue eyes. She was wearing a tasteful outfit consisting of an expensive gray wool suit over a cream colored silk blouse. Her jewelry consisted of a strand of pearls and pearl earrings. The skirt came to just above the knees and her shapely legs were encased in gray stockings. And yet there was an irresistible aura of sensuality, even sexuality, about this woman – not surprising in a cosmetics sales person. This impression was enhanced by her gray suede shoes, which were four-inch spiked heels, and her make?up, which was more suited to a model than to a businesswoman.

“Good afternoon,” she said.

“Hello,” Laura replied. Was there a tremble in her voice?

Laura noted a mild tingling sensation in her lower stomach, which surprised her. The pretty blonde was married, and had never thought of another woman sexually in all her twenty?eight years. The thought was driven from the edge of her consciousness when the woman spoke again.

“My name is Sheryl. I’m your Aevon representative. Did I come at a bad time?” she said, glancing at Laura’s robe.

“N?no. Hmm, c’mon in.”

Laura couldn’t believe she was saying this. She usually gave door-to-door sales people the brush?off. But she was charmed by the beauty of this woman, and didn’t want her to go.

“Please, sit down,” she said, gesturing toward a chair. She sat on the couch and drew her robe about her. Just having the woman in her living room was giving her a thrill. In fact, Laura herself was pretty enough to get plenty of looks on the street. She had a beautiful figure, and at the beach in a bikini she looked like a swimwear model. So why was she so excited by this lovely creature?

“I have some wonderful new products I’d like to show you if you have a few minutes,” Sheryl said.

Feeling tongue?tied, Laura managed to say, “Sure, go ahead.”

There was something about Sheryl that made her feel submissive. She just wanted to put herself in the woman’s control. She briefly thought, “This is going to cost me!”

Opening the sample case Sheryl displayed a colorful array of bottles and containers of all shapes and sizes. For twenty minutes she suggested colors, recommended eye make?up, showed lipsticks. Laura hardly heard what she was saying. She could not stop staring at the woman – her face, her body, and the swell of her breasts straining at the silk blouse. Her skirt was slit up the side for comfort, and her thigh riveted Laura’s gaze. Laura just nodded and bought everything the woman suggested.

Her trance was interrupted when Sheryl said,

“Would you like me to make you up? I’m really pretty good, and you can see how all this works together.”

“Yes…yes, I’d love it”

They went into the bedroom, where Laura had a dressing table and mirror. She sat in the chair while Sheryl took off her jacket and arranged all the cosmetics on the table.

“You really have lovely skin,” Sheryl said as she touched Laura on the cheek, “and you have such a pretty rosy color in your cheeks.”

Laura thought the woman must certainly be able to hear her heart beat. It felt like it would burst from her chest.

Sheryl began to gently stroke the cosmetics onto Laura’s face: creams, powders, eyeliner, shadows, mascara, rouge, lipstick. The feathery touches on her face, her cheeks, her lips, were arousing Laura and causing her pussy to cream like mad. By the time Sheryl finished, Laura was a quivering wreck. Her breathing was rapid, her knees were weak, and when she shifted her bottom on the seat she realized she was soaking wet.

“Oh my God,” she thought, “it must have soaked through the dressing gown. If I get up she’ll see the wetness on the seat. What will I do?”

Laura looked in the mirror and for an instant did not recognize the beautiful face that looked back. She knew she was attractive, but she rarely wore makeup, and then only lipstick. She looked so…so…sexual. Yes that was the word, sexual. She noticed that Sheryl had put false eyelashes on her without her even being aware. The rouge, the wet?looking lips, and especially the eye makeup, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri made her look like a sexy model.

“Now for some perfume, dear”

Sheryl tipped the little bottle against her finger and touched Laura ever so gently behind the ear. It sent shivers up Laura’s spine, and she felt a large dollop of pussy cream leak out to augment the growing puddle between her legs. During the make up session her dressing gown had fallen open, but she hadn’t paid attention. The swells of her generous breasts were uncovered; only the edges of the dressing gown covered her stiff nipples. Sheryl tipped some more of the sensual perfume onto her fingertip, and Laura knew where she was going to put it. Like a bird being stalked by a cat, she couldn’t breathe. It seemed Sheryl was moving in slow motion. Slowly…slowly, her slender hand moved inexorably toward Laura’s breasts. Laura, not breathing, could see the glistening drop of scent on the fingertip. She could smell the heady aroma of expensive perfume and her own aroused, wet pussy. When Sheryl’s finger contacted the skin between her breasts, Laura felt an electric shock, and suddenly breathed in sharply. Sheryl was not moving her hand! The beautiful cosmetics salesgirl just kept her hand between Laura’s breasts, her fingertips lightly touching the feverish, soft skin.

Laura looked up to see Sheryl’s perfect face looking down at her. Her lips were parted, the tip of her delicate pink tongue slowly licked her full red lips. Bending over, Sheryl drew her face closer to Laura’s. Laura waited, her lips parted. Sheryl was so close Laura could smell her scent. Their faces were only inches apart. Sheryl’s lips brushed Laura’s with a feather touch. Lipstick slid on lipstick. She held the touch, their sweet female breaths mingling. Sheryl pressed her lips against Laura’s, Laura pressed back. The tip of Sheryl’s hot tongue gently slid between Laura’s lips, touching Laura’s wet tongue and sliding along to probe the depths of her mouth. Their tongues rubbed together, exploring each other’s mouths. Sweet feminine saliva ran from one hot mouth to the other. Sheryl moved her hand to cup Laura’s breast. She fondled the firm flesh, rubbing her thumb over the hard pink nipple.

Her heart beating wildly, Sheryl broke the kiss. Her lips were wet, and a trickle of their mixed saliva dripped from her full lower lip. She unbuttoned her blouse, never taking her eyes from Laura’s. She unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Laura was surprised to see that rather than pantyhose, Sheryl was wearing a red lace garter belt attached to long gray silk stockings. The red lace panties that she wore showed a dark wet stain in the crotch. Her bra was matching red lace, cut low to reveal generous cleavage.

Statuesque in her high heels, she stepped closer to the still seated Laura. Her hips were at the level of Laura’s face. The heart?stopping aroma of her heated pussy drifted to Laura’s nostrils. Sheryl stopped with the wet crotch of her panties just inches from Laura’s face. Involuntarily Laura’s tongue slid out to lick her lips. Sheryl stroked Laura’s long blonde hair, waiting. As if hypnotized by the wet panties, the young wife moved slowly toward the spot. The tip of her little nose was less than a quarter of an inch from the wet silk. Her nose brushed the moisture, and she inhaled deeply. The smell of hot pussy was making her drunk. She gingerly stuck out her tongue and licked at the moisture. Sheryl just held still, allowing her to move at her own pace. The mesmerized housewife licked harder, and harder still. Now thoroughly caught up in it, Laura licked and kissed the fabric like a starving woman. She tried to suck the juice out of the panties. Sheryl put her hand on Laura’s forehead and pushed her gently away.

“Whoa, baby. Take it easy. We’ve got lots of time,” cautioned the experienced seductress. “Do you want to taste my pussy, darling?”

“Yes, oh yes! Please, I want to so bad!” whined the conquered housewife.

Laura rubbed her hands over her big firm tits, squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples until they were stiff and swollen. Sheryl moved back and gracefully stepped out of her soiled panties, and Laura saw that her pubic hair was completely shaved off. The beautiful brunette’s pussy was absolutely bare.

“Oh, my! You’ve shaved your pussy!” she said excitedly.

“Yes, dear. I think it’s so much sexier that way, don’t you? Haven’t you ever shaved yours?” she asked as if it was the most common thing in the world.

“No, I never even imagined doing something like that. I find it hard to trim the hair for bikinis,” she answered with downcast eyes.

“Oh you shy darling! Do you want me to do it for you? I’m very gentle.”

“Would you shave me, too?”

“Oh, yes. I’d love to.”

“ Let’s do it now,” Laura couldn’t wait. Sheryl’s shaved pussy looked so bare and exposed, it was really exciting.

“Sit up on the sink, with your legs spread, Laura.”

Laura slipped out of her robe and hopped up on the sink, trembling with arousal. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Her pussy was dripping wet, and her whole crotch was a swamp of cunt juice. Her pale blonde pubic hair was rather sparse, and her lower pussy lips and ass were devoid of hair anyway.

“Oh, you sexy thing!” exclaimed Sheryl as she cupped her slender hand over Laura’s soaking crotch.

Laura gasped and closed her eyes as Sheryl rubbed her swollen pussy. Sheryl slipped a red?tipped finger into Laura’s hot vagina and stirred it around, coating it with girl juice. She removed her wet finger and slowly brought it to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the juice off while staring into Laura’s blue eyes. Looking down at the lovely, gaping cunt, Sheryl saw pussy juice dripping down from Laura’s slit into the sink in long strings. She bent over, her beautiful face in the sink, and lapped up the little puddle of cream. She brought her face close to Laura’s and opened her mouth, showing the young wife the collected girl?juice puddled on her tongue, then swallowed the creamy mouthful with a little gulp. Laura moaned deeply, almost delirious as she leaned over and mashed her lips against Sheryl’s. As they kissed deeply, thrusting their tongues together, Laura could taste her own pussy in Sheryl’s mouth. When they broke the juicy kiss, both women were panting.

Sheryl took a small pair of scissors from her make-up bag and carefully snipped off the hair on Laura’s mound and pussy lips, leaving short blonde stubble. Then she produced a thick shaving brush with a long slender handle, the bristles made from some kind of animal hair, and a can of shave cream. She dispensed a wad into her palm and spread it on Laura’s mound and pussy, then rubbed it around with the brush. Laura gasped as the thick, soapy bristles stroked her crotch, rubbing on her lips and mound. She put her head back and moaned when Sheryl slid the wet mass of soap and fur between her lips and stroked it up and down her slit. Sheryl’s attention dwelled at the top of the crack to torment the inflamed little button of Laura’s clitoris with swirling brush strokes. She could see the stream of feminine honey running out and mixing with the soapsuds.

Sheryl turned the brush around and slowly inserted the rounded knob into Laura’s pulsating pussy hole, moving it around and gently fucking the sweet orifice while rubbing the suds into her mound. It was too much for the over stimulated young woman, and she started to tremble and gasp, unable to stop her orgasm. She cried out as the climax took her by surprise, shoving her crotch against Sheryl’s hand while her vaginal muscles spasmed around the brush handle. Sheryl reached for her shaking breasts and lightly pinched the blonde wife’s nipples while she came. When she stopped shaking, Sheryl removed the brush and placed it aside, picking up the triple-bladed safety razor.

“Hold still, darling,” she warned.

With steady, light strokes she removed the short blonde pussy hair until Laura’s pretty cunt was completely bare. She splashed warm water over the shaved skin to rinse off the remaining shave cream, and patted the crotch dry with a soft towel. Sheryl held a hand mirror under Laura’s pussy so she could see herself without hair.

“Oh, my! It looks like yours, Sheryl.”

“Yes, I know. And it’s so nice to lick like this,” Sheryl promised.

They went into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed. Sheryl was still wearing her red garter belt with gray silk stockings and high-heeled shoes. Both beauties had hairless pussies, and both were wet and open.

“You still want to taste my pussy, sweetheart?” asked Sheryl, as Laura lay back on the bed.

“Oh God, yes. Please!” panted Laura.

“How about if we both do it at the same time?” Sheryl said as she got on her hands and knees and turned her rear toward Laura’s head. She lifted her leg and straddled the excited young housewife. Her heavy breasts hung down as she moved into sixty-nine position and the hard, red nipples scraped Laura’s thighs. Sheryl’s pussy was pouring out fluid, the juice dripping from her creamy slit. The young housewife had never made love to a woman before, but the aroma of Sheryl’s aroused pussy filled her nostrils and made her dizzy with lust. A dim thought flicked through her fogged mind that this was crazy. She was a married woman. She had never even had sex with another man besides her husband. Now she was doing it with another woman whom she had only met an hour ago. At this point she felt that there was nothing she wouldn’t do to please Sheryl, and nothing she wouldn’t let this beautiful woman do to her.

Sheryl spread her knees wide and wiggled her ass as she moved her upraised rear toward Laura’s face. Laura looked up at the sexy behind spread above her, only inches from her face. Sheryl’s smooth, hairless labia had blossomed open wide, and it fascinated Laura to see all the fine details of the woman’s exposed inner pussy. She could see the shiny head of Sheryl’s engorged little clit, peaking out from its hood and a shade güvenilir bahis şirketleri darker than the surrounding flesh. Not far from that she saw the tiny pee-hole, and then the larger hole of her vagina, with its slightly ragged edges. Laura wished she could look up inside the dark entrance to see her cervix and even up into her womb, to view the whole world of feminine wonders that dwelt in her woman’s belly. The sweet syrup of her arousal streamed from the orifice and ran down over the exposed pink membranes, thickly coating her clitoris. It collected on the twitching nub and hung there, growing heavier before finally elongating and dripping down to Laura’s heaving chest. As the drop fell onto the upper swell of Laura’s breast it seemed to burn her soft skin. She noticed that the copious wetness had spread everywhere, even coating Sheryl’s puckered pink asshole.

Laura placed her hand on Sheryl’s round ass cheek and gingerly stroked the silken skin. She traced the tip of her finger down the moist furrow, feeling the slippery wet membranes and making Sheryl moan softly. Feather-light she approached the wonderful clit button, barely brushing her fingertip over its glistening top. A deeper moan was accompanied by a new discharge of pussy cream from the throbbing hole. As it slid down Sheryl’s pussy, Laura dipped her finger into the stream and touched it to the tip of her tongue. It was her first taste of pussy juice, and she was thrilled by the musky perfume. Using her fingertips to spread open the delicate petals of Sheryl’s sweet pussy, Laura stuck her tongue out and flicked the tip over Sheryl’s tiny clit.

“Oh, god! Lick me, baby. Lick my pussy!” moaned the horny woman.

Laura obeyed the plea, and licked up and down the hot slit, letting the juice run into her mouth and coat her tongue. She loved eating Sheryl’s pussy, and her arousal made her more aggressive. She was lapping and slurping, covering as much of the hot flesh as she could reach. Creamy girl juice coated her chin and nose, dribbling down her cheeks. She licked around Sheryl’s pussy hole, then slid her tongue inside and fucked the hot canal.

“Oh, Christ! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Fuck it, tongue my pussy, you sweet thing!”

She tongue?fucked Sheryl ‘s heated cunthole as the lust?crazed saleswoman thrust her spread ass back at her. Laura pushed her tongue as far up into Sheryl’s body as she could force it, and found her pert nose pressed into the hot woman’s ass pucker. It smelled as sweet and clean as her pussy, and Laura surprised herself by pulling her tongue out of the pussy hole and licking Sheryl’s ass. Sheryl was moaning as the pink tongue swiped across her puckered anus. Laura was incredulous at the thought that she was actually licking a woman’s asshole.

The new idea of ass-play was incredibly thrilling to her. The young wife licked and smooched Sheryl’s hairless asshole. She liked the nastiness of rimming the woman’s anus, even working to shove her tongue inside. She jammed her tongue up the snug rectum and wiggled her tongue around inside her ass. Removing her tongue, she slid her long middle finger into the slippery wet anus and all the way up her ass. No part of the salesgirl’s genital region was spared Laura’s oral attentions. She slurped and sucked on the lips, pulling them out with her teeth. Crazed with lust, she slid two fingers into the stretched, slippery?wet ass tunnel and worked them around, stretching and expanding the opening. She used her thumbs to pry open Sheryl’s smooth, hairless pussy lips and licked down the drooling red slit to Sheryl’s throbbing, swollen clit and sucked it between her red lips. Sheryl felt like her guts had turned to liquid. Unable to hold back any more, she began to come, gasping and bucking on the bed. Cream gushed from her hairless pussy, and Laura fastened her sucking lips over the orifice to catch and swallow the tasty juice.

“Oh, God. That was the best come I’ve ever had. You make me so hot,” Sheryl panted. She bent over and kissed Laura’s cunty mouth, licking the juice from her lips.

“I don’t know what’s come over me,” Laura gasped. “I keep thinking of the most incredibly dirty things!”

“You’re just such a sexy little cuntcake!”

Sheryl’s use of the obscene term of endearment caused a jolt of lust in Laura. Unable to believe her own ears, Laura said,

“Be dirty with me! I want to do the nastiest things with you!”

“How about if I do your ass, like you did mine. Would you like to feel my tongue in your backside?”

Laura answered by turning around on her knees. She fell forward, raising her round firm ass in the air, and reached back with both hands. Grabbing her ass cheeks she pulled them apart, revealing her puckered asshole and wet, hairless pussy. Running her hands back she cupped and fondled her own perfect round ass. Reaching one hand under her belly and up to the soaking hairless slit she slid two fingers into the hot dripping pussy hole and shamelessly masturbated in front of Sheryl. The young woman withdrew the fingers from her stretched hole, thin strings of juice connected to her fingers. She rubbed the slippery fingers in her ass crease, lubricating the groove. She stroked her wet ass crevice, brushing over the puckered grommet of her asshole and rubbed the tip of her middle finger around the tight circle, moaning and humping her ass back against her own finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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